Beware of US government and religious charities on refugee crisis

The cry for American action on the Syrian and Mid-East refugee crisis creating havoc in Europe began in earnest with the photo of refugee, Aylan Kurdi, a 3 year-old, Syrian Kurd fleeing Kobani. Of course, the photo leaves you heartbroken and asking all those questions of “Why didn’t we help these refugees?” The feelings don’t speak to the realities though.

Humanitarian impulses come naturally to Westerners, but rest assured humanitarian impulses do not come naturally to leaders like Tayyip Erdogan and Arab leaders in the region. Their humanitarian impulses fall exclusively on helping Muslims and then, only when it suits their political agenda. Erdogan, as a champion of a dead Kurdish child, seems more than a tad disingenuous, in light of his willingness to bomb Kurdish areas with no regard to civilian casualties. The western social justice types and the feel-good political leftists will come out in full force now, to demand we help these poor refugees and trust me they are right on the “poor refugees”, who are victims of collapsing regimes from the very same glorious Arab Spring these left-wing nincompoops swooned about just a few short years ago.

The media will play along pushing this humanitarian cry, as usual, but calmer heads must prevail and more importantly speak out calmly and clearly. We should NOT take in more Syrian and Mid-East refugees, unless and until the Obama administration’s abuses of the Refugee Resettlement Program are investigated and remedied. Once that program gets a complete housecleaning, then a careful, thorough review of how to vet refugees must ensue, so that a comprehensive process is in place to protect Americans from jihadists using the US refugee process to enter the US.

Don’t fall for the emotional hype over a tragic photo. Many leaders around the world are culpable for the mayhem in the Mid-East, and US leadership under President Obama greatly exacerbated the chaos, so don’t trust President Obama to offer more than poorly thought out plans, flimsy, feel-good rhetoric and quick fixes. We can not sacrifice national security of the American people to emotional responses ramped up by the media and activists.

The solution to the refugee crisis lies in resolving the political realities on the ground fueling the crisis and that would take a degree of international will, of which the Arab leaders, Europe, the US, and Russia do NOT possess. The Syrian civil war must be resolved, the Islamic State must be destroyed, and most importantly Iran’s regional aggression must be repelled. Instead, Europe and the US have just pushed through a deal to empower and embolden Iran. Russia continues to play Cold War realpolitik games like a chess match. Without international leadership, the refugee crisis will grow and naively taking in more refugees will only fuel more people to flee their homes. The bottom line is there are no quick fixes.

For some interesting reading check out a website, Refugee Resettlement Watch started by a Ann Corcoran, a much criticized ordinary citizen researcher, who became aware of the Refugee Resettlement Program in 2007. In her book, “Refugee Resettlement and the Hijra to America” (pages 23-24), Corcoran writes that she was busy on her farm in rural Maryland when she became aware of a “church group” bringing refugees into her area without even notifying local authorities. Thus, began her research into this program run through the US State Department, the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Homeland Security,  with many large religious organization being paid large amounts of taxpayer money to aid in this “humanitarian assistance”. 

So, when you see mouthpieces from Christian organizations and churches hit the airwaves appealing to your humanity, beware. The first question reporters should ask them is how much money they are receiving from the federal government to aid refugees in America. You, being the American taxpayer, are being played, by not only your government, but by many religious leaders too!


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