Winners and Losers

Hillary won the debate, if you judge on being prepared and coming with canned sound bites. She won by not coughing or collapsing.  She received all soft-ball questions and was treated with great deference by Lester Holt.  She came as the smug, sanctimonious, gloating Queen.

Trump knew nothing, seemed rattled and defensive many times.  He was combative, rude, completely unprepared.  He offered nothing that sounded remotely like a Republican or conservative policy. He came as the smug, mega-rich con man, NY liberal Democrat, Reality TV star.

He was the same Trump who won the GOP nomination with the media giving him billions in free media and touting, “Trump doesn’t play by the rules”, “he’s winning”, etc. etc.  No one seems to care about how the media elites came to be giving one GOP candidate all that free media or how they failed to report these mountains of negative news stories, they’re dumping now.

The Washington Post has 20 reporters working on digging up dirt on Trump, with one reporter breathlessly reporting each new allegation about the Trump Foundation on Twitter, but nothing about the Clinton Foundation or Hillary’s email server. While the media should have been digging into her server during the last year, they were busy selling the GOP Insurgent.

Trump lost last night’s debate, by any measure of a candidate being competent on public policy,  just like he lost every GOP primary debate, by that metric.  The difference last night was the liberal media wasn’t spinning him as an Insurgent or proclaiming he’s above the rules, like they did in the primary.  Holt didn’t ask one question about the just released FBI notes, Benghazi, her role in Libya, which all go to her job performance as Secretary of State.  She was allowed to gloat about all the miles she traveled as Secretary of State, while being absolved from having to answer for her conduct or the results of all her travel.

Not sure any of that matters, because the media lost big time last night – the bias was so overt and palpable, that it smacked you in the face – no questions on Benghazi, Libya, the just released FBI Notes, the multiple terrorists attacks in the past week in America.

Instead, there were long blocks devoted to Trump’s support of invading Iraq (when he was a private citizen), but no question to Hillary, when she voted for it as a Senator.

Then there was the birtherism again.  Sure, plenty of Americans who bought into that are out and out racists, but President Obama’s own actions of putting Islamist apologists in charge of policing “Islamophobia” and such semantical word games, like calling the Islamist massacre at Fort Hood “workplace violence,” also feed the distrust many Americans feel about President Obama.

The media is complicit in downplaying the growing Islamist radical threat in America.

The Obama administration’s blind-eye to the rising ISIS-inspired attacks on American soil might end up upstaging Hillary’s canned sound bites and liberal media gloating. In the last week, there was the explosion in NYC/NJ, there was the mall stabbing Somali in MN that same night.  There was also a mall shooting in Washington state, by a Turkish immigrant.   Lester Holt didn’t even mention anything about these attacks in his questions.

Holt  did mention cybersecurity and Hillary rattled off a response.  This woman, who set up an unsecured email server,  who allowed highly sensitive information to be exchanged on her server, and who can’t even keep track of her own blackberries and ipads,  wasn’t asked how she was competent to deal with anything pertaining to “cybersecurity”.

This obvious win might end up damaging her in a few days, especially as the media colludes with her gloating and overplaying her “win”.  There’s also all her emails out there waiting to be leaked….

There’s also the lurking question about the FBI’s handling of her email server investigation, which the media seems determined to bury too.

Seems to me like it might end up like her arrogant “basket of deplorables” speech.

The real loser last night was the American people and how so many Americans support these two vile LIARS fills me with fear for our republic.


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4 responses to “Winners and Losers

  1. Sam Topeka

    Condensed version: We are doomed!

  2. Virginia Anderson

    I can’t understand how the public’s gotten so gullible, on the whole. They seemed to have listened to all the insults and propaganda about President Bush and with 8 years of Obama, they’ve given up their will to think critically. Their eyes are just sort of glazed over…mine too, but with despair.

  3. Kinnison

    Concur. Tired of all the sound and fury. Let it be November 8th, and over.

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