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There’s a lot of misinformation and propaganda being spread. The Institute for the Study of War seems to be the accepted “expert” on the rebel forces in Syria, just like in the lead up in 2013 to “arm the Syrian moderates – with everyone relying on a young woman, who turned out to have lied about her credentials and was also the political director of the Syrian Emergency Task Force. Her op-ed in the Wall Street Journal was quoted by the media, the Secretary of State and John McCain, and her map was the de facto – accepted source – NOT US intelligence sources. Check the ISW maps floating around – I have three linked on my blog two from FOX news and one from CNN.… and also here –… Look closely at the rebel area the media and the Obama narrative railed on about – there was ISIS or Al Nusrah in those first Russian strikes on two maps and one has just rebel forces in the SAME area. Their maps fit their propaganda. – The Long War Journal tracks all the fighting and you can follow along on the Syrian opposition, which sure differs from what the ISW reports.

IHS Jane’s and our own intelligence identified this early: Here’s a McClatchy DC article from August 2015, explaining the 2013 propaganda –

Here’s a UK Telegraph 2013 link,, giving IHS Jane’s assessment, but everyone seems to listen to the Kagan clan. We are being fed a narrative and sorry, Mr. Krauthammer and the media haven’t paid any attention to FACTS.

Here’s my ideas of what to do:… and and here,

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