My bare-bones plan

Here’s my plan – laugh if you want, but this is what I think we should do. I posted this using my susanholly user name at National Review in comments at David French’s “The Irony of Obama’s Declaration of Russian Weakness”

We should work with the Russians to take out ISIS and Al Qaeda as the Russian/Assad/Iranian coalition pushes them eastward. Monday morning quarterbacking about supposed “moderate” CIA backed rebels , who have been closing in on Assad, not ISIS as we’re ostensibly arming them to do or whining about Russian targets and battle plans shows clearly that America doesn’t have a strategy. A smart President would try to look at the big picture strategy that really does serve American national interests, which is REGIONAL STABILITY. We could work with this grand Allied coalition Obama bragged about, the Baghdad government, Kurds and prepare to actually make a dent in ISIS, in coordination with the Russian/Assad/Iranian coalition, while not having to actually engage in their same battlefield space. We could salvage some American credibility for a change.

The President could make a deal with the Russians to rein in the Iranians arming Hezbollah, as part of our bargaining, which we sure owe the Israelis as our closest ally in the region.

Assad could then be a problem perfect for the pressure of Brussels.

The late GEN William E. Odom identified this strategy all along:

We (the American people) should quit playing into Obama administration narratives.

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