The Democratic debate

Phew, I survived the Democratic debate. Lincoln Chaffee seemed all over the board, but he’s right on the need to end these wars. Bernie is out there. Martin O’Malley excelled at being the most annoying political hack.

I wondered which of her 101 accents and personalities Hillary would settle on. Question answered – she decided to take on her most supercilious “The Queen” persona and that holier-than-thou tone. And as fitting The Queen, she got to talk more than any other candidate – unfortunately.

The best candidate by far, to include the GOP field too, is Jim Webb. He’s honest, he’s forthright, he’s served and bled for our country, he’s great on foreign policy, he’s sensible on domestic policy, he wants to keep the federal government working within the confines of The Constitution. Too bad, he doesn’t stand a chance and in this debate, they pretty much kept him sidelined and out of the conversation.

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