Twitter cover-up?

Busy tweeting this morning, with so much to comment about. NBC reported on the email account linked to propelling the Covington boys and the Native American man incident to go viral. Buried down at paragraph 11, there’s this bit of information:

“On Wednesday afternoon, @2020fight deleted her Twitter account, seemingly after Twitter lifted her suspension. (Suspended accounts cannot be deleted.)”

Why on earth would Twitter lift the suspension on this account at the center of the controversy?  If the account was actually an account in the San Francisco bay area, was it connected with some partisan political operation?  Shouldn’t the intent be to preserve an account with so many questions about it and even Democratic Senator Warner asking Twitter for more information about that account yesterday?.  Check out paragraph 2, which exonerates  the account holder of any malign intentions:

“But it appears that the account, @2020fight, was run not by a foreign operative trying to fan America’s political divisions but rather by a woman who described herself as a San Francisco Bay Area teacher and advocated liberal causes — and, to all appearances, did not expect to find herself at the center of a media firestorm.”

If the video wasn’t the result of foreign info operators, was it the result of domestic partisan info operators?  Starting to smell like the Dems corrupt Moore Alabama type operations might be a widespread Dem social media operation.

So, many questions…

Added Comment: January 25, 2019, 11:44 am,  The vague weasel words the media uses always cause my spin antennae to twitch.  In the 2nd paragraph, it begins, “but it appears” and ends with  “and, to all appearances”.  No one states whether those conducting the investigation into the account had any conversation or communication with the account holder(s).

The account triggered suspicions, because of the profile stating it was a CA school teacher, but the profile picture was a Brazilian blogger.  The CNN article quoted Rob McDonagh, an assistant editor at Storyful:

“McDonagh said he found the account suspicious due to its “high follower count, highly polarized and yet inconsistent political messaging, the unusually high rate of tweets, and the use of someone else’s image in the profile photo.””

What exactly does  “highly polarized and yet inconsistent political messaging,” mean?  Was it political messaging playing to (targeting) different political factions?  So, we don’t know what the messaging in the deleted account, with a very high rate of tweets,  which was crucial to propelling the Covington student/Nathan Phillips video to go viral, actually contained.  We need more information about what  McDonagh meant by “inconsistent political messaging”.


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  1. JK

    Curiouser and curiouser … still another of those “worrying signs”?

    • JK, this Rob McDonagh works for Storyful – one google search – Storyful is headquartered in Ireland, parent organization is News. Corp, (Murdoch). So, following the CNN & NBC stories, Storyful alerted Twitter, headquarters in San Francisco, about the suspicious account.

      Assuredly, if this suspicious account is in the San Francisco Bay area, their investigators wouldn’t have had to travel far to talk to this account holder, who claims to be a school teacher. It isn’t like an account in a foreign country, for crying out loud. And if it was an innocent school teacher in the bay area, seems like she might have been calling Twitter in her hometown or going there to talk to someone quickly to resolve the matter. Something just seems so sketchy about all of it.

      • JK

        Well I was in the process – and from the way my SOM IQ is at present, promised to be very convoluted – anyway, the start of the process involved copying and pasting, then dissecting, the “they” and the “we” as used by that McKew person you pointed to in your previous post.

        Then I thought to, LB O’Bagylike, take a deeper dive into just what sort of thought/thinking process I was dealing with …

        View at


        (Now carry on Ol’ Pal [lol?] )…

      • Thanks, JK, I already did some ol’ googling on McKew and a ways back on Twitter, I retweeted some idiotic comment she made on information warfare .. adding my comments, of course. Can’t recall specifics, but am sure it was blithely discarded by the “CNN-approved information warfare expert”. To understand information “warfare” you need to understand military strategy & military tactics … Same military strategy and tactics are used in information warfare strategy… just a different battlefield.

        If you think McKew is quite the “expert” along the lines of O’Bagy the “de facto Syrian expert”, well there’s some CNN legal and national security expert, Asha Rangappa. Her insights on her two subjects of expertise, would leave you positively bedazzled….by their sparkling cluelessness, lol.

  2. JK

    (After having to beg my girlfriend to use her SOM cred to get me access) I took the liberty of copying Miss McKew’s bio onto a document I now append hereon … as for Miss Rangappa, I’ll take your word for me being bedazzled:

    “Born Again McCarthyismWith Molly K. McKew
    Author: Holly Blomberg November 18, 2017

    Ms. McKew joins luminaries of the Make War, Not Love Club Samantha Power and Susan Rice in advocating military action to stop Russia’s Vladimir Putin, because the United States has not depended on diplomacy for so long that it now stinks out loud at it and has no international credibility. (hyperlink appears at ‘joins luminaries’ … which will be the first of two links I’ll paste following this H.Blomberg piece)


    McKew joined other GOP hires (Second Hyperlink /JK) at the Podesta Group, a firm more frequently associated with Obama. Her biography from their website:
    Molly McKew International Specialist
    Educated at the London School of Economics, fluent in three languages, familiar with four continents and experienced with think tanks, non-governmental organizations, Congress and the executive branch, Molly McKew bolsters the Podesta Group’s growing international practice. Molly is instrumental in strategic planning, government relations and messaging initiatives for foreign governments and embassies, multinational corporations and nonprofit organizations. She takes special pride in having helped emerging democratic countries conduct free and fair elections.

    Earlier in her career, Molly worked at the American Enterprise Institute, where she directed research on foreign policy and defense, served as project director for the Middle East and managed NGO Watch. Honing skills that she now puts to use for Podesta Group clients, Molly targeted research to public policymakers in the White House, on Capitol Hill and in the State Department and Pentagon, as well as to the news media and other opinion leaders.

    An insatiable curiosity about the world has taken Molly across the globe. She has worked in West Africa, southern Africa, North Africa, Latin America, the Middle East, Russia and the Caucasus. Educated at Stanford University and the London School of Economics, she has a master’s degree in Russian and post-Soviet studies, plus a strong background in the biological sciences. She is fluent in French and Russian but also deeply rooted in the American heartland, having grown up in Idaho and lived in Ohio.”

    (By Kevin Bogardus – 11/01/10 11:45 PM EDT – (should I have screwed up copying The Hill link, I thought advisable to note author & date just in case)

    Now we can share the bedazzlement.

  3. JK, Your last comment came through unapproved Do you mind if I approve it, to appear here in comment?

    • JK

      Oh sure LB, I noticed that too but was figuring you might’ve been monitoring in real-time thinking my noting upfront I had to beg SOM cred would be maybe somehow embarrassing to “Super Intel Man” me – which, since I’m well aware of my ignorance where this SOM stuff is concerned, couldn’t possibly bother me in the least.

      Approve at will LB!

  4. JK

    I’m not sure “interesting” is adequate LB

  5. JK

    Fight2020 LB you’ve mentioned, I think, had been id’d by “some journo” as being “a California educator” and had ‘some [incredible] number of followers’ … Twitter then, upon being queried by some CNN guy, suspended the account for, what I understand to be an “unusually brief period” then re-instated at which nearpoint in time, gets deleted.

    Just wondering my Twittering Friend whether you’ve a memory of if the Fight2020 account’s number of followers bore any near-resemblance to a certain “Information Warfare Analyst’s/Expert’s/Hobbyist’s” number of followers?

    My curiosity is piqued by something which could be, purely, coincidental:

    • JK, I would have no idea about that. I follow 900+ journalists and political people and I just mostly follow what shows up in my feed, which I assume some algorithm determines based on my following and my tweets.

      I do check out some of these peeps followers and following occasionally, if something strikes me as very odd – like I have a fake account of the Vice Chair of the Army following me. It has no blue check and looking over the following and followers lists there are a lot of Chinese names in Chinese. Kind of a REAL red flag there, lol… Other than that I am watching for spin cycles launching and watching for repetitive messaging.

      Thanks for those links, JK. Interesting board there, reading all of the bios… McMillin & Finn I follow, but their tweets get on my last nerve – so much sanctimonious #Resist crap all of the time.

      All I know is something isn’t right with them lifting the suspension on an account under so much scrutiny, where even Sen. Warner (D.) was demanding more information about that account – but, once again… “nothing to see here”, because the account was deleted and I am sure Twitter will claim there’s no cached record of that account…

      • JK

        Well … just so you know, that “inconsistent political messaging” combined with some few more things we’ve hit on lately, the take on “a study”, SOM companies “by all appearances” seeming to be ‘helpful’ to, looks like, some US person/media interest, dumb media memes one of which gets slapped by none other than the rarely communicating Mueller spokesman, an expert, a [supposed] nobody tweeting (both having, as my limited memory for such things “unusual popularity”) and so on coming up in such a very short [given “our” accustomed to the latest outrage/bombshell media memory] timeframe seems damned odd.

        Oh well … I suppose I can wait to Sunday for Chuck Todd to explain it all to me.

  6. Lots of “damned odd” things, for sure, JK. I called it early on the orchestrated smear campaign during the Roy Moore campaign, with Trump, with Kavanaugh too. With Trump, I remember that Machado hit – wow, her Wikileaks bio was changing rapidly. I had clicked on it to find out about her, then checked back and boom, it was changing. Heck, I called it early on O’Bagy too, but aside from a few peeps online, no one takes me seriously, JK. Just a nobody homemaker here, not some important “information warfare expert”…like some people, LOL. The good part about being a nobody homemaker online – I can check out whatever the heck I want and I don’t work for anyone.

  7. JK, Sorry, I was just reading through that CNN story again. McKew said:

    “she later realized that a network of anonymous accounts were working to amplify the video.”

    So, she realized that a NETWORK of anonymous accounts were working to amplify the video. What about that NETWORK she realized was working to amplify the video???

    She’s the information warfare expert… Like you said, JK, “damned odd”.

    • JK

      Sorry LB I’ve been, as I mentioned in a “rabbithole” – Anyway, without “assets” it would have been impossible for her to “realize a network.”

      I suppose Miss McKew may have a side job with the NSA and is especially “screwed in” but, given our nation’s AG situation, it’s simply too incredible (dictionary meaning) that she managed to get it cleared for public dissemination.

      • Perhaps, she was referring to another source of knowledge about a “network” of anonymous accounts working to “amplify” the video… she does state she realized “later” of course… but you know me, JK, a determined old crow hunting for golden nuggets, lol. And, boy, are there mountain high piles to sift through on Twitter, lol.

        Oh Lord, I really don’t want to go read through her Twitter pile…I glanced at it since I started pondering this anonymous account and didn’t want to wade in any deeper…

  8. I thought I was done, but just so you know – Finn and McMillin started some, annoying as hell, repetitive messaging effort to #Resist before Trump’s inauguration. When did they form their Stand Up Ideas group? Who funds them, I wonder? They were relentlessly pushing to stop Trump’s inauguration and fueling all those Trump the Authoritarian stories. Several peeps working that in the news media/punditry circles. All repetitive spin messaging operations. With the Moore revelations recently about the anonymous accounts imitating Russian troll accounts – well, these #Resist zealots will do anything to launch aggressive social media spin messaging campaigns to stop Trump and smear him. Trump does plenty of crazy crap, but they are inciting anti-Trump hysteria 24/7.

    • JK

      I’m on, for now, abit of a tangent but I expect you know … well I’ll be in touch asap … Anyway, keep your connection on the golden bits – should there be another SCOTUS opening, the most oft mentioned happens to be a female who is also … Catholic.

      Coincidence – your guess is as good as mine.

      I shall return

      • JK, there were memes circulating on Twitter with that poor Catholic boy’s picture next to a photo of Kavanaugh. And they were circulating photos from a high school basketball game with the players doing that basketball three point hand sign thing, with all the hands circled in red, claiming it was white power signs. Plus some other photo claiming it was blackface. Was awaiting the deciphering of mysterious yearbook signings… Yes, Catholic is not a tangent in this – it’s central to it.

  9. And if you think this stuff isn’t highly orchestrated with the Dem smear operatives constantly scanning social media accounts and crawling through public records looking for any bit of dirt they can find, just look at the Sec of State of FL photo/resignation.

    • JK

      Tangent Update (such as it is to this point) …

      One NBC story mentions “internet sales were conducted by the [alleged/suspected … yes LB, me and you unlike some other entities I could mention; will adhere to some standard] owner of the Twitter account concerned” – so I would think, those “expert journalists” me and yourself are always expressing our “admiration” of could, if they wished, take that line of inquiry from us – for free! CNN? MSNBC?

      Anyway – initially I took the 2020fight account owner’s name to be a given name … heck I rabbit-holed for a time a’cause “Talia” was just a letter off from “Tania” [P. Hearst’s nom de guerre SLA period and a near spelling/relation to Talia/Thalia [See: Che Guevara’s press coverage]

      As I typed/said; a rabbithole – for now I’m of the opinion.

      While muddling through my self-created uhm … “mess” … the thought occurred, “What if that’s a surname?”

      And guess what LB, Talias show up dominantly [US Census data] in a mere three places – the states Vermont and New York and the relatively confined California city of Santa Clara.

      “Now where in the hell is Santa Clara?” I thought to myself.

      Let’s review might we, a previously posted link I provided to additionally, a second one:

      Where is Stanford?

      Where is Santa Clara California?

      (Be easier to just bring up Google’s map but for some reason the link won’t copy.)

      For now LB I don’t think we should disparage the media’s “professional ability” to ferret out what we already have.

      Too bad McCain’s not around to hire McKew.

  10. And I also saw a mug shot lay-out of photos of all those boys with their names on Twitter, before the push-back from the right began. All of those poor kids were flashed across Twitter like they were criminals for the Lefist zealots to target. Reckless endangerment of minors comes to mind – if THOSE who orchestrated this smear campaign can ever be exposed. The lawyers are going after all the media and celeb peeps , who retweeted. I’m hoping the actual thugs who orchestrated this smear campaign and put those anonymous accounts up can be identified.

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  12. Might want to look into @bayareateaching. (Talia P.)
    Seems to have removed her account at as well.
    Might be something, or might be nothing.

    • Thanks for that tip, Gerald. This is my personal blog, so I took a look at your Twitter and seems like you are into Holocaust denial? You’re welcome to add to discussions here, but I will not entertain discussions like that on my blog. I also will not approve comments promoting violence or attacking religious groups and racial or ethnic groups. Wanted to be upfront with you.

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