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Bad vibes growing

The azaleas along the side of my house have started blooming and here in coastal GA it is beginning to look like Spring.  Most days lately, I try to focus on my everyday hobbies, but I read some news online, here and there throughout my day.  Lately, I’ve been wondering how long this 2016 scorched earth SPIN war can rage before we reach a serious constitutional crisis.  There are a lot of bad vibes growing.

The mainstream media, colluding with the Democratic Party machine, replete with their hit squad pundits in the media have escalated their attacks on all the same fronts as during the election – the Trump women are a constant hysterical fixture these days, the “Russian collusion” spin still gets spewed non-stop and the “Trump is unfit for office” spin gets ramped up constantly, through mainstream media, breathless reporting based on innuendo and 2nd and 3rd hand reports of “Trump’s thinking”.

Trump aids his enemies by responding to the media’s baiting by lashing out.  Trump feeds their spin always.  There’s a SPIN effort being pushed to attack FOX News as nothing more than a Trump propaganda network, which completely belies the fact that CNN and MSNBC, along with several of the largest print news media outlets are nothing more than platforms for the Democratic machine to attack Trump and spew relentless anti-Trump SPIN.   Ralph Peters, who relished FOX giving him a platform to attack President Obama,  jumped into that “FOX News is just a propaganda channel” spin effort with both barrels blazing, which made me wonder if he has signed a new contract with CNN or MSNBC.  Call me a cynic…

Yes, FOX News is filled with massive agitation propaganda to incite Trump supporters, but CNN and MSNBC do the same thing to incite the #Resist crowd and Left.  Andrea Mitchell at NBC sounds like Hillary Clinton’s biggest cheerleader and on it goes with the news media partisanship.

Trump is always being Trump, which is reacting emotionally to every taunt the Dem spinmeisters lob at him.   They have mastered baiting him.  Trump’s circle of enablers and fixers are now launching an offensive to feed enough spin aimed at trashing Mueller and his investigation, to bolster support among Trump supporters and FOX news watchers (large overlap in these groups), to set the stage for Trump to fire Mueller (or order Rosenstein to fire him).

That’s what these stories rehashing Mueller’s history in Boston, being spun by reporters like, Sara Carter, in recent days are really about.  They are part of the Trump SPIN effort.

There’s also the problem of former FBI and intelligence officials, Comey, Brennan and Clapper, being the largest offenders, who have now become large political players in the takedown Trump effort and they are using their supposedly apolitical experience and access to intelligence for purely political purposes in their efforts to destroy President Trump.  Tom Rogan wrote a good piece about Brennan’s partisan antics and how his endless media appearances attacking Trump and spewing innuendo are a disservice to the CIA and to his CIA career, while at the same time feeding the Trump “deep state” spin.  Rogan suggests: “But while I, and you, should thank Brennan for his service, we should also ask him to jump off his partisan war horse.”

Brennan, Clapper, and Comey were instrumental to fomenting the Trump/Russian collusion SPIN and they have helped feed the Democratic machine SPIN effort from the beginning, so they aren’t going to slow down. In fact, they will probably escalate their attacks on Trump.   They chose a side in this SPIN war when they fell in line with the Trump/Russian collusion SPIN effort before Trump was even inaugurated.

Trump is not going to cave and despite assurances from his inner-circle, I expect him to fire Mueller.

Congress has had plenty of mealy-mouthed members urge Trump not to create a constitutional crisis, but this crisis isn’t being created by Trump alone and it won’t be just about Robert Mueller’s investigation.  All the movers and shakers who created this Trump/Russian collusion SPIN are equally as culpable, perhaps maybe more than Trump is, for this impending constitutional crisis.  They created the Trump/Russian collusion SPIN (LIE) and they have fed it and propelled it using their willing accomplices in the mainstream media to hype it constantly.

The constitutional crisis, if it comes, won’t be just Trump’s fault.   The vast, wholesale public corruption in 2016 was very much a bipartisan thing.

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A week of wild news loops

The DC news loops twirled into so many tangled knots this past week, that Tuesday’s bombshell firing of Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, by today feels like ancient news.  The era of Trump increased the speed of the 24/7 news cycle dramatically, with the news media spinning out of control, often reporting hours of poorly vetted and unvetted information via tweets and retweets on Twitter, which the cable and print media then circulate.  It leaves many Americans consuming incomplete or false information sold as “news”, but even more than that it creates such a large volume of information piled up, that it becomes a daunting task to even sift for facts.

A very disturbing effort at character assassination took place this week too.  With the announcement of Mike Pompeo as President Trump’s choice to replace Rex Tillerson, came the announcement that Gina Haspel, a Deputy Director of the CIA was nominated to become the CIA Director.  Haspel became the target of a concerted media effort to destroy her reputation and tar her as a war criminal, who oversaw torture of prisoners at a CIA black site.

Once Haspel’s good name and reputation were completely sullied, ProPublica, which ran the damning report, which sent the mainstream media into its full-throated smear effort, issued a correction.  They admitted they got the story wrong and Haspel wasn’t in charge of that CIA black site during the alleged interrogations (the ones the media dubs torture).  Then in the most amazing feat of hypocrisy and self-delusion, these very same “journalists” began tweeting praise for ProPublica’s transparency and how wonderful it was that they corrected the story.  There seemed to be no awareness that they and ProPublica deliberately spent days destroying the good name and reputation of Gina Haspel and NONE of these other journalists bothered to get off their butts and independently investigate the FACTS in ProPublica’s story.  They all ran with ProPublica’s story.

Once Tillerson was fired many big name reporters also began a high-pitched, non-stop whispering campaign, about which other cabinet officials President Trump was going to fire next, citing unnamed sources naturally.   Reporting like this, from ace Trump whisperer, NY Times journalist, Maggie Haberman highlights this type of reporting:

Your head will literally be spinning with some of her breathless innuendo, always presented as “facts” and always cited as having numerous WH sources close to the matter.  When her innuendo doesn’t pan out, she excuses it as Trump changed course, because of their reporting…  It’s really risky to report as “fact” things people have NOT done yet.  It’s also risky to report on the “thinking of one person” based on second and third hand sources, but this SPIN effort to deliberately paint the White House in chaos was a full-court mainstream media effort from Tuesday to Friday.  The mainstream media was determined to present the White House as crumbling.

Within the White House, this type of mainstream media SPIN effort fuels distrust and anxiety among the President’s staff, which is what the mainstream media SPIN effort was intended to do.  It is part of the Left’s effort to take down Trump.

President Trump plays into a lot of this chaos and he also seems to feed on the power trip of having his staff walking on eggshells, wondering if they might be next to be fired or perhaps in Trump’s reality TV presidency production, cliffhangers like this staff chaos are good for viewers.  He doesn’t seem to be able to view the presidency as a serious position of trust, which demands he behave befitting the Office of the President.  With him, the presidency plods along as a reality TV production, to the detriment of the American people, but even more to the detriment of himself, because he has done nothing to bridge any of the divides in America or win acceptance among of over half of the country.  He also has not managed to defeat the Left’s #Resist effort, so he is stuck in this endless, death-match SPIN battle.

Friday almost passed with no big bombshell Trump news, but then late last night news broke of Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, firing Andrew McCabe, the FBI’s #2 top guy.

Today has the mainstream media railing about how badly McCabe has been treated, quoting Eric Holder and John Brennan as moral guideposts and pretty much in a state of hysterics.  So much for any objectivity.  And of course, within hours, there was President Trump throwing more fuel on the fire, tweeting:

Andrew McCabe FIRED, a great day for the hard working men and women of the FBI – A great day for Democracy. Sanctimonious James Comey was his boss and made McCabe look like a choirboy. He knew all about the lies and corruption going on at the highest levels of the FBI!

The Left, which includes most of the mainstream media and Trump are still locked in this scorched earth information war and it’s still a war where neither side seems to be able to win.

The clear loser, as usual, is the American people.  We are held hostage to their SPIN and trying to sort through the mountains of distortions, disinformation, misinformation and downright fabrications spewed by both sides is an almost impossible task, unless you have plenty of spare time to devote to fact-checking and research.

No end in sight anytime soon…  The 2016 scorched earth information war flickers on and on and on…


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Short Sharyl Attkisson YouTube video

This Sharyl Attkisson Ted Talks video  on fake news is just under 10 minutes  and worth watching:

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Trump’s OODA loop

The Clinton/Obama/Dems/mainstream media coalition vs. Trump information war drags on and Trump continues to confound his enemies, who still react in dismay that he is still in office.

Both sides remain very committed to continuing the fight.  Trump often seems to act on gut instinct, instantaneously reading his enemies’ motives way more clearly than his enemies read him.  Trump learned his enemies’ information warfare strategy, but his enemies have no real understanding of how Trump won the election or how to counter his strategy.

Yesterday, I read an editorial piece by Josh Marshall, Thoughts on the Greatness of Ulysses S. Grant, at TPM, which made me think about how Trump is still standing, despite the relentless information war being unleashed against him.  The piece is very interesting, so put aside your partisan blinders and read Marshall’s thoughtful views on Grant’s leadership and writing.  He offered some insights into Grant’s leadership, that I had never thought about before. Marshall writes about Grant’s transformational military leadership and the ways in which Grant threw the traditional military playbook out the window and experimented with maneuver warfare, but even more interesting than that insight, Marshall explains a theory of military operations, which Grant intuitively utilized to great advantage, even though the theory was not developed until a century later.  Marshall writes:

“A century later, a military intellectual and US Air Force Colonel named John Boyd developed a theory of military operations known by the shorthand “OODA loops.” OODA stands for the process of Observe – Orient – Decide – Act, a framework to think about the constant interaction between our observation of our environment and the decisions we make in how to respond to it. Boyd’s insight was that if a combatant can move through this cycle sufficiently faster than an adversary he can get inside his opponent’s ‘OODA loops’. Specifically, if you can move rapidly enough from observation to decision and action, you can change the environment your opponent has observed while they are still deciding how to react to it.That causes a cycle of missteps and confusion leading to defeat. Boyd, a fighter pilot, developed his theory around aviation dogfights. But without the acronyms, game theory and mathematics, it was a similar insight that was allowing Grant to see the impact of mobility in defeating his opponents. Speed is not simply the pace at which actions occur. Sufficient speed changes the nature of those actions or, more specifically, changes the reactions to them and in so doing changes them as well.”

Marshall devotes a good portion of his piece to explaining the importance of writing reflecting clarity of vision and thought.  He asserts Grant’s writing reflects an amazing clarity and ability to express himself concisely, which is assuredly more important than style and fancy phrasing in a military leader.

While President Trump is in no way a military genius and it’s a safe bet he has never read either Grant’s autobiography or about Boyd’s OODA loops, Trump has an intuitive genius (yes, I hesitated using that word in relation to Trump) for throwing his political enemies off-balance and for controlling the information battlefield, which the Left learned to dominate and control using the sycophantic, liberal mainstream media to disseminate and saturate the media reporting with talking points, narratives, memes, all designed to manipulate and control public opinion.

For decades the SPIN form of information warfare  has allowed the Left to easily and successfully manipulate public opinion and reinforce it, by relentless repetition of the short talking points messaging filled with buzz words, which was then used to manufacture public opinion polling.  The polling, which was really the result of what amounted to mass media brainwashing, with the repetitive spin, was sold as the definitive marker on what Americans believe and it was used to marginalize conservatives and political opinions that deviated from the Left’s spin.

Trump’s opponents keep recycling through their tired spin attacks (his taxes, his lying, Russian collusion, his mental instability, the sexual predation allegations), but they keep failing to take him down.  Although most of Trump’s attacks are petty, filled with lies, often sound unhinged,  and more often than not, are rather sloppily written tweets, what Trump has done is completely break through the Left’s lock on controlling the SPIN cycle.

Observing Trump’s use of Twitter and his public speaking, it’s easy to dismiss Trump as a loudmouth, know nothing, corrupt, lying, reprehensible excuse of a leader.  His leadership, especially his penchant for playing even his own team members against each other, is assuredly toxic leadership, but when it comes to using his vastly smaller media platforms to fight the Left’s massively larger and powerful forces, Trump has learned to use his own charismatic showmanship to demolish their carefully constructed spin attacks and completely control the 24/7 news cycle, mostly using just his personal Twitter account and a handful of tweets a day.  He doesn’t rely on drafting cumbersome, focus group-tested wording or emailing talking points, then disseminating to thousands of operatives and friendly media Leftists.

Trump does watch a lot of TV news, which the Left is using to discredit Trump, but what they don’t understand is he watches and then, without giving away his next move, he tweets or makes a few public statements, which invariably throw the Left’s carefully orchestrated spin attacks into disarray.  Trump has an innate sense for how to manipulate the media, but he has a genius for getting inside his opponents’ OODA loops, leaving them scrambling and stuck recycling through their old spin attacks, while he has completely moved ahead of them and owned their information platforms.

Winning an information war is not about having the best “spin” or vast information platforms that far outmatch your opponents, it’s about understanding people and understanding the things that they care about.  Trump understands people and he has a canny knack for manipulating people.

Trump spins faster and more effectively than his enemies and he has demolished the Left’s control of America’s media information platforms… using mostly a free, personal Twitter account.  He doesn’t rely on expensive focus groups or fancy data experts; he trusts his own instincts.

Trump has broken through the Left’s information warfare OODA loops.

He broke through and demolished their SPIN cycle.

Whether he can win the information war remains to be seen, but he has the Left off-balance and in a constant state of panic, regrouping and recycling failed talking points messaging.


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Final Battle Approaches

Just a short post this morning.   Hysteria on the left is building, in anticipation of President Trump firing Robert Mueller.  The White House insists that isn’t even being discussed.  The Left, including fast and furious Eric Holder, were all over Twitter this past weekend ginning up hysteria, urging people to organize massive street protests – once again going for their “crowd size” street optic, which they will spin across the mainstream media relentlessly, to create the impression that most of America wants Trump removed from office.  The mainstream media will, of course, jump into action carrying the Left’s talking points and spin messaging, as they’ve been conditioned to do for decades.

The #Resist crowd rails about Trump’s attacks on our institutions and his comments often are an attack on our institutions, however he has taken no official action that is really an attack on our institutions.  He has the constitutional power to fire the FBI director.  He may go too far at some point, but he hasn’t yet.

However, the Left’s non-stop efforts to overturn a duly elected president are a true affront to our constitutional system.  They rant and rave daily about how Trump must be removed, they have the mainstream media engaged in spreading innuendo, highly distorted leaked information, and constant fear mongering as “legitimate, vetted news”.  They refuse to accept the outcome of the 2016 election.

They refuse to abide by The Constitution.

What is really going on is the Left refuses to play by the rules and accept the outcome of the 2016 election.

We are approaching the final battle in the never-ending 2016 information war, between the sorest loser ever and the sorest winner.

I pray that America will survive these subversives, on both left and right, who have no respect for the rule of law.


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Worms buried under the pile

Reporting from stage Left:

Another mainstream (liberal) media spin cycle is sputtering, despite a few days of relentless “news” reporting concerns about Trump’s “delusional  state”, bated breath reports about how “Trump is losing it”, all accompanied with whispers that perhaps it’s time to look at the 25th Amendment.

Reporting from stage Right:

President Trump is revving up another big push to rally his base, with inflammatory tweetstorms and a flurry of rallies around the country in the works.

That about sums up the news.

Here’s my perspective on the side of this scorched earth information war that operates just as viciously and relentlessly as Trump’s tweetstorms and sideshow presidency.

The mainstream (liberal) media is great at reporting on the dreadful Fox News’ Trumpgasms and they can see how it’s flagrant propaganda, but they don’t see how they do the same thing with these spin cycles they generate to take down Trump.  In fact, the liberal media has been doing this for decades, while indignantly brushing aside charges of “liberal bias” in their reporting.

Trump is being Trump and it’s very venal, crass, amoral, and over-the-top much of the time, but this is the same Trump he was a year ago.

Trump has been endlessly dissected and he earns a good deal of that criticism, but Hillary and her legions of #Resist, many of whom work for major news organizations in America have been venal, crass, amoral and over-the-top too, but those in the news running the #Resist talking points and Dump on Trump attacks pretend theirs is all insightful reporting.

As a thought experiment, let’s dissect the antics of Hillary’s legions, many of whom are in the news business,  since Trump won the election.  First, they tried to insist it was time to ditch the electoral college.  Then there was the #Russian collusion hysteria.

There was also a relentless drumbeat to somehow overturn the election and stop Trump’s inauguration.  Some of these antics were petty, idiotic, and ridiculous, but many of them were truly despicable.  The entire Hollywood crowd boycotted Trump’s inauguration and wanted to make it a failure.  When Trump’s inaugural planners turned to using more military in the parades, the Left started the spin that Trump was planning military parades like a dictator, even though they pressured celebrities not to participate in Trump’s inauguration.

It was an appallingly mean, petty display.  There was nothing they could do to fault Melania, who is not only one of the most stylish First Ladies ever, she’s also very polite, gracious and carries herself with understated dignity.  She has impeccable manners.  The day after Trump’s inauguration, the Sore Loser legions took to the streets to protest Trump’s election, under the guise of marching for women’s issues.  The only issue the marchers agreed on was #Resist, which is really an euphemism for work to take down Trump, by any means necessary.  It has been an appalling, non-stop display of vicious, relentless spin efforts to delegitimize Trump.

Twitter is the hangout for many of America’s journalists and political pundits.  If you want to see the American news sausage factory in the making, just go on Twitter and follow several hundred American journalists and pundits.  It’s truly a sight to behold, because you can watch their spin cycles forming, gaining momentum and often a few Trump tweets send their spin crashing.  He does win many of the spin cycle battles.  In the beginning of his presidency, there were even hard news reporters tweeting about whether they should block reporting on Trump and debates on whether to interview various White House officials.

These same news outlets ran the Clinton spin throughout the 1990s, helped Bill Clinton survive impeachment and carried Obama White House narratives without any moral reservations.  I never saw any of them debating whether to interview Susan Rice after her shameless, Bergdahl served with honor and distinction lie, that was a slap in the face to every soldier serving honorably.  The liberal news media conveniently act in unison, when it’s “time to move on”, which is the Left’s signal to the news media that it’s time to bury a story.

The liberal news media opine and report endlessly about how Trump is a threat to democracy with his waging war against the media and yes, his efforts are terrible, but Trump isn’t the only one in this endless information war.  So many in the mainstream news media collude with the #Resist’s take down Trump efforts.  Perhaps, “collude” isn’t the right word, because I don’t believe they are having meetings to decide to all run the same talking points.

Watching them on Twitter for the past year, it reminds me of how catty teenage girls start a whispering campaign, and while I only see their tweets, I would imagine there’s a lot of back and forth gossiping between many of them with direct messages.  A prominent reporter several days ago started with some tweets about how Trump seems different lately (hint: delusional) and WH aides are murmuring about Trump.  Early on there were reports that Trump wanders the halls of the WH at night – that sort of gossip, meant to cast him in a bad light.  One prominent reporter is the queen of this type of reporting and she is highly respected by other journalists.  There was a reporter who made it his 24/7 job to report on every last detail on Trump’s charitable foundation, which of course was a legitimate story.  However, there certainly wasn’t that amount of attention given to the Clinton Foundation’s shady dealings.

And if we step back to the 2016 election, it always boils down to the mainstream media, not just Fox News, gave Trump billions of dollars in free media to help him run his “GOP Insurgency”, and that was done knowingly and deliberately to try to tear the GOP apart and saddle the party with an extremist.  The so-called Pied Piper strategy was Bill Clinton’s triangulation strategy, to have a far-right kook on the right and Bernie as the far-left kook, clearing the middle path to the White House for Hillary.  As Trump looked to seal the Republican nomination, the media started running spin cycles about Trump the fascist and assuredly Trump’s own tough-talk fed that too, but so much of it was over-the-top and fell in line with the Clinton campaign talking points.

Trump is president, but he obviously feels under attack every day and he is, because so many on the Left ( and in the media) are working tirelessly to take him down.  His way of fighting back is terrible for the country, but truthfully those working tirelessly to take him down, especially those who have leaked classified information, are terrible for the country too.  That Trump dossier is assuredly one of the dirtiest tricks in American history and that leads right back to the Queen of the Resistance’s door.

Lately, several journalists make it a point to tweet about what the FOX prime time pundits are talking about.  They tweet about how CNN and MSNBC are on one story, but FOX is talking about Hillary or Uranium One.  They see the Trump-slant and spin, but they do not see their own bias or spin.  When this news flurry about “Trump’s losing it and delusional” spin started a few days ago, I watched and along with those “concerns” about his mental state the questions began, “is it time to discuss the 25th Amendment”.  Assuredly, their spin has more finesse than Trump’s blustery tweets or Hannity’s nightly rants, but it is assuredly a spin cycle directed at taking down Trump.

I believe both Hillary and Trump are extreme sociopaths, with her being the sorest loser in history and Trump being the sorest winner.  Both are leading their followers down terrible paths for America and both are terrible role models of good citizenship in our democratic republic.   They speak not only to the corruption in both political parties, but also to the corrupted morals of many, many Americans, who are so easily swept up into this rabid partisanship, vicious name-calling and demoralizing pettiness.

In this media environment and with the country subjected to endless scorched earth information warfare, no matter which news channel you turn on, there’s absolutely no hope of uniting our country.

Scorched earth information warfare has become the default tenor of American politics and it is splintering our country.

For many years I’ve pondered the dangers to our American democracy from the news spin cycle.  I consider it a form of mass media information warfare:

The mass media saturation strategy was developed by far-left Alinskyite Marxists.  The messaging wall required for mass media saturation to succeed requires the active collusion of the mass media NEWS outlets to facilitate it, by actively and relentlessly repeating the messages of the political candidate or activists using this “buzz word, catchphrase spin (talking points messaging). Mass media saturation INFORMATION WARFARE requires mass media collusion to succeed.  This strategy can NOT succeed without mass media messaging dominance to CONTROL (“win”) the 24/7 news cycle (or as the Clinton team dubbed it – the spin cycle).

It is a form of mass media brainwashing and antithetical to American free speech principles!  To succeed this strategy requires MEDIA COLLUSION.

It can NOT work without that media collusion.

Here are the components:

  • Talking points and buzz word messaging, which are relentlessly repeated by both political operatives and the media.
  • Mass media domination of the messaging, to control the 24/7 NEWS cycle, which requires mass media collusion.
  • Relentless repetition of polling data by both the political operatives and media, to facilitate the manufacture of opinion cascades (winning in all the polls)

With the prospect of a possible impeachment effort in the near future, combined with the fractured state of our country, I do worry about what America will look like in 2018, 2019, 2020.  However, while there’s an argument to be made that Trump is president and his actions matter more than anything the media does, the truth is Trump will be president, at most, 8 years.  The mainstream (liberal) news media has been heavily spinning for decades now, slanting the news left constantly.  FOX News took to the airwaves in the 1990s and began carving out a following slanting the news right.  This way of reporting the news will be with America long after Trump is gone.

Trump found a way to break the liberal media’s spin.  Unfortunately, he replaced it with his own spin, that is even more devoid of facts than much of the Left’s spin.  And when you add in the mountains of deliberate false reporting from bots, trolls, etc., the horizon looks very bleak for news reporting in America.

A couple of years ago,  JK, a frequent commenter to my blog, explained the Crow Method:

“There’s a somewhat useful methodology label analysts occasionally admit to using. The Crow Method. Don’t know you ever spent much time in barnyards/feedlots. … Next time you find yourself where bovines and crows are gathered, pick one crow and keep eyes on that one crow. If you’ve chosen a smart crow, the crow’ll be following a big bull and everytime the bull drops a load, the crow’ll swoop down and swirl around the bovine waste looking for the few nuggets of undigested golden corn kernels. The crow will take the corn leaving the remainder of the bullshit for the worms.”

“Better to be a Crow. Dirty work but not so dirty as being a worm. Worms’ll swallow anything.”

As the piles of disinformation deepen and the spin cycles spin faster, none of us will be able to follow the crows or discern golden corn kernels from the bullshit.  We will all be worms buried under the pile.


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A must-read article

This is a must read article by Eve Fairbanks – We’ll Be Paying For Mark Halperin’s Sins For Years To Come.    Fairbanks offers first-hand reporting experience in Washington in the early 200s, to  explain how American journalism changed from careful, fact-checked based reporting to Twitter journalism, where journalists breathlessly rush to retweet every bit of gossip and innuendo.   Fairbanks writes:

“People often attribute our contemporary sense of perpetual crisis to social media, as scrolling newsfeeds monopolize our attention. But Halperin and his imitators set this bar for news before Twitter and Facebook took over the media. Their endless drumbeat of meaningless micro-scoops helped create the impression we are living at the edge of time, where the present is as momentous as anything that has ever occurred. The future, in this context, cannot take any time or energy to be properly imagined.”

This article has nothing to do with the present outing of sexual misconduct and everything to do with how American news came to be consumed with “hot takes” and so many shoot-from-the-hip first breaking news stories, that end up mostly discredited or in need of numerous corrections. This story will cause some serious butthurt to many of the hotshot reporters on the Washington beat, who report every trivial detail about President Trump and what every WH staffer, no matter how lowly, murmured.

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