Social Media….the wild frontier

JK sent me an email today about my Machado blog post.  I did send him a response and I’m going to post it right here (typos and all).  I am doing my own redacting, of the names of my husband’s platoon sergeant wife, who contacted me on Thanksgiving Day in 2014, after not hearing from her since Desert Storm.  JK was mentioning “social media”, which he avoids completely.  I’ve been exploring social media since 1998, when I first posted comments on the Excite politics message boards.  I wrote about what happened to me in the Messages of mhere posts, listed on the top of my home page.  Can’t prove any of it, so feel free to dismiss me as a lunatic.  Here’s my email to JK:

So many strange things have happened to me with “social media” – starting with that crap back in ’98 on the Excite message boards.  I’ve explored SM over the years, looking for a way to expose thatwitch2016, but fat lot of good any of that has done.  When I decided to write my story on my blog in 2013, I sent an email to Gladius and asked his opinion.  He recommended pseudonyms, so that’s what I did.  Then I became curious about Elizabeth O’Bagy and well, you know all that.

I had a facebook account under my real name – with less than a hundred “friends” – family and people I actually know.  I decided to set-up a facebook page for my blog, although I rarely even go to that facebook page.  I opened it under the name Holly Asbury (it’s mine and Tom’s middle names).

National Review switched to facebook comments a couple months ago, so some of the moderators set-up a Qwiket comment page and many of the National Review regulars commenters gravitated to this new Qwiket site.  This is common in social media – I tried politics chat rooms years ago (looking for a way to implement my plan to expose that witch – THAT has been my goal for 17 years).  Anyways, chat comes and goes fast – your comments disappear into the ether, but you get to know the regulars and I made friends there, even some of the hardcore Dems liked me.  Those chat rooms were dumped by the company, but some of the regulars located a new format (just like this NR Qwiket migration) and most of the regulars moved there.  Now, even though Disqus comments come and go, all my comments (from wherever I post a comment that uses the Disqus comments) are in my Disqus profile history.   Twitter works the same way – your tweet history is open.  Disqus does allow you to keep your comment history private though.

Now, in my NR Disqus commenting, something strange happened after people there got to know me arguing about Trump/Hillary.  A man, who posted sounding like a Rubio-supporter, friended me on my Holly Asbury facebook account.  I recognized is name when I got the friend request, so I accepted it, before even checking out his facebook page.  And then another man, who sounded like a retired military officer on Disqus comments, friended me too.  So, I have 2 friends on the Holly Asbury facebook.

The Rubio-supporter guy uses the name, Victor Laszlo Boros, and all his comments sounded like he was in the CA area.  Here’s his bio on his facebook:


The other guy goes by the name, Bill Dean and his bio says:

Retired USAF Colonel

I have no idea who these people really are or why that Boros guy friended me.

I often feel like I’m being set-up.

I had some guy try to shut me up at NR back when Trump was on his “committing war crimes ISIS plan” and that guy wrote:

LincolnAppleyard susanholly • 3 days ago
SURRENDER NOW Sue! It’s the only possible outcome…

That comment followed my comment about how everyone has to follow the law and I was talking about George Washington’s Farewell Address.  That guy’s name and that comment were removed.  Suspect he closed the account.  Around the time of that SURRENDER NOW Sue! comment, my computer kept freezing constantly and crashing.  I was using Mozilla Firefox  and that crashed and then one day, my computer died.  

ALL of these social media formats are designed to create mindless repetition, lazy cut and paste mentality and a sort of brainwashing/herd mentality.  As soon as Wikipedia started, I warned my kids that this is dangerous and will be exploited to undermine fact-checking and a reverence for integrity for academic rigor in research.  That the major search engines set up their algorithms to make Wikipedia dominant shows this is a concerted effort to create a “post-reality” world.

I told you about my Pinterest account – that’s under my real name.  Back on Thanksgiving in 2014 – two guys Tom served with in Desert Storm called – out of the blue.  We hadn’t heard from the HHHHHHHHHs since Desert Storm. YYY was one of Tom’s platoon sergeants during Desert Storm and he’s a small town police chief in Kansas.  XXXX talked to me for over an hour, but I found  the call strange.  She mentioned facebook, so I sent her a friend request while we were talking on the phone on Thanksgiving.  I don’t post much on facebook, although I do link stuff from my Pinterest to my facebook (recipes and craft stuff).  By May 2015  I saw she followed me on Pinterest and I know I told you her profile makes no sense – she has over 200 followers – most of them male names – many with ZERO pins on their profiles and they’re such a diversity 16-bean soup that I don’t believe  these are not people XXXX knows from her facebook or small town Kansas.  Her Pinterest account doesn’t change – she’s not actually using it.  Pinterest is such a female thing – especially XXXX and my Pinterest accounts.  She quilts and does a lot of counted cross stitch – that’s what her pins are – so all these male followers made no sense.  When she started following me on Pinterest, I sent her a private facebook message and told her that I saw she followed me, so I followed her Pinterest too and I told her I have two blogs and I gave her the links.  No response, although the day I sent her that message – my LB blog stats went crazy and I can’t see XXXX being that enthused reading politics stuff.  I have suspected all along that thatwitch2016 or her minions have that asshole, americanrommel, keeping tabs on me through other soldiers, from (redacted my husband’s unit in Desert Storm).  Sounds paranoid and strange, but something was wrong with that phone call from XXXX.


With this election, so many strange things have happened – like as soon as Trump got in the race, there were these gang-up attacks in Disqus – I noticed that at the American Thinker and National Review, it would be 6-8 of the Trump horde would show-up and start name-calling and attacking if I posted anything negative about Trump.  They did this to anyone, who posted anything negative about Trump.  it wasn’t just calling me a stupid liberal – it was stuff like calling me a cunt and that sort of stuff.   At the American Thinker comments threads – most of the Trump horde had this same follower, LuisF, in their profiles.  LuisF’s profile was bizarre – following over 90,000 people, only 22 comments, none of them having to do with politics – a website listed for a web design business, but that website was crappy as hell…  Red flags that something was off with that and his name showing up as following all of them had to mean something.  I don’t understand the techno stuff to understand how they run fake bots or trolls.  Then there were the swarming attacks on National Review by alt-right thugs – the mods said that some of the alt-right websites advertised the attacks on National Review and posted pointers for how to evade the moderators and how to assume the names of the moderators during these attacks.  It was very odd to see conservatives posting vile, racist stuff during these attacks, but when you checked the profile, you could see these were “new” commenters with only a few posts in their comment history.

As to my post on Machado and now McCain/O’Bagy – I suspect hostile foreign intelligence at work.  Trump’s entire campaign is bungling, disorganized reactionaries – that was planned.  Newt and Giuliani are as stupid about spin and modern media efforts as Trump is.  Kellyanne spends all her time trying to rein in Trump and clean up his media messes – no time for her to actually manage a messaging campaign.  That Mexican president invitation made no political sense for the Mexican president – it damaged him domestically and he already is very unpopular.  Trump blew that too, but that was an opportunity “someone” orchestrated to help him “look” presidential.  With this Machado, who had been living in Mexico, Hillary’s camp had carefully packaged all these lib media stories about Machado to launch,  after she delivered her parting salvo at the debate.  That Wikipedia  hit about Machado was some savvy operator working to counter-attack Hillary’s PR blitz.  Here again, Trump is a moron – all those stupid memes in the primary were fed to him.  Everyone in his campaign has to wait for Trump decrees before speaking and whenever they answer questions – there’s no coordinated message control.   Trump and his bungling campaign were broadsided by that Machado attack, so I doubt they put the negative stuff in Machado’s Wikipedia bio. I have also  been very suspicious of The Last Refuge blog for a long time – suspect it’s a foreign agitprop front.

Truthfully, I am weary of all this crap – I hate Twitter, I hate Disqus comments, I hate facebook, but most of all I hate living like this, feeling like I can’t trust anyone.  This has been a hell of a lot of bullshit, all over speaking my mind online.    Sorry for going all boohooey there – I am fine.  Planning on writing more non-political stuff soon and I have enough craft and sewing stuff to keep me busy for the rest of my life😉

Take care and stay safe,


My two blogs are this one and, another WordPress blog, where I occasionally post recipes and craft stuff. I post on Disqus under the name: susanholly, although several years ago on National Review, I used the name: mhere.  On Twitter, I use: libertybelle.



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  1. JK

    JK signed JK

    But I’m guessing y’all figured that already?

  2. I got to thinking about my Holly Asbury facebook and I want to correct something – Bill Dean did not friend me. I sent a friend request to him. His name showed up as being friends with Boros and I mistook that for a “friend request”, so I clicked on that. He did accept my friend request though. I often get confused with instructions and details in various computer programs. It takes me a while to figure things out online.

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