Gloomy spin forecast ahead…

Friendly warning: This post is another warning about our scorched earth spin information war. In light of the Mueller report, not saving America from the spin war, I just felt like repeating my warning.

The endless semantical musical chairs word game has frustrated me about American presidential politics since the advent of sophisticated spin operations began in the 90s.  This same word game still frustrates me today.  Perhaps my frustration stems from a childhood spent struggling not to stutter, struggling to spit out words, but most of  all, devoting hours  upon hours, reading the dictionary.  I practiced trying to learn how to pronounce words and I practiced trying to remember what words mean.  Of course, many words have multiple meanings, but with the spin word games, most of the effort is to redefine the truth, using slippery language to manipulate people into believing bold-faced lies.

Spin is mostly bold-faced lies, deliberately used to dupe the American people. 

That’s the truth.

Sure, we all know politicians aren’t noted for their candor and truthfulness, but spin operations are mass media driven efforts to drive and control public opinion in America.   Mass media serves as the battlefield for the cultural war in America.  It’s doubtful that most politicians and the media, who serve as the foot soldiers battling forth in the spin war, even really realize they are fighting in an information war to control public opinion in America.  The entire spin war runs counter to American free speech principles and assures corruption of all who engage in it.  When you begin to go along with using “spin” to win, you’ve bought into deliberately manipulating Americans, deliberately spreading carefully crafted political messaging and deliberately working to confuse the meaning of words (mass media propaganda brainwashing operations). You’ve bought into deliberately spreading lies.

If you embrace spin information warfare, you are embracing a march toward authoritarianism.

Winning the spin war is to control public opinion in America via sophisticated control of mass media messaging (winning the spin cycles).

The Left has owned the spin cycles in America since the 90s.

The Right relied on Fox News, talk radio, online forums and formats, but the Left controlled all of the mainstream media avenues in America.

I feel like a broken record repeating this, but American liberty depends on Americans, especially our leaders, understanding the dangers posed to American liberty by this endless spin information war.  America is not only politically divided, but due to the effects of non-stop, scorched earth spin information warfare blazing across American media 24/7, it’s becoming more and more difficult to keep track of the spin, keep track of the corrections, keep track of which parts of reports were true, which parts were debunked and frankly, the amounts of spin starts destroying our ability to figure out the truth.

If you watch MSNBC and CNN, you live in one hermetically sealed spin bubble.  If you watch FOX, you live in a different hermetically sealed spin bubble.  Much of what is reported, as objective news, inside either spin bubble is obviously biased, but the real insidiousness of spin comes with the pundits in these bubbles, who tirelessly spew out carefully crafted spin messaging, to herd and corral their viewers into remaining loyal, rabid partisans.

Before Trump, the Left was winning the larger cultural war, and had owned the spin war for decades, afterall, they have dibs of being referred to as “the mainstream media”, while Fox news was dismissed as “Faux news” and talk radio was cast as the home of “dangerous, right-wing militia types, who should be regulated by the government”.

Trump broke through the Left’s control of the spin in America and he did it by learning how to emulate the Clinton spin messaging tactics.  He doesn’t have as sophisticated of a spin messaging strategy as Bill Clinton and his spin gurus, but Trump operates as a spin guerilla.  He mastered rapid spin attacks that disrupt the Left’s carefully crafted spin attacks and his guerilla spin attacks often win the spin cycle (OODA loops).

Trump followers are just like Clinton followers and Obama followers.  They buy into the spin of the leader.  They repeat the leader’s spin.  They become emotionally invested in the leader’s spin messaging.  Trump just like the Clintons and Obama relies on spin messaging to keep his following.  They are all dedicated to deliberately lying to the American people to advance, first themselves, and second their political agenda.

None of them has any respect and reverence for speaking the truth.

None of them will save America from the reckoning that will come at the end of our scorched earth spin war.

All three camps – Trump, the Clintons and Obama were engaged in corrupt activities to win the spin in 2016

That’s the truth.

All three camps, with their media spin operators, are still engaged in corrupt spin messaging operations to cover-up their corrupt activities to win the spin in 2016.

That’s the truth, too.

With American partisans entrenched in spin operations, it’s paramount for America’s leaders to recognize that SPIN info war is more of a threat to America than any one political leader or political party.  Spin information war leaves America wide open to hostile foreign information warfare attacks.  We have no means to protect ourselves from insidious foreign mass media efforts to fuel divides in America, when our American media is engaged running domestic partisan spin war operations.

At the end of a scorched earth spin information war, America will be a totally balkanized country, easily defeated by hostile foreign organized sophisticated information warfare operations, and we could fall sway to abandoning large chunks of our liberty, out of mass panics incited by spin operations (both domestic or hostile foreign ops).

Stopping this scorched earth spin information war, that is tearing the soul of America apart, remains vital to American liberty and to America’s future as a constitutional republic.

Quite a gloomy prediction, here, but never fear, everyone in America can fight against spin info war – just stop buying into the politicians and media spin messaging efforts, start thinking for yourself and look for the truth.  Sure, for some partisans, who have become mind-numbed spin robots repeating their side’s spin for many years, the spin detox might take a bit longer… almost like leaving a cult, but for most Americans, it shouldn’t be that hard to break free of the spin.

Start thinking for yourself, instead of relying on other people to think for you.

Be a rebel against spin…

Have a good day, lol.




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43 responses to “Gloomy spin forecast ahead…

    • Thanks, JK. America needs a heap more inspirational stories. Just skimming the news the past few days and off reading cross-stitch tutorials to get some of these things I’ve stitched finished into something decorative, lol. I decided to work on stitching some Christmas ornaments too and have 3 stitched so far, but now I need to make them into ornaments.

  1. JK

    It would appear LB, we do Christmas sort of alike – much to the chagrin of my [extended] family. Here it is just May and you’re doing ornaments. And for me come August all my shopping will be done.

    And hopefully my dieting – because if’n I don’t have it done by at most, then, come Thanksgiving and then Christmas … Well I’m too old (and decrepit lol) to be expecting any fleetmaster to be extending me any invitations to go along on and work it off.

  2. JK

    LB. I’m on my third readthru too. First was no-notes second was gonna be, I thought, my last necessary then I got to reading Andy and well … I guess you realize. Whether *purposefully* or not Team Mueller left alot of stuff out. The intel-based stuff I can sorta ‘fill-in’ but the law stuff … well I’m pretty sure alot is new. That and me never being actually near a ‘law guy.’

    But that’s not the reason prompted me to visit – you been reading at Peter’s?

    Be glad you’re living near mil bases. And as for me I’m happy I’m so rural.

    Take care.

    • Geesh JK, I woke up because my allergies are killing me and all I was going to do was get a glass of iced tea and take my allergy medicine… Now, I’m sitting here pondering this Mifsud guy… again.

      The Clintons and their self-styled “intelligence” operation combine private contractors, loyal to them and a wide network of partisan assets working in our government (with full access to US intel and all the inside gossip), plus a large crowd of grifters who can aid their spin operations.

      Hillary was utilizing her own “intelligence” operation, even as Secretary of State.

      On a different thread JK, why has no one ever asked about Bill Clinton’s Foundation emails on that homebrew server?

      Hillary was using her blackberry email, unti January 2009. The same week her Senate confirmation hearings to become Sec of State began, the FBI Notes state Bill Clinton’s aide, Cooper, registered a new domain name, with a domain registration company.

      Pagliano told the FBI that between the fall of 2008 and January 2009 he was requisitioning parts for the new server from Clinton’s campaign headquarters in Arlington, VA – it was all planned over months (Comey’s no intent, indeed…). It was all orchestrated to merge the State Dept operations with their Clinton Foundation business on their private server.

      There were only two email accounts on the original server – Cooper and Pagliano gave differing accounts as to who they belonged to – one name is redacted and from my reading of the FBI Notes – they agreed on who the redacted name is, but Cooper thinks Hillary had an account on that original server, while Pagliano told the FBI it was Huma’s account and the redacted person’s account that were transferred to the new server.

      The FBI wasn’t able to access the original server to figure out for sure if it was Huma or Hillary who had the only other email account on that server, but it seems likely it was Huma, because why would Hillary need a new email account set up on the upgraded server, if she had an account that was transferred from the old server already. Plus the FBI knows she was using her blackberry email before then.

      Huma orchestrated the upgrade and Huma managed the SCIF in their home and Huma had a laptop with tens of thousands of State Dept emails. I keep wondering if she was forwarding or relaying those to anyone else?

      Thinking about Huma, made me think about Papadopoulos’ wife mentioned in this article you shared, JK. I clicked on the linked Guardian story about her and Mifsud and her romance with Papadopoulos – all very strange.

      All I wanted was to take my allergy medicine, drink my iced tea and go back to bed… now, I am wide awake… pondering.

      Thanks, JK…

      • I’m more thinking out loud here, JK – sorry for rambling.

      • JK

        Nah worries LB, we all do (well maybe not ‘we all’) our best thinking aloud.

        Tried Fluticasone Propionate⌐ nasal? VA’s been sending me 90 day supplies a couple years – come Springtime the stuff is my drug-of-choice.

        Mifsud is key. The question to ask yourself is, “How would this fellow possess information on [those] emails?” A curious person I should think would certainly investigate that. But not, apparently, Team Mueller.

        At least no instance I’ve yet found.

  3. JK

    Well I for one certainly hope “the Pentagon” didn’t pay this guy overly.

    You maybe remember LB (back when we were communicating ‘by other means’) my telling you “Russia’s EW capabilities are in advance of our’s owing partly as a result of their testing nukes on their land rather than the way ‘we did’ ie; at sea [Marianas] and far distant from our own infrastructure”? Too, and maybe I didn’t make this point explicitly but, because of the Soviet fall conventional forces couldn’t be relied on and thus their ‘defense buildup’ (as counter to the West) would be cyber?

    Well check especially under his heading “The Military.” There too I take difference with his characterizing ‘the little green men stunned’ if only because any overt offensive into Europe proper couldn’t be so apparent as the takeover of Georgia was because in the case of the latter all those staging areas were in proximity to the Black Sea and transparently Russia-friendly. In the case of the former, because of the nearness to Poland (and its History) tactical units could only be SF. Hence, little green men.

    I should certainly hope in the paper in whole, John didn’t make an extravagant issue that his view was/is really ‘contrarian.’

  4. JK

    And LB, recall your some time ago emphasis on us needing a strategy?

    • I listened to two Andrew McCarthy segments – the one you had linked and this one:

      They discuss that letter signed by hundreds of former prosecutors and leave it to McCarthy to point out a glaring fact. He pointed out that many of them, due to their obvious bias and strident public anti-Trump comments would never be allowed to handle a case charging Trump, LOL. These stupid “show-of-force” partisan spin letters always irk me – especially if it’s people like generals or prosecutors, who should be apolitical, signing on.

      • JK

        I’m of the opinion its not worth worrying over – it’s kabuki theater as far as I’m concerned. You might remember when Comey “exonerated” Hillary him saying something like, “No reasonable prosecutor would have brought an indictment”? And hundreds of prosecutors disagreed with that too?

        What the media never mentions (and I may well have the precise timeline awry somewhat) but anyway – Barr issues his ‘bottomline memo’ then apparently is when Team Mueller writes the letter that “just coincidentally” leaks the day before Barr appears at the Senate?

        What doesn’t get mentioned is the subsequent appearance of Barr – which I’m guessing was in response to the letter – anyway, Barr’s second appearance he say’s something like “My memo outlining the bottomline decisions was not intended to be a summary.”

        I haven’t looked for the timeline but, as I recall, that’s the likeliest sequence of events. I will check it tomorrow – it is late and I tard!

        Oh. One last thing. Trump saying, “I don’t want Mueller to appear before the House” is pure (and, at least by me, totally expected) Trumpian maneuver warfare – the intent being to goad the media mostly. The problem for the House Democrats is now they must react by insisting Mueller appear.

        Mueller doesn’t pose much of a problem for Trump but he does pose a real danger to the narrative. And as we’ve come to learn like when it used to be the common refrain to say, “It’s the economy stupid” … well these days “It’s the narrative stupid.”

        Trump’s a shyster but he ain’t stupid.

  5. JK


    Barr’s first notice ‘no further indictments’ released March 24th.

    Team Mueller’s letter [dtd. 3/27] complaining received by OAG March 28th.

    Next day, March 29th (after the phone call Barr to Mueller: “What the heck, do you find any inaccuracies?” Mueller responds “No.”) Attorney General clarifies, “My March 24 letter was not, and did not purport to be, an exhaustive recounting of the Special Counsel’s investigation or report.”

    April 30th NYT publishes leaked letter Team Mueller signed March 27th.

    May 1st Barr appears before Senate.

    Brown stuff hits fan.

    • Mueller tells Barr in their March 29th call there were no inaccuracies with Barr’s conclusions, but I think Andrew McCarthy had gleaned that the get-Trump prosecutors on Mueller’s team were angry about Barr’s conclusion statement (of facts) and drafted that letter, which Barr’s Congressional testimony, I recalled, described as:

      “You know, the letter’s a bit snitty, and I think it was probably written by one of his staff people,” Barr said. –

      I suspect that Mueller will shortly find the anti-Trumpers on his trusted special counsel team are going to work to throw him under the bus and start leaking stories to discredit Mueller’s leadership and put forth a narrative that Mueller held them back or hampered or somehow did not handle the investigation properly and that new narrative will be the spin for why they didn’t find “Trump-Russian collusion”.

      Mueller’s long-time friendship with Barr will likely be another spin avenue of attack the Dem spin sewer uses to discredit Mueller. Mueller, the liberal media and Dems’ saviour will likely become a target of one of their infamous smear campaigns soon. He failed to deliver.

      • JK

        Yes. I had that “snitty” characterization in mind but I couldn’t recall exactly who put it so nor could I recall exactly where I read it (or heard it?). I’m getting information way-overloaded over all this mess.

        Agreed about the Never-Trumpers desire for the bus throw. One small(?) problem for ’em – Congress-critters almost always prefer getting the Chiefs as opposed to the Indians in front of ’em. At least for TV time on C-Span. And Barr and Mueller go back a long way, share a bunch of “complicated history” too so my best guess is, neither one of those two are likely to be airing any dirty underdrawers (at least the mutually worn). Will there be further leaks? Count on it. But leakers being leaky and, subject to statute if outed and, leaked innuendo is rarely given under sworn oath thus, any such info is by its nature, questionable (nevermind strictly speaking, inadmissible). Sure Schiff and probably Nadler will be making indignant appearances galore on MSDNC insisting “But but but, we have seen the evidence!”

        And in a sense that’s really all they want or need. Who was it said, “A falsehood makes it halfway around the world before the truth can gets its boots on”? Mr. McCarthy has pointed that out many times saying in various ways, “All they’re wanting to do is make him unelectable.” (Which I’ve come to believe is easier said than done if only because *everybody* tuned out long ago whatever *everybody* “learned through the media.”)

        Same thing for ‘Mueller’s and Barr’s ‘long-time friendship’ – None of the combatants give a fig about that.

      • Got a personal dilemma here JK. Do I listen to the rest of this pathetic political circus hearing or go back to listening to my audiobook, while I work on my needlework? LOL. I decided to try audiobooks while I stitch away, rather than glance at Twitter or listen to politics news.

        I signed out a Brad Thor audiobook at the library yesterday and my library is connected with the Hoopla thing too, so I have been browsing through their listings of e-books and audiobooks, which are free too.

  6. JK

    Your knight is just a comment away LB, you can do it all.

    Somewhere I read the Mueller Report is available as an audiobook!

  7. JK

    Further reading LB leaves me to the conclusion you may as well go back and concentrate on your needlework.

    (And I see I’ve got some very stiff competition in the convoluted single sentence department!)

    “To the contrary, if you wade through the fine print of Mueller’s report, you learn that Mifsud was not a Russian agent; there’s a good chance he did not tell Papadopoulos anything about emails; in relating to Downer that Russia might have damaging information on Clinton, Papadopoulos said nothing about emails or about Russia trying to help Trump; but, two months after they spoke and the hacked DNC emails were published, Downer (in consultation with the Obama State Department) leapt to the overwrought conclusions that Papadopoulos must have been referring to those emails (he wasn’t) and that Russia and the Trump campaign must be collaborating to undermine the election (they weren’t).”

  8. JK

    Obviously LB, Andy McCarthy’s one of your 50 something readers …

    Remember our mentioning “kabuki theater”?

    This crop of Dems is very, very lame.

    • Andy McCarthy is light years ahead of me in understanding the legal and political alliances and bizarre connections in this smoke and mirrors saga. That Australian diplomat bandied about as the one at the center of the Papadoupolous allegation:

      “Downer has a history with the Clintons that includes arranging a $25 million donation to the Clinton Foundation in 2006, when he was Australia’s foreign minister and then-senator Hillary Clinton was the favorite to become U.S. president in 2008. For years, furthermore, Downer has been closely tied to British intelligence, which, like the British government broadly, was anti-Trump. (More on that in the future.)”

      I doubt I could ever beat McCarthy to the punch on connecting the dots in a political soap opera or criminal conspiracy. He has the nose-to-the-ground, highly attuned senses of a top-notch criminal prosecutor.

      I can’t wait for McCarthy’s “more on that in the future” to fill in what’s missing in the reporting on the Clinton connections in this whole “Trump/Russian collusion SPIN masterpiece theater”.

    • I listened to that one before I went to bed, JK, lol. You mentioned a Mueller report audiobook, well let me tell you this Brad Thor audiobook is my first attempt at listening to audiobooks. I wanted to get in more books and my needlework is time-consuming, so I’ve been thinking, “Why not try audiobooks?”

      I never read any Brad Thor novels, but wanted to try one… This audiobook is Code of Conduct. I was listening and stitching yesterday… got to Chapter 8 and let me just say, I’m peacefully stitching away and I’m thinking, the main character, Harvath, is piling up dead bodies higher than my stitch count, lol. He’s in the Congo dealing with rather unfriendly rebels…

      Perhaps, I should have chosen one of my “happily ever after” historical romances as my first audiobook experience, rofl.

      • JK

        I’ve seen Peter and the fellow writes (Horvitch maybe?) the Brad Thor stuff communicating on some of the Bayou Renaissance comment threads. “Sounds” like an interesting/knowledgeable fellow. Haven’t read either’s books though so I may expect a book report?

        I have in the past enjoyed one author of that (guessed) genre fellow by the name of W.E.B. Griffith. Only problem encountered was a huge investment of time – my vegetable garden weeding suffered immensely.

  9. JK

    Oh heck LB. I’d figured ‘Thor’ had to be a pseudonym.

    I guess not.

    • Back on the Trump/Russia thing, JK, did you happen to see this yesterday:

      “The FBI has turned down a request from The Washington Times to disclose whether it has received any opposition research from Daniel J. Jones, the former Senate Democratic staffer who raised $50 million to investigate President Trump.”

      “Mr. Jones, a former FBI investigator and once an intelligence aide to Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California, met with bureau agents in March 2017, according to an FBI memo obtained by the then-Republican majority on the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence.

      Sources said the meeting appeared to involve a transfer of information. Mr. Jones told the FBI about his fundraising from seven to 10 Democratic Party donors. He said he had hired two prominent operators in the Trump-Russia affair: the opposition research firm Fusion GPS and former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele.”

      I think a large part of why the Dem SPIN smear campaigns work so well is Dems and the “mainstream” media only trust their own liberal/Dem circle of “sources” and both have rather an incestuous relationship with who gets admittance. Hence, the liberal media hires mostly liberals, many former Dem officials or Dem-connected people and those “journalists” rely solely on their Dem friends as their “reliable sources”.

      It will be interesting to see how many of these foreign connections to propping up the Steele dossier had connections with the Clinton Foundation or Clinton operatives.

      • JK

        Been very busy today LB, got a area code 202 call at 0634 “asking” I be available for a conference call “sometime before noon.” And I had planned to do some Mother’s Day shopping fortunately (or not) online. The a conference call turned out to be three. And the second seemed perfectly timed to occur just as I got about 30 minutes into an online chat as I was trying to research a certain something a couple gals in my life have been amping up their pestering me about. I had just re-connected [or so it seems] with the online person who seemed to know what I was talking about when the third call came in. By the time I got to now here on LB’s Diaries I’ve only just recovered from the shock I got when after all that I had time to check my credit union to find out how much I’d spent. No Outback for me the rest of this month. Heck probably be a good idea to avoid Sonic. Heck it’d probably be a better idea I get into my pickup toolbox to set myself the task of refreshing my MRE supplies. But sure as I’d do that next week I’d get hit by a tornado.

        Ah such is life.

        No LB, I haven’t read any of that stuff. So there was an honest-to-God “former FBI investigator and intelligence aide to Feinstein” meeting with her in 2017?

        Wonder if he was the guy discovered the Chinese spy driving Senator Dianne around her district those twenty years?

        “Sources said the meeting appeared to involve a transfer of information”?

        Well I certainly am the last person to ask how those “sources” might have conjured up any such idea. I mean, how could anybody in their right mind think a sitting member of the Senate Intel Committee might have first-hand information worth stepping foot in human poop strewn San Francisco? Hadn’t they her telephone number? Hell even change for an envelope and a stamp?

        Still LB, your wondering, “[H]ow many of these foreign connections to propping up the Steele dossier had connections” is worthy of pursuing. I will read and glean for gold your links here and on the comment below.

        I read Sperry the same. But this Tony [Shaffer] fellow strikes me in much the same way as another Military Tony did years ago when I could still run. Both Tonys seemingly in the current example, definitely in the latter yeared, honorably conducting themselves in range of bullshit questions.

      • I removed your two other comments, per your request. Sorry, they had automatically posted.

  10. JK

    Timelines really do matter …

    • JK, At this point, I don’t even know who or which publications are “reliable sources”, so anyway, this reporter, Paul Sperry, seems to me like a Trump megaphone in his reporting, but he raises a good question.

      Who are the private investigative services and researchers that he says Mueller’s team outsourced to the tune of $732,000 if taxpayers’ money?:

      “The arrangement has led congressional investigators, government watchdog groups and others to speculate that the private investigators and researchers who worked for the special counsel’s office might have included Christopher Steele and Fusion GPS, the private research firm that hired Steele to produce the Russia collusion dossier for the Clinton campaign.

      They suspect the dossier creators may have been involved in Mueller’s operation – and even had a hand in his final report – because the special counsel sent his team to London to meet with Steele within a few months of taking over the Russia collusion investigation in 2017. Also, Mueller’s lead prosecutor, Andrew Weissmann, had shared information he received from Fusion with the media.”

  11. JK

    Nah worries LB about those other posteds. I’d got a daughter phone call as I was just posting the mailed email. Had to switch my focus (which is difficult) fairly immediately owing to “family stuff” which, I’m acutely aware you being under [near] the same duress.

    Something though about this RCI link you’ve put in front of me – I had in mind the Sperry guy being the interviewer of the Shaffer guy. (I haven’t satisfactorily done my usual research as to “who exactly” is Epoch Times and, was in mind the interviewer you spoke of was the Sperry guy.) … Now mind, I haven’t been able to concentrate on the RCI piece to its’ end as I’ve “enjoyed an argument” since my eldest called and I realize I’ve perhaps impugned the Epoch Times interviewer overly (as regards characterization). Shaffer it seems to me, does a fine job of “maintaining his situational awareness” and thus is really the only fellow I’ve paid attention to.

    Now. To the RCI piece. I have not previously heard ‘Team Mueller hired outside contractors’ – – – That’s actually a real stunner to me. And actually that probably explains why the conference calls today. I seemed [much like Mifsud] to know more than I should! Which, just starting into that RCI article “explains” something to me.

    I’m clear My Friend?

    I require some period of time. I have obligations I’m “reminded” of.

    • Sperry isn’t the guy who interviewed Shaffer. Sperry publishes a lot of articles at and during the election, I think the New York Post ran some of his stuff – like he wrote the story about Hillary’s maid going in the SCIF to print stuff for Hillary.

      Thanks for your comments, JK.

      You’re clear, JK. Don’t work too hard.

  12. JK

    Not your “doggonededness” LB – mine.

    Here’s a list of the Bureau’s FD-794 (FBI payment requests & vouchers form) of Steele’s payments received: (Much is redacted – simply look to the initial ones then scroll to the last listeds – earliest ‘looks like’ 2015 and last appears to be around June of 2016. When Steele got hammered for ‘media contacts’)

    Click to access JW-v-DOJ-00916-complete-3.pdf

    As well – and here I get to “give you grief” (LOL: joke LB!) – you can glean gold like nobody’s business – Anyway you are aware ‘Court’s Process’ takes time?

    Click to access 2016_Cert_FISC_Memo_Opin_Order_Apr_2017.pdf

    But frankly LB, until Mueller’s release a whole bunch of stuff wasn’t “more” readily available to the untrained eye – You’ve developed talent by the way if I’ve neglected to tell ya. You realizing of course ‘open sourcing’ absolutely must have occurred?

    There are three types of forms to look for (aside from the already published 702s – Agent’s interview notes … like the ones Andy’s mentioned where Flynn’s concerned?) Anyway those are, like I’ve just placed the 794s but there’s also Forms FD-1023s (Sources – Human) and FD-209s (Human Source Meetings Notes).

    Now LB, go get ’em.

    • JK, Well thanks so much for that, no really thanks! Lacking any investigative or intelligence training whatsoever, 99.9% of the time I have no clue if I’m on the right track.

      Truly, my Army “career” lasted from, I think August of 1979 to April 1981 – my husband wanted me to get out months before, but I kept debating. Chapter 8 (pregnancy) and then I was a homemaker/Army wife. When my husband retired from the Army in 1999, I decided to get a job and went to work at our local Walmart. I left there in 2015 and am at home taking care of my husband and being a truly mediocre homemaker (due to spending too much time online and my needlework, lol ). THAT is my real resumé.

      Mostly, stuff just strikes me as odd or I’m watching some person say crap (see Comey’s July 2016 public statement) and I’m thinking, “nothing he said makes sense” or some new phraseology gets dumped in the media and rapidly repeated by the media and pols, which signals another SPIN attack impacting.

      Most of my real “spin detector radar” training came back in the 90s, being fascinated by their “spin”and Bill Clinton’s amazing ability to say exactly the opposite of what you think he said. Trump’s lies are so absurdly obvious, but Clintonian lying is like the Mendacity Masterclass.

  13. JK, further up these comments, I posted a long tweet thread that Andrew McCarthy retweeted, but here are the few tweets that I am most curious about:


    Follow Follow @15poundstogo
    One question I have is whether Crowdstrike participated in the FBI’s investigation (cough, cover-up) of whether Hillary’s private server was hacked by foreign powers. That would undermine Crowdstrike’s credibility/objectivity.

    3:34 PM – 12 May 2019


    Follow Follow @15poundstogo
    The FBI’s investigation of HRC’s private server began with an IC IG referral on 7/6/15. The formal investigation opened 7/10/15.

    3:36 PM – 12 May 2019


    Follow Follow @15poundstogo
    Exactly in between those two dates, on 7/8/15, Crowdstrike was awarded an emergency, no-bid, 364-day contract with the FBI:

    3:38 PM – 12 May 2019


    Follow Follow @15poundstogo
    The FBI is in no big hurry to disclose what that contract was for.

    3:41 PM – 12 May 2019

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