Adding it up

Here’s a typical journalist’s report from the Washington Post – this one from June 2015, on a group of refugees’ flight from Aleppo, Syria to Gmünd, Austria. The group consists of 4 adults and one child. So, the reporter, Anthony Faiola, in vivid prose, wrote about the hardships and harrowing experiences, on “The Black Route”,  but I kept jotting down the dollar amounts listed and this does not include food or lodging, only the cost of transportation paid to smugglers and the cost of a smartphone, which is how the refugees communicate with each other and the smuggling network. Here’s the list:

$275 smartphone (article states that is almost 3 months of the one refugee’s pay)

$2,000 per adult (4 adults) paid to Ukrainian smugglers to take them from Turkey to the island of Tilos

$12,000 amount paid to a Syrian smuggler, whom they say absconded with their money

$330 for a 52 mile taxi ride from Thessaloniki to the Macedonian border

$550 each to pay a smuggler to get them from Hungary to Vienna, although the story says they only had half that amount by this point

Now they didn’t pay that $550 each, because that plan fell through, but excluding that $2,750, the story indicates over $20,000 was paid to smugglers to get 4 adults and 1 child to Austria.

$275 was almost three months pay for one of those men, a deliveryman in Aleppo. His niece, another of this group worked as a kindergarten teacher, then there are two other young men, whose occupations aren’t mentioned and the one child. Where did they come up with over $20,000 for this journey? These are the kinds of things I wonder about.

So many of these stories don’t add up, both in dollars and cents, but also in common sense.


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6 responses to “Adding it up

  1. JK

    “If the US electorate ever gets anything that even looks like definitive evidence that Washington is knowingly supporting the group that’s been held up as the scourge of humanity there’ll be a public outcry the likes of which America hasn’t seen since Vietnam,” Durden stressed.

  2. Robert

    JK, careful with the Sputniknews….XX

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