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Posted a comment at The American Thinker  (Tuesday, May 17, 2016 1:47 PM).  We’ll see how long it takes for it to be removed.  The article is “Clinton vs Trump: The freak show is just getting started”.

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Well, we’ve had “the GOP Insurgent campaign”, the “Bern Insurgent campaign”, the personality reinvention and attempt to keep “Queen Hillary’s coronation” on track, so who knows there might be a whole new Reality TV script that blows this 2016 election in a whole other direction.

Trump and Hillary both are using scorched earth/mass media saturation form INFORMATION WARFARE, that the Clinton’s spinmeisters brought to American politics with their “War Room” in the 90s:

Carville/Begala scorched earth is the military strategy of scorched earth (a war crime under the Geneva Conventions btw) juxtaposed to a mass media battlefield

Mass media saturation is the military strategy of swarming juxtaposed to a mass media battlefield

Combined, they have been ruthlessly used to divide America into hostile, warring factions.

So, going with their “military jargon”, maybe the new script will include COIN – the counter-reaction to an “insurgency” – lol, maybe it will be “winning the hearts and minds” of the American people:-)

One can only hope for better choices than (in their fighting words) “Crooked Hillary or “Loose Cannon Donald” and then there’s a leftover Marxist from the 60s, (Bernie the other “insurgent” candidate).


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