Another blast from LB’s past

The following is repost of my LB post, “Seeking Justice” from January 4, 2015

Seeking Justice
The internet provides an opportunity for any wanna-be writers/journalists to get their scribblings, the good, the bad and the putrid, before the public eye. When I first started writing my blog, I worried endlessly over the myriad of typos and grammatical errors missed in proofreading and my greatest fear was of writing posts that sound stupid. After two years of blogging, there remain plenty of typos and grammatical errors and more often than I would wish, I write stupid stuff. But, I love writing, researching topics that catch my attention and most of all I am so thankful and grateful to have some regular readers and commenters to keep me humble and on my toes. This one’s a personal, lengthy, speaking my thoughts aloud post and it may prove to be very stupid too – so you’re duly warned.

In the past month, I’ve been engrossed in following the Jessica Lane Chambers murder in Panola County, Mississippi. The Last Refuge blog (The Conservative Treehouse), along with several other blogs, twitter folks and facebook pages, has been relentlessly covering this murder case. Jessica’s family and friends hit twitter and facebook pleading for help in solving her murder too – along with asking for donations for reward money for information leading to the arrest of Jessica’s murderer(s) and also money for the medical bills from her brief hospital stay the night she died. Why the family is getting the bills, I don’t know, since Jessica was an adult, but that’s what the family facebook page states. The online journalists also ask for donations to continue their work.

Between the competing online journalists engrossed in this case and Jessica’s family, plus a multitude of locals in Panola County who, likewise, have hit the internet to make their views known, offer their insights into everything from the racial dynamics, the gang situation, decoding regional vernacular, and even climbing out on limbs to paste leaves on the ever-expanding family trees in this colorful forest of characters, whose names parade across the world wide-open field of online “journalism”, the only truth revealed is nature abhors a vacuum! In this vacuum of officialdom (the law-enforcement community), offering no new facts to gnaw on, this case serves as the ebola strain of internet sleuthing.

On December 21, 2014, a commenter, TexasRanger, posted a comment on my blog, warning me to be careful of accepting The Conservative Treehouse’s facts, laying out a methodical listing of open source material belying a stated fact from that blog. I like a lot of the blogging at The Conservative Treehouse, as it quite often fits my conservative political viewpoint, but after watching what can only be described as an unseemly pissing contest, between some online journalist, Charles Johnson, at a news site called Got News (which I used as a source once, God forbid), The Conservative Treehouse and a few other bloggers trying to trash not only the merits of their respective investigative journalism, but now it’s down to trashing each other personally, tread warily.

So, this journalist, Charles Johnson, ran with a scoop yesterday, a phone interview with Jessica Chambers old boyfriend, Bryan Rudd, formerly from Panola County, now residing in Iowa, (criminal record available online). Johnson asked few questions and Rudd rambled on for an half-hour, listing several men, to include Jessica’s father, Ben Chambers (criminal record available online), as potential suspects. Then, Johnson ran the piece trashing the journalistic integrity of the CTH blogger, sundance. CTH followed with a rebuttal.

The flaming went back and forth in comments on twitter, between CTH supporters and Johnson, in the comments on the CTH blog, but then a commenter, carterzest, on the CTH blog did a screenshot of Rudd’s twitter feed (Folk Deundra Nation is the moniker – Folk Nation being a gang, but Rudd claims he’s not affiliated with any gang, moving on…), accusing Charles Johnson of recording their phone conversation without permission (comment posted January 4, 2015 at 3:26am). Rudd has this tweet on his twitter feed dated 11:03 pm, January 3, 2015.

You have to become a screenshot professional to keep up with this mess, and being technologically-challenged, I haven’t mastered screenshots and struggle even trying to upload photos to this blog. Sorry, I can’t post the screenshot photo. Information comes and goes on social media sites very quickly, tweets flutter away, facebook conversations get removed, pages get reinvented under new names, blogs get reworked, reality shifts as the narrative gets revised.

I hope there is justice for Jessica Chambers, but likewise I hope there is justice for the young man, Deandre Joshua, who was killed in Ferguson, MO in a similar brutal fashion. Justice should be for everyone in America.

I know how it feels to want to cry out for justice, having felt that way since 1999. My blog is not investigative journalism – it’s my thoughts, views, opinions and most importantly the one place where I feel like I have a voice. I’ve felt drawn to Jessica’s story, because this young woman was betrayed and brutalized by so many people in her young life. The shroud of lies, trying to bury her case, made me think of my own situation. I wrote about what happened to me in my Messages of mhere story, and yes, that’s the truth, to the best of my recollection and each person mentioned exists – they have real life identities. I’m happy many people are fighting for justice for Jessica, because such a heinous crime calls out for action.

So, for the record, regarding my own situation related in Messages of mhere, tabbed on my home page, I contacted professional reporters and amateurs last year, in hopes of getting someone to help me drag thatwitch2016 to justice (expose how far she went to silence me over my Excite message board postings, under the user name mhere, in 1998).

She had all that power and I was just a nobody homemaker, yet she felt compelled to silence me. I was attacked in my own home. This girl Jessica wanted to turn her life around, she got a job in a store, but she was struggling. I feel thankful that I survived, unlike poor Jessica. I got a job in a store too, I finished raising my kids, but that attack damaged every relationship in my life. Her attack screams out though; she lost her life in a horrific manner.

Tenaciousness is one of my best and worst character traits – I dig for information relentlessly, I fight against injustice relentlessly and I’ve been fighting bullies long before it became trendy. All these years, I’ve felt personally violated by the attack on me, but a burning anger goes much deeper that the Army I love was egregiously used and abused too. She, thatwitch2016, through her husband, used Army assets to attack a private citizen on American soil. My husband was still on active duty in the US Army then, so they used a retired general to attack an enlisted family based on lies she conjured up. They corrupted the chain of command,  using the Army for personal political reasons. I believe this to be the TRUTH and yet, I can’t prove it on my own.

A few years back, I posted some comments on Ralph Peters’ (thepottsvillepundit) column at the New York Post. At that time, I was also writing on my computer about my plan to expose thatwitch2016. Comments on Peters’ column disappeared. my email and facebook accounts were hacked, then back to square one. For me, the very thought that she might become the next Commander-In-Chief of the US Armed Forces, not only disgusts me, it terrifies me.

Jessica’s case highlights small town corruption, where it’s hard to find a hairbreadth’s distance between the integrity of the officials and the criminals. My case goes all the way to the top in America. And just like mentioned above, that online postings can vanish in the blink of an eye – my blog could vanish too.

Last year, I decided to seek help in my fight for justice and I contacted The Washington Free Beacon twice, Bill O’Reilly twice, PJmedia once, That Last Refuge blog twice and Sharyl Attkisson once. I offered them the key to the real identities of every person mentioned in Messages of mhere, except for marfark, because I only knew his user name. I hoped my blog would demonstrate that I write rational, researched stuff, not wild conspiracy theories.

I lay claim to being a homemaker for 18 years and I’ve worked in a store since 1999. I served in the Army shy of two years, getting out when I was pregnant with my first child. I was trained to be an Army journalist, but I make no claims to being a journalist. I’ve tried to be an honest person and a good citizen my entire life. Here’s a message for Jeff (if you’re reading this) I would like my Good Citizen booklet (mentioned in Messages of mhere btw) back, please.

I received only one response – from The Last Refuge blog:

“We receive hundreds of emails each week. Since we operate with only volunteer staff we are unable to respond to all of them..
Unfortunately, we cannot conduct investigations on every matter brought to our attention, no matter how valid and well documented.
Thank you for understanding.
Warm regards,

That simple courtesy of responding to me made me respect the folks at The Last Refuge blog. I’m not asking them or anyone for help, but I wanted to say my piece today. Yep, posting this is stupid. My personal quest for justice continues alone, in military terms, a Forlorn Hope, a lost cause from a long ago scandal. Jessica’s case is still fresh, with the trail not yet cold. I continue hoping their blog will be a force for seeking justice for Jessica. Let’s hope that with an alphabet soup of federal law enforcement in Panola County, MS and so much online effort, sunlight can vanquish the forces of Darkness in this small town American case crying out for justice.

We need every small step toward upholding The Constitution of the United States of America, where corruption pervades at every level, especially at the top.

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