A staged Clinton photo-op?

Speculation on the internet about Hillary Clinton using a body double has raged on since her collapse leaving a 9/11 ceremony.  Online there’s been minute dissection of all the details in the video of Hillary seen leaving Chelsea’s apartment Sunday, looking chipper and in good health.   The thing that struck me, as something was amiss, was the lack of Secret Service surrounding her and how some little girl could just run up to her and hug her – with no Secret Service reaction….  Stranger than fiction.

Here’s a link to an American Thinker piece: “Hillary’s Body Double: Am I Nuts, or What?” by Bill Schanefelt. He writes:

“I remember that old saw: “just because you’re paranoid that don’t mean they’re not out to getcha.”

Well, just because it’s an internet meme, that don’t mean Hillary ain’t got a body double.

I viewed the video at the New York Post thinking I’d get a laugh at the expense of conspiracy nuts, but what I got was a shocking wake-up!”


It’s obvious this “Hillary looking fine”  photo-op, with the little girl running up to her, was a staged photo-op.

Whether all of the participants were actors or just the little girl, I don’t know for sure.   With the Clintons being the Clintons (Epic Liars), nothing would surprise me.  For instance, President Bill Clinton launched airstrikes to divert attention away from his impeachment scandal in late 1998.  For the doubters, there was absolutely no strategic military purpose to Operation Desert Fox ( I wrote about that on the Excite message boards in 1998).   Those strikes played no role in any overarching military strategy to contain Saddam Hussein.  NONE.  The media tossed around the “wag the dog” charge for a bit, but then it was “time to move on”.

I will mention that the general, americanrommel, whom I mentioned in my Messages of mhere story, was a very public defender of Operation Desert Fox.  Then again, he retired suddenly from a high-profile overseas position, a bit before the impeachment saga.  If the scuttlebutt, about the circumstances of his retirement, circulating in the Army were true, I understand why he would sympathize with Bill Clinton about the  impeachment scandal.  That general, after impeachment, was recommended for a very high-profile overseas position – in the same area where he was serving when he retired….   Hard to imagine how he wasn’t considered a security risk, but then again THE RULES  on national security protocols only apply to the peons in the military and intelligence community.   Others, like General David Petraeus and Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, are above the rules.

The Clintons delight in tossing out red meat agitation propaganda, to inflame the Republicans and conservative Clinton-loathers, to get them chasing it with abandon.  Then the liberal media, aiding and abetting the Clinton talking points, will come out and report on the crazy right-wing conspiracy nuts and how this is just another one of those “rabid, right-wing witch hunts”.

And on the right, there are some groups and individuals, who have invested a lot of time and money to take down the Clintons.  That is a fact.  I am going to state for the record, I am not aligned to any Republican or right-wing groups and my efforts since 1998, to expose the Clinton corruption, stem from my own experience during impeachment.   My reasons go way beyond my personal feelings.  I believe with the attack on me, assets from the US Army were used to attack a private citizen on American soil, based completely on fabricated “intelligence”.  I don’t even have a speeding ticket on my record, I have never owned a gun and I have never been involved in any political groups.  My “crime” was expressing my dangerous opinions, like “NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW” on the Excite message boards in 1998.

I want the names of every last person, involved in orchestrating using the US Army for a personal political hit squad, exposed.   If the US military can be used as a personal political tool to attack private citizens, well, we have moved completely away from being a constitutional republic.  And, if my FREE speech, on freakin’ online message boards, espousing that I believe in the rule of law, is grounds for being attacked in my home by a retired general, then something is very, very wrong in America.   The only place I was commenting on politics was on those Excite message boards.  I had had no contact with that general since Desert Storm.

Would Hillary Clinton use a body double for some staged PR gambit, well, I have no doubt she might.  Then again I  personally know how far the Clintons will go to silence political opponents.  Proving it has been the hard part, so I understand those who will cast me as a nutcase.  Guess that makes me a crazy Lone Wolf……  whatever, my plans have always been non-violent and to follow the law, no matter what.



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