GOP coup in Trump Tower a YUGE fail

Roger Stone and Trump’s big name GOP enablers convinced  Trump to hire Paul Manafort, a big lobbyist, to put together a delegate ground game for Trump and to try to transform Trump into a candidate who “acts” presidential enough to win in November.  I described it as the coup in Trump Tower, to wean Trump away from his scorched earth strategy, a strategy  run on vicious character assassinations, which are knowingly, willingly and relentlessly covered and discussed by the media to saturate the media coverage – on TV news, on online politics sites, and even down to Disqus comment threads at news sites.

It is a rigged game of racketeering and influence-peddling AND it is WHOLESALE PUBLIC CORRUPTION at the highest levels of America’s  political and corporate elites (especially those in the media elite).

The Clinton machine introduced this scorched earth/mass media saturation into  American politics and used it ruthlessly to get Bill Clinton through impeachment.  Trump, with the willing and knowing collusion of media elites, perpetrated this wholesale public corruption.  All the way back in August they decided to go all in on the Trump mass media saturation:

“Last August, Moonves even foreshadowed the oncoming media-induced Trump when, in a CBS quarterly-earnings conference call, he declared, reportedly to applause: “The coming election cycle will clearly ‘Trump’ anything we’ve ever seen before.” Perhaps this would be a good place to mention that Les Moonves is also a self-declared Clinton friend. In 2001, CBS quoted Moonves as acknowledging, “I’ve had numerous chats with President Clinton over the past few years. . . . He is a friend of mine.””

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While I can’t prove whether Trump is a media Svengali and figured this strategy out on his own, was duped into it by the Clintons, or is actively playing the Trojan Horse to hijack the GOP primary, I can say, with absolute certainty, after being personally burned by this scorched earth strategy during impeachment and warily studying and analyzing it since then, that for this strategy to succeed takes mass media saturation and that means collusion with the mass media to carry it out. This strategy also takes a great deal of intensive, professional opposition research to dig up all the dirt and Trump’s supposed inexperienced, skeletal staff assuredly does not have the ability to coordinate this sophisticated of a strategy and frankly, Donald Trump is not a “detail” man – he prefers selling big ideas and activities that fan his massive ego  – like hours of media fawning over him, thousands cheering him at staged rallies, even late-night Twitter encounters with his Twitter “followers”.

Trump’s big-name GOP enablers, like Newt and Giuliani, and Roger Stone, being a sleazy GOP political operative of the first order and Trump’s first campaign manager, all know Trump is running scorched earth against the other GOP candidates and I guess they think they might actually be able to beat the Clintons in the Fall, believing she’s such an unlikable person, that it’s possible.  They are totally delusional.  The mass media saturation is required, a mass media that is overwhelmingly liberal, and where the media elites are  Clinton friends.  Trump was  a Clinton friend too,  even his daugther, Ivanka, is friends with Chelsea Clinton.  The scorched earth/mass media saturation strategy creates a rigged playing field, as the millions that GOP Super PACs and big money GOP donors spent in the past 10 months battling Trump’s scorched earth clearly show.  Yuge ad buys don’t make any impact against a 24/7 scorched earth dominating the mass media.

So, there was a coup in Trump Tower with bringing in Manafort, but Trump decided he’s sticking with scorched earth for now:


So much for Donald Trump 2.0, the sober, “more presidential” version programmed by Paul Manafort, the political guru he hired in a campaign shake-up earlier this month.

Chafing at guidance to tone down his larger-than-life personality — and irritated by Manafort’s purported self-promotion and his descriptions of the candidate as “projecting an image” to primary voters — Trump, the Republicans’ presidential front-runner, reportedly has ditched the advice.

In recent campaign appearances, on Twitter and in TV interviews, Trump has returned to the freewheeling bombast, and impolitic insults of his competitors, that seized the GOP grassroots by storm last year.

Inside the campaign, Politico reports, Trump has shifted some of Manafort’s responsibilities back to Corey Lewandowski, the billionaire’s embattled campaign manager, who was just cleared of assault charges in Florida. Lewandowsky was effectively demoted when Trump hired Manafort, a GOP insider, in part to give his insurgent campaign an air of professionalism and plot strategy for the convention.

Citing multiple sources close to the campaign, Politico reported Tuesday that Trump “is bristling at efforts to implement a more conventional presidential campaign strategy,” and has “expressed misgivings” about granting Manafort so much power within his organization.

Scorched earth was knowingly and willingly run against the entire GOP primary field, by a NY liberal friend of the Clintons, under the guise that he was fighting the “GOP establishment” (a contrived conspiracy meme), all carried out with the collusion of the mass media elites.  The Clintons have their new and improved scorched earth 2.0 waiting for after the primary and the liberal media will gleefully run  The Trump Take-Down Show.

The truth is Donald Trump was hijacking the GOP primary and dividing the GOP into hostile camps (divide and conquer, anyone?).  Good luck to any Republicans who believe this “Insurgent” can unite the party and for anyone who accepts that using scorched earth is okay to win – well you have sold your soul to wholesale public corruption!

The only hope for America is exposure of this wholesale public corruption.





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