Trump’s yuge sense of entitlement

This 2016 Presidential campaign has begun to feel like a never-ending Groundhog Day movie, but here are a few tidbits that caught my attention.  Have you noticed the press barely pays any attention to Hillary and Bernie?  Since last June, when Trump entered the race, the media devotes its efforts toward hyping Trump’s reality TV campaign.

One of Trump’s big selling points rests on his hyped persona as a great businessman and he reminds us constantly that only he knows how to make “great” deals and that he knows the “best” people to get things done.  Then, comes the reality check – Trump most certainly did not hire the “best” people to run his campaign, with Lewandowski creating controversy at every turn, his spokesperson, Pierson, being inexperienced and in the states,  Trump, the “great” businessman,  failed to adequately staff ground operations for the delegate battles.

Last weekend his ineptitude hit critical mass in Colorado, where the Cruz campaign’s better-organized team captured all 34 of the delegates in Colorado’s unusual delegate selection process.  Naturally, Trump declared Colorado’s process unfair and alleges Cruz stole the delegates, but the truth is Trump never bothered to find out how the various state delegate selection processes operate nor did he hire adequate experienced political staffers to organize effective grassroots political operations.  At this late date, Trump has hired some Republican Svengali, Paul Manafort, to conjure up the grassroots delegate infrastructure that Trump should have had in place when he announced he was running for President last summer.  Manafort, continuing the Trump thuggish MO,  hit the media with sound bites declaring the Cruz campaign engages in “Gestapo tactics.”  Manafort seems like the perfect fit for the Trump strong man meme-themed campaign.

Since last summer, media chatter warbles on about Trump being a “great” businessman, but here’s the wake-up call – he does not pay attention to details nor does he bother to research issues.  He bloviates endlessly with half-baked conspiratorial nonsense and his plans remain overly simplistic drivel, that even a cursory look at the details shows his plans are ridiculous.  His centerpiece illegal immigration plan serves as the leitmotif of Trump planning – big booming promises, hollow on details.  Last night Bill O’Reilly finally got around to calling the Trump plan centerpiece components, the mass deportation of 11 million illegal immigrants and making Mexico pay for the wall, hogwash.  Now, O’Reilly being a Trump enabler allowed Trump’s plans to go unchallenged since last summer, so the late date effort at some journalistic integrity in regards to Trump smells like a self-preservation effort for O’Reilly.  Perhaps, he finally stopped inhaling the Trump “greatness” smoke.  The detail problems with Trump’s plan have been mentioned by some journalists and I wrote about them last August: here and here.

Let’s hope the lack of attention to details trait is not a family one in the Trump family.  Yesterday, the media reported that Trump’s children, Eric and Ivanka, won’t be able to vote for him in the New York primary.  They failed to change their voter registration to Republican by the deadline date and were unaware of the details:

“They were unaware of the rules and they didn’t register in time,” Trump said this morning on “Fox and Friends.” “So Eric and Ivanka, I guess, won’t be voting.”

The deadline for registered voters to change party enrollment was Oct. 9, 2015, more than six months ago. The deadline to register as a new voter was March 25.

“They feel very, very guilty. They feel very guilty” Trump said this morning. “But it’s fine. I understand that.”

Records from the New York State Board of Elections show that Eric, 32, and Ivanka Trump, 34, are registered voters who are “not enrolled in a party.”

Trump’s flying by the seat of his pants way of operating, high on cheering crowds and sycophantic friends, like Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh, giving him a pass on being accountable like other candidates, makes me nervous.  I believe in details and while Carly Fiorina’s meticulous debate prep may have sounded stilted at times, at least she put the effort into doing the homework someone seeking the presidency should be expected to do.  Trump at this late date still hasn’t bothered to read the details and he’s resorted to hiring some political fixer to magically create a competent campaign operation.  Trump’s lack of attention to detail is not “great”.  As a detail-obsessed, rule-follower, I am one of those annoying people who reads the directions on packages before even opening it.   Heck, I read through recipes a couple times to make sure I understand the instructions, have the necessary ingredients and tools, but also I like to know how long it takes to prepare, so that I can plan when to begin cooking a meal.   Trump’s behavior stems from arrogance and a sense of entitlement, not from being stupid or lazy.  Trump, just like his friends, the Clintons, operates from a belief in his own superiority and from the belief that rules are for the little people, not for His Greatness to follow.

While seemingly not a YUGE deal, his unwillingness to bother with the “little details” peals as an ominous bellwether warning that Trump is someone who does not play by the rules!   He is unethical and will cheat whenever he thinks he can get away with it to “win”.  Trump and Hillary are the stardust twins:

  Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are of a piece – they, in clinical terms, are sociopaths – successful, smart, but at their core, both believe the rules don’t apply to them, so now we have the two most overblown egos in America fighting for the same job.  From experience, I can tell you that Donald Trump, impulsive, vulgar, ruthless is a man barging ahead, but Hillary Clinton is a woman who believes it is her destiny to be the first female President.  And women manipulate and scheme and connive, so in this match-up, despite all Trump’s bluster, Hillary Clinton will win.


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