“Do your own homework”

Donald Trump, the politician, operates just like the Clintons, which should prove very interesting if he actually does hijack the GOP nomination.  He is a fraud!  His supporters can cough up his carefully crafted book, his sounding tough, he’s a successful businessman and reality TV star and I am sticking to he is a fraud, a con-man, as much a liar as Hillary Clinton, but most of all at heart he’s a petty bully.  Hillary is a very dangerous bully, because she is a woman and women like her (sociopaths) will stop at nothing to get what they want (refer back to The Woman’s Way of War).

Frankly, if Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are the best America can do for candidates, we deserve to be relegated to laughingstock status on the world stage.  Trump is no match for Putin, that’s for sure, but even worse he is no match for Hillary Clinton and besides, I still believe in time my suspicions that Trump hired dem political operatives in the beginning, who are operating in the shadows will prove to be true.  No political operatives who really want to win the general election would allow their candidate to intentionally drive his/her negative ratings sky-high and encourage the vile, outrageous outbursts that characterize Trump’s campaign style.  He won Iowa and South Carolina in the GOP primary, in a crowded field, but with way less than 50% of the GOP  primary voters supporting him.  His negative polling consistently is higher than Hillary Clinton’s, often polling above 60% and once the parties have their candidates selected (or a coronation, as the case may be for Hillary), the Clintons will unleash their dirt on Trump and bury him.

Here’s some new oddities in Trump’s sideshow antic out of Iowa, where he held that veteran’s fundraiser to divert attention away from the FOX News debate he was boycotting, because FOX would not let Trump control their choice of moderators.  He tried to strong-arm a cable network based on his “feelings” that he wasn’t “being treated fairly.”

So, what happened to the money raised for veterans?  Well, some has been disbursed to some veterans groups according to this Weekly Standard report, but their report highlights some warning bells that his Trump Foundation operates much like the Clinton Foundation.  When Michael Warren, the reporter emailed the Trump Foundation with questions about the fundraiser this is what happened:

“On Thursday, I contacted the Donald J. Trump Foundation by email with a few questions about how the $6 million had been or was being disbursed. Five minutes later, I received a phone call from Corey Lewandowski, Trump’s presidential campaign manager. Lewandowski said a list of the recipients had been made public and that more recipients were being added all the time. How much had those recipients received? Lewandowski couldn’t, or wouldn’t, say. As a non-profit organization, he said, the Trump Foundation would release all the required details of its disbursements at the end of the fiscal year. To find out before then, he said, I’d have to contact the recipients themselves.

“The list is publicly available,” he said. “You can do your homework and ask the veterans’ organizations.”

Why wouldn’t the Trump Foundation want to publicize how much it had donated? (Especially given the fact that in recent years, Trump’s charity organization had given more money to the Clinton Foundationthan to veterans.) And why, when asking about the Foundation’s disbursements, had a representative of the campaign called? With no other options, however, I took Lewandowki’s advice.”


Why indeed did Trump’s campaign manager respond to questions about the Trump Foundation?  That melding of the “charity” with the “political operations” is vintage Clinton and as it turns out, the way Trump does business too.  There’s also some big pharmaceutical executive who rents space in Trump Tower, whom some recipients believe is connected to the Trump Foundation:

“”We found out like everybody else did, when the Trump Foundation put the list up on the website,” said Kerri Childress of the Fisher House Foundation, one of the groups on the Trump Foundation’s list. “And frankly we haven’t heard anything since.”

Childress says the Fisher House Foundation has yet to receive a donation, though she was quick to add that it’s not uncommon for pledged donations to take weeks or months to actually be disbursed. Neither has the Task Force Dagger Foundation received a check, says managing director Keith David. “We did receive a check from the Stewart J. Rahr Foundation, and they share the same floor with the Trump Foundation,” David adds. Rahr, a pharmaceutical executive-turned-Manhattan-playboy, is friends with Trump and rents office space in the Trump Tower. It’s not clear whether or not there is a relationship between Trump’s and Rahr’s foundations.

Another vets group, Operation Homefront, posted on its Facebook page that it received a $50,000 donation Monday from the Rahr Foundation, which the group says they “understand is made in connection with Donald Trump.” Beyond that, says Operation Homefront spokesman Aaron Taylor, they don’t know much about it.”


The similarities between Donald Trump and his friends, the Clintons,  just keep multiplying, so if it ends up that Trump too hired dem political operatives to help him “win,” don’t act surprised!  Sure wish we could track the phone traffic between Trump, some key Clinton sewer rats, and then Bill Clinton…  Oh, to be a fly on the wall….


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