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Loose threads

Here are some LB  foreign policy loose threads I’m pondering:

Cheney – family involved with the Kimberly Kagan Institute for the Study of War

ISW – hired “Dr.” Elizabeth O’Bagy the “moderate Syrian rebel expert” and Political Director of the Syrian Emergency Task Force. O’Bagy also listed in her bio on her ISW report on Syria rebels that her thesis topic was “women’s militancy”. O’Bagy was exposed as not having a doctorate degree and she was fired from the ISW. (… ). Here’s her 2012 ISW report on Syria –http://www.understandingwar.or…

Now, back in early 2013 Senator John McCain took a “fact-finding” trip to Syria and he was led on this trip by O’Bagy and the SETF. He was conveniently staged to be photographed with Syrian rebels, who were later reported to be terrorists. (a set-up)

Sec of State Kerry and McCain both relied on O’Bagy’s reporting on the “Syrian moderates”, yet in 2015 McClatchy reported that US intelligence knew about the radicalization of the Syrian rebels early, yet Kerry and McCain were relying on this young woman’s expertise. (… ),

Kerry and McCain have often made strange foreign policy flip flops and here they were both selling the advice of this unknown young woman, whose only credentials came from the ISW promoting her as the “Syrian Expert”.

Both Kerry and McCain chose to believe “intelligence” from this unknown young woman OVER vetted intelligence from US intelligence reports.

Keep in mind that stories float about from time to time about both, Kerry and McCain, about inconsistencies with their Vietnam conduct. Even in this weird Trump circus, Trump attacked McCain (inciting a huge backlash). Kerry had that whole “Swift boat” backlash.

Emotions aside, just consider that photo McCain was staged in, on that fact-finding trip to Syria, by O’Bagy and that SETF. McCain became the loudest cheerleader about arming “moderate” Syrian rebels, McCain also immediately hired this  young woman, just fired from the ISW for LYING on her resume.

So, after the ISW fired O’Bagy, John McCain turned right around and hired this woman as a staffer and the question I want to know is did O’Bagy ever undergo a security background check or was it waived. She’s still on his staff. O’Bagy had a lot of strange connections

Here’s Kimberly Kagan’s husband Frederick beating the drum for US aiding “Syrian Moderates” –… That piece is priceless – so we’re supposed to wage a half-hearted strike to boost the morale of the Syrian rebels – at the expense of US military credibility…

The other Kagan and his lovely wife, Victoria Nuland are also menaces to US foreign policy. (I have many doubts about this crowd, that manages to routinely steer America into really bad foreign policy messes.

When Russia acted in Syria the ISW provided maps to FOX news and CNN – where the maps differed, the WH narrative and military analysis by the FOX military analysts Gen Jack Keane (also in the board of ISW) and LTC Shaffer did not match the details on the map:

Embedded image permalink

Image from Megyn Kelly’s Twitter-


Image from


“Syrian official says ‘wide-scale offensive’ launched”
Russian airstrikes in Syria from September 30 to October 5

Gen.Keane pushed for arming the illusive “Syrian moderates” and yet the “narrative” at the time the Russians moved in Syria, the neocon big voices  were screaming about the Russians and claiming they were targeting US-backed “moderate” Syrian rebels. The heaviest shot group of attacks on these maps was north of Hama, which these ISW map legends indicate was controlled by Jubhat al Nusra, Syrian rebels or ISIS – 3 maps from the ISW – three different takes on the strikes the Obama narrative and the ISW were ranting were the Russians targeting “CIA trained US Syrian “moderate” rebels. The media and punditry “experts” all went with the “narrative”.

The US military was publicly berated by McCain over the slow pace of the US military vetting and training “moderate” Syrian rebels in some $500 million dollar program. A US general was dragged before a McCain public hearing and berated for incompetency basically. Long before the CIA was shipping weapons from Benghazi to Syria – (Benghazi another spectacular bad policy with lots of hostile foreign intelligence setting up Obama and Hillary). The US military always ends up being the fall-guy for McCain in big show hearings. The US military was having a hard time finding “moderate” Syrian rebels to train (the CIA not so much – guess it depends on the definition of “moderate”)…

For a flavor of how the US military training of “moderate” Syrian rebels went, even before this staged public humiliation of another US general – here’s what happened when the US military trained the “moderate” Syrian rebel leader that Foreign Policy magazine dubbed the “last best hope for Syria” (… ) – well, the US military trained Jamal Maaroouf and his band of “moderates”. Maarouf then went back into the fight armed with US TOW missiles and declared a truce with ISIS (… )

The US military is being set up by its own government to look weak and ineffectual – aided by the likes of Kerry and McCain and also America’s “greatest” general, who appears to have been set up too by hostile foreign intelligence. Plea deals btw usually mean more serious charges are dropped to make the case go away in cases that are embarrassing to an administration. McCain still calls the “greatest” general in to testify – even though the general was disgraced and showed gross lack of judgment to mishandle sensitive information that contained information on actual human assets on the ground in Afghanistan (these are LIVES his careless and reckless actions put at risk). Yet, he shows up to say whatever he’s been pressured to say and the media still sells Petraeus as the “greatest general of his generation”….

The ISW was instrumental behind the surge in Iraq, but blowback always follows. al Baghdadi went from the leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq to the Caliph of ISIS/ ISIS,/IS. al Baghdadi was well known to the US military in Iraq, in fact, he had been held prisoner by the US in Iraq. Yet the Obama administration and the media pretended al Baghdadi came out of the blue. Insurgencies deepen and Salafist terrorists get more radical as they splinter into other groups. America’s greatest general emerged as some new military genius of the ages with his COIN, he had an affair with his biographer, compromised sensitive information and resigned as the director of the CIA.

“The affair brought down the retired four-star general who led U.S. strategy in Iraq and Afghanistan. Petraeus resigned from his role as director of the CIA in 2012 after it was revealed that he shared with Broadwell eight “black books” that he had compiled in Afghanistan and improperly kept after retiring from the Army.

The binders reportedly contained secret codes and covert identities, as well as overall strategy discussions and security reports. Broadwell kept the books for at least four days in 2011, according to prosecutors. They were seized by the FBI during a 2013 raid on Petraeus’ home. Court documents also show that Petraeus lied about keeping the sensitive information and about giving it to Broadwell, according to the Observer. Broadwell has not been charged with any crimes.”…

Petraeus was given a slap on the wrist and he had Hillary’s lawyer, David Kendall. The odder part of the Petraeus fall is that socialite, Jill Kelley, who was hobnobbing with the generals at Central Command in Tampa. General Allen was exchanging emails with this woman. She has no connection to the Army, yet she was like a goodwill ambassador hobnobbing at Central Command. Kelley – American citizen, born in Lebanon. I don’t buy into the no profiling – I look at family, ethnic and religious connections, then political to figure out who people are. I wonder if anyone at Central Command ever checked out this woman due to her close connections with top American generals at a highly-sensitive command headquarters.

Cheney and his Kagan connections make me uneasy. I think George H.W. Bush had it right – GWB got some very bad advice. I also suspect our government, at high levels, is infiltrated by hostile foreign intelligence.

So after the mess in Iraq, courtesy of military geniuses, like the Kagans being listened to and the ISW forming, then came the ISW clamor to charge into the Syrian civil war and this entire fabricated “Syrian moderate” wild goose chase. I keep wondering if this ISW is a foreign front set-up and that leads to other troubling questions about those connected to it. Too many bad vibes from that Kagan family and Dick Cheney.

Nothing good comes to American troops from listening to Cheney’s foreign policy advice or the Kagans, imo. Why on earth with Afghanistan poised to fall back into the hands of the Taliban, Iraq a wreck, Libya a wreck, Egypt trying to stabilize from that “Arab Spring” MB takeover, facilitated by the Obama administration would we charge into a civil war where an odious strong-man, who has been a Russian ally for decades and with the Russians’ naval base at Tartus, try to jump into a civil war being waged by ISLAMISTS (of varying degrees of radicalization- but all ISLAMISTS)??? The ISW was a big driver of that push.

Nuland was involved in creating US embarrassments in the Ukraine (Russian speaker btw). Yet her actions in Ukraine created embarrassment for the US with our European allies and the Russians leaked her phone call from an unsecured phone call to the US ambassador in Kiev. I wonder about her too….

So, Nuland and her neocon husband, switched to support Hillary back in February 2016- So keep in mind that  hostile foreign players like to cover all the bases and keep all avenues in to the halls of power in Washington open.

Lots of weirdness

In this Trump show – Trump went out and trashed McCain, being fed bad advice from his advisers (now who is really providing this advice to Trump is an open question – my leaning is Trump was set-up by Clinton operatives, – note Carville and crowd operate like the KGB or old East German Stasi in their opposition research behavior and ruthless character assassinations – planting stories in the media too.. Remember Carville came to notice when Bill Clinton defeated George H. W. Bush and Carville married Mary Matalin… I have had many doubts about how George H.W. Bush got defeated by the Matalin/Carville team (hostile foreign operatives is what I have suspected for years).

In a recent Kerry move the US military suffered another humiliation –…

Biden is there as an Obama minder – to make sure things don’t get too out of hand – (wonder who Biden is aligned with? Putin or Soros?)

So, partisan politics aside we have Trump and Hillary both running “scorched earth/mass media saturation strategy” as presidential campaigning and that type of INFORMATION WARFARE. This mass media saturation  allows CONTROL of the 24/7 NEW cycle in America to a particular political agenda or political figure..

Carville/Begala scorched earth is the military strategy of scorched earth (a war crime under the Geneva Conventions btw) juxtaposed to a mass media battlefield

Mass media saturation is the military strategy of swarming juxtaposed to a mass media battlefield

Combined, they have been ruthlessly used to divide America into hostile, warring factions. Perhaps it’s time to figure out the driving force(s) behind them.

CNN and MSNBC are overrun with foreign operatives, I believe. Ed Schultz is on RT, Soledad O’Brien went to Al Jazeera. Look at Amanpour (Iranian), who pushed for US intervention in Bosnia and can be counted on to set up the US military at every turn. Amanpour btw married into the Clinton administration in the 90s, allowing her even closer access to the State Dept goings on . Former Carville/Begala partner is at ABC, with his church-boy smile and persona.

FOX News is a foreign-owned corporation that fuels agitation propaganda on the right, to incite flag-waving Americans.

FOX just helped Trump wage the GOP Insurgency with 24/7 scorched earth/mass media saturation for Trump. Hillary has a MB agent by her side. I believe Obama has an Iranian agent by his side and an Arabist (close Saudi ties/perhaps devoted Muslim) at the CIA.. Trump is being fed advice by some really bad advisers – time to find out who is really playing Trump. Trump was fed those fascist memes and sold on that “committing war crimes as serious policy” idea from some political advisers. In my opinion, it looks like Putin would rather deal with Trump (hence the 24/7 Trump show on FOX, but Soros wants Hillary and either way the Russians and Chinese, who are ramping up military aggression against US forces, have all of Hillary’s emails, so they can blackmail her at will.)

This goes way beyond partisan politics.

We are infiltrated all the way to the top.

America’s national security is at stake.

Big picture/little picture



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Obama’s kind of “surge”

From the Washington Times: “U.S. cuts Syrian refugee screening time in order to handle surge”

“The U.S. is about to start accepting a surge of Syrian refugees — all vetted in less time than originally anticipated by the federal government.

Because of a spike in Middle Eastern refugees needing placement, the Obama administration has decided to rush their vetting process to three months, from the original 18-24 months.

“While the resettlement process usually takes 18 to 24 months, the surge operation will reduce the time to three months,” the Associated Press reported Thursday.”

Great stuff from the Obama administration and the administration goal of relocating 10,000 Syrian refugees in the US is a floor and not a ceiling, according to this report, so the number could increase.  You know they can’t possibly properly vet these refugees with the civil chaos in Syria and no way to check that even the passports are legit.  If there is any way to undermine US national security, the Obama administration will rush to do it.

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Obama’s Syrian refugee program on steroids

Instead of slowing down the process of bringing in Syrian refugees due to serious problems with vetting them, which includes the rampant fraud with fake Syrian passports, the Obama administration has decided to speed up the process and process 600 Syrian refugees a day according to this Washington Examiner report.  The goal is to process 10,000 Syrian refugees for entry into the United States by September 30th.  Now, the FBI director stated months ago that there’s no way to vet these people due to no data bases to check their passports, names, etc.  against, but leave it to the Obama administration to just write another fake narrative.


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Trump “war crime” policy heard around the world

Andrew McCarthy at NRO penned an excellent, must-read piece:

“Culture Rot: Donald Trump Is the Effect, Not the Cause”

Read more at:

McCarthy writes:

Before our very eyes, the corruption of cultural standards begets the corruption of law and politics. The coarsest part of the debate was Trump’s boorish boast (for which I’m willing to take him at his word, lest the next debate sink to a new low). The most egregious part, though, was Trump’s vow that, as commander-in-chief, he would compel the finest, best-trained armed forces in the history of the planet to commit war crimes — because there are evil people doing unspeakable things, as if that never happened before.

For a number of years in the mid-aughts, we debated the merits vel non of waterboarding. I defended the legality of this interrogation method — in the restrained practice of the CIA, not as cruelly administered historically — mostly based on a strict interpretation of the federal torture statute. It was not an endorsement of the tactic in any particular case. The opposition’s point was well taken that the existence of a legal justification (which they did not concede) would not necessarily make the use of waterboarding good policy. We volleyed ticking-bomb scenarios and slippery slopes back and forth.

As a lawyer, I instinctively believed we should be able to write rules clarifying the extremely rare circumstances in which aggressive tactics could be used. Critics forcefully countered that the very writing of rules was an authorization that would be stretched to cover non-dire circumstances. Jonah Goldberg reminded us about the “hidden law,” which as applied here, counsels forbidding across the board that which should be forbidden in almost all situations, in the belief that if a dire emergency did arise, good people would act outside the law, do what had to be done, and hope that others would understand and forgive.

Since I have already vented in the comments on Mr. McCarthy’s piece, let me just paste it here and be done for today:

Please, if the choices are Hillary or Trump – America is doomed, PERIOD! Trump is not some lifesaver of the Republic, he’s an insurgent intent on burning the system down! You reap what you sow when you enable sociopaths and those two are extreme sociopaths, who don’t believe rules apply to them.

I am keeping a list, for future reference, of every Republican mouthpiece, who uses the phrase, “that’s just Donald Trump being Donald Trump,” to excuse his excesses. Duncan Hunter, yesterday morning, a vet, no less was interviewed on FOX news in the morning about Trump’s Thursday night doubling done on his killing ISIS family members policy. Hunter said he hadn’t seen the debate, deflected, then tried to excuse Trump by asserting Trump was “just a little bit inarticulate”. I am disgusted that a former Marine Corps officer could excuse Trump’s assertion that he would ORDER U.S. troops to commit war crimes. There’s another Trump mouthpiece, a former Navy seal, who was on FOX doing the same thing. They are a disgrace to the US Armed Service and have dishonored themselves and are unfit spokespeople for we, the heirs of General George Washington’s Continental Army!

All this to promote an obvious sociopath, out of venal political motives. Rudy Guiliani, a man I respected, did the same “that’s Donald Trump being Donald Trump” excuse last weekend on FOX News and I lost all respect for him. He has been an “unofficial” Trump adviser for months and was well aware of Trump’s war crimes spiel, because Trump has repeated it several times. NRO should do a heading at the top of their page, to click on, and chronicle, names, dates and statements of all these Trump enablers – they deserve to be remembered for this.

As a vet myself, and the spouse of a Grenada and Desert Storm vet, I am disgusted that these people are excusing Trump and the murmurs of he’s trying to be tough – well, here’s the rub – the strategic challenges to defeat Islamic terror, which Mr. McCarthy has written very informatively about in his books, are complicated and very challenging, as it is, but for some fool like Trump uttering those words, he just added to the problem exponentially and he is UNFIT to ever command the US Armed Forces. It’s not just that Trump’s “strategy” is a war crime, it’s also that anyone with a brain knows that a military strategy based on killing innocent civilians in hopes it hurts the morale of enemy combatants is IDIOTIC and unhinged. YUGE blowback, in kind, would be the result of Trump’s policy.

His words were heard by every world leader and our enemies.

Trump walking that back should not be forgotten – remember it and remind all Trump enablers, because his foolish and idiotic utterance put US Armed Forces, operating in an already dangerous area of the world, in more danger! Anyone aspiring to be commander in chief, who would say he will order our military to commit war crimes, is a threat to The Constitution and to the troops he aspires to command!!! Wake up, this is no longer just the Trump reality TV show -Mr. Draft Deferment, just put US troops in danger with his careless and idiotic blustering – all to “sound” tough.

Let me add that, yes, I am aware that the Trump campaign issued a statement late yesterday, avowing that Trump would obey the law as President, but NEVER forget what his first policy was and that he only backtracked for political expediency, not because he conceded his war crimes policy was immoral and illegal.  He is Hillary’s twin brother when it comes to saying or doing whatever it takes to get what he wants – they are both corrupt to the core and they will corrupt all who follow them!!!


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When new information comes to light

For a long while, I believed the analysis that our going into Iraq fueled the radical Islamic fervor and set the conditions for ISIS to form, but here’s a new look from David French, “The Rise of ISIS Predates the Fall of Saddam Hussein,”
that dismantles my view and it’s worth studying.  More information should prod us to reconsider our previous conclusions, especially on complex geopolitical issues.  French quotes extensively from Kyle Orton’s New York Times piece, “How Saddam Gave Us ISIS”, so please read both articles.  French begins:

“The New York Times has published a necessary corrective to those who view the invasion of Iraq as essentially Year Zero in the Middle East — the origin point for all the calamities that followed. Have you heard that ISIS is George Bush’s fault? Think again. Writing in the Times, Kyle Orton properly attributes the rise of ISIS in Iraq to cultural and religious forces that long pre-dated the American invasion of Iraq. It turns out that Iraq was no more immune to increased radicalization than any other Middle Eastern state, and Saddam reacted in part by embracing the new religiosity”

Read more at:

Jay Nordlinger added, “Saddam and Fille,” which also expands on French’s piece.

Definitely worth taking time to reassess what we think we know about the history of Iraq and ISIS, because sometimes those things that Rumsfeld dubbed “known knowns” are shown to be incorrect, making it imperative to be willing to reassess when new information comes to light.


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We still have The Constitution as our rule of law!

I thought it best to keep posting updates – I am still safe and FREE to speak my mind.

The following is what I am beginning to believe. Some of these views I feel confident are the truth, others I am strongly leaning toward. Of course, facts may emerge to prove me wrong , but here’s what America looks like from where I stand, as a law-abiding citizen attacked in my own home in 1998 by a retired general sent to silence me, over online message board postings. Take it or leave it, it’s still a free country, but I have tried since 1998 to seek justice and expose what happened to me, because the events are the truth.

Americans, deluded and led like sheep into this endless cycle of hyper-charged political partisan fighting, lost sight of the big picture enemies around the globe, who remain determined to destroy America.

A couple days ago, I wrote;

“I believe our government, all the way to the top, all of our mass media (cable networks, to include FOX), the partisan agitators (both left and right) and every institution has been carefully and systematically infiltrated,with people they put in place to foment agitprop, to fuel the partisan divide and to buy or put in place candidates, they control.”

So, let me start with a refresher of how I, a nobody homemaker, got caught up in this mess in the first place.  In 1998, when the Clinton impeachment saga began, I was fairly new to the internet, as we had purchased our first home PC in 1997, I believe.  Looking first for pen pals around the world, which had been a hobby of mine in my teens, I also came across “message boards”.  Many of those message boards were precursors to the sexting and online cyber-sex businesses today, serving as venues for people to hook-up.  While trying to figure out message boards, I came across the Excite message boards, which had some very interesting political debates, on all sorts of hot button topics.  I distinctly recall some very extreme views on both sides and I even remember a poster, nickname of Argus, whom I felt might be part of a right-wing militia.  I urged everyone, that no matter what, we must defend The Constitution and follow the rule of law.  I still believe that today.  My goal, as my situation goes public, which I feel certain it will, is to pull as many law-abiding Americans to the middle and away from extreme partisanship and urge all of you to please don’t be the mindless idiots our enemies believe we are. I urge all of you to think for yourselves!

Extreme partisanship served as a fertile field for America’s enemies to sow internal discord and divide America into hostile camps.  Let’s examine how they, being Soviet and Chinese communists in the driver’s seat of this effort, beginning with the Soviets first and later, tag-teaming us with Chinese efforts, then later others, like Iran/Sunni/Wahabbi players too, operate.  Keep in mind that the big game was always Soviet and even after the collapse of the USSR, their efforts continued and actually escalated, while America let down its guard.

Their main agents were in place before the collapse of the Soviet Union.  While the players on the left are obvious and sit ensconced in academia and Hollywood, the ones on the right have been trickier to identify.  We, being the team of old Cold Warriors, who are helping me, are all well-trained and familiar with how America’s enemies operated all along.  I feel certain that the deeply embedded Soviet infiltrators and their children and even grandchildren, still living here,  will be identified in the very near future, Prepare to be surprised, because all of them are trusted  “defenders of liberty”,  and some have held very high public offices, some still do.  Anyone, who made a career out of feeding this endless rabid partisanship between Democrats and Republicans, for decades, is likely part of a foreign infiltration effort.  In the black community fueling violence or virulent racism – like those claiming “white privilege” or the Ferguson/Baltimore agitprop – are likely dupes of foreign agitation propaganda, all part of their larger plan, in place for decades, to divide America.  Muslim infiltration since the 70s, by both Arab, MB and others made great in-roads at funding and fueling this agitprop, while criminal elements helped fund the wasteland of drugs and criminality taking down black inner-city communities.   All along the foreign infiltration enmeshed its efforts with organized crime, thus we now face this mass political corruption, that I intend to expose, with the help of many brave Americans, dedicated to, first and foremost, selfless service to defend  The Constitution!   We are not an armed militia or terrorist group.  We are people who swore the oath to defend The Constitution.

In 1998, I identified the mass media manipulation technique being used by the Carville/Begala spinmeister team  – it uses foreign mass media brainwashing techniques, with the repetition of buzz words and hollow phrases.  The next part of the equation was to condition the American people to trust polls over merits of any issue – they sell the majority polls and very quickly alter public opinion by reinforcing what the majority of Americans believe, casting outlier views as fringe kook views or people who are out to harm the world (global warming deniers or people against gay marriage being haters, being quick examples of how it works).  They sold, that because Americans don’t care about Bill Clinton’s sex life and the majority of people like him, – impeachment was just a partisan witch hunt.  Here’s the truth:

The chief law enforcement officer in America lied under oath.

Hillary’s vast, right-wing conspiracy out to get them, which she believes in whole-heartedly, is the TRUTH, although not in the way she perceives it.

That hyper-partisan right movement, decades long in creation, was carefully planned, packaged  foreign agitation propaganda and it is now coming to fruition.   I identified the Carville/Begala part of the equation and the polling dupe in 1998,  but it is only recently that I came to see the big picture – the Trump campaign exposed the right-wing agitation dupe that was played on us all along.

In the Fall of 1998, I was attacked in my home by a retired general, who had vast resources and help to silence me.  My family was played and duped, to believe I was going crazy and my husband and sister went and got a court order to have me committed to a mental health facility in early 1999- all these records we have, to prove all of these events!   I was involuntarily committed and the events in my Messages of mhere story are true.  When the legal limits on how long I could be held involuntarily in GA were approaching – an effort was undertaken to convince my husband, that I needed to be permanently committed to a state mental hospital (sounds like something out of a communist country, right?)  My oldest son, then only 15 years old, whispered to me, that the shrink treating me, had called my husband late the night before and urged my husband to sign the papers to have me committed to a state mental hospital.  (all documentation – to include phone records of this call are in our possession).

I then threw a hissy fit demanding a lawyer and I wrote a letter and handed it to a petite blond patient, who reminded me of my favorite country star, countrystar1017.   A lawyer was hastily arranged for me and I did get released at that hearing, because my rights had been violated.  We have copies of all these records and have had them for years.  Assuredly records will disappear and history will be rewritten rapidly, efforts are underway to destroy my credibility and the credibility of the team helping me, but we do not intend to shut up or be intimidated.  We are compiling documentation of their efforts to contact our families, friends, co-workers, etc. to get them to distrust us and listen to them – they are using big name people, like Petraeus and the general who attacked me in 1998, to do this.  We are watching and monitoring them, using legal law enforcement assets, who have helped me.  No laws have been broken, because I insisted from the beginning that anyone on my team must obey the law, no matter what.  All will be exposed in time.

I believe FOX News has been a huge Russian/Chinese/Murdoch agitprop front from its inception.  It really is FAUX news.  A lot of effort has gone into buying into this rabid partisanship and FOX has been central to that effort.  CNN was a communist infiltrated effort almost from its inception, due to Ted Turner’s far left political ideology.  FOX feeds the rabid right-wing political ideology.   The O’Reilly/Beck enterprise, I believe is a YUGE con to dupe good conservative Americans, all while playing that they are looking out for “the folks”.   Just look at Beck and his cast of grifters,  who played good people to join the Tea Party (another foreign agitprop effort), plus the rallies making huge profits, and the endless books they churn out effortlessly – likely some team of Soviet infiltrators who set up shop decades ago there, that’s for sure.  Look at the grifters in the Beck ads on his show.  I did subscribe to his online show – trying to figure out what his schtick was all about – those endless board connections and intonations about evil progressives, but mostly I kept looking at his commercials filled with obvious grifters.  He even hijacked George Washington to fund this subversion of America.  Here’s a priceless Beck con man – “The Citadel enterprise”, which I wrote about in 2013:

Sweet land of liberty….. (or land of the gullible)?

O’Reilly took longer for me to figure out, but this takedown of George Will, then fabricated political kabuki theater with Rich Lowry at National Review and William Kristol shed light on the big picture – they are characters in the agitprop script too.  They likely have many writers on their staffs who are loyal Americans, so if you are one of those, beware of your job security – you will be eliminated once my story goes public, if you speak up or challenge them.

They intend to shut down free speech in America, all to silence me, just a nobody homemaker, because I intend to expose the big picture foreign infiltration and the wholesale political corruption.  It is on both sides of the aisle and every candidate in this 2016, I feel, is either knowingly or duped by the corrupt organized criminals and/or foreign infiltrators.  In the GOP field, I intend to expose the many foreign infiltration forces within the GOP, both groups and individuals.  These come in the form of foreign agents who stayed in America, because they didn’t all go home when the USSR collapsed, but it also includes some Christian churches and movements that were also heavily infiltrated decades ago (hint it’s not just Rev. Jeremiah Wright – many are nice-looking white churches too), take a close look at the televangelists, Mormons and prosperity gospel, for starters.  Hard as this will come for many, I highly suspect that the NRA is part of a foreign agitprop movement since the 1930s, a decade which gave CPUSA more recruits than any other period in US history.  It was only recently, watching a Beck crossover grifter, move from Beck’s talk radio enterprise, to TV ads for beet juice, to now NRA ads, that I connected these dots, but unlike Beck, I intend to make my connections with hard facts and documentation.  Think tanks on both sides were infiltrated from their inception.

The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) has been a huge foreign military front with their bogus maps and Elizabeth O’Bagy, check here, here, here here, here, here.

The Petraues mistress scandal smells like a set-up – he was set up by foreign intelligence agents.  I suspect that both Broadwell and that Jill Kelley woman, who exposed the scandal, were part of a hostile foreign effort.

The general who attacked me in 1998, was forced to retire, because he it sure looks like he was set-up by a hostile foreign effort, a foreign reporter – he was a top military leader from Desert Storm.  I believe, he had been set up years before through a long-running foreign infiltration effort, embedded in our government’s civilian personnel services

The Soviets have targeted taking down our top military leaders, in both the NCO and officer ranks, for decades. I observed this in 1980, when I believed my husband was a target.  My husband had a best friend married to a German woman from Berlin.  She had then joined the US Army too.  She was in a personnel job in a Pershing missile brigade, when I met her.  She was involved in an affair with my husband, before I ever dated him and unbeknownst to me when I first married my husband.  She ruthlessly tried to break up my marriage and even followed my husband from Germany to Fort Bragg.  She convinced her husband, an unimpressive infantry NCO to go to jump school.  He passed, she failed, but she kept showing up trying to destroy my marriage.  Later, when my husband returned to Germany, after a stint as a drill sergeant, she made another attempt, perhaps successful.  My husband stalled for almost 6 months to get an apartment off-post, because he said the list for housing was very long.  Finally, when I said, I didn’t believe that and pressured him, he quickly found an apartment.  Within two weeks of my arrival he had to travel to southern Germany for an important field training exercise.  While he was gone, first this woman called me to tell me that my husband had come to visit them, where they were stationed in Germany.  She gloatingly told me that my husband had left his wedding band at their house, by saying, “I have his wedding ring!”.  Also during that same field training exercise, I received an envelope addressed to me, in our post mailbox at the military post office, where we received our mail. I do not know who sent this to this day, but it had a photo of a man, who may or may not have been my husband, because the face was covered.  The photo was a nude man with a nude woman straddled on his lap, facing him.  I did not know anyone there yet.  Many other events happened during that tour in Germany, enough to make me want to divorce my husband when we left Germany.  That  German woman from 1980 and her husband are now retired from the Army, living near Fort Huachuca, where she has a civilian government service job on post:

The major units are the United States Army Network Enterprise Technology Command (NETCOM) and the United States Army Intelligence Center. Libby Army Airfield is on post and shares its runway with Sierra Vista Municipal Airport. It was an alternate landing location for the space shuttle.

I observed a tactic, of what I believed was Soviet infiltration into the US Armed Forces, through the civilian government service jobs in the secretarial field – setting up agents to serve as civilian secretaries at various command levels, where they latched on to selected officers and NCOs tabbed as top leaders or in critical fields, like S-2 shops.  I saw this happen several times and thought, hummm, here’s another one.  My battalion commander in that Pershing missile battalion, long ago, had a German, local hire, secretary, who was very chic and attractive and she seemed to have her claws in my battalion commander, another very good leader.  She watched me like a hawk, because my battalion commander, liked me and called me Fraulein Wünderbar, along with treating me like his daughter.  He displayed courtly manners toward me, generating a great deal of anger among many of his officers and other women in the battalion, some even calling me the “battalion princess” or one captain, one day, angrily blurting out, “are you too good for the rest of the Army?,” after I had been shown preferential treatment by my battalion commander.  When that battalion commander left with his wife and headed stateside, that German secretary latched onto the dorky S-2 officer and at the time, I thought, wow that’s an odd couple.  And so it went, I observed.

The truth will out in the end and I intend to speak the TRUTH and although it’s almost an insurmountable task to prove that I am not a terrorist or threat to America.   This still is America and I don’t have to prove that; they must prove that I am a threat or a terrorist.  We still have The Constitution as our rule of law!

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Blue cheese still stinks

As a child my mother taught us to eat whatever was served when we were guests and to never utter a word of complaint.  I vividly recall eating dinner at a friend’s home, where there were 8 children in that family.   Her father dished out the food from the head of the table and they passed the plates around to each child.  Everyone got the same thing.   On this particular night, her mother had made spaghetti and there was a large bowl of tossed salad, from which her father dished out salad and poured on blue cheese salad dressing, then he dished out spaghetti  right next to the salad.  I had never eaten blue cheese salad dressing and the first bite startled me and made me want to spit it out,  but of course I couldn’t do that, so I swallowed it.  Her mother asked me if everything was okay and I said, “Yes, everything is very good.”  Then I focused my attention on eating every bite of that salad and the spaghetti, without giving any indication that all I wanted to do was barf.

That’s the kind of focus it takes to swallow the blue cheese dressing on the tossed salad of PC lies about Islamic terrorist attacks in America.   The reporting of the attack on a Philadelphia police officer by a 30 year-old black man had the mayor of Philadelphia declaring there was no Islam to see with this attack, yet the Philadelphia police commissioner stated that the shooter said he had declared allegiance to ISIS and shot the police officer to defend Islam.  Clearly the shooter expressed a religious belief in his actions.

As the afternoon wore on, some politicians and some in the PC media insisted the shooter was nuts, after all the shooter’s mother had told them that her son had been hearing voices and  had mental health issues.   The mother also reported that her son had become a very devout Muslim.

Are being mentally-ill and being a radical Islamic terrorist mutually exclusive conditions?

The shooter reportedly used a stolen gun.   From whom did he get that gun?

The shooter was reportedly a known felon who turned to Islam in prison.  Might we inquire if the shooter belonged to a black Muslim prison gang or who his spiritual advisers were in prison?  Or is that too inflammatory to ask?  Did he attend a mosque?

Late in the evening several TV news reports said the FBI is checking into whether the shooter had traveled to Saudi Arabia.  If that turns out to be true, might we inquire where he came up with the money for such a trip?

President Obama always quick to jump into racial dramas where he can cast the police as acting stupidly remained silent on the white Philadelphia police officer shot in cold blood by a young black, self-proclaimed Muslim man, who stated he had pledged allegiance to ISIS.   Did I miss the President taking to the air to condemn this terrorist attack on American soil?

Here’s a rundown on the story:

Look, here’s a clue – the black community has it’s own radical Islam problem.  Much of it percolates from within the US prison system, where foreign money and Islamic prison gangs convert many young black men to Islam.  Outside of the prisons many black gangs and groups recruit, agitate and incite crimes and promote radical Islamic ideology.  Clue, they were there in Ferguson and Baltimore, but some hide under benign names like National President of  Black Lawyers for Justice .  And some of that blue cheese comes straight from the White House.  The Islamic/black gang/ black grievance industry nexus needs to be thoroughly investigated.  I’ve written about this before: here, here, here.

Blue cheese still stinks,  but I think I could choke that down better than these pathetic politicians trying to cover-up the truth.

Added thought:  After a look into the Islamic/black gang/ black grievance industry nexus, perhaps it’s time to look into decades of Arab money directed toward American black colleges and black college students too.   Perhaps, President Obama can offer some insights into this topic…


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A Strategy to Defeat Theo-fascism

Source: Surely, whatever passed for American foreign or military policy in the past three decades is not working. Just as clearly, in case anyone keeps score these days, the dark side of Islam is ascendant at home and abroad. What follows here is a catalogue…

G. Murphy Donovan offers the clearest strategic blueprint to win the war against Imperial Islam, a war that others prefer to euphemize rather than face.  This is a must read piece!


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No crows in sight

With the 2016 presidential race well under way, foreign policy “strategies” get tossed about, but so far no candidate has offered a clear policy or worse demonstrated a clear understanding of the threats facing America.  While the GOP candidates jostle to outdo each other on sounding tough, Hillary offers more of the Obama failed policies and Sanders doesn’t even have a foreign policy.

My frustration with the foreign policy “experts” centers squarely on the cherry-picking of events, intelligence and “expertise” to bolster domestic partisan political views rather than dealing with what General Mike Flynn referred to as it’s time to “get real”.  In order to “get real” it’s way past time to look at American foreign policy actions and then assess how those actions actually fared in achieving the strategic objectives.  Another big problem rests with the experts themselves, whose careers and reputations become intricately linked to the policies, leading to myopic clinging to bad policies or policies that worked in the short term, but also instigated large scale, long-term blowback.

For instance, President Reagan armed the mujahadin in Afghanistan to fight the Soviet Union and thwart Soviet expansion.  Certainly, the Soviets were thwarted, but those radical mujahadin evolved into Al Qaeda.  Too many Republicans try to  ignore or gloss over that nexus of arming radical Salafist nuts, to later find those weapons and training used against the US.  The Clinton administration spent the 1990s trying to minimize and trivialize  the threat Al Qaeda posed, preferring to turn a blind eye to increasing radicalization and targeting of Western and US interests around the world.

In Bosnia the Clinton administration embarked on choosing a side in a bloody civil war and chose to arm Bosnian Muslim radicals, while the Western press propagandized the combatants, turning some into saints and some into evil incarnate.  No clear US national security interest ever surfaced for US intervention, just a lot of feel good humanitarian claptrap.  Atrocities  were committed by not only the Serbs, but by the Bosnian Muslims too.  In the intervening years, arming and aiding the Bosnian Muslims has allowed radical Islamists and Iran to use Bosnia as a European training ground and smuggling corridor into Europe.  John Smith, wrote a piece on this yesterday, “Clinton’s Bosnia Adventure Goes South”. John Schindler, at the XX Committee blog, had a piece on this a few weeks ago.  Schindler has researched the Bosnia misadventure extensively, penned a book on the subject, but he also offers many free links to information at his blog: “Operation CUT: Bosnia versus the Islamic State”.

After 9/11, the US embarked on a “war on terror”, which took several strategic paths, but none of them achieved a decisive defeat of “terror” or defeat of the Islamist terrorists waging that war.  Throughout the GWB years, adminsitration officials endlessly announced the death of Al Qaeda #2 or #3 or “high-ranking”, all to no avail, because this decapitation strategy doesn’t work to degrade or defeat Islamist terrorist organizations.  John McCreary’s Nightwatch printed a very insightful comment on this approach 11/7/13.

“It also highlights a degenerative leadership pattern resulting from the US program of leadership decapitation. First, there is always someone waiting for the chance to be leader. Second, the new leaders are less experienced and wise than the men they replace. Third, the new generation of leaders is more extreme and theologically rigid than its predecessors. Finally, the new leaders tend to be unknown to intelligence relative to their predecessors. Decapitation is not a permanent solution to an insurgency or an uprising.”

The Obama administration continues this decapitation strategy, without any positive strategic outcome.

President Obama decided to try a novel and extremely foolhardy approach to extract the US from the stuck military occupations of the Bush administration.  Yes, partisan politics aside, the ouster of Saddam Hussein was a strategic mistake.  It destabilized the region even more and emboldened Iran.  Enter President Obama and he compounds the errors with catastrophic blunders – announcing a withdrawal date before he even got troops on the ground in Afghanistan for his ballyhooed surge, that never materialized.  The Taliban hunkered down to wait us out and they sit poised now to seize control of Afghanistan after we leave.  In Iraq, Obama decided to pull out too and created a power vacuum, which the Islamic State capitalized on setting up a pseudo-state.

From the minute the glorious Arab Spring hit the news, an endless cycle of feel-good, fairy tale “democratic” beliefs replaced sound, hard-nosed strategic analysis.  In Egypt, the US supported the ouster of a staunch US ally, all to champion the Muslim Brotherhood, which US officials, from the President to his intelligence gurus James Clapper and John Brennan, to his clueless Secretary of State, with her MB affiliated top aide by her side, proclaimed as a mostly “secular” organization.  Of course, that was a lie, mayhem in Egypt ensued and the Egyptian military restored some semblance of order, albeit  within an autocratic military regime state structure.  In the process of tossing aside Mubarak, US credibility plummeted, because now all leaders in that region know the US can not be trusted.  In that strategic blunder, President Obama cavalierly created an existential threat to Israel, the US’s closest ally in the region.  Israel had to rethink it’s entire national security strategy when the Sinai security framework disappeared.

Moving on, the Obama administration and many GOP leaders, like John McCain and Lindsey Graham jumped onto the Arab Spring bandwagon too.  Libya became another strategic disaster – the US displaced a strongman dictator, who had been cooperating with US anti-terrorism efforts, all to support some imaginary moderate rebel “freedom-fighters”.  That these rebels turned out to be Al-Qaeda-affiliated and Islamist radicals should surprise no one, because here again the intelligence contained these facts, but politicians chose to believe the myths.  In the case of Libya, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton received updates of unvetted information from her long-time friend, Sidney Blumenthal, who was promoting his own business interests and her own privately-funded intelligence operative, Tyler Drumheller.

Who was the US arming in Libya?  And where did the US send those weapons it was gathering up at Benghazi?  Well, the likely answers are radical Islamists (you know, the types who are ideological bedfellows of Al Qaeda and the Islamic State).     The action then moved to Syria, where the Obama administration and many Republicans decided it was in US national interest to oust a dictator and create another power vacuum.  The balanced weighing of vetted intelligence again fell to the “experts” outside of the US intelligence apparatus.  In Syria, the Obama administration, many top Republicans, neocon pundits and the media all relied on one young woman as the fount of knowledge on the Syrian rebels – one Elizabeth O’Bagy.  How this one young woman became the go-to definitive source that both Secretary of State, John Kerry and GOP leader, John McCain relied on defies reason.  How did this one young woman become THE source the US government was relying on???

In Syria, more of the same, the Obama administration had the CIA arming “moderate” Syrian rebels, although all of these rebels are Islamists and none of them indicates a willingness to respect ethnic and religious minorities, but these are the “moderates” the Obama administration chose to back.

GOP candidates like Rubio, still tout the neocon talking points and the one that irks me the most is the charge that if only Obama had intervened sooner in Syria civil war, then things would be different.  Why in the hell and by what reasoning is it in US national interests to jump into the middle of a civil war in a country that is not of vital national security interest to the US?  This same humanitarian argument is the same one President Clinton used in Bosnia.

And here’s where we are at – none of the candidates on either side wants to actually sit down and objectively assess the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to US foreign policy.  Every strategy comes with unforeseen, unpredictable blowback and consequences.  Ignoring these unpleasant realities, to prop up partisan, not quite strategic talking points, leaves us falling further and further afield of  comprehending the reality on the ground and of being able to choose a better path forward.  We are lost in the land of false narratives, faux experts and fallacious reasoning.  Surveying the 2016 field, as far as the eye can see,  it’s very unlikely any of the 2016 candidates will be able to cut through the crap and as JK advised, “learn to be a crow and seek the golden nuggets” from the pile.   The 2016 field appears to be all magpies and mockingbirds – no crows in sight.

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This and that

The following is a short list of interesting links to read:

Britain designates the Muslim Brotherhood as an ideological organizing force for terrorists –

John Schindler details the Bosnian terrorism connection –

Retired General Mike Flynn discusses President Obama’s ideological fallacies – hint, it’s not about guns or Islamophobia –

JK posted this opinion piece from the NY Times in a comment, but it’s a must read:

Now a short personal story on how computer inept yours truly really is.  For Christmas, I gave my four granddaughters Kindle Fire tablets.  As a loyal amazon customer, how could I pass up Kindle Fires for $49.99?  So, because I am an avid book collector (hoarder), there are hundreds of books on my kindle already, but in all fairness, many are free books from their classics listing or old history, that very few people want to read.

So, due to already having given my older two granddaughters plain kindle e-readers last year and linking those to my account, I had put a lot of books in my library for kids – to include many free classics that I deemed appropriate for their ages.  After a discussion with my daughter, we decided to link these Kindle Fires to my account and my library, but amazon has this “Family Library” you can set up, which my daughter did for me, but then she told me I would have to sort out which books I wanted to put in their libraries and that’s when the problems started.

I kept trying to remove my books from their libraries to no avail and then I decided that perhaps instead of “remove”, I should be hitting the “delete” books from the Family Library.  Of course, in my usual bumbling fashion, I deleted 616 of my books, believing that by removing them from the “Family Library” it was like removing books from my Kindle device – which archives them.

Nope, it deleted them permanently, so  I called amazon’s customer service.  The poor women talked me through deleting this “Family Library” but then we came to my books.  I asked her how to get my books back and at first she said I’d have to repurchase them and I said I’ve spent a lot of money on books for years.  Then she had to do some checking and she told me I had deleted 616 books and she asked me which ones I wanted back.  I responded, “All of them.”

This lady stayed polite and courteous, even though, as my son told me, “You know she hates you and everyone there is talking about how stupid you are, right?”  Justifiably so, but she did restore all of my books to my account and it took her quite a while, because she said there was no way to do them all at once and she’d have to do them one at a time.  She asked me if it was okay if she called me back when she was done.  And an hour later she called me back and told me all my books were restored and was very gracious and she sent a signed email message:

We’d appreciate your feedback. Please use the links below to tell us about your experience today.

I’ve restored your access to “616 books,” which you previously purchased from the Kindle Store. It is now available to download from your Archived Items or Cloud tab on your device.  You can also download your content through the Manage Your Content and Devices page.

I am very grateful for that kind and warm approach you gave during the call. I’m glad I was able to help you out today.

I hope I was able to assist you today. Please use the links below to provide us your valuable feedback

I love and that lady deserves a raise!


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