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Has Obama consulted BLM yet?

So, another lethal assault on law enforcement today.  I was busy steam-cleaning my carpets, did I miss another big White House meeting where President Obama and Loretta Lynch can seek the expertise of Al Sharpton and more BLM anarchists???

Attacking law enforcement is anarchy.  From the White House on down, this line of vile race-baiters,  are encouraging this BLM anarchy.  BLM should already be on a terrorist watch list.  Some stupid BLM woman was on a group discussion on Megyn Kelly’s show last week and she said we need to abolish the police.  Well, wake-up America, that’s ANARCHY!  BLM, Sharpton, President Obama and Loretta Lynch callously and cynically exploit police shootings against black men for their partisan propaganda purposes.  The goal is to advance President Obama’s plans to federalize policing in America and to enact stricter gun control.

I’ve been thinking about Jade Helm 15 a lot in recent days.  What was that really all about???

Whenever you ask questions of the Obama administration, they paint you as a tinfoil hat conspiracy nut, to marginalize you and SILENCE you.  This too is an old communist tactic.


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“Anything but Islam” again…

The “anything but Islam” obfuscation from the Left, in the wake of the Orlando terrorist attack continues to rapidly spread, carried by vicious alien brain-eating spiders, which have taken over liberal rags and mass media.

Let’s see this radicalized Muslim whackado murdered 49 people and injured scores of others, while proclaiming his allegiance to ISIS. Nope, his motive couldn’t be his radical religious beliefs, that would make perfect sense.

So, let’s review the lies. Right off the bat they insisted the terrorist’s motives weren’t clear, but they were sure he wasn’t motivated by his Islamic faith, afterall, just because this guy had become very devout in his religious practices, had expressed support for Al Qaeda and Islamic-inspired attacks against Americans is no reason to link his jihadist beliefs to actually committing jihad. That would be Islamophobic to make that connection. “Islam is a peaceful religion”, you must repeat….. or else.

Then it was the plethora of attacking evil guns and the alleged Christian hate against gays is so pervasive that somehow Christians are responsible for this Muslim who pledged allegiance to ISIS and waged jihad. When you believe the insanity from the Left couldn’t get much worse, well, a political writer, Amanda Marcotte, at Salon explains the real cause:

In the wake of the horrific shooting in Orlando that left 50 dead, a political struggle is forming on whether to define this act as an anti-gay crime or an act of radical Islamic terrorism.

The answer, it’s quickly starting to seem, is both of these, and more. A picture is quickly starting to form of who Omar Mateen, the shooter, was. His ex-wife describes a man who was controlling and abusive. A colleague says he was always using racial and sexual slurs and “talked about killing people all the time.” Both his ex-wife and his father describe him as homophobic, with his father saying he spun into a rage at the sight of two men kissing. He was clearly fond of guns, having not one, but two concealed carry licenses. He worked at a security firm, a career that can be attractive to men with dominance and control issues. He was investigated by the FBI in 2013 for making threats to a coworker.

There is a common theme here: Toxic masculinity.

Every time feminists talk about toxic masculinity, there is a chorus of whiny dudes who will immediately assume — or pretend to assume — that feminists are condemning all masculinity, even though the modifier “toxic” inherently suggests that there are forms of masculinity that are not toxic.

So, to be excruciatingly clear, toxic masculinity is a specific model of manhood, geared towards dominance and control. It’s a manhood that views women and LGBT people as inferior, sees sex as an act not of affection but domination, and which valorizes violence as the way to prove one’s self to the world.

For obvious political reasons, conservatives are hustling as fast as they can to make this about “radical Islam,” which is to say they are trying to imply that there’s something inherent to Islam and not Christianity that causes such violence. This, of course, is hoary nonsense, as there is a long and ignoble history of Christian-identified men, caught up in the cult of toxic masculinity, sowing discord and causing violence in our country: The gun-toting militiamen that caused a showdown in Oregon, the self-appointed border patrol called the Minutemen that recently made news again as their founder was convicted of child molestation, men who attack abortion clinics and providers.

There you have it……… “toxic masculinity” made him do it.

Ahem, Ms Marcotte, as to your assertion: “they are trying to imply that there’s something inherent to Islam and not Christianity that causes such violence.”, let me answer that in one word for you – JIHAD. That is what is inherent in Islam that is NOT in Christianity.

My head is going to explode… where is my fainting couch?

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A tougher ISIS plan

My thoughts on what to do about ISIS follow.

We need to use military force to a purpose and “crushing” terrorists, who are widely dispersed in more than 80 countries isn’t feasible. The military force needs to be about taking away territory controlled by ISIS and insuring a political situation on the ground follows that does not embrace radical Islam. The proponents of “go crush them” almost invariably are the same ones who don’t want us getting bogged down in the ME again and a common refrain is “we go crush them and come home”, except that is a ridiculous idea, because unless there’s a dramatic, long-term political change on the ground, Islamic terrorist groups keep springing up in the ME.

Trump tough talking points aren’t a strategy, they’re his usual mindless bluster and what he thinks will play well in the polls. Trump decides merits on the polls – national security is just a huge popularity contest to him – if most people agree with it, it’s “great”. You want to see how Trump really operates, just peek at the internal chaos inside his campaign or that he’s at the general election stage and still doesn’t have a viable ground game or that none of his plans is ever well-thought out with clear, coherent planning. You want to see what Hillary is like, well,  just look to the carefully focus-group tested parsing she engages in as she tries to find the right words to sell herself. In real world tests of foreign policy chops – look at the mess in Libya as exhibit A on her foreign policy “successes”.  Both of them are unfit to be commander-in-chief and both lack any real understanding of foreign policy. Their foreign policy ideas are always about what words and phrases will poll best, not about sound national security strategy.

I’m all for profiling and being tougher, but tougher needs to be smart and it starts with a comprehensive national strategy that incorporates every tool of national power to deal with the real problem and that’s not primarily ISIS, it’s a much larger threat – the collapsing Islamic civilization. As their civilization keeps falling apart its tremors and eruptions keep impacting us more and more. Some of our strategy needs to be offensive, but a lot of it also needs to be defensive to protect Americans from the fall-out. We can’t go in and fix Islamic civilization, so we need to use our military options carefully and where we have regional leaders working with us to stabilize the situation on the ground and we need to choose the areas we expend military force to ones that are of vital national interest to us.

My views are controversial. Frankly, jumping into the hot mess that is Iraq and Syria impetuously isn’t smart imho. The Russian are there, the Iranians are there – we will only get played for fools if we rush into Syria. In Iraq, Obama walked away and Iran now is the driving force behind the Iraqi government. The Iraqi government relies on Shia militias to fight ISIS and those militias are funded and controlled by Iran, so our military actions are bolstering Iran in Iraq these days, not doing a thing to defeat ISIS. The Shia control in Baghdad assures the Sunni insurgency (ISIS and other Sunni tribal groups) will continue. Let Iran and the Russians cope with that. We need to use our military force where it benefits us and rushing into Syria is a strategic trap where we will end up being the dupe.

I would engage in some tough foreign policy talks with regional leaders and Russia and China, before blabbing about carpet bombing ISIS or destroying ISIS. That entire “moderate Syrian rebels” malarkey was an hostile foreign propaganda coup and that the Institute for the Study of War was a prime spreader of that should raise a lot of red flags. It was a wild goose chase, because vetted US intelligence knew early on that the Syrian rebels were radicalized early and all of those groups were Islamist – some more Islamist than others, but nonetheless Islamist. These “experts” pushing for us to rush in and destroy ISIS are 3rd rate checkers strategic players. Putin would love to see us bogged down in Iraq/Syria, as he and the Chinese make military moves elsewhere and we are unable to respond. We need to wake-up and play the “diplomacy” game like chess players and quit being the 3rd rate checkers player on the world stage!

Obama has gutted our military and infested it with social engineering policies designed to destroy military cohesion and effectiveness. We need to rid the military of Obama’s policies and rebuild our military. We aren’t ready for some ramped up ISIS war or carpet bombing for that matter. That’s the real truth and that alone should scare every American. We need to rebuild our military

I think we should use the laws already on the books and place a ban on immigration from several radical Islam hot bed countries due to the political instability in those countries and then we need to have an across the board standard that every immigrant or refugee coming into America needs to be thoroughly vetted. Obama wants to let in 10,000 before he leaves office. It goes without saying we should have secured our borders all along – why we haven’t is a national disgrace. Putin, Soros and and other American enemies are fueling this entire “refugee crisis” – they are using it to destabilize Western countries – that is obvious. All sorts of “NGOs” are set-up from the fake passport shops to locations all along the route into Europe to feed, clothe, direct the flow of “refugees”, provide them cell phones, etc. There are Soros-funded groups in America to promote the “refugee” policy here too, but even more alarming is many Christian charities get big bucks from the federal government to provide “refugee services” and they are propaganda machines too.

As to domestic policing – how about we untie their hands and let’s quit with all the Islamophobia hype and focus on finding these ISIS terrorists and connections in America. We can do that while still protecting the civil liberties of all Americans.

Here’s an excellent big picture piece by Daniel Greenfield on the civilizational crisis in the Islamic world:

Islam’s Violence is Rooted in Instability


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Loose threads

Here are some LB  foreign policy loose threads I’m pondering:

Cheney – family involved with the Kimberly Kagan Institute for the Study of War

ISW – hired “Dr.” Elizabeth O’Bagy the “moderate Syrian rebel expert” and Political Director of the Syrian Emergency Task Force. O’Bagy also listed in her bio on her ISW report on Syria rebels that her thesis topic was “women’s militancy”. O’Bagy was exposed as not having a doctorate degree and she was fired from the ISW. (… ). Here’s her 2012 ISW report on Syria –http://www.understandingwar.or…

Now, back in early 2013 Senator John McCain took a “fact-finding” trip to Syria and he was led on this trip by O’Bagy and the SETF. He was conveniently staged to be photographed with Syrian rebels, who were later reported to be terrorists. (a set-up)

Sec of State Kerry and McCain both relied on O’Bagy’s reporting on the “Syrian moderates”, yet in 2015 McClatchy reported that US intelligence knew about the radicalization of the Syrian rebels early, yet Kerry and McCain were relying on this young woman’s expertise. (… ),

Kerry and McCain have often made strange foreign policy flip flops and here they were both selling the advice of this unknown young woman, whose only credentials came from the ISW promoting her as the “Syrian Expert”.

Both Kerry and McCain chose to believe “intelligence” from this unknown young woman OVER vetted intelligence from US intelligence reports.

Keep in mind that stories float about from time to time about both, Kerry and McCain, about inconsistencies with their Vietnam conduct. Even in this weird Trump circus, Trump attacked McCain (inciting a huge backlash). Kerry had that whole “Swift boat” backlash.

Emotions aside, just consider that photo McCain was staged in, on that fact-finding trip to Syria, by O’Bagy and that SETF. McCain became the loudest cheerleader about arming “moderate” Syrian rebels, McCain also immediately hired this  young woman, just fired from the ISW for LYING on her resume.

So, after the ISW fired O’Bagy, John McCain turned right around and hired this woman as a staffer and the question I want to know is did O’Bagy ever undergo a security background check or was it waived. She’s still on his staff. O’Bagy had a lot of strange connections

Here’s Kimberly Kagan’s husband Frederick beating the drum for US aiding “Syrian Moderates” –… That piece is priceless – so we’re supposed to wage a half-hearted strike to boost the morale of the Syrian rebels – at the expense of US military credibility…

The other Kagan and his lovely wife, Victoria Nuland are also menaces to US foreign policy. (I have many doubts about this crowd, that manages to routinely steer America into really bad foreign policy messes.

When Russia acted in Syria the ISW provided maps to FOX news and CNN – where the maps differed, the WH narrative and military analysis by the FOX military analysts Gen Jack Keane (also in the board of ISW) and LTC Shaffer did not match the details on the map:

Embedded image permalink

Image from Megyn Kelly’s Twitter-


Image from


“Syrian official says ‘wide-scale offensive’ launched”
Russian airstrikes in Syria from September 30 to October 5

Gen.Keane pushed for arming the illusive “Syrian moderates” and yet the “narrative” at the time the Russians moved in Syria, the neocon big voices  were screaming about the Russians and claiming they were targeting US-backed “moderate” Syrian rebels. The heaviest shot group of attacks on these maps was north of Hama, which these ISW map legends indicate was controlled by Jubhat al Nusra, Syrian rebels or ISIS – 3 maps from the ISW – three different takes on the strikes the Obama narrative and the ISW were ranting were the Russians targeting “CIA trained US Syrian “moderate” rebels. The media and punditry “experts” all went with the “narrative”.

The US military was publicly berated by McCain over the slow pace of the US military vetting and training “moderate” Syrian rebels in some $500 million dollar program. A US general was dragged before a McCain public hearing and berated for incompetency basically. Long before the CIA was shipping weapons from Benghazi to Syria – (Benghazi another spectacular bad policy with lots of hostile foreign intelligence setting up Obama and Hillary). The US military always ends up being the fall-guy for McCain in big show hearings. The US military was having a hard time finding “moderate” Syrian rebels to train (the CIA not so much – guess it depends on the definition of “moderate”)…

For a flavor of how the US military training of “moderate” Syrian rebels went, even before this staged public humiliation of another US general – here’s what happened when the US military trained the “moderate” Syrian rebel leader that Foreign Policy magazine dubbed the “last best hope for Syria” (… ) – well, the US military trained Jamal Maaroouf and his band of “moderates”. Maarouf then went back into the fight armed with US TOW missiles and declared a truce with ISIS (… )

The US military is being set up by its own government to look weak and ineffectual – aided by the likes of Kerry and McCain and also America’s “greatest” general, who appears to have been set up too by hostile foreign intelligence. Plea deals btw usually mean more serious charges are dropped to make the case go away in cases that are embarrassing to an administration. McCain still calls the “greatest” general in to testify – even though the general was disgraced and showed gross lack of judgment to mishandle sensitive information that contained information on actual human assets on the ground in Afghanistan (these are LIVES his careless and reckless actions put at risk). Yet, he shows up to say whatever he’s been pressured to say and the media still sells Petraeus as the “greatest general of his generation”….

The ISW was instrumental behind the surge in Iraq, but blowback always follows. al Baghdadi went from the leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq to the Caliph of ISIS/ ISIS,/IS. al Baghdadi was well known to the US military in Iraq, in fact, he had been held prisoner by the US in Iraq. Yet the Obama administration and the media pretended al Baghdadi came out of the blue. Insurgencies deepen and Salafist terrorists get more radical as they splinter into other groups. America’s greatest general emerged as some new military genius of the ages with his COIN, he had an affair with his biographer, compromised sensitive information and resigned as the director of the CIA.

“The affair brought down the retired four-star general who led U.S. strategy in Iraq and Afghanistan. Petraeus resigned from his role as director of the CIA in 2012 after it was revealed that he shared with Broadwell eight “black books” that he had compiled in Afghanistan and improperly kept after retiring from the Army.

The binders reportedly contained secret codes and covert identities, as well as overall strategy discussions and security reports. Broadwell kept the books for at least four days in 2011, according to prosecutors. They were seized by the FBI during a 2013 raid on Petraeus’ home. Court documents also show that Petraeus lied about keeping the sensitive information and about giving it to Broadwell, according to the Observer. Broadwell has not been charged with any crimes.”…

Petraeus was given a slap on the wrist and he had Hillary’s lawyer, David Kendall. The odder part of the Petraeus fall is that socialite, Jill Kelley, who was hobnobbing with the generals at Central Command in Tampa. General Allen was exchanging emails with this woman. She has no connection to the Army, yet she was like a goodwill ambassador hobnobbing at Central Command. Kelley – American citizen, born in Lebanon. I don’t buy into the no profiling – I look at family, ethnic and religious connections, then political to figure out who people are. I wonder if anyone at Central Command ever checked out this woman due to her close connections with top American generals at a highly-sensitive command headquarters.

Cheney and his Kagan connections make me uneasy. I think George H.W. Bush had it right – GWB got some very bad advice. I also suspect our government, at high levels, is infiltrated by hostile foreign intelligence.

So after the mess in Iraq, courtesy of military geniuses, like the Kagans being listened to and the ISW forming, then came the ISW clamor to charge into the Syrian civil war and this entire fabricated “Syrian moderate” wild goose chase. I keep wondering if this ISW is a foreign front set-up and that leads to other troubling questions about those connected to it. Too many bad vibes from that Kagan family and Dick Cheney.

Nothing good comes to American troops from listening to Cheney’s foreign policy advice or the Kagans, imo. Why on earth with Afghanistan poised to fall back into the hands of the Taliban, Iraq a wreck, Libya a wreck, Egypt trying to stabilize from that “Arab Spring” MB takeover, facilitated by the Obama administration would we charge into a civil war where an odious strong-man, who has been a Russian ally for decades and with the Russians’ naval base at Tartus, try to jump into a civil war being waged by ISLAMISTS (of varying degrees of radicalization- but all ISLAMISTS)??? The ISW was a big driver of that push.

Nuland was involved in creating US embarrassments in the Ukraine (Russian speaker btw). Yet her actions in Ukraine created embarrassment for the US with our European allies and the Russians leaked her phone call from an unsecured phone call to the US ambassador in Kiev. I wonder about her too….

So, Nuland and her neocon husband, switched to support Hillary back in February 2016- So keep in mind that  hostile foreign players like to cover all the bases and keep all avenues in to the halls of power in Washington open.

Lots of weirdness

In this Trump show – Trump went out and trashed McCain, being fed bad advice from his advisers (now who is really providing this advice to Trump is an open question – my leaning is Trump was set-up by Clinton operatives, – note Carville and crowd operate like the KGB or old East German Stasi in their opposition research behavior and ruthless character assassinations – planting stories in the media too.. Remember Carville came to notice when Bill Clinton defeated George H. W. Bush and Carville married Mary Matalin… I have had many doubts about how George H.W. Bush got defeated by the Matalin/Carville team (hostile foreign operatives is what I have suspected for years).

In a recent Kerry move the US military suffered another humiliation –…

Biden is there as an Obama minder – to make sure things don’t get too out of hand – (wonder who Biden is aligned with? Putin or Soros?)

So, partisan politics aside we have Trump and Hillary both running “scorched earth/mass media saturation strategy” as presidential campaigning and that type of INFORMATION WARFARE. This mass media saturation  allows CONTROL of the 24/7 NEW cycle in America to a particular political agenda or political figure..

Carville/Begala scorched earth is the military strategy of scorched earth (a war crime under the Geneva Conventions btw) juxtaposed to a mass media battlefield

Mass media saturation is the military strategy of swarming juxtaposed to a mass media battlefield

Combined, they have been ruthlessly used to divide America into hostile, warring factions. Perhaps it’s time to figure out the driving force(s) behind them.

CNN and MSNBC are overrun with foreign operatives, I believe. Ed Schultz is on RT, Soledad O’Brien went to Al Jazeera. Look at Amanpour (Iranian), who pushed for US intervention in Bosnia and can be counted on to set up the US military at every turn. Amanpour btw married into the Clinton administration in the 90s, allowing her even closer access to the State Dept goings on . Former Carville/Begala partner is at ABC, with his church-boy smile and persona.

FOX News is a foreign-owned corporation that fuels agitation propaganda on the right, to incite flag-waving Americans.

FOX just helped Trump wage the GOP Insurgency with 24/7 scorched earth/mass media saturation for Trump. Hillary has a MB agent by her side. I believe Obama has an Iranian agent by his side and an Arabist (close Saudi ties/perhaps devoted Muslim) at the CIA.. Trump is being fed advice by some really bad advisers – time to find out who is really playing Trump. Trump was fed those fascist memes and sold on that “committing war crimes as serious policy” idea from some political advisers. In my opinion, it looks like Putin would rather deal with Trump (hence the 24/7 Trump show on FOX, but Soros wants Hillary and either way the Russians and Chinese, who are ramping up military aggression against US forces, have all of Hillary’s emails, so they can blackmail her at will.)

This goes way beyond partisan politics.

We are infiltrated all the way to the top.

America’s national security is at stake.

Big picture/little picture



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Obama’s kind of “surge”

From the Washington Times: “U.S. cuts Syrian refugee screening time in order to handle surge”

“The U.S. is about to start accepting a surge of Syrian refugees — all vetted in less time than originally anticipated by the federal government.

Because of a spike in Middle Eastern refugees needing placement, the Obama administration has decided to rush their vetting process to three months, from the original 18-24 months.

“While the resettlement process usually takes 18 to 24 months, the surge operation will reduce the time to three months,” the Associated Press reported Thursday.”

Great stuff from the Obama administration and the administration goal of relocating 10,000 Syrian refugees in the US is a floor and not a ceiling, according to this report, so the number could increase.  You know they can’t possibly properly vet these refugees with the civil chaos in Syria and no way to check that even the passports are legit.  If there is any way to undermine US national security, the Obama administration will rush to do it.

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Obama’s Syrian refugee program on steroids

Instead of slowing down the process of bringing in Syrian refugees due to serious problems with vetting them, which includes the rampant fraud with fake Syrian passports, the Obama administration has decided to speed up the process and process 600 Syrian refugees a day according to this Washington Examiner report.  The goal is to process 10,000 Syrian refugees for entry into the United States by September 30th.  Now, the FBI director stated months ago that there’s no way to vet these people due to no data bases to check their passports, names, etc.  against, but leave it to the Obama administration to just write another fake narrative.


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Trump “war crime” policy heard around the world

Andrew McCarthy at NRO penned an excellent, must-read piece:

“Culture Rot: Donald Trump Is the Effect, Not the Cause”

Read more at:

McCarthy writes:

Before our very eyes, the corruption of cultural standards begets the corruption of law and politics. The coarsest part of the debate was Trump’s boorish boast (for which I’m willing to take him at his word, lest the next debate sink to a new low). The most egregious part, though, was Trump’s vow that, as commander-in-chief, he would compel the finest, best-trained armed forces in the history of the planet to commit war crimes — because there are evil people doing unspeakable things, as if that never happened before.

For a number of years in the mid-aughts, we debated the merits vel non of waterboarding. I defended the legality of this interrogation method — in the restrained practice of the CIA, not as cruelly administered historically — mostly based on a strict interpretation of the federal torture statute. It was not an endorsement of the tactic in any particular case. The opposition’s point was well taken that the existence of a legal justification (which they did not concede) would not necessarily make the use of waterboarding good policy. We volleyed ticking-bomb scenarios and slippery slopes back and forth.

As a lawyer, I instinctively believed we should be able to write rules clarifying the extremely rare circumstances in which aggressive tactics could be used. Critics forcefully countered that the very writing of rules was an authorization that would be stretched to cover non-dire circumstances. Jonah Goldberg reminded us about the “hidden law,” which as applied here, counsels forbidding across the board that which should be forbidden in almost all situations, in the belief that if a dire emergency did arise, good people would act outside the law, do what had to be done, and hope that others would understand and forgive.

Since I have already vented in the comments on Mr. McCarthy’s piece, let me just paste it here and be done for today:

Please, if the choices are Hillary or Trump – America is doomed, PERIOD! Trump is not some lifesaver of the Republic, he’s an insurgent intent on burning the system down! You reap what you sow when you enable sociopaths and those two are extreme sociopaths, who don’t believe rules apply to them.

I am keeping a list, for future reference, of every Republican mouthpiece, who uses the phrase, “that’s just Donald Trump being Donald Trump,” to excuse his excesses. Duncan Hunter, yesterday morning, a vet, no less was interviewed on FOX news in the morning about Trump’s Thursday night doubling done on his killing ISIS family members policy. Hunter said he hadn’t seen the debate, deflected, then tried to excuse Trump by asserting Trump was “just a little bit inarticulate”. I am disgusted that a former Marine Corps officer could excuse Trump’s assertion that he would ORDER U.S. troops to commit war crimes. There’s another Trump mouthpiece, a former Navy seal, who was on FOX doing the same thing. They are a disgrace to the US Armed Service and have dishonored themselves and are unfit spokespeople for we, the heirs of General George Washington’s Continental Army!

All this to promote an obvious sociopath, out of venal political motives. Rudy Guiliani, a man I respected, did the same “that’s Donald Trump being Donald Trump” excuse last weekend on FOX News and I lost all respect for him. He has been an “unofficial” Trump adviser for months and was well aware of Trump’s war crimes spiel, because Trump has repeated it several times. NRO should do a heading at the top of their page, to click on, and chronicle, names, dates and statements of all these Trump enablers – they deserve to be remembered for this.

As a vet myself, and the spouse of a Grenada and Desert Storm vet, I am disgusted that these people are excusing Trump and the murmurs of he’s trying to be tough – well, here’s the rub – the strategic challenges to defeat Islamic terror, which Mr. McCarthy has written very informatively about in his books, are complicated and very challenging, as it is, but for some fool like Trump uttering those words, he just added to the problem exponentially and he is UNFIT to ever command the US Armed Forces. It’s not just that Trump’s “strategy” is a war crime, it’s also that anyone with a brain knows that a military strategy based on killing innocent civilians in hopes it hurts the morale of enemy combatants is IDIOTIC and unhinged. YUGE blowback, in kind, would be the result of Trump’s policy.

His words were heard by every world leader and our enemies.

Trump walking that back should not be forgotten – remember it and remind all Trump enablers, because his foolish and idiotic utterance put US Armed Forces, operating in an already dangerous area of the world, in more danger! Anyone aspiring to be commander in chief, who would say he will order our military to commit war crimes, is a threat to The Constitution and to the troops he aspires to command!!! Wake up, this is no longer just the Trump reality TV show -Mr. Draft Deferment, just put US troops in danger with his careless and idiotic blustering – all to “sound” tough.

Let me add that, yes, I am aware that the Trump campaign issued a statement late yesterday, avowing that Trump would obey the law as President, but NEVER forget what his first policy was and that he only backtracked for political expediency, not because he conceded his war crimes policy was immoral and illegal.  He is Hillary’s twin brother when it comes to saying or doing whatever it takes to get what he wants – they are both corrupt to the core and they will corrupt all who follow them!!!


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