Loose threads

Here are some LB  foreign policy loose threads I’m pondering:

Cheney – family involved with the Kimberly Kagan Institute for the Study of War

ISW – hired “Dr.” Elizabeth O’Bagy the “moderate Syrian rebel expert” and Political Director of the Syrian Emergency Task Force. O’Bagy also listed in her bio on her ISW report on Syria rebels that her thesis topic was “women’s militancy”. O’Bagy was exposed as not having a doctorate degree and she was fired from the ISW. ( https://libertybellediaries.co… ). Here’s her 2012 ISW report on Syria –http://www.understandingwar.or…

Now, back in early 2013 Senator John McCain took a “fact-finding” trip to Syria and he was led on this trip by O’Bagy and the SETF. He was conveniently staged to be photographed with Syrian rebels, who were later reported to be terrorists. (a set-up)

Sec of State Kerry and McCain both relied on O’Bagy’s reporting on the “Syrian moderates”, yet in 2015 McClatchy reported that US intelligence knew about the radicalization of the Syrian rebels early, yet Kerry and McCain were relying on this young woman’s expertise. ( http://www.mcclatchydc.com/new… ),

Kerry and McCain have often made strange foreign policy flip flops and here they were both selling the advice of this unknown young woman, whose only credentials came from the ISW promoting her as the “Syrian Expert”.

Both Kerry and McCain chose to believe “intelligence” from this unknown young woman OVER vetted intelligence from US intelligence reports.

Keep in mind that stories float about from time to time about both, Kerry and McCain, about inconsistencies with their Vietnam conduct. Even in this weird Trump circus, Trump attacked McCain (inciting a huge backlash). Kerry had that whole “Swift boat” backlash.

Emotions aside, just consider that photo McCain was staged in, on that fact-finding trip to Syria, by O’Bagy and that SETF. McCain became the loudest cheerleader about arming “moderate” Syrian rebels, McCain also immediately hired this  young woman, just fired from the ISW for LYING on her resume.

So, after the ISW fired O’Bagy, John McCain turned right around and hired this woman as a staffer and the question I want to know is did O’Bagy ever undergo a security background check or was it waived. She’s still on his staff. O’Bagy had a lot of strange connections

Here’s Kimberly Kagan’s husband Frederick beating the drum for US aiding “Syrian Moderates” –https://www.washingtonpost.com… That piece is priceless – so we’re supposed to wage a half-hearted strike to boost the morale of the Syrian rebels – at the expense of US military credibility…

The other Kagan and his lovely wife, Victoria Nuland are also menaces to US foreign policy. (I have many doubts about this crowd, that manages to routinely steer America into really bad foreign policy messes.

When Russia acted in Syria the ISW provided maps to FOX news and CNN – where the maps differed, the WH narrative and military analysis by the FOX military analysts Gen Jack Keane (also in the board of ISW) and LTC Shaffer did not match the details on the map:

Embedded image permalink

Image from Megyn Kelly’s Twitter- https://twitter.com/megynkelly/status/651207283574083584


Image from http://politibrew.com/politics/3298-general-jack-keane-how-russian-airstrikes-will-impact-region


“Syrian official says ‘wide-scale offensive’ launched”
Russian airstrikes in Syria from September 30 to October 5

Gen.Keane pushed for arming the illusive “Syrian moderates” and yet the “narrative” at the time the Russians moved in Syria, the neocon big voices  were screaming about the Russians and claiming they were targeting US-backed “moderate” Syrian rebels. The heaviest shot group of attacks on these maps was north of Hama, which these ISW map legends indicate was controlled by Jubhat al Nusra, Syrian rebels or ISIS – 3 maps from the ISW – three different takes on the strikes the Obama narrative and the ISW were ranting were the Russians targeting “CIA trained US Syrian “moderate” rebels. The media and punditry “experts” all went with the “narrative”.

The US military was publicly berated by McCain over the slow pace of the US military vetting and training “moderate” Syrian rebels in some $500 million dollar program. A US general was dragged before a McCain public hearing and berated for incompetency basically. Long before the CIA was shipping weapons from Benghazi to Syria – (Benghazi another spectacular bad policy with lots of hostile foreign intelligence setting up Obama and Hillary). The US military always ends up being the fall-guy for McCain in big show hearings. The US military was having a hard time finding “moderate” Syrian rebels to train (the CIA not so much – guess it depends on the definition of “moderate”) http://www.theguardian.com/us-…

For a flavor of how the US military training of “moderate” Syrian rebels went, even before this staged public humiliation of another US general – here’s what happened when the US military trained the “moderate” Syrian rebel leader that Foreign Policy magazine dubbed the “last best hope for Syria” (http://foreignpolicy.com/2014/… ) – well, the US military trained Jamal Maaroouf and his band of “moderates”. Maarouf then went back into the fight armed with US TOW missiles and declared a truce with ISIS ( https://pjmedia.com/blog/yet-a… )

The US military is being set up by its own government to look weak and ineffectual – aided by the likes of Kerry and McCain and also America’s “greatest” general, who appears to have been set up too by hostile foreign intelligence. Plea deals btw usually mean more serious charges are dropped to make the case go away in cases that are embarrassing to an administration. McCain still calls the “greatest” general in to testify – even though the general was disgraced and showed gross lack of judgment to mishandle sensitive information that contained information on actual human assets on the ground in Afghanistan (these are LIVES his careless and reckless actions put at risk). Yet, he shows up to say whatever he’s been pressured to say and the media still sells Petraeus as the “greatest general of his generation”….

The ISW was instrumental behind the surge in Iraq, but blowback always follows. al Baghdadi went from the leader of Al Qaeda in Iraq to the Caliph of ISIS/ ISIS,/IS. al Baghdadi was well known to the US military in Iraq, in fact, he had been held prisoner by the US in Iraq. Yet the Obama administration and the media pretended al Baghdadi came out of the blue. Insurgencies deepen and Salafist terrorists get more radical as they splinter into other groups. America’s greatest general emerged as some new military genius of the ages with his COIN, he had an affair with his biographer, compromised sensitive information and resigned as the director of the CIA.

“The affair brought down the retired four-star general who led U.S. strategy in Iraq and Afghanistan. Petraeus resigned from his role as director of the CIA in 2012 after it was revealed that he shared with Broadwell eight “black books” that he had compiled in Afghanistan and improperly kept after retiring from the Army.

The binders reportedly contained secret codes and covert identities, as well as overall strategy discussions and security reports. Broadwell kept the books for at least four days in 2011, according to prosecutors. They were seized by the FBI during a 2013 raid on Petraeus’ home. Court documents also show that Petraeus lied about keeping the sensitive information and about giving it to Broadwell, according to the Observer. Broadwell has not been charged with any crimes.”


Petraeus was given a slap on the wrist and he had Hillary’s lawyer, David Kendall. The odder part of the Petraeus fall is that socialite, Jill Kelley, who was hobnobbing with the generals at Central Command in Tampa. General Allen was exchanging emails with this woman. She has no connection to the Army, yet she was like a goodwill ambassador hobnobbing at Central Command. Kelley – American citizen, born in Lebanon. I don’t buy into the no profiling – I look at family, ethnic and religious connections, then political to figure out who people are. I wonder if anyone at Central Command ever checked out this woman due to her close connections with top American generals at a highly-sensitive command headquarters.

Cheney and his Kagan connections make me uneasy. I think George H.W. Bush had it right – GWB got some very bad advice. I also suspect our government, at high levels, is infiltrated by hostile foreign intelligence.

So after the mess in Iraq, courtesy of military geniuses, like the Kagans being listened to and the ISW forming, then came the ISW clamor to charge into the Syrian civil war and this entire fabricated “Syrian moderate” wild goose chase. I keep wondering if this ISW is a foreign front set-up and that leads to other troubling questions about those connected to it. Too many bad vibes from that Kagan family and Dick Cheney.

Nothing good comes to American troops from listening to Cheney’s foreign policy advice or the Kagans, imo. Why on earth with Afghanistan poised to fall back into the hands of the Taliban, Iraq a wreck, Libya a wreck, Egypt trying to stabilize from that “Arab Spring” MB takeover, facilitated by the Obama administration would we charge into a civil war where an odious strong-man, who has been a Russian ally for decades and with the Russians’ naval base at Tartus, try to jump into a civil war being waged by ISLAMISTS (of varying degrees of radicalization- but all ISLAMISTS)??? The ISW was a big driver of that push.

Nuland was involved in creating US embarrassments in the Ukraine (Russian speaker btw). Yet her actions in Ukraine created embarrassment for the US with our European allies and the Russians leaked her phone call from an unsecured phone call to the US ambassador in Kiev. I wonder about her too….










So, Nuland and her neocon husband, switched to support Hillary back in February 2016- So keep in mind that  hostile foreign players like to cover all the bases and keep all avenues in to the halls of power in Washington open.

Lots of weirdness

In this Trump show – Trump went out and trashed McCain, being fed bad advice from his advisers (now who is really providing this advice to Trump is an open question – my leaning is Trump was set-up by Clinton operatives, – note Carville and crowd operate like the KGB or old East German Stasi in their opposition research behavior and ruthless character assassinations – planting stories in the media too.. Remember Carville came to notice when Bill Clinton defeated George H. W. Bush and Carville married Mary Matalin… I have had many doubts about how George H.W. Bush got defeated by the Matalin/Carville team (hostile foreign operatives is what I have suspected for years).

In a recent Kerry move the US military suffered another humiliation – https://uk.news.yahoo.com/iran…

Biden is there as an Obama minder – to make sure things don’t get too out of hand – (wonder who Biden is aligned with? Putin or Soros?)

So, partisan politics aside we have Trump and Hillary both running “scorched earth/mass media saturation strategy” as presidential campaigning and that type of INFORMATION WARFARE. This mass media saturation  allows CONTROL of the 24/7 NEW cycle in America to a particular political agenda or political figure..

Carville/Begala scorched earth is the military strategy of scorched earth (a war crime under the Geneva Conventions btw) juxtaposed to a mass media battlefield

Mass media saturation is the military strategy of swarming juxtaposed to a mass media battlefield

Combined, they have been ruthlessly used to divide America into hostile, warring factions. Perhaps it’s time to figure out the driving force(s) behind them.

CNN and MSNBC are overrun with foreign operatives, I believe. Ed Schultz is on RT, Soledad O’Brien went to Al Jazeera. Look at Amanpour (Iranian), who pushed for US intervention in Bosnia and can be counted on to set up the US military at every turn. Amanpour btw married into the Clinton administration in the 90s, allowing her even closer access to the State Dept goings on . Former Carville/Begala partner is at ABC, with his church-boy smile and persona.

FOX News is a foreign-owned corporation that fuels agitation propaganda on the right, to incite flag-waving Americans.

FOX just helped Trump wage the GOP Insurgency with 24/7 scorched earth/mass media saturation for Trump. Hillary has a MB agent by her side. I believe Obama has an Iranian agent by his side and an Arabist (close Saudi ties/perhaps devoted Muslim) at the CIA.. Trump is being fed advice by some really bad advisers – time to find out who is really playing Trump. Trump was fed those fascist memes and sold on that “committing war crimes as serious policy” idea from some political advisers. In my opinion, it looks like Putin would rather deal with Trump (hence the 24/7 Trump show on FOX, but Soros wants Hillary and either way the Russians and Chinese, who are ramping up military aggression against US forces, have all of Hillary’s emails, so they can blackmail her at will.)

This goes way beyond partisan politics.

We are infiltrated all the way to the top.

America’s national security is at stake.

Big picture/little picture



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