The “alt-right” around every corner….

The alt-right is the new broad brush the Clinton meme-makers want to hype to paint Trump as a “fascist”. That Trump hesitated to disavow white nationalists early on and made very incendiary comments falls on Trump’s own shoulders, but I think it’s important to be careful not to buy into the idea that every person who voted for Trump in the Republican primary is a rabid, closet alt-right racist.

Certainly, white nationalists have merged to vocally support Trump, in fact, I witnessed alt-right attacks a few times on Disqus comments at National Review, where a group of alt-right commenters showed up and were posting anti-Semitic and racist stuff non-stop for hours, completely shutting down any conversation by other commenters. The moderators after one attack said they had deleted thousands of posts during that attack. And the attacks at National Review that I witnessed were in the comment section for Jonah Goldberg’s column, with many of the anti-Semitic comments aimed directly at Goldberg.

So, while I think it’s important to denounce white nationalists and any other hate-mongering groups, like Black Lives Matter, it’s also important not to buy into the Clinton SPIN machine’s GROSS exaggerations.

Here’s my cautionary note about Hillary and her alt-right fear-mongering. The Clintons (and Democrats) love to paint conservatives, Evangelical Christians, people who own guns, former soldiers, people who talk about The Constitution too much (more than they prefer) and anyone who refuses to embrace their Lefist agenda as part of some nebulous army of “vast, far-right extremists”.

During the 1990s the Clinton administration hyped the
“right-wing militia” threat way out of proportion, while dangerously downplaying Islamic terrorist threats, even after Islamic terrorist attacks against American interests and the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. There was Oklahoma City, so yes, there were some dangerous militia groups, although if my memory is correct, it was only a few people who were behind the OKC bombing, I think, not some vast army.

I believe the Clinton administration grossly exaggerated the “right-wing militia” threat for their partisan political purposes.


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2 responses to “The “alt-right” around every corner….

  1. JK

    “During the 1990s the Clinton administration hyped the
    “right-wing militia” threat way out of proportion …”

    Well. Yes & No.

    Arkansas’ current Governor’s name Asa Hutchinson (at the time of the info on the link – ATF/DEA) who, “considered it best” some active military ‘types’ … in possession of the requisite knowledge [and/or] “expertise” …

    The search results LB (for *whatever reason now*) being especially difficult to get to given all the Janet Reno and Waco … well for example this entry that used to go direct prior to Hillary’s declaring (shades of Comey explaining to Congress) “can be delved” here:

    And it gets further complicated than that. Before that.

    True though the Left-Wing stuff gets “the usual” Media Pass.

    • Jk, I remember those leftist terrorist groups in the 60s and 70s, like Ayers’ Weather Underground and the SLA, Black Panthers, etc. Any armed radical group is of concern. Van Jones, Obama’s selection as the Green Czar ran some group called STORM – a Marxist group who wanted to fuel a race war and overthrow the government.

      Any of of these groups pose a certain degree of threat, but the Clinton administration hyped the right-wing militias and downplayed the threat from Al Qaeda.

      This alt-right crowd latched onto Trump and he fed their grievances and anger, which he should have denounced the white supremacists and hatemongers immediately and forcefully. For that he can take the blame, but the Clintons and Obama hype “right-wing extremism” constantly, while downplaying the left’s crazies, like BLM or this trend of “knock-out” crimes where young black men hunt for innocent white people on the street to beat-up or the New Black Panthers, etc. In Baltimore the Obama administration was making excuses for the rioters’ anger. Democrats in general, and Hillary and Obama specifically, tiptoe around denouncing BLM, a group targeting the POLICE.

      Janet Napalitano dubbed a terrorist attack on a US military installation “workplace violence”. I would not label Islamic terrorists as “far right” and their stated intent is to destroy America with force. The “alt-right” seems to be a general term for a lot of mostly online right-wing haters, who vent and spew. That Stormfront group gets mentioned a lot, which was one of the groups the moderators at the National Review Disqus comments mentioned as having posted instructions their website, announcing the date and time of the attack and how to be part of this organized attack on the comment thread for Goldberg’s article. It was vile and malicious, but the mods deleted the comments and banned as fast as the stuff was posted. Their effort didn’t intimidate, so much as they were a nuisance and they weren’t very smart with how they went about this. They had posted the attack on their websites to encourage their followers – directly implicating themselves in the attack….

      Some of this online Trump tough-talk trolling has been foreign, with many reports claiming it’s Russian active measures.

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