Has Obama consulted BLM yet?

So, another lethal assault on law enforcement today.  I was busy steam-cleaning my carpets, did I miss another big White House meeting where President Obama and Loretta Lynch can seek the expertise of Al Sharpton and more BLM anarchists???

Attacking law enforcement is anarchy.  From the White House on down, this line of vile race-baiters,  are encouraging this BLM anarchy.  BLM should already be on a terrorist watch list.  Some stupid BLM woman was on a group discussion on Megyn Kelly’s show last week and she said we need to abolish the police.  Well, wake-up America, that’s ANARCHY!  BLM, Sharpton, President Obama and Loretta Lynch callously and cynically exploit police shootings against black men for their partisan propaganda purposes.  The goal is to advance President Obama’s plans to federalize policing in America and to enact stricter gun control.

I’ve been thinking about Jade Helm 15 a lot in recent days.  What was that really all about???

Whenever you ask questions of the Obama administration, they paint you as a tinfoil hat conspiracy nut, to marginalize you and SILENCE you.  This too is an old communist tactic.


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