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Our constant hysterical political climate disgusts me.  Trump’s constant braggadocio, petty attacks and rambling , fact-free word salads disgust me.  The Democrats and media hysterical spin about Trump disgusts me.  As far as political commentary or analysis goes, the various smart takes in 2016 remain the same in 2019, as our American political hamster wheel spins round and round.

For the most part lately, I’ve gotten off the daily habit of tracking the partisan spin throughout the day.  Perhaps if something interesting or new happens, I’ll write about it, but fair warning, the rest of this post will be another detour about my efforts to make peace between our consumerist culture and the myriad counter-cultural efforts to combat our wasteful American lifestyle.

Last night I watched a short CNN video on Twitter about a fashion designer, zero waste daniel, who started a clothing design business using only scrap fabric waste.  His approach of sewing together small scraps of fabric to create larger pieces of fabric, from which to construct his clothing designs, while being a trendy environmental-mindful concept, does highlight our society’s love affair with consumer goods, where most of us acquire way more than we consume and live totally unconcerned about our wastefulness.

There’s a common mindset among more conservative Americans and the political right to dismiss everything coming from the liberal environmentalist echo chamber, but perhaps we should all try to be a little more open to listening and considering the merits of ideas, before making snap partisan political judgments.

Many aspects of our environmentally conscious activism do stem from the political left, then take hold in American businesses, who react to the political activism.  Many businesses respond to and embrace the latest politicized framing of appropriate environmentally conscious policies.  This type of political pressure infuriates many on the right.

On the merits, though, pushing all of the politics aside, being less wasteful, using less disposable packaging and taking a more mindful approach to our consumer habits seem like very traditional, conservative American thrifty values, that would even have appealed to Benjamin Franklin and most of our American founders.  The less wasteful approaches definitely were ingrained habits to my parents and grandparents.

Moving to a crafting/needlework blog post, explains why I haven’t been blogging much lately…  I have been stitching away… using all stuff that’s been sitting here for many years.

I struggle with my consumerist mindset and am working to rethink my relationship with purchasing many items, that clutter up my home,  and often have never been used.  However, moving to a zero waste lifestyle takes way more commitment and effort than I will expend, so it’s small steps in my life.

For decades, I purchased loads of craft and needlework supplies, without much concern or thought about the possibility of having too much stuff.  Yet, the thought of parting with my craft and needlework stuff just isn’t happening yet, but I now strive not to buy more, unless it’s some basic supply that I really need.

A few years ago, I began an effort to make projects using only stuff I already have and that’s what that hummingbird cross-stitch picture above is.  I bought a bunch of small Spring-themed counted cross-stitch kits  (and some not so small ones too) on clearance at Walmart, over the many years that I worked there.  I stitched a couple of these a few years ago and posted a photo, but never fear, I have more to go:

I have a hard time seeing to stitch on 18-count, so I used 14 Aida cloth from my supplies for the  hummingbird and a bunny kit last weekend.  I bought two of the bunny kits, for no logical reason…:

I did finish that Diane Graebner Amish design (out of the hoop and needs pressing):

Learning more about finishing my needlework into some useful or decorative item leads me to read a lot of cross-stitch blogs and browse Pinterest frequently.  That habit leads me to want… more new cross stitch stuff, especially the nicer linens and evenweave fabrics and threads.  It takes a constant effort to remind myself that, while stitching on plain old Aida cloth isn’t as nice as stitching on expensive fabrics, these kits and Aida projects still look nice, I think.

Yesterday afternoon, I was torturing myself looking at the blog of a very talented cross stitch designer, Brenda Gervais.  All of her patterns scream, “I want to stitch that!”.  Gervais wrote a short background story to her 2017 series, Summer Schoolhouse ~ Lessons in Abecedarian.  She relates how she found a small children’s book while hunting for antiques, but it wasn’t just any old book.  It was a copy of the oldest children’s book in the Library of Congress and it’s considered to be the oldest children’s book in print.   This book contains the first documented use of the word, baseball.  In the process of browsing cross stitch blogs, I learned a new word: abecedarian and a bit of historical trivia too.

To fill my fix for something new, there are lots of free patterns online.  I stitched this free St.Patrick’s Day cats piece, by Lynn B., twice.  I am going to make them into little decorative pillows or perhaps frame them, but one is for a family member and then I liked these black cats so much, I stitched one for me too:

Yesterday, was another free pattern start, Russian Dolls, this one from DMC:

Plus, I have a bigger cross stitch project of a Liberty Bell, that’s in progress, but that one deserves a fancier Belfast white linen, not plain old Aida cloth.  Just started this, so it’s only the top of Independence Hall and some of the lettering:

Of course, still working on plastic canvas too:

Not sure what I’ll do with this house picture, but it’s a design that I like, so I stitched it…

It’s very hard for me to concentrate on writing lately, but I’ll try to get back to politics soon.


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  1. JK

    This “may” be it – I tried to get what I wanted off C-Span:

  2. JK

    Well since you’ve brought up “With a Biden DOJ” you offering any good odds for us doing a little side-betting LB, on how this is likely to turn out?


    Absent ‘favorable odds’ still it seems something like poetic justice given how the last four + years have been.

    • Geesh, JK, I find Trump’s “stolen election” spin antics disgusting, but the thing about Trump is he speaks some potent truths about the media and the corrupt spin war out loud. He hasn’t ever tried to gloss over that he used FOX News to run his own spin war and now he’s stuck with OANN and Newsmax right-wing bargain basement venues, while Dems and the mainstream media still pretend they aren’t engaged in scorched earth spin war.

      Most days I couldn’t tell you whether I find Trump’s overt corrupt spin effort or the Dems and mainstream media corrupt, massive spin operation more disturbing. Some of the media’s efforts NOT to report on the Hunter Biden laptop and Dem efforts to run to their go-to “Russia, Russia, Russia” spin narrative, claiming the Hunter Biden story was Russian disinformation, totally exposed the media’s corruption, dishonesty and most of all their being nothing more than Dem spin operatives.

      Trump managed to breakthrough the Dem/media lock on controlling the Dems media spin war in America, but having insane scorched earth spin info war blowing across all news media in America has not done a thing to defeat spin war. It’s only escalated the spin war insanity and both sides will say or do anything to win. Biden is trying to distance himself from the fray and letting others fight the spin war against Trump, but his ‘honorable public servant” veneer has now been blown to smithereens. And Trump wants revenge for enduring 4 years of Dems and their media spin operatives (who call themselves professional journalists) working tirelessly to destroy him. Sure, much of Trump’s spin antics deserved criticism, but Dems and their media friends refused to allow Trump any positive coverage about anything – even targeting Melania’s Rose Garden renovation as an “authoritarian” design. And, then there’s all the corrupt efforts to spy on the Trump campaign and the Clinton campaign/Dem “Trump/Russian Collusion” spin effort that Durham is supposedly still investigating.

      Where America goes from here and how on earth Dems and the media will dismiss the Hunter Biden investigation remains to be seen, but my money is on the mainstream media working as hard as they can to bury this investigation a second time.

      Goes without saying that if the media had reported on the Hunter Biden story, instead of spinning it as Russian disinformation, perhaps the election would have turned out differently.

      Anyway, the safe money still seems to be that Dems are above the law, especially the Clintons.

  3. JK

    I’ll get back to your response LB in abit – for now scroll down to the Katy Tur part (second video) featuring David Brooks – specifically from the 24 second mark to the 35 second mark:


    And ‘who exactly’ again there Mister Brooks, is the “expert class”?

    • JK, Here again is where Trump cultivated his base with people across America, who feel stigmatized and marginalized by Brook’s “expert class” – the liberal elites., but all along Trump’s “I’m fighting for you” has been a con game. Trump is for Trump – first, last, always, BUT the other big truth is none of the establishment Republicans , like Romney or Jeb, has ever stood up to the liberal elites, especially the ones in the media. These Repubs continue to aid the Dem/media spin attacks against Trump every time, but if Trump is gone, these same Repubs don’t have the, I’ll go with “guts” to stand up to the Dem/media scorched earth attacks and they’ll be back to apologizing and appeasing, at every turn.

      Trump’s massive character flaws, drove him to never back down, which drove the Dems and media to go completely bonkers with their scorched earth attacks and totally exposed them as corrupt frauds, BUT those flaws also drove him to embrace self-destructive spin attacks against his enemies, that damaged him more than his enemies and did nothing to help his supporters.

      I wish there was some other leader(s)on the right who could fight against the Dem/media spin war, without all the undisciplined and erratic Trump spin antics. If there was a Republican with even an iota of self-discipline and anything beyond charging wildly into Trumpian spin attack mode, I’d feel a tiny bit of optimism, but there’s Trump and some of his most devoted supporters, who embrace Trump’s berserker spin antics or the quisling establishment Repubs, whom Dems and the liberal media have walked over for decades.

  4. JK

    Well the one thing LB I know for sure is I always got you and Mark around to keep me (at least) grounded.


    (But I’ll add, the decision made about a month or so ago, not to watch anymore news [except for my local stuff] was, I reckon, just about the best I’ve made since I don’t know when!)

    • Your friend nailed it exactly, JK. I am sick to death of Trump’s crazy sideshow, but the Dems and mainstream media smarmy sanctimony, while engaged in even more egregious corruption and spreading insane conspiracy theories, dressed up as breathless, anonymous intelligence reports, leaves me distrusting everything the mainstream media “reports” and holding these frauds in complete contempt. These very people are the ones who sold Trump, in a corrupt spin game to start with and Trump is exactly the kind of adversary they deserve. Too bad the rest of America has had to suffer from their insane spin war. And it’s too bad so many angry people on the right have totally bought into Trump’s bs.

  5. JK

    Sharon stepped in (my office) and asks me if I’ve recently asked you LB, ‘How’s your husband doing?’

    She knows, and well, I know too, there are times the calendar rolls around to specific periods when we should all be showing that, rather than the internet being ‘a real thing’ rather, people are. We send our thoughts LB, to you and Yours.

    • Thanks for asking, JK and please thank Sharon for her concerns. I hope you, Sharon and your mother have a wonderful Christmas. It’s been a rough year for so many people in America and I am thankful that although it’s awful to see Tom in this condition, at least he’s at home and the home hospice care has been excellent.

      It’s been a constant roller-coaster where he’ll eat good and be awake and alert for a few weeks, then he’ll take a downturn and barely eat or drink and spend most of the time sleeping. I didn’t even know that hospice prescribes antibiotics, but he’s been on antibiotics three times for infections and each time he improves and is back to eating okay. However, the dementia keeps getting worse and his lungs always rattle and the nurses use terms like “diminished” and “his lungs sound really junkie.”

      He’d been declining for several years and each time he’s gotten very sick, he never recovered to the level of function he was at. I still have times where my mind-set is determination to nurse him back to health, but I know the trajectory here is in the opposite direction.

      I feel very fortunate to have home hospice care for him. The hospice nurses pay close attention to his condition, but they offer moral support for me too. I can’t imagine dealing with this level of care without their guidance and help.

  6. JK

    Don’t know whether, LB, you’ve ever kept up with his guy’s “exploits” but,


  7. JK

    Merry Christmas LB, to You & Yours.

    JK & Family

    • Merry Christmas, JK! Hope you and yours had a wonderful day. Some small glitches here this week – I got sick (not the dreaded COVID) and am on antibiotics and on the mend now. Sure, was a tiring week though. Glad my sons were here for Christmas dinner. Stay safe!

      • JK

        I didn’t want to clutter up your current post LB – or its very important foundational message – Don’t get carried away folks!

        (You can get back in your archives LB but I’m pretty sure in my relating to you my experience in that several days long [I seem to recall stating it was nine days however, a few days ago I was talking w/a friend from down that way and she insisted it was eleven days – anyway I agreed it was well over a week but I’m not gonna get into your archives to review what I wrote.)

        At any rate I think I mentioned, basically, having a bunch of gallons of distilled water I’d got from Dollar General, I think I had 33 which, thinking back sounds about right because there was a low flush toilet in the apartment – which, because my apartment being located immediately adjacent to the laundry room, where incidentally, the water supply lines feeding the entire 22 apartments complex connected to the building [underground] and I “had heat” (a Coleman lantern [double mantled] as well as one of those single screw directly onto the little green bottle [one pound] of propane) my apartment’s water and thus, the laundry room’s water supply lines never froze up – I heard later the apartment immediately above mine didn’t freeze up either for four or five days – depending on whose telling me – until that lady began letting other neighbors in to use her toilet. (Opening her door allowing whatever heat was radiating through my ceiling/her floor to escape presumably).

        I gave away “some” of my water – maybe a little less than half. [Which turned out to be a mistake because the neighbors borrowing it had neglected to speculate whether there’d been the possibility that their drains had frozen up too – which indeed was the case.

        My supply of little green bottles at the beginning was six. So that covers heat and water. Gasoline was never an issue because there was at least a good inch of solid clear ice covering everything not under a roof – slicker’n greased goose grease with some Three-In-One oil drizzled on top of that to coin a phrase so iff’n I’d even tried to move my pickup that woulda been as disastrous as the couple of other apartment dwellers who’d been stupid enough to provide me good examples of how idiotic that woulda been.

        I actually had a bigger variety of foodstuffs on hand that I coulda used to make my diet more interesting but because I figured no trash trucks would be moving either I decided early on to stick to ‘one-pot-meals’ which turned out to be rice, some sardines (oh I did use a smaller pan to heat up some basic stuff to add to the rice – canned soups for instance but because I was aware of some people’s drains “having issues” I decided ‘best not to have alot of stuff to wash.)

        Had one of those little crank-wind radios w/attached flashlight but because the outages were so widespread there was no getting ‘local news reports’ so the only cranking I did was when, my eyes crossing, I’d put whatever book I was reading down for awhile and listened to some far-off-broadcast-music. It took about four or five days before our little hillbilly corner of Arkansas made “the bigtime” and so I cranked some to hear the city-folk tell me about what I already was aware of.

        That “normal” couple who you linked a few times on here is probably all even the most novice-est of preppers such as yourself are likely to ever need. Actually this guy gives a pretty good ‘on the cheap’ prepper thing “most people” are likely to ever need:


        The dickens with (most) of those Drama Kings/Queens who’re insisting to us the EBT crowd – and maybe a Red Dawn like scenario is so close they can smell it – that we’ll be needing to immediately hijack a tank or a Patriot missile battery the next time a convenient National Guard convoy rolls through town.

        One caveat – I think staying the hell away from *most of the great big metropolitan cities and Covid-Nut-Politicians/Local-Governments (ex, DeBlasio, Whitmer) is probably a good idea.

        And being ‘quiet as a churchmouse’ (in our public lives) is probably a good idea too.

        One last thing I’d suggest every Prepper ought have a goodly supply of is – common sense. (I know I know LB …..)

      • “And being ‘quiet as a churchmouse’ (in our public lives) is probably a good idea too.”

        Well, JK, there’s a lot to be said for that gray man philosophy to avoid drawing attention to yourself in a crisis, but the thing about the internet is whatever you post lives forever and boy, I have sure expressed my opinions a whole lot, lol. It’s rather disturbing to watch random people have their lives destroyed based on old social media posts when they were in their teens, but that’s the new normal.

        That guy you linked to offers the kind of common sense prepping advice I like. It’s the preppers who get all worked up that the sky is falling who depress me. My life’s stressful enough, without borrowing any trouble. There’s never been any chance I’d be hanging around metropolitan areas, ’cause I have always avoided crowds.

        Btw, I intend to still work on being better prepared (and organized), but I want to do it cheerfully and with a positive attitude. And more than supplies, I want to expand my skill sets, learning (or relearning) some new things. I had bought yeast with my stocking up, even though I rarely bake anything beyond chocolate chip cookies for my husband in recent years. I started baking bread again.

        The thing about online communities is they’re just like communities in real life, where gossip and rumors spread more rapidly than the truth. I noticed that the online prepper community has plenty of people who latch onto every bit of hysterical doomsday “information” and run with it. I don’t want to even be a listener of hysterical warnings, “news” or predictions.

  8. JK

    Dagnabbit I shoulda reviewed more careful – that clause “one of those single screw”

    I shoulda clarified being a single screw on propane burner. Just good enough to set a lightly loaded small capacity pan (like only capable of heating a can of soup on – unless one has a handy supply of say, bricks to surround the thing for reinforced support [which there may’ve been but I’d probably fell and busted a femur or my neck, if I’d tried walking out to bust ’em out of their ice-encased state].

  9. JK

    “That guy you linked to offers the kind of common sense prepping advice I like.”

    Yup. Doesn’t seem at all ‘always rabid’ like oh, probably 85-95% of these on youtube “preppers” seem to me (and probably yourself LB – “preppers” in quotes because, it seems to me they come across as more ‘instigators’ than ‘preparers’).

    Yeah that guy – and his girlfriend/wife – seem mostly like that couple you linked to a few times which I knew I’d bookmarked at least a few of theirs which last night [oh my dear Lord how I need to get rid of a whole bunch of -post Trump & other stuff bookmarks!] I couldn’t ‘off the top of my head’ remember who was who so I wound up calling ’em “that normal couple.”

    The Provident Prepper[s] is who they is.

    The one thing I hadn’t ever really really focused on (except for when I was active duty and “knew how to do – from experience [don’t ask me for ‘fond reminiscences lol] slit trenches – longish term sanitation”

    But anyway, thanks to the normal couple of Provident Preppers now I’ve got a better grip. (The theory LB not the product lol!)

    Oh and sorry about not closing the set of italics I initiated to just include at least up above where I was referring to gasoline not being an issue.

  10. JK

    Oh dear.

    I hadn’t a clue Michigan’s governor reads your blog LB otherwise I’d never mentioned her on your current post.

    • Omg JK, that is so bizarre. “Saint Stacy” is such a fraud. On a side note, religious candles bring back stocking nightmares from my time at Walmart. Those religious candles are extremely difficult to line up neatly and keep them neat on the shelves. I hated stocking those darned things.

    • JK, decided to respond here to that link you left on my latest post about the Trump movement as we know it ending today. My gut instinct is Trump and Giuliani are still working furiously with other “Stolen Election” devotees and plotting more mayhem to burn it all to the ground (figuratively), if Trump can’t stop Biden’s inauguration. There was a leaked voicemail that Giuliani left on the wrong senator’s phone, urging him to delay the electoral vote counting into tomorrow. They’re still plotting more chaos. There are millions of Trump supporters who believe in Trump and believe all of the “stolen election” bs.

      In 2016, even as inauguration day loomed closer and Dems and the literal media were conjuring up Trump/Russia collusion conspiracy theories and tossing out ideas to stop Trump’s inauguration – they never stopped working to wreak havoc on Trump’s inauguration. Trump isn’t going to stop because of the fall-out from this storming the Capitol nightmare. My hunch is he delighted in the carnage and he’s enraged many Congressional Repubs have backed away. He will seek out other loyalists from the batshit crazy areas that he cultivated in the beginning – like Alex Jones and Bannon. Trump will want to payback Dems and the media for all the #Resist crap over the past four years.

  11. JK

    Segment five, Matt Taibbi. First time by the way, since December 9th I’ve watched any of these:


    (& as it happens, only reason I did was because I ate supper at my desk. Generally, lately, the weather has ‘cooperated’ at suppertime. No such luck this evening. So I watched some news.)

    • The things Taibbi is saying sound so familiar, lol. I’m sick of the spin war and the extreme partisan craziness. Too many ordinary Americans have turned partisan politics into their religion, and it’s not just the woke crowd. Trump created his own cult and watching so many of his loudest supporters struggling to avoid facing the reality of this “Stop the Steal” attack on the Capitol and yet still wanting to cling to Trump as their “savior” is a sad spectacle. Trump’s total lack of judgment during this attack on the Capitol isn’t just spin – he was praising those people ransacking the Capital, even after the mayhem started.

  12. JK

    Just read a sober, thoughtful, seemingly very well researched and informed ‘essay’ thought you might enjoy it as well LB.


    Been familiar with this site many a year but not being, particularly ‘libertarian’ except for maybe insofar as Liberty is concerned I only read here for a short while some number of years back – but as it came in my email …

    • JK, As usual a lot of things don’t make sense, but I did watch, not just Trump’s speech, but Giuliani and Don Jr. and it seemed to me they knew there was violence being planned too. That CO Congresswoman, Boebert, tweeted out 1776 on the morning of Jan. 6th. She also tweeted out during the attack Pelosi’s location twice.

      It would take a lot more evidence to convince me this was a Dem false flag operation. The stupid mayor of DC, Dems and Capitol Hill police were concerned about optics, which could account for them not having adequate security and they may have believed the Capitol Hill police could handle it.

      That mayor and Dems ramping of security to this massive of level now looks like a combination of trying to shift the optics away from their previous failure last week, spin show and typical overreacting to media hype..
      Of course, there might be other evidence that emerges to point to a false flag.

      Trump supporters seem willing to leap at every bit of information and automatically turn it into excusing Trump’s behavior. Like right a way many insisted it was Antifa and not MAGA people who stormed the Capitol. They arrested one Antifa nut yesterday and many Trumpers took that as proof that it was Antifa nuts and not MAGA, when most of the arrests have been Trump supporters. Last year was the same thing with the BLM violence – many liberals were blaming white nationalists, when Bill Barr called it a witch’s brew of extremists from across the spectrum. The Antifa “burn it all down” nuts aren’t that far apart from the MAGA extremists in their anger at the government.

      There’s no getting around that Trump went back to the WH and did nothing to respond to the crisis and his tweet after the violence began was about stopping the electoral vote count, not about the violence. His first video where he told the mob, “We love you, but go home.” is damning. He failed to lift a finger to respond to the crisis and he is the one who set up this January 6th event to try to pressure Republicans in Congress to interfere in what is basically a ceremonial vote counting of electoral college votes that states certified.

      And the main reason I believe this was a Trump-approved attack on the Capitol is because about a month ago with Trump’s “Stop the Steal” effort I believed it was beginning to smell like a Steve Bannon operation. Lo’ and behold yesterday numerous reporters were reporting Trump had relied on Steve Bannon for strategic advice with this effort.

      • JK

        “Trump supporters …”

        Hmmm … Gee LB I dunno. Seems abit overwrought to me how DC is reacting. I mean 30,000 troopers and air support (F-16s and a Predator [drone] unit?!!!) Heck this is the largest deployment to that spot since 1863.

        Then there’s Michael Yon:

        And this:

        And see the second video here:


        All the “Trump supporters” I know – which isn’t saying that much would never have been anywhere near DC on the 6th. And I really doubt any mentally competent “Trump supporters” are even discussing being there on the 20th.

        No. “Something else” is going on to cause Congress jumping to re-enacting assembling the 2nd Act Army of the Potomac.

        “Trump supporters” have only had a few weeks to get activated (and much less ‘led’) but the actors of this past year – and longer still – have far far more lead time and experience than “they” have thus far exhibited competence in.

        Oh well. By this time next week, perhaps, we may see.

      • JK, I’ve been wondering what the hell are Dems up to with this level of troops in DC too, when last summer, with DC literally having days of sustained riots and chaos, they didn’t want any NG in DC. Something is very off with all of this.

        I keep wondering if it’s all a Dem spin show, with Pelosi out there handing NG troops coins and today it was meals, something seems very bizarre or are Dems going to try creating some “national crisis” spin smokescreen to exercise emergency powers?

        I keep comparing Dems reactions to civil unrest in DC last summer and this escalation of troop deployments.

        Today the media was spinning up panic about some guy in DC arrested with a hand gun and 500 rounds of ammo – later turns out he’s a security guy with a Capitol Hill pass.

        Something’s definitely way off with this.

  13. JK

    This was livestreamed as events unfolded.

    Curiously there was “some video” lost, yanked, … hm well how do I put this in ‘acceptable terms’? Oh heck, suppressed. I only watched 50 minutes of it but there’s some intriguing scenarios – not however being mentioned by the reporter guy – just me ‘reading between the lines.’

    Looks to me to be one of those “spin ops” you’ve warned me to be on the lookout for is gearing up.

    I guess we’ll see.

    “I keep comparing Dems reactions to civil unrest in DC last summer and this escalation of troop deployments”?

    Really LB? Civil unrest in DC and it wasn’t portrayed like this last?

    Funny but I simply cannot recall that. Hold on a minute, you mean this?


  14. JK

    Watch this LB. The guy makes a very very important point with his “5000 people are not 74 million people.”

    (Sort of echoing me above when I claimed ‘none of the Trumpsters I know – which isn’t saying many’)


    • Been a bit distracted past several days, JK. One of my sons ended up in the hospital Thursday. It went from he had a sore throat Tuesday, couldn’t get an appt at Urgent Care Wed, so he had one for Thurs. By Thurs. his tonsil was puffed up and he was having trouble talking. Urgent Care saw him and sent him to the local hospital, because he had an abscess on his tonsil and his throat was 3/4 closed up. Local hospital wanted to send him to a hospital in Savannah, where they have ENTs, but they couldn’t take him due to too many COVID patients. The local hospital decided to airlift him to Jacksonville and intubated him, because the abscess was pushing on his airway. Each time he sent me a msg or called, I was thinking, “Well this is a major escalation.” Anyway, that hospital in Jacksonville had him in the ICU two days, drained the abscess and got the infection under control. He came home today. All this with a sore throat.

      As to the politics – I’m sick to death of Trump chaos, but the Dems and mainstream media have revved up their “domestic terrorism” spin to fever pitch and the growing number of liberal “remedies” being floated in the media to deal with Trump supporters (not just the ones involved in the Jan. 6th Capitol mayhem) sound ominous for free speech rights in America. So, much for all that Biden “America United” blather. I sure don’t expect things to improve in America or for national unity to spring forth anytime soon. Got a lot of bad vibes watching the spin efforts by Trump and his mouthpieces and Dems, the liberal pundit class and mainstream media.

      Just this NG spin sideshow Dems have ramped up is turning into a total fiasco with Dems and the media ramping up crazy stories and targeting white male soldiers as likely domestic terrorists. So much for Dems loving the troops. Dems are going to initiate all sorts of programs in the military targeting white soldiers, again- even worst than during the Obama years.

      I’m appalled at quickly this has turned into an even crazier scorched earth spin war.

      • JK

        You mentioned they got his infection under control but did they also go ahead and do a tonsillectomy? If not, did they give him a cause as to how the abscess formed in the first place followed up by how to keep it from repeating? Too, if not, why – were their surgical units (and surgeons) “offline” owing to some Covid related something?

        To that last bit around here – well quite further out than just ‘around here’ meaning maybe about a radius of 100 miles there’s no facilities doing any other than ’emergency surgery’ (ie car wrecks, falls of mainly seniors in the home, ‘criminal actions’ [that last not really present specific to ‘around here’ but in the bigger towns more likely] – Really, how I guess I should say it, no elective surgeries. Which I suppose a tonsillectomy maybe falls into that rubric.

        Spoke with my VA guy last week (telemed visit !!!) for my semi-annual physical/checkup – before he got ‘assigned to me’ he and I used to fish together, sometimes do “chores” together. Anyway that’s about the shortest way of me implying ‘my checkups’ have a certain character of “visiting” simple and friendly unlike how most people’s medical visits go …

        Anyway near the end of my *physical he switches into his doctor voice and sez, “Whatever you do JK, do not have a heart-attack in the next few months because if you do they’re gonna run Covid diagnostics before starting CPR!”

      • JK, They did take my son in the operating room to drain the abscess, but didn’t do tonsillectomy. My son said they removed 6 CCs of yuck and the culture showed strep. He’s supposed to follow-up with his primary care. He had to wait until Fri. afternoon to have the abscess drained – waiting for an operating room, was what my son said.

        My youngest daughter in TX is a Type A manager/contingency planner kind of person, so she jumped into action ordering a cell phone charger and had it delivered directly to the hospital in Jacksonville Friday and someone in the hospital took it right to my son. I would probably still be trying to figure that out.

        Your doctor is right about the heart attack, except I’d add that along with the COVID testing is temp check – heck, if you’re running a fever, that gums up the works with getting treated quickly.

  15. JK

    Maybe should’ve added something more since you mention all the chaos political/domestic/spin.

    Yeah even though “the purge” already happened in the Obama administration in the Pentagon level and flag ranks – when Obama & Co (Powers, Clinton et al) figured they preferred ‘political officers’ to martial officers – now it looks like it’s gonna go into a Full-On Erdoganesque Purge extending down into the lowliest ‘recruit’ [below where the individual even gets “officially” to E-1 – I know how the Navy and the Marines do, otherwise unsure]

    But. Looks like the Full Erdy is gonna be pressed into action and then Lord help us if anybody (with the obvious exception of south of the Rio types) decides to invade us.

    We’re probably all gonna have to start speaking Canadian pretty soon. At best.

    • Trump’s massive character flaws might be why he engaged in the same “take no prisoners” level scorched earth spin crap as the Dems, but unlike the Dems, with their seamless coordination with their liberal media friends, Trump always had only one massive news outlet (FOX) running his spin show, and then he had a lot of talk radio and right-wing online sites. He spent a great deal of time openly attacking FOX for not fighting harder for him, whereas the Dems know the mainstream media will carry the Dem spin war, because the mainstream media are overwhelmingly loyal Dems and they’ve been running this spin war for Dems for decades.

      Trump’s refusal to cave forced the Dem spin war out into the open, so the mainstream media can’t even pretend they’re objective “journalists” reporting facts anymore.

      Where this spin war goes from here though, I have no idea, but the left is going to make a major play at silencing the right and with the military – the Obama efforts to transform the military will likely look like child’s play to what’s coming now.

      The left’s culture war is headed to a new more dangerous phase, while Biden chirps, “America United” every day.

      • JK

        “Where this spin war goes from here though, I have no idea, but the left is going to make a major play at silencing the right and with the military – the Obama efforts to transform the military will likely look like child’s play to what’s coming now.”

        “And with the military …”

        Seen this?

        Inauguration Swearing-in 1-17-21-17

        Hmmm. So now the Guard finds itself in the curious position of, not only being subject to the UCMJ but additionally, subject to the administrative rules for federal law enforcement officers.

        Talk about double jeopardy!

        I can think of several extremely dicey scenarios these unfortunate troopers may find themselves subjected to. You can likely LB, imagine several more than I haven’t even contemplated.

        Gosh & Gollee. & … Gulp.

  16. JK

    “Divemedic” has thought of some other stuff I hadn’t.


    The US Marshals service you may recall LB, was among the first, if not the first, USG department created. And to this very day, one of the most powerful – and feared. Justifiably so.

    • JK, that link is to some Flicker page, so I’d need way more verification before believing this. Anything is possible with Dems and overreach with this massive spin effort to cast 74 million Americans, who voted for Trump, as a grave national security threat, along with white male soldiers, who supported Trump, but I haven’t seen this story anywhere except Al Jazeera and this link your friend has.

      Dems are already way overplaying their effort to marginalize almost half of the country and capitalize on the Capitol attack. It will backfire miserably and lead to a whole lot more chaos and backlash.

      • JK

        “I haven’t seen this story anywhere except Al Jazeera and this link your friend has.”


      • Thanks for that link JK. Why did they feel this was necessary or appropriate is what I’m not understanding really? And my other questions is has this ever been done before with NG soldiers?

        As soon as this Biden inauguration “security” spin sideshow started ramping up, I became suspicious that it was all for media hype and not based on any actual threats, but this is just very bizarre – the deputizing, the “vetting” of these NG troops and the massive number of troops.

        I’ve got to think about this a lot more – everything with this security spin show is all off and has felt bizarre for several days now.

  17. You remember the hysterical liberal media meltdown last summer when your senator penned an op-ed about POTUS power to invoke the Insurrection Act and now quietly – it appears the Dems, FBI, and whoever at the Pentagon (or apparently now retired GEN Honore is the Dems go-to security expert) have deployed enormous NG and policing assets, but skipped having the POTUS invoke the Insurrection Act. It looks to me like they spun up the threat level or the people making the decisions spend too much time listening to MSNBC and CNN ramping up hysteria and massively overreacted here.

    Or there are some other more disturbing motivations…

    • JK

      “Or there are some other more disturbing motivations…”

      Only some cursory research thus far LB but I can’t find any similar occurrences, with NG and/or actives.

      “Generally/usually” what’s been the case heretofore has been when there’s ‘support’ needed those deputized have come from (mostly) state’s police ranks and/or the various states county level (already) deputized agencies. Infrequently there’ve been times when a municipal police force has provided the extra ‘oomph’ (pardon the technical term) when its been needed – think national disasters – like looting scenarios following hurricanes and such.

      I seem to recall instances from the 19th century when territorial authorities (ie, Fort Smith’s Judge Parker) deputized civilians as needed.

      • Well, JK, it’s sure looking like this massive NG was just a Dem spin show, that’s quickly backfiring.

        The only street violence I’ve seen reported is leftist nuts in Portland… again.

        The Biden administration and mainstream media are still churning out hysteria about right-wing extremism and ways to silence them online and banish them from polite society, but their definition of “right-wing extremism” seems rather fluid and includes everyone on the right who doesn’t agree with them.

        As of this morning, I saw four Republicans governors have recalled their NG troops after they were kicked out of the Capitol and sent to a parking garage the night before last. Looks like this Dem spin optic using tens of thousands of NG as stage props imploded.

  18. JK

    Well LB, I think what happened was the Dems took a lesson from how the professional sports leagues


    Turned themselves into laughingstocks and so it just wouldn’t do to have no living breathing human beings at the inauguration.

    And that worked just fine for, it would appear, about 72 hours.

    Still. That was long enough to get the “proper optics” out for the international press. And the viewers of solely, legacy media.

  19. JK

    A question LB, who/what is the source of this: “____________ said that a mail election raised the risk of fraud and the coercion of workers. It also said the process would depress turnout, arguing that as many as 29% of its more than 5,800 employees eligible to vote wouldn’t do so or would return incorrectly completed ballots”?

    A. The RNC

    B. A Republican donor owned business

    C. A Democratic donor owned business

    (Don’t peek!)


    • Obviously, this massive NG presence is a Dem spin side show, but I suspect it’s not just the FBI involved in blowing up this “threat assessment” to surreal levels. I’m sure there are former Obama intel hacks, and a bunch of hysterical Dem retired generals, who spend too much time on CNN, MSNBC and writing anti-Trump op-eds advising Dem politicians.

  20. JK

    Sure am happy LB, we got this ol’ thread (hopefully) nobody else is paying any attention to:


    Have to say I completely agree with what the last (for now – 1/27 @ 1328 ‘MTHead’) is saying, I mean a nuclear SSBN (submarine) with 24 launch tubes (as well MIRVed nukes) is pretty dadgum extreme when you think about it.

    • JK, A week into Obama’s third term promises all of the “fundamental transformation” his first and second terms didn’t achieve.

      • JK

        Clever young lady, gots to admit I snorted coffee onto the ol’ keyboard upon seeing that, “Obama’s third term.”

        Incidentally, recall t’other day my mentioning ‘an Erdoganesque Purge’?

        Thinking further on that theme I think I maybe ought to adjust how I was thinking [then] how it was likely to go.

        Now it seems to me rather than it being a ‘top down purge’ it’s beginning to look more like ‘bottom up’ or maybe more precisely, starting somewhere in the “senior” NCO ranks down and then somewhat later on at about the, oh, Majors level (Lt. Commander in the Navy) then somewhat up and down.

        I figure the flag and generals levels to’ve already “got religion” (indoctrinated) sometime after the O’s first term and into his second.

        When was it exactly that Petraeus began experiencing *difficulties[?] at any rate I think about then was when all the rest of the Pentagonistas started getting with the Program.

      • C’mon JK, It’s the old Obama team pushing all of the Obama agenda, with smiling old Joe mouthing, “America United,” as he signs one executive order after another, rushing through the far-left wish list.

        All you need to know about the generals is how many of the big name retired ones, even ones who fell afoul of Obama, joined the Dems #Resist to publicly trash Trump and how outraged they were about security efforts at the WH during Trump’s hokey photo-op walk across Lafayette Park with General Miley, but now the generals are fine with thousands of NG staged around the Capitol. The quickest to march in lock-step with the far-left’s social justice dictates will be the retired generals and top brass at the Pentagon. They’ve spent decades mouthing whatever social justice and feminist dogma comes down the pike, because they know their careers are over if they speak out.

        Austin, as Sec. of Defense, appears willing to move racial “equity” to the top Pentagon issue. I expect the leadership ranks, from top to bottom, to be purged of many white males and filled to meet quotas, provided by the Obama team, for minorities and females, with little regard for warfighting capability. I expect quotas for minorities and females in infantry and combat units.

  21. JK

    Interesting you put it so LB. Puts me in mind of a comment thread I followed the other day to its end.


    If you’re correct in your expectation (which, incidentally I suspect you are) I worry “our prospects” in any future conflict – which I should probably qualify as, a conflict “we” must win (not burdening our fighting troops with onerous ROEs and having DC politicos “do strategy/tactics” like we’ve had since Nam) quotas of any sort will be counterproductive in the extreme.

    Ending on “a bright note” (though in any military operation that combat and all it entails will be occurring it’s plainly ludicrous of me to suggest “bright notes”) I don’t see on the near horizon any conflicts we’re likely to get engaged in that our politicos reckon to be “do or die.”

    Call me cynical but to my mind, these days our politicos appear to me to seem to think KIAs can be written off as the costs of doing business.

    A sad state of affairs we find ourselves in.

  22. JK

    Your current post LB put me in mind of something I’d read earlier today. Just had to remember where I’d seen it …


    That’s why I put it “own worst enemy.”

    • That’s an interesting take in that piece, JK, but based on not only Trump’s rabble-rousing before that mob of misfits attacked the Capitol, but Trump’s hours of failing to respond to stop the mayhem, while still trying to twist Congressional Repubs to go along with his effort to stop the electoral vote counting, I truly believe Trump deserved to be impeached and deserves to be convicted. Unless his defense team offered some brand new information, that’s how I see it presently.

      Yes, I’m well aware that Dems have hyped this into a full-blown insurrection and their efforts to spin this up to paint every Trump supporter and everyone who dares question liberal PC edicts as a dangerous, right-wing subversive and potential “domestic terrorist.” Dem and liberal media leaped on January 6th as their latest “crisis” to exploit to the max. Every day now liberal pundits churn out truly dystopian suggestions for programs and policies, from suggesting a “reality czar” to fight disinformation to using counterinsurgency measures against American citizens, they want Democrats in Congress or Biden to initiate. My neck is getting whiplash from the crazy spin efforts.

      Dems and their liberal media cohorts seem well on their way to overplaying their hand, regardless whether Trump is convicted or not. In fact, if Republicans could ever organize and gain some backbone, they could move past the extremes of Trumpism, but so far I haven’t seen much in the way of political courage among that crowd.

      Republicans who weren’t on the Trump train, have remained clueless, and still routinely get kicked about by Trump and his spin commandos in the media and played for fools by Dems and the liberal media, without a clue how to stand up to either side’s spin attacks.

      Not much to be optimistic about, that’s for sure. The total crazies on both sides have way too much influence, imo.

      • JK

        “Republicans who weren’t on the Trump train, have remained clueless, and still routinely get kicked about by Trump and his spin commandos in the media and played for fools by Dems and the liberal media, without a clue how to stand up to either side’s spin attacks.”

        Yeah and I’d only become (vaguely) aware of that somewhat. There’s this guy (“Bob”) over on Duff’s I’ve often been at loggerheads with – but not just politics rather very nearly across the board, from global warming to suggested Chinky Flu therapies – but then, and not that long ago at all (albeit pre-election) he was the first person to bring to my attention ‘the Q phenomenon’ although, and certainly nowadays, not the last.

        Matter of fact I’m “learning more and more” since the election than I ever was before the election and it would appear Dems and Legacy media were far far more “aware” than our ‘run-of-the-mill Republicans’ (& and certainly we Independents) ever were. Exhibit #1:


        (What remains a question to me however, and I can’t see that Pew addresses it but, how was it I’d ask, that those majorities of people – both Ds and Rs – came to be aware of it in the first place? !!! Yes I did watch mostly FOX – but surprisingly perhaps alot of MSNBC too! – and I never heard about it [that ‘stuck’ in my memory] on either of those two “news sources” so how is it that I’m really only *learning about this whole schtick only after that Air Force lady vet got shot and killed in the capitol?)

      • JK, I remain totally wary of this entire QAnon thing. Oh yes, I believe there’s some online effort at posting online content under the QAnon label, but what person(s), groups, or interests are behind this QAnon thing makes me very suspicious. I’ve wondered is it some far-right kooks, some teenager pranksters, a Dem false flag spin operation, a hostile foreign operation or some combination of the above.

        All I know is it smells like a Dem false flag spin operation to me. I have no information or evidence to back my suspicions – only decades of closely watching and trying to dissect Dem spin operations.

      • As I thought a bit more about your comments and links this morning, JK, I was reminded of other political labels in recent years that suddenly appear all over the news, seemingly out of nowhere, spun up by Dems and the mainstream media and accepted without any question. Take “alt-right” in 2016 or the automatic labeling the Jan. 6th attack as an “insurrection” and this QAnon hype seems very similar to me.

        The liberal spin machine also does this with “mainstreaming” their preferred new terms in their social justice/culture war efforts. Trump learned to spin, but his was clunky, mostly petty name-calling & lame slogans, but most of all reactionary to the left’s spin. The Dems and mainstream media often launch offensive spin attacks that are way more sophisticated and orchestrated, which is why this massively hyped QAnon thing just feels like a Dem false flag spin operation to me.

        Back when Roy Moore was running against Doug Jones for that AL senate seat, the mainstream media and Dems generated a massive smear campaign (and, yes, smear campaigns work much better for people who are dislikable people) claiming Moore was a pedophile, yet, all of the allegations came from like 30 years ago, with nothing more recent. It looked like a Kavanaugh repeat spin theme, but I had no idea about Dem operatives working with some Silicon Valley execs. to run a full-blown false flag operation, by creating fake Russian bots that supported Moore, then spinning up that Moore had Russian bots supporting him (another playing off their Trump/Russian collusion spin theme crap). They also ran some “Dry Alabama” spin operation too, which the NYT reported on once and then the story was buried.

        I honestly am not watching TV news, except for a few minutes here and there and I also am not following Twitter a whole lot or reading a lot of online news.

        American news reporting is now so corrupted by the partisan spin war crap that I doubt even the smartest crows in the world could find many golden kernels of truth, JK. And this old crow just doesn’t have the time or energy to dig through that much muck these days.

      • I fact-checked myself, JK. The Moore sex scandal smear campaign happened before the Kavanaugh smear operation, but I remember commenting on Twitter during the Moore sex scandal hype that it smelled like a Dem spin smear operation – as soon as Gloria Allred shows up, it’s obvious it’s an orchestrated Dem smear operation. Moore was a despicable bigot, making him an easy target for Dem smear operatives to exploit, but that timeline of his alleged sexual predatory behavior all happened like 30 years before and that struck me as very strange. Over the years, I’ve heard the experts on pedophiles and sexual predators insist that these people aren’t going to change and go back to that same behavior. I wondered where all the more recent victims were. I suspected Dem op researchers dug up that Moore was in love with his wife when he was much older and she was a teenager and a smear narrative blossomed from that information.

  23. JK

    And ‘speak of the devil’


    (When I stuck “Non Partisan Sources, How Q Came To Figure Prominently In US Politics” in my search engine – Startpage – the Federalist piece also came up but wanting, as I put in my first clause “Non Partisan Sources” I went with the Pew thing – figuring, if I had time (I need to get to Walmart TODAY) I’d maybe read some of the other stuff that came up.

    Only reason I’ve pasted the Federalist piece rather than some of the others – beyond not really having the luxury of time to read the top ten results – was that the other two I read are pretty doggone hysterical.)

  24. JK

    “Dem and liberal media leaped on January 6th as their latest “crisis” to exploit to the max. Every day now liberal pundits churn out truly dystopian suggestions for programs and policies …”

    I re-read your observations LB and decided it might be good that I address that too.

    You’ll recall me mentioning that, since just a few days after the election I decided that (among other reasons, to protect my sanity) I was gonna lay off watching any TV for awhile?

    I think even more now that was a great idea. And now that I see you make a point on what’s going on I reckon I’m gonna go awhile longer (awhile = maybe until 2022!) not watching any TV news.)


  25. JK


    I just this evening got an email “telling me/advising me” that FBI lawyer charged by Inspector General Durham … the FBI lawyer so charged by the IG with “Falsifying a Document Prior To That Document Being Used As Evidence For A Federal Warrant” … [Being, supposedly, presented to a Federal Judge -FISA- used to justify a full on FISA investigation And that lawyer (‘Clinesmith’ if I recall my Andy McCarthy correctly)

    Anyway, the FBI lawyer (which FBI as it happens incidentally is the Federal agency – Executive branch law enforcement that does Federal law enforcement investigations and which provides the Department of Justice (also a Executive branch agency) ALL its investigatory [to be presented as EVIDENCE to a FEDERAL court?

    Anyway the FBI lawyer ADMITTING Falsifying and Evidentiary Document got off with no legal sanction [ie disbarment] but rather COMMUNITY SERVICE?!!!! That’s not possible is it LB?

    Anyway LB I’d appreciate a neutral explanation of what the hell (if indeed the guy admitted “falsifying evidence” (perjury or more plainly, lying) and, if true, he didn’t get charged with, at minimum “Contempt of Court” and jailed and or disbarred?

    Candidly I never heard of a lawyer admitting presenting false evidence to a Court who – the lawyer – didn’t get an extreme sanction.

    This can not be true can it LB?


    Okay now I’ll get to your above replies.

  26. JK

    I don’t know what’s going on LB.

    All I (think) I do know is all the “politics/news people” are way too invested in all the narratives they had [created? … Exhibit # One zillion and three, The Covington Kids. One zillion and four, Jussie Smollet] that they found “too useful” to let go of.

    If all their “stuff” winds up destroying the country?

    Well (according to *them) So what.

    • JK

      Change that “according to them” to

      ‘So far as they’re concerned’

    • JK, The left’s culture warriors obviously want to create as much discord and mayhem as they can, otherwise they would not have developed their spin information war tactics in the first place. They have known all along that their spin war will turn America into seething factions, but I guess they believe they can “ride the storm and direct the whirlwind” to quote Hamilton.

      All of their spin dramas are meant to manufacture another crisis, which they exploit to ram through their policy wish list and solidify their power.

      Already, the Sec of Defense ordered a stand down to address “white supremacy” in the ranks and one can only wonder how long it will be before servicemembers will be interrogated about their political beliefs and encouraged to report on each other. All of this is moving so fast that’s it feels surreal, but Dems want to push all this stuff rapidly, using media-generated spin hysteria and a crisis atmosphere.

  27. JK

    My stack of ‘waiting to be read’ is so high currently LB I’m considering whether I probably ought wrap it in concrete blocks so as not to risk its falling over on me so


    If you read it first hows ’bout a book report?

  28. JK

    Sort of along the same lines as first LB, you put it to which I then told you about my put the same to my daughter I would commend – aware you’re not particularly enthusiastic about the presenting personage – nevertheless I would commend the first 26 minutes and 26 seconds of this one podcast to you highly:


    I’m: well I wouldn’t put it ‘confident’ but I suppose I would go so far as to put it ‘likely’ LB that on those survey results spoken of I’m fairly sure I can guess how you’ll express.

    As for the ‘Tale from the classical age’ – while it’s truly inspiring to recall such people as those – as our founding generations no doubt emulated from time to time I don’t think it at all likely our “present leaders” would be much up for it. Matter of fact I really can’t imagine putting the two characterizations ‘inspiring’ and ‘present leaders’ – in the same sentence, except such as in this instance, as an illustration of incongruity.

    Oh how we’ve fallen!

  29. JK

    Hey LB!

    Scroll this up to the 21:02 mark for The History of Lockdowns presented by that ‘Dr. Drew’ feller. I was just listening along from the beginning when the subject came up – And actually I remember (not sure from where alas) hearing it before. Or maybe I read it. Possibly an e-pal mentioned it to me because I had – haven’t heard from him in a couple of years – anyway the guy used to work at Los Alamos. The probability that he told me though isn’t high because like I say I ain’t heard from him in quite awhile.

    (Still though I’ll look into what’s being purported just for verifying for myself – although before Fauci & Co brought ’em up I don’t ever recall hearing ‘lockdowns’ (except for maybe people in maximum security prisons) before. Quarantines certainly but never lockdowns.

  30. JK


    Back some months ago, specifically when you were putting up the links to the ‘Provident Prepper’ there was (and is) a former sister-in-law living in the Houston area who asked me – we’ve stayed in touch because the company with which she is associated runs a … “big operation” doing oil production equipment leasing mostly in the US and points south but also a sizeable bit of business in where used to be my old stomping grounds – she hired me as something of a consultant

    At any rate when she was “concerned” about how she (and to a lesser extent, her company (she was with ’em from the beginning) about preparing for what I was thinking about the likelihoods of this or that – long story short one of the things I did was to send her a link to your blog.

    She called me just a few minutes ago and among other things asked me to send you a “Thank you very much [especially for the *Not Crazy types] for the common-sense prepping posts”

    She won’t comment on blogs otherwise it’d been her personally rather than me passing it along – well I coulda sent her this our “private post” but preferred not.

    Also – while she’s not personally (just now but she’s nervous what she’ll find when she’s able to visit her house) affected much because corporate has living arrangements – she passed along to neighbors of hers what she was reading on LBDs and they benefited greatly.

    So from Texas a big “Thank You!”

  31. Thanks for that JK, because I’ve been worried about everyone affected by this storm. Hope you’re staying warm. I don’t know if I mentioned on my blog that my daughter in TX had a baby boy in October. My daughter and son-in-law live north of Dallas. Last Friday, I broached the being prepared for this blizzard on the way and as usual she blew me off. She thinks of preppers as doomsday kook type people, I think, even though I try to be common sense prepared.

    Their power went out last weekend and stayed out. They have a fireplace in their living room, but by Monday it was getting down in the low 50s. They had a blanket tent set-up. She said they had a friend who had gas heat that was working. I advised her to decide before it’s dark, to avoid driving on bad roads in the dark, so they went to the friend’s house. Their power came on overnight, because the baby monitor over the crib in nursery came back online. It was 35 degrees. They went back home Tuesday, after they saw their house was warming up and the power was staying on.

    Then there was the news of water problems in TX and I inquired about her emergency water supply. She said they had enough, but I urged her to fill up extra containers and those large plastic totes work good for holding a lot of gallons, that you can use for washing and stuff. They filled the tub and containers. My sister advised her to boil water and fill some metal drink containers to use as hot water bottles. She did that and made a thermos of hot coffee too, so she was getting into the “prepper mind-set”. Their side-by-side fridge died, so they bought a small fridge they could cart home immediately to use for right now, because no one is delivering large fridges at the moment. I cautioned her today to be prepared for more water problems, because once stuff starts to thaw out, there might be more problems, both personal and with the larger water supply system.

    I’ve learned a lot of stuff watching the news and a lot of YouTube videos with this disaster. Btw, my other daughter lives in Indianapolis and she said she was prepared if the power went out and the heat, because it’s happened many times before. I am going to buy smaller tents and good sleeping bags for them after this disaster though. Saw that idea on a Provident Prepper video and a cooking channel I watch, the lady posted a blizzard cooking breakfast video from TX. They made a sheet tent around their gas fireplace to conserve heat and it’s worked great and her gas stove was working. She had salvaged some food from the fridge and had it buried in a container in the snow outside. She was cooking bacon and some brown sugar banana pancakes for her family, lol.

    Seems some people are survivors, but too many just post hysterical social media posts about, “Someone help us!”… while they stay in panic mode. I told my daughter in TX that each time some new situation arises (like the water system failures), even if it’s not in your town, start trying to prepare, because it might hit your area too. A widespread power grid failure can cause cascading other system failures quickly. When the frozen equipment and pipes start thawing there might be way more problems.

    Bottom line isn’t about my daughter blowing off my prepping concern last week, it’s that I
    realized how inadequately prepared I am for a cold weather emergency, because it’s not likely here in southeast GA. I changed my mind-set about that this week, even though I think hurricanes, tornados, flooding and forest fires are way more likely and deserve way more attention here.

    • JK

      I suppose LB, you can probably guess why I didn’t respond to this here reply of yours.

      Yep. I hoped you’d put up the post you’ve now done. I was confident you’d keep, to the degree possible, the politics … especially of the partisan variety, out of it.

      One thing I might’ve put abit more emphasis on (emphasis on I might’ve) is the fact there was a whole bunch of warnings put out on what was headed our way. But then I suppose *most people [Texans] only take into account of the hurricane/tornadic variety when it comes to weather affecting the state.

      • JK, Texas seems to be heavily entrenched in an internal partisan war for several years now, where the cities vs. the Republican-controlled state government work more attacking each other than working for the folks of TX.

        Another thing I’ve noticed with the anti-government types and gungho gun preppers (of which TX has many) is their “prepping” talk often centers solely on building up an arsenal and delusions of fending off government overreach, using force to defend themselves and a belief that their vision of a SHTF event happening is America collapsing. These type of people aren’t geared toward mundane planning for severe weather events or normal emergencies most people experience – car breaks down far from home type stuff.

  32. JK

    Here’s a post (and comment thread) LB you might find of some interest and dare I say ‘usefulness’:


    [And no, no relation – back some years ago (near a decade?) Malcolm stumbled onto there and somehow *figured out, ol’ JK must have some association and it took me some considerable time to disabuse him of that notion. Note though you may perceive the site as being authored by *A Crazy, it assuredly is not. A ‘sizeable number of its commentors? Perhaps but that’s not my point.]

    My point actually being – prepping, especially currently now that our [at least national] government is so tied up into the knots which it itself supplied the rope for and the tying of same [knots] that we find it almost entirely beside the point in such matters as we’ve recently come to find ourselves in – Exhibit 1, The run on toilet paper and the near national emergency declared in the wake of the completely foreseeable shortages.

    State’s governments being, presently (and with the possible exception of [some] coastal governments) the only entities interested in doing right by its citizens. Imperfectly as any state government might be – but that’s where the individual comes in when all is said and done.

    • JK, I am not trying to pick on the gun-oriented preppers or even the doomsday type preppers – just have observed there are some problems within the “prepper movement” too, although the vast majority of preppers all focus on food and water, which is good. And yes, generally preppers will fare better than elitist liberals, who scoff at the idea of stocking up supplies, because it runs counter to many of their “green ideas.” BUT there are lots of preppers buying into the Kurt Schlichter brand of “prepping” hyping “buy guns and ammo” and there are plenty of “preppers” who believe when the SHTF collapse comes they will be able to pillage, with force, whatever they need from the liberals, whom they hate and other preppers, who stockpiled food. The comments on a lot of the more gun-oriented prepper channels on YouTube are quite something to read. Most preppers, who I see on YouTube and who comment are just ordinary people, who want to be all-around prepared.

      The environmentalists in GB, Canada and the US have targeted even wood-burning stoves, a truly practical thing to have , if you live somewhere that gets cold. I understand the “anti-government” mentality, because when it comes to the federal government, trusting them, that could lead you to make a lot of bad decisions, imo.

      I was all civic-minded about supporting the “stop the spread” mitigation efforts, because I trusted “the experts” and very quickly it became apparent that with politicians “trusting the science” is a very subjective and highly political thing… i.e. NOT science at all. It’s been all ruthless power grabs, especially in Dem run states. The states that made sane decisions, like GA and FL with reopening, so people can go to work and live normally have been under Dem and media attack non-stop. Dems are never going to stop the COVID fearmongering and Fauci might suffocate under the weight of 10 masks before he’s done spreading doom and gloom warnings.

      In TX there’s already a lawsuit and liberal effort to hype the immigrant family, where 3 kids died, apparently from the cold last week, but the truth is the adults need to be questioned as to what efforts they made to prevent that from happening, because I saw several videos with hysterical people saying they were freezing and they hadn’t even done simple things to survive, like everyone move into one room and close off doors to other parts of the house, move furniture to pitch a blanket tent (which seems like it should be common sense to me), or even all lay close together to conserve heat. Too many people do nothing, except wait for the government to come help them and that is way more common among liberals.

      What I was getting at really, is emergency preparedness should be non-partisan & something that’s for the common good, but in Canada, preppers keep commenting on YouTube about “prep while you can before it becomes illegal” – guess, there are liberal activists who consider prepping as hoarding supplies and want the government to regulate how much food and water people can have in their homes.

      • JK

        “I am not trying to pick on the gun-oriented preppers or even the doomsday type preppers”

        I know LB. You’re absolutely right though there’s a lot of crazies out there heck, I know some [fewer than I earlier thought figuring whatever number there were all lived within spitting distance of me – but I now appreciate from ‘Whonootube’ they’re all over the place!].

        *In passing I recently discovered a little more than somewhat, to my surprise, some number of counties in Calistine [California + Palestine] already do regulate how much run-off rainwater may be collected off one’s roof. (That whatever amount of water being collected would surely at some point, make it into the cycle, inevitably; not being taken into account by *the regulators surprised even “Wouldn’t be Surprised at Government Overreach” lil’ ol’ me!)

  33. JK

    I’m figuring LB, you’ll be able to quickly get an idea about why I like this guy’s ‘car stuff’ … plus this one is very timely:

    (He’s a recent Tennessee emigrant from Texas!)

    (Somehow I get the idea he’s got about the same level of confidence in the Federal government doing it “right” as ol’ JK does.)

    • Well, JK, He’s rather entertaining. I know next to nothing about cars, but I have been sadly disappointed with every battery-powered tool we have ever owned, but I kept wanting them because I struggle with gas-powered tools outside – from lawnmowers with pull cords, weed-eaters, pressure washer, etc. I am left-handed and struggle with any tool with a pull cord. My husband bought me a lightweight weed-eater many years ago – rechargeable, and it really sucked, to be blunt. He preferred gas-powered tools for outside and electric inside. I hate the rechargeable drill too, and yes, there are many times I’ve needed to drill holes for some home project and with some craft projects. Got no interest in an electric car or, forsooth a self-driving car.

      I grew up in an old house with a manual coal furnace and manual jack stove to heat the water tank. It took shoveling coal every day, carting out buckets of ashes and minding the draft on the furnace… We were living in the dark ages and way behind the times.

      • JK

        Heh heh.

        We’re on the same page mostly. I do have to have some cordless (battery pack) tools if only because, as when I was doing ‘construction electrician’ work encumbered with a tool-belt weighing substantially (sometimes up to 20 lbs) up a twenty foot ladder carrying as well, extension cords was, to put it mildly “inconvenient.” (But back then there weren’t no lithium batteries.)

        But nowadays – as I have the stuff necessary (as this most recent weather amply illustrates the need) for running a generator ie 400′ [in total] of electrical extension cords all my “yard tools” as well as my Dremel are corded. I will admit though to possessing a couple of ‘battery packs’ (one for assisting low/dead automobile batteries and the other to power low voltage needs – phones, laptops, minimal lighting/minimal heat – in the house) but as for all the rest of my manual labor tools all are indeed capital M manual and lubricated with ‘elbow grease’ for the most part, maybe from time to time a little squirt of WD-40.

        It’s gonna be awhile for me – if ever – to go the Tesla route.

        Biden’s “EO” to convert the entire government vehicle fleet (aircraft carriers, dual agency/military helicopters, hell for that matter presidential limousines?!!!) to ‘green powered’ notwithstanding.

        Have a pleasant evening LB, I’m calling it a day.

  34. JK


    That observation “It will be here forever” is as close to certain as anything can be LB, after all is said and done this Covid thingie is indeed, a coronavirus. Just like the “common cold” is a coronavirus and remembering every ‘saying’ in medico jargon before this hit relating to all the medical advances we’ve witnessed prior it’s always been said, “But they’ve never managed a cure for the common cold” – Well that’s because it is a coronavirus. Perhaps the most mutable of any of the viruses yet known to mankind.

    We’ll see I suppose, whether our pols and “experts” ever acknowledge what harm they’ve done to “our liberties.”

    In the name of “Follow the Science!”

    • In the name of “Follow the Science!”…

      Well, JK, This ain’t science, but power and fame sure are two addictive drug. Public health policy is 99.9% politics.

      Fauci, our Covid god, has turned into a celebrity gadfly and Dem spin actor. He will go the way of Avenatti and the way Cuomo is headed – The Dems will turn on him eventually, decide he’s no longer useful, and too much of a distraction. And then The Fauci Show will be cancelled.

  35. JK

    Pertinent to LB, on your current post where you posit (I didn’t re-read so I may get it incorrect) “I have doubts whether [the authorities] will give up their new-found powers.”

    • Thank God for federalism though, ’cause Trump didn’t try to overreach his presidential authority with COVID and it’s been mostly Dem governors and a few Republican governors, like Hogan, who have clung to their COVID restrictions (and appeasing teachers’ unions and buying into all the media fearmongering).

      Eventually, most of the country will go back to normal and the liberal bastions will still be stuck in mass hysteria mode. I suspect some major flashpoints in this COVID spin battle, judging how the left resorts to street action to impose their will on America. Teacher unions already started organizing protests with raging activists and teachers… perhaps redundant grouping there on my part…

      Kind of think Fauci’s media star’s about ready to start burning out, so Dems and their media chorus will be ramping up some new mass panics with climate change topics.

      • JK

        “Thank God for federalism …”

        And that precisely has been my go to strategy in all “the debates” I’ve participated on the blogs with – Damned hard, seemingly, for any naysayers (actually probably more accurate to use whatever the antonym is – if the is one) to come up with an argument against.

        It’s a (relatively) local problem – governors are more perfectly suited to handle their state’s unique “on the ground problem.”

        So yes, thank God for federalism!

  36. JK

    Soon as I completed reading this LB, you came to mind. Not regarding the books exactly, really either the post itself but rather that ‘Miss D’ has a blog. I haven’t read on it, probably won’t but I thought maybe it’d be up your alley


  37. JK

    How are you doing LB?

  38. I’m adjusting, JK. The house feels very empty and quiet, but my husband was so sick for so long, that while a selfish part of me wishes he was still here, there’s also a relief that he is no longer suffering.

    Now comes the hard part, trying to figure out some sort of life, but first it’s to get through all the paperwork and information overload , as I go about getting things settled. Don’t expect any big drama there though. Just yesterday was the first time I paid attention to any news in two weeks and actually it felt good to be away from the political agitation propaganda, that is our spin war.

    Must tell you, I was a tad amazed at how my mild-mannered youngest sister, who is retired from the Air Force and whose politics have always been milquetoast, sounds like a budding rebel fuming about “King Wolf” in PA. Two of my sisters came down for the funeral and I kept telling them to relax, they’re in GA now – no one gets hyper about COVID stuff here and people just go about their business. They kept saying people seem so relaxed down here and people actually say hello and I told them, part is no COVID drama here, but a large part is people in the South are very friendly.

    • JK

      Keep staying away from “the news” LB. Tell you the truth I’m daily finding myself happier and less stressed each day longer I stay away (admitting I am reading foreign sources, some anyway – not, I hasten to clarify, the foreign political press). Been staying, to the degree possible, away from media – the big four at any rate – since I think it was about the second week of November.

      Yes there’s a lot of paperwork. Only about 60 or so days ago Mom’s phone was daily ringing about something my most recently deceased sister had had left over for the telephone debt collector buzzards to continue harassing and distressing Mom over – and Mom woulda kept doing her damndest to keep me from ever finding out what was happening. Until that is I just happened to set up my computer system in the same room where her “landline” telephone has been long located.

      I sicced the Arkansas state Attorney General on ’em and apparently the buzzards went looking for new victims. At any rate I guess they concluded dealing with me was definitely gonna be unpleasanter than it was dealing with my Mom. Might make a note of that but I figure your late husband (being mil) was far more thorough in tidying up than my late sister was – she was the ultimate “avoider of unpleasant matters.”

      So far as me ‘expecting drama’ forget about it – what I want is what you should want – for “stuff” to settle down. Your “stuff” LB.

      But I would think me giving you just a little bit of a ‘heads-up’ on something which, if it should go like I think it might, keep you keeping your distance from the world of “our pols” is that I think Russia is highly likely to move on the Donbass (Ukraine). Our current crop of diplos seem awful intent on pissing Putin off.

      Just take care of yourself my friend – for at least the next six months.

      I’ll check in about weekly just to say hello and do whatever I might.

      65 tomorrow so next time you hear from me I’ll officially be a senior citizen so, mind your manners.

      • Happy Birthday, Ol’ Man JK,

        I’ve tried to simplify our lifestyle and finances, especially since my husband was on home hospice for over a year. It was like a rollercoaster with his turns for the worse and then he’d rebound a little, so my youngest organized a lot of our paperwork, because my filing consists of piling paperwork on piles, then in shoe boxes and/or baskets, intending to file it in the filing cabinet… someday. I hate filing paperwork. I got on the Dave Ramsey kick a while back too and I’ll call myself Ramseyish – don’t follow his plan exactly, but believe trying to live debt-free is a worthy undertaking.

        I’ve tried not to pay attention to the partisan bs and the Biden administration’s “circling back” Psaki crapola, BUT this tweet from Trumper, Mollie Hemingway speaks to your Russia worries:

  39. JK


    And praises to the Almighty I ain’t on Twitter either!

    Thanks tho’ for the birthday wish. (Mutter mutter “Ol’ Man”!)

  40. JK

    That ‘heads up’ I mentioned on the 20th?


    (I’m thinking the puppeteers pulling the Biden marionette figure a diversion is needed ‘to pull the country together’ (or so the story they’re telling themselves is supposedly going – since it’s beginning to become obvious the supposed insurrection narrative is losing steam)


    However, in my humble opinion, I can’t imagine how us poking the bear right on the bear’s doorstep – and thousands of miles from our doorstep – can do any good whatsoever as regards ‘our unity.’)

    I’m paying the little attention needed LB my friend, so you don’t have to (although I’d have to be dragged – kicking and screaming – to watching “our” political scene).

    I hope you’re as well as could be reasonably hoped LB.

    All is well here.

    Well, except for today is the day of the first of the season mowing our lawn routine is set to begin. (Beats shoveling snow tho’ lol).

    • I’ve started to pay a little bit of attention to the news, or what passes for news, again, but I’m mostly just trying to adjust and working through the paperwork stuff. And I’m trying to work on a few small projects around the house.

      It’s very strange how the American news media has gone largely missing on reporting what’s going around the world, especially hotspots. After four years of only reporting foreign events to attack Trump’s State Dept. or something Trump said, our media seems to have gone into hiding reporting on Biden casually giving the middle finger to Putin, to China, & to North Korea. And, doing so while the Sec of Defense is more invested in transforming the US military into a Woke force than a battle-ready force. The same Obama nitwit women are running the Biden WH too, it seems.

      Frankly, the first to fold at the hint of any woke controversy in the US military are America’s top male generals and their retired general peers, who will prostrate themselves to appease the LGBT demands. They are the weakest, most mealy-mouthed crowd around, so I expect some woke blitzkrieg to ram through dramatic social transformation in the military quickly, at the expense of military readiness and especially at the expense of young, white, male soldiers, who are moving targets in the Left’s spin war to transform the military. I expect young, white military men to be broad-brushed as white supremacists and marginalized, at every turn.

      • JK

        Actually I was hoping against hope LB you hadn’t heard about the drive to the Woke stuff.

        That’s not gonna turn out well.

  41. JK

    How are things going LB?

    All’s well here pretty much.

    • Still adjusting here, JK. It’s very weird that while I knew my husband was terminally ill, I never thought about what my life would be like if he died. I’m provided for, so there’s no drama or urgent worries, but I feel lost at the moment on figuring out some direction. I am just taking it a day at a time.

      Oddly enough, one of my sisters recommended a book she is reading: Manipulation of the Masses: Woodrow Wilson and the Birth of American Propaganda by John Maxwell Hamilton and while I haven’t ordered the book yet, I came across another darned government report to read: Complete Report of the Chairman of the Committee on Public Information 1917. 1918, 1919


      I guess reading government reports will still be part of my ‘looking for those golden kernels,” lol

      I started a blog post on some of the latest spin war agitation propaganda, so perhaps in the near future I’ll be back to blogging.

      • JK

        Oh my Lord!

        This the sister retired from the Air Force? The one you mentioned something like ‘being a budding revolutionary’ or something like that?

        (Might as well tell her a guy from Arkansas sends his Gee Thanks another doggone book to order! – And thanks to yourself for the report; spent near ten minutes skimming and now it’s bookmarked for future study.)

        One day at a time LB.

      • Yes, the sister retired from the Air Force, but she’s not a “budding revolutionary,” just so different from her mild-mannered views on politics. She was never one to get on a soapbox (like I’m wont to do) about politics or constitutional rights and that sort of stuff, lol.

  42. JK

    LB, I’ve been listening to this couple for quite awhile having first became acquainted with their experience at Evergreen College – very likely the first episode to’ve occurred in the US of what’s come to be called The Woke Phenomenon (they actually do weekly podcasts & while they’re liberals I do not consider them what I think you and I would call “Lefties”)

    You’ll note at the bottom of the podcast page there’s a number of “periods” on a gray line? I would suggest you begin listening on the fifth period (at the +/- 19:06 timestamp “Consensus Science” then listen to oh, at least the 56:00 minute mark)

    I’ve been keenly following everything I can get my hands on concerning this “inadvertent/accidental leak” hypothesis – being the suspicious sort as you well know; I cannot but think “the timing” of this, if it was indeed from the lab, the timing seems mighty peculiar/convenient depending I suppose on any individual’s predisposition – at any rate there’s alotta gold nuggets spread all over the place.

    These rest are just brief snippets from my journeying around:

  43. JK

    I’m not of the opinion this needs explanation:

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