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Our constant hysterical political climate disgusts me.  Trump’s constant braggadocio, petty attacks and rambling , fact-free word salads disgust me.  The Democrats and media hysterical spin about Trump disgusts me.  As far as political commentary or analysis goes, the various smart takes in 2016 remain the same in 2019, as our American political hamster wheel spins round and round.

For the most part lately, I’ve gotten off the daily habit of tracking the partisan spin throughout the day.  Perhaps if something interesting or new happens, I’ll write about it, but fair warning, the rest of this post will be another detour about my efforts to make peace between our consumerist culture and the myriad counter-cultural efforts to combat our wasteful American lifestyle.

Last night I watched a short CNN video on Twitter about a fashion designer, zero waste daniel, who started a clothing design business using only scrap fabric waste.  His approach of sewing together small scraps of fabric to create larger pieces of fabric, from which to construct his clothing designs, while being a trendy environmental-mindful concept, does highlight our society’s love affair with consumer goods, where most of us acquire way more than we consume and live totally unconcerned about our wastefulness.

There’s a common mindset among more conservative Americans and the political right to dismiss everything coming from the liberal environmentalist echo chamber, but perhaps we should all try to be a little more open to listening and considering the merits of ideas, before making snap partisan political judgments.

Many aspects of our environmentally conscious activism do stem from the political left, then take hold in American businesses, who react to the political activism.  Many businesses respond to and embrace the latest politicized framing of appropriate environmentally conscious policies.  This type of political pressure infuriates many on the right.

On the merits, though, pushing all of the politics aside, being less wasteful, using less disposable packaging and taking a more mindful approach to our consumer habits seem like very traditional, conservative American thrifty values, that would even have appealed to Benjamin Franklin and most of our American founders.  The less wasteful approaches definitely were ingrained habits to my parents and grandparents.

Moving to a crafting/needlework blog post, explains why I haven’t been blogging much lately…  I have been stitching away… using all stuff that’s been sitting here for many years.

I struggle with my consumerist mindset and am working to rethink my relationship with purchasing many items, that clutter up my home,  and often have never been used.  However, moving to a zero waste lifestyle takes way more commitment and effort than I will expend, so it’s small steps in my life.

For decades, I purchased loads of craft and needlework supplies, without much concern or thought about the possibility of having too much stuff.  Yet, the thought of parting with my craft and needlework stuff just isn’t happening yet, but I now strive not to buy more, unless it’s some basic supply that I really need.

A few years ago, I began an effort to make projects using only stuff I already have and that’s what that hummingbird cross-stitch picture above is.  I bought a bunch of small Spring-themed counted cross-stitch kits  (and some not so small ones too) on clearance at Walmart, over the many years that I worked there.  I stitched a couple of these a few years ago and posted a photo, but never fear, I have more to go:

I have a hard time seeing to stitch on 18-count, so I used 14 Aida cloth from my supplies for the  hummingbird and a bunny kit last weekend.  I bought two of the bunny kits, for no logical reason…:

I did finish that Diane Graebner Amish design (out of the hoop and needs pressing):

Learning more about finishing my needlework into some useful or decorative item leads me to read a lot of cross-stitch blogs and browse Pinterest frequently.  That habit leads me to want… more new cross stitch stuff, especially the nicer linens and evenweave fabrics and threads.  It takes a constant effort to remind myself that, while stitching on plain old Aida cloth isn’t as nice as stitching on expensive fabrics, these kits and Aida projects still look nice, I think.

Yesterday afternoon, I was torturing myself looking at the blog of a very talented cross stitch designer, Brenda Gervais.  All of her patterns scream, “I want to stitch that!”.  Gervais wrote a short background story to her 2017 series, Summer Schoolhouse ~ Lessons in Abecedarian.  She relates how she found a small children’s book while hunting for antiques, but it wasn’t just any old book.  It was a copy of the oldest children’s book in the Library of Congress and it’s considered to be the oldest children’s book in print.   This book contains the first documented use of the word, baseball.  In the process of browsing cross stitch blogs, I learned a new word: abecedarian and a bit of historical trivia too.

To fill my fix for something new, there are lots of free patterns online.  I stitched this free St.Patrick’s Day cats piece, by Lynn B., twice.  I am going to make them into little decorative pillows or perhaps frame them, but one is for a family member and then I liked these black cats so much, I stitched one for me too:

Yesterday, was another free pattern start, Russian Dolls, this one from DMC:

Plus, I have a bigger cross stitch project of a Liberty Bell, that’s in progress, but that one deserves a fancier Belfast white linen, not plain old Aida cloth.  Just started this, so it’s only the top of Independence Hall and some of the lettering:

Of course, still working on plastic canvas too:

Not sure what I’ll do with this house picture, but it’s a design that I like, so I stitched it…

It’s very hard for me to concentrate on writing lately, but I’ll try to get back to politics soon.


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  1. JK

    “Putting together the events and participants, I can only marvel at how far we have fallen. This incident is the clearest, most starkly damning example of how poorly our civil systems are functioning. So much had to go wrong for this to happen, and so many people had to fail their basic intelligence rolls to make it come together the way it did. This is a story with absolutely no “good guys.”

    That I agree with. Too bad (if true/accurate) the President offered federal assistance to Wisconsin’s governor and he or she turned his offer down.

    The President it must be borne in mind could have, quite reasonably in my humble opinion, invoked the Insurrection Act and all of this would’ve been moot. This is politics plain and simple. Not only by Trump a sole actor but (in my opinion) the whole and entirety of his opposition.

    Which isn’t the same as saying “It’s the Democrats.”

  2. JK


    Why did I suspect that. Perhaps not specifically that but I did suspect something very similar.

    “White privilege: White kid illegally carrying an AR-15 shoots three people and can’t even get arrested when he surrenders? Hell yeah. That’s gotta be the white privilege gold medal right there. If you don’t think that the same interaction would not have gone MUCH differently for a black man, I encourage you to look up the event that sparked this whole mess in the first place.”

    Actually Mr. Vaillencourt I have “looked up the event that sparked this whole mess” but what you seem to have overlooked is all the contributing and additive events which got us here.

    This isn’t looking like it’s gonna turn out well.

  3. JK


    If accurately reported that, I think you might agree LB, shines “another sort of light” on Colonel Vindman doncha think?

    • There sure seem to be a lot of Dem activists inside the highest levels of our intelligence agencies, at the State Department and among the DC-connected officers at the Pentagon, JK. I’m amazed at the band of Dem retired generals, actively and openly working as Dem spin operatives now. The most amazing aspect of their partisan political activism is they pontificate about Trump politicizing and using the military as a stage prop (which he and most recent presidents have done), while apparently being blind to their own use of their military prestige for purely partisan political efforts. Seems “saving America from the awful Trump” spin efforts take precedence over leading by example with the retired generals.

      I still find a great deal of Trump’s spin antics appalling, but at the same time, these holier-than-thou retired Dem generals are a sight to behold – they completely buy into the Dem & mainstream media spin hysteria and rush right on TV and Twitter, tweeting angry diatribes against Trump – totally believing all these unnamed sources… Imagine generals in the military making decisions based on spin garbage being hyped by Dem operatives, the NYT or WaPo reporting, but that looks like it’s already happening. Some bought into that bullshit Dem spin attack about the Battle of Lafayette Park, when Trump walked to that church for that tacky photo-op. It was a tacky photo-op, and Dems and mainstream media spun that into the worst attack on Americans in history… despite over 150 federal officers injured in DC during that week of protesting.


      There were no deaths on either side and I didn’t see any verified reports of protesters at Lafayette Park hospitalized for injuries inflicted by federal officers. I saw a tweet one day with a photo of some woman’s leg and the reporter claimed the woman said she was at Lafayette Park the day before, during Trump’s tacky photo-op. She had a red mark on her leg, she claimed came from a rubber bullet. The reporter did not give her name or even verify that she had been there the day before, let alone been hit by a rubber bullet. This is the kind of “reporting” the mainstream media excels at – no names, no context, no verification, all just TDS spin garbage.

    • Jk, I meant to comment on Vindman, but went off on a tangent – Vindman sounded like a Dem activist when he testified, looking to Schiff for stage direction. it was quite amazing. As you know I fell completely for the Marie Yovanovitch spun up sob story, but in retrospect, she was part of the Dem spin effort, I suspect. I was also disturbed by Giuliani, as Trump’s personal attorney, traipsing around Ukraine looking for dirt. When people get invested in trying to outdo each other with spin war, well, good judgment evaporates.

      • JK

        I’d … “somewhat disagree” characterizing Vindman’s “performance” was particularly Dem – that he had an agenda and that agenda was definitely not what his CO (who, since Vindman was on the NSC, was ultimately the President) had in mind. The honorable thing to do to my mind would have been to resign in protest – and very publicly (if only to put an exclamation on such a resignation).

        So far as “falling for Ms. Yovanovitch’s sobs” very apparently that was not an uncommon reaction – I’ve heard from many people, on just about every side (and a few on no side) describe her treatment on a scale of something like between “poor” and : “appalling.”

        Only thing protecting/shielding me from falling for her particular shtick was my recalling all those 2016 Nuland/Kent/Yovanovitch/Ciaramello Ukraine shenanigans that,

        given Schiff was producing and directing the theatrics, it was easy to lose sight of so I can’t (and will not) fault you for that.

        Far as Giuliani even finding it “necessary” to even have to go to Ukraine in the first place I never could understand, after all, all “the evidence” was already out and (mostly) open-sourced. Candidly I think whatever Rudy’s ‘mission’ [such as it was] was supposed to be it was in actuality, a sideshow. Kept a bunch of reporters/journos hopping though – for all the good it did ’em – which in the end I don’t much mind.

  4. JK


    Anecdotally (just paying attention through life really) in my opinion I think that study’s conclusions correct.

  5. JK

    Don’t think LB, I’ve ever linked this site to you before but at about ten and a half minutes in Mr. Hayward makes mention of an author I actually do remember calling your attention to:


    • I remember you mentioning that book, JK. And, I bought it and read it too, although I must say, your recommendation of David McCullough’s, Brave Companions: Portraits in History, has led me on more reading adventures than Cultural Literacy, despite its quite extensive appendix.

      The McCullough book includes so many interesting “portraits” and just chapter 10, on Conrad Richter, introduced me to an American writer, whom I knew nothing about and now I’ve read several of his novels and a book of his short stories.

      I want to read McCullough’s, The Pioneers too.

  6. JK

    Thanks for the reminder for me to buy The Pioneers, I’d forgotten about that.

    Here’s something we don’t see much of these days. Sadly.


    Makes me kinda wish I could vote in NC.

  7. JK

    Might you do me (possibly, ‘us’) a favor LB?

    In today’s HillTV video cast (7th segment) there’s a Pew Research Center ‘project?’ ‘study?’ discussed I’d like to take a closer look at. Anyway might you find a link? It appears to be on some kinda twitter thingy but I really don’t know:


    The text under the segment title is ‘Krystal and Saajar: Msnbc Reve …’

  8. JK


    I’m currently listening to something but I’d direct your attention LB to ‘about’ the point of 1:15:00 to about 1:35:00 especially – however much I’ve found all I’ve listened to from the very beginning:


    • Well, JK, This sounds like peak COIN indoctrination to me. There’s a lot of naive ideas encapsulated in this idea that we’re somehow helping these people live “free,” (whatever free means to them) when the same power-brokers in Afghanistan now are the same brutal zealots as before. I still believe we are no closer to defeating radical Islam than we were 19 years ago, because this ideology finds plenty of believers in the Muslim world and frankly, perhaps I’m a hard-nosed realpolitik type, but I think the primary concern needs to be defining American national interests in the region and developing a larger regional strategy, looking at the regional strategic picture.

      A lot of people are very stuck on the democracy in the ME project and the Arab Spring delusions.- especially among American military officers.

      I hadn’t mentioned this before, but with the rapid developments in the Arab world and normalizing relations with Israel, well, the event that I think pushed this isn’t Jared’s ME efforts or Trump, but that massive explosion in Beirut that rocked the region. A lot more hasn’t been said about that explosion and Hezbollah, than has been said, I suspect. It sure seems to have shaken up a lot stuff in the region.

      • JK

        Yes what the guy seemed to be doing was almost precisely as I’ve come to (personally – don’t think I’ve ever put it out on a blog for sure, and probably not in a email either) describing as a ‘on the one hand ______ but on the other hand _____.’ What’s happened I think LB is after these 20 some years of constant warfare the military industrial complex Eisenhower warned us about has become a means toward a permanent career path. (As I say I don’t think I’ve communicated what at this point is something I’ve just internalized so me attempting to put it into words is gonna be primitively put.)

        Anyway back when we were young adults – 20 to say 30 – our fathers returning home from war had just accepted that to feed the family they’d need become farmers, plumbers, carpenters, (doctors), whatever. But nowadays what with the increase in the size of the budget, along with the commensurate increases in the size of government itself plus the number of “jobs” it has taken on – Department of Homeland Security being probably the most obvious example – there’s really no need anymore for anyone to, even consider what comes “after.”

        (Thoughts remaining un-arrayed, with much that needs be put between) [S]o now it’s got to a point that there isn’t any after anymore only, ‘so how can I figure out a way to never leave service?’ [Aside from becoming an incumbent politician!]

        – – –

        However that said – primitively put aside – much of that three hour conversation contained some bits of gold; widely scattered about I’d have to certainly admit but I’m happier than sad about having listened to the entire thing. (Would I willingly/enthusiastically do a repeat listen? No but I’d kinda like having a transcript.)

        – – –

        Yeah that Beirut explosion I reckon achieved more in the space of seventy nanoseconds than what seventy years of “diplomacy” has achieved.

        Don’t put it into a blog post (or, if you do don’t ‘credit’ me) but I’ve found myself engaging in a thought experiment going something like this, ‘What if that happened as the result of a joint Israel-Russia covert operation?’

        Of course it’s possible, I guess, that Lebanon’s primary port getting blown to smithereens was a pure accident. But it’s hard for me to associate the words Beirut and pure in a single sentence.

  9. JK

    I’d gotten to this sooner LB but my kids were in this weekend.

    Lots to think about here:


    • JK, Does this last bit sound like we’re moving back to the “small American military footprint” approach in the ME again?

      • JK

        I’ve not taken enough time looking into the details of exactly what the Joint Chiefs have been tasked to do, what their force requirements are, etc.


        I note Erdogan is recently signalling he’s “inclined” to de-escalate the Turkish-Greek situation (what’s so suddenly happened that’s led him to re-consider his ‘designs’ on all those oil resources around Cyprus, I dunno perhaps the seeming re-alignment of the various Arab states “strategy”? Plus there’s the question of exactly what’s meant by “small footprint” given our recent decades of history.

        Personally, my opinion of Turkey (and their designs) tends me to thinking they’re no longer a ‘dependable ally.’ Still, I’ve heard no talk of abandoning Incirlik (which actually, I would prefer we make preparations as conditions dictate to carry out) but for now we’ve got a rather considerable contingent of USAF assets there.

        The US 5th Fleet is Bahraini-based which means a carrier task group which also means there’ll be a Marine Expeditionary Group on constant duty. (I may mis-spell this) Too there’ll be that Al Udied ‘air base[?] on Qatar. So that makes up a not inconsiderable set of assets which I can’t really bring myself to characterize as a “small footprint.”

        Almost forgot. There’s almost certainly a quite sizeable contingent of Seabees and SOCOM with their supporting equipment/force protection assets hanging around the ME generally so there’s that too.

        Then lastly we need bear in mind – “Trump’s wishes” to the contrary – when he proclaimed ‘US Forces will be pulled outta Syria’ that turned out to not quite mean we’d actually totally abandon the place (as much as that might’ve been the best course pre-Russian invasion). So – as I understood the situation back when Trump was being roundly demonized for “abandoning the Kurds” (which incidentally didn’t happen either as all the ‘pulling out of Syria’ only turned out to be we’d pull back to Dawr az Zahr and insert an Armored Combat Brigade down on the Syria/Jordanian border town of Al Tanf – which armored combat brigade almost certainly means there’s “a bunch” of support assets got themselves a well-stocked pantry somewhere ‘up north’ in Jordan’s desert country.

        And though it’s not been much mentioned these days I don’t recall anybody saying ‘there’s no US Forces in [Iraq] the Kurdish Autonomous Zone.’

        So towards me and you LB getting to conclude that “Yes it looks like a small footprint” I think we better wait and see how all this recent maneuverings looks like its gonna shake out.

      • ” I think we better wait and see how all this recent maneuverings looks like its gonna shake out.”

        So true, JK, and all these maneuverings won’t mean much of anything, I suspect, if Biden wins in November. We’ll then be back to the Obama magic carpet ride territory… and I certainly never wanted a repeat of that fiasco.

        There seem to be powerful entrenched forces inside the beltway that keep America wedded to failed ME policies, and regardless which party holds the reins, it’s all just rinse and repeat the same failed policies. It’s amazing how the world didn’t end with Trump’s Soleimani decision.

  10. JK

    Remember how ‘our old friend’ back in the day was constantly on and on about ‘Trump/Putin = Putin/Trump’ and how “Everything that has gone on in my close friends/sources reliably inform me “has been completely aboveboard”? Yeah right John. Yeah sure John.

    Well John if you were so “on top of it all” then, why didn’t you step in and save all us taxpayers having to go through all this crap for going on five years?


    Now he tells us. Sigh.


    I wouldn’t expect anything … uhm I can’t think of exactly what word I’d prefer using here but I’m absolutely certain the one I’m gonna go with is wrong in context – Anyway, I wouldn’t expect anything less from Cindy.

    • A lot of revisionist personal “intel analysis” underway, as a bunch of intel “experts” try to bury their buying into the Steele dossier completely. Schindler also was one of those Twitter spin warriors wanting to stop Trump’s inauguration in 2017, until we got to the bottom of Trump/Russia Collusion…

      As for McCain, he sent his longtime aide to GB to personally retrieve a copy of the dossier, directly from Steele. My total disgust for McCain came his sideshow hearing, where he railed at American generals about their failure to train “moderate” Syrian Rebel groups. The problem was not the Army’s failure, it was a colossal failure of the Obama administration and the DC inner circle of foreign policy expert (especially the Kagan crowd), who promoted that “moderate” Syrian rebel myth.

      That DC inner-circle has led to one American foreign policy disaster after another – for decades, irrespective of party.

  11. JK

    I’m still reeling LB. I made (I think) a very honest effort to be dispassionate but I’m still on labeling it a shit-show.

    I wish I could have been a fraction of how that Andrew Sullivan guy “apparently” managed it (Maybe he knew to get drunk before watching while all I figured – partly ’cause I watched with Mom ‘n Sharon – anyway I figured all I’d need do is have a couple of beers. As it turned out all I managed was a single beer as the second I’d planned to have stayed in the fridge.)


    That was gawdawful.

    I feel very sorry for the stenographer whose job it will be to prepare a transcript for that. I hope whoever has to do it has a qualified therapist (bartender?) to work through the aftermath of such a task.

    Holy Augean Stables Batman!

    • I fell asleep reading a novel before the debate even started, JK. Just woke up and am relieved that I didn’t miss anything important, lol.

      I hate Trump’s debate style and I hate listening to Biden speak, in general, “man” (how many times does he that…) So, a win-win for me tonight.

    • Only a totally different topic, JK, I’ve been meaning to mention that I watch a YouTube channel all the time called Whippoorwill Holler, which is a couple from NE Arkansas, who share their simple life. Most of it’s the lady, Lori, sharing her cooking & canning recipes. Your Mom and Sharon might enjoy her channel. I have a long list of her recipes I want to try, btw.: https://youtu.be/rMFzUO4nEo8

      • JK

        Oddly enough LB, I mentioned Whippoorwill Holler ‘cooking & canning recipes’ to Mom and she “mentioned right back” – You just now hearing about them?!!! Come here an’ look at what all Anna (her sister’s eldest daughter, 3 yrs older’n me) has me’n Sharon looking at! So’s I say, “Well me and a friend of mine on the computer has only quite recently taking an interest in prepping.” She says, “What’s prepping?” So I began giving her a brief overview – good thing it was brief too because she interrupted me within the first minute with, “I always told your father you wasn’t paying enough attention to our folks (meaning their parents etc) and I’ll bet your friend heard the same thing from her Mom too.”

        Cousin Anna incidentally “contributes” to Whippoorwill Holler too I’m just finding out but what/how specifically she “contributes” I’m not yet clear.

      • The lady, Lori, at Whippoorwill Holler, has so many recipes that are stuff I remember from my childhood and I think she works in a school lunchroom, so she does some “school lunchroom” recipe videos, from recipes served in school cafeterias back in the day, when they actually cooked meals. You wouldn’t believe how popular those recipes are, JK. One of my sisters asked me if I had the school cafeteria peanut butter bar recipe from our aunt, who worked as a cook in a school cafeteria.

        You can tell your Mom that I knew about being “prepared” like my backwoods kinfolk did, but this modern “prepper” crap ain’t nothing like that. These modern “preppers” have got so much gear, stockpiles, and lists of “must-have” items and special lingo, that I can’t even fathom a lot of it. Bug out bags, and what to stockpile if you bug in, geesh, and every time you think they can’t possibly stockpile more stuff, another catastrophe rumor circulates the prepper community on YouTube, which churns up another wave of “Prepare Now!” videos … with more “prepping haul” videos of more lists of “must haves” and their latest shopping sprees (“haul” videos)

        I’m pivoting back to my needlework for a bit, because the full-time “prepper” life just leads me to spend more money, lol

  12. JK


    Yeah I wish’t now I hadn’t even mentioned the word ‘prepper’ or even anything associated. Huge mistake on my part.

    (You’ll get a kick outta this) Now Mom’s emailing me stuff like [Did you see this] “Tidal waves predicted to roll over Wallace Knob says local preacher” [FB] so Mom’s helpfully adding, ‘JK, I’m thinking you’re gonna need to invest in one of them rubber boats (zodiac – I asked) like I see your [types] are using now.’

    ‘JK, I’m seeing on FB there’s alot of folks stocking up on silver, can you loan me a couple thousand so I can have a bunch of Liberty dimes to buy bread with?” “JK, sharpen up your post-hole diggers, we got to have us a back yard oil well.” “Reckon if you get some leisure time son you maybe ought start building an ark?”

    Ooh boy I wish I’d kept my mouth shut LB – got any tips on prepping for saying stuff one’s elders now think one’s a idiot for even thinking is likely in my near future? How I can maybe tone down “the gals from the beauty shop” from sending me tips on how to survive avalanches?

    (Maybe how to keep from ‘utterances’ that catches me the dickens?)

    Boy howdy I really stepped in it this time.

    • JK, Thems those dratted prepper “rabbit holes” I was warning about, LOL.

      On the plus side, I have learned a lot about food storage and from the endless “prepper” must-have lists, I have purchased some things that are probably good to have – like a Coleman single burner butane stove in case the power goes out, which does happen on occasion. On the other hand, I don’t have the desire or commitment to go down more prepper rabbit holes than the very basic ones. Got enough on my plate as it is.

      YouTube prepper people and their supplies fascinate me though. The one couple, whom I find very informative and nice people did a video on how long dried beans last and they cooked 18 year-old dried pinto beans. Their 18 year old pintos turned out just fine, but then the lady talked more. Seems she stored her pinto beans in an airtight 5 gallon bucket in their basement, but they cooked up some 18 year-old pinto beans that her sister had stored in less than optimal conditions for 18 years and those beans had deteriorated a great deal.

      Now, the interesting part (to me at least) was that lady said she and her sister bought those pinto beans during the Y2K panic, LOL. And despite all their food rotation and a previous video showing them restocking 5 gallons buckets with pintoi beans, guess they missed the Y2K pintos in their food stockpile.

      And, that was the moral of their old beans video that I learned. I don’t want to be sitting on 18 year-old beans and rice or struggling to lift 5 gallon buckets when I’m close to 80 years old.

      • JK

        “On the plus side.”

        We might just LB, haveta arm-wrestle about that.

        Doggone I’ve built myself a squirrel’s nest.

        But I cain’t hardly lay it off on you LB, bad as I might wish’t to.

        Far as that Coleman ‘one-burner’ you’re talking about – that’s what I had before the ice storm hit. And while it served “my purposes” alright (if I’d just kept my mouth shut) in hindsight, I’m reckoning it did me more trouble than a ‘penny-stove’ might not’ve.

        My current ‘I’ve been telling you so’ situation notwithstanding.

        Remind me LB – next time you think to tell me I might “share with your Mom and Sharon” to please, don’t.

        It’s all my own damn fault of course but I don’t need any help.

        Thank you very much.

        Go ahead and laugh cos’ – I know you’re “prepping” and I’m thinking the righteous thing I maybe out to do is give my Mom [& Associates] the general directions to your house.

        I get them in your general neighborhood LB, I Gair-Un-Tee you ‘lifting eighteen year old buckets of beans’ are gonna be the least of your problems.

        Yeah go ahead and laugh. I’m serious.

        Enjoy yourself LB.

        (oh go ahead and laugh – I brought this upon myself … as usual)

  13. JK

    It may well be LB, we’re gonna have to may be, buying ourselves another book. If only because Mr. Andrew M writes a sentence which, though I never gave thought to or, appreciated (in its old sense) now occurs to me as “an insightful observation”:

    Trump likely would not have been elected but for the untimely death of Justice Scalia, which placed in sharp relief for the electorate the very different visions of the judiciary held by the competing parties.


    (Sorry about interfering with your planned knitting and prepping.)

    • Agree JK, and also glad she did take Covid
      seriously. Between the mainstream media/Dem “mask” hysteria and Trump’s over-the-top COVID sideshow, I suspect most people are just trying to go about their lives as best they can. Neither Trump’s mixed messages on COVID and careless disregard for gathering people in large crowds, in close confines (yes, that’s a recipe for problems with any contagious disease) nor the Dems and mainstream media constant TDS insanity, COVID fear mongering and lockdown extremes have made anything better for Americans. I feel like we live in a country where the lunatics are running the asylum.

    • The Republican Senate contains a lot of dinosaurs and I have wondered why so many of them skip the masks, despite being over 70 and many have serious health conditions, all to avoid ticking off Trump and imitate Trump’s bravado. Old Mitch can’t afford to lose any of them to COVID and still have any hopes of maintaining control of the Senate, that’s for sure.

      • JK


        One would think dinosaurs would, maybe, remember they are dinosaurs.

        And then think, “What happened to the dinosaurs?”

        But nope. Just like your current post has it with the exception being, “We’re incumbent politicians, what do [I/We] care. The taxpayers’re covering our utilities.”

  14. JK

    I felt it best I not put this on your current post LB but:


    I’d actually been kinda suspicious since, when I read of Covid’s “classic symptomology” – non-productive cough, stomach upset, headaches (as opposed to ‘just’ body aches) and of course respiratory distress – that, what I’d had ‘in the fairly immediate timeframe’ of the housefire Sharon and I had back on January 28th …

    I did tell you we had a housefire? If I did, did I also mention Sharon had had ‘around the same time’ (I really ought look into my sent emails and maybe some few blog comments to do a proper [personal] investigation but, the VA stuff does seem to confirm my suspicions) Anyway did I tell you that Sharon had had a hospitalization? As I recall (absent checking whatever digital record I may have put down) that hospitalization of hers was to do with her diabetes discovery but as I recall the hospital administration was “advising” Mom and I to limit our visiting. At the time I didn’t think much of it.

    At any rate, “our hospital” knows my pulmonary status (lung function – what’s prompted VA to list me as ‘100% disabled’ some years ago) – so anyway they, basically, were sorta/kinda admonishing me not to visit.

    – bathroom visit –

    Anyway within a relatively short time after the fire I began to have to use my “strong” asthma med not the just two puffs in the morning but rather, maybe a puff or two around noonish but and definitely, at least two before again before bed. I used totally, one of my ’emergency inhalers’ in, I’m thinking the three week period (as I recall) of whatever it was that was affecting me. ‘Normally’ it takes me ‘about’ 5-6 weeks to use one of those up.

    Four times I puked. … Highly unusual for me; last time I recall vomiting was back in the very early 80s when I was still running around with “normal sailors” (I drank ‘rum with the boys’ back then).

    More unusual was my having headaches. Sure from my waist down aches and pains are just ‘a normal thing’ I’ve adjusted to. But having a actual ‘real down and dirty headache’ even I thought at the time was not, normal which was the thing that actually drove me to …. fellow vet whose just returned home from a nursing home called requiring me pause typing this comment

    Anyway my having the headaches was what drove me to seek (outside VA) any advice I could get from an MD – actually a Nurse Practitioner – to give me the “straight nitty gritty.”

    (Last headache -aside from eg “a barfight”- I recall was from about age 10-14 or so. ‘Allergy headaches’ sure but still, and I guess I’m just a lucky guy where headaches are concerned because I just don’t have ’em.)

    Lemme think.

    Oh yeah.

    I’m thinking it was a headache drove me to do what I hadn’t since 2005. (My crush injury was 2002.) Anyway my VA docs have issued for me what I suppose might be called – since in the medical world rather than the military world – “standing prescriptions” [as opposed to “standing orders”] which, in effect, is for something somewhat stronger than say, acetaminophen – anyway I felt the need to take one. I managed after that one episode.


    Sorry for the pauses LB.

    Anyway. Last month’s …. ….

    I suppose I might ought pause and mention that, because of something I “attended and the results of” Anyway a couple of fellows in the same place I was had fatal results to the exposure while I, mysteriously, survived totally unscathed.

    And then some decades later as DNA technology got its footing, VA “asked” if I’d be willing to participate in some genetics study they’d dreamed up to which I replied “Of course.”

    I’m cutting to the chase LB.

    “COVID” was here far sooner than the media would have us believe.


    I’ll do a proper review of what reports I made back in the late February/early March timeframe and see whether my memory has played tricks on me.

    But something surely affected me in the very early months of this year.

    I don’t know what but I have a suspicion.

    • JK, you did mention the housefire and Sharon’s hospitalization. My husband was hospitalized January 19th. Our son, who has been living here for a good while, got sick a week or so before that and he was coughing so bad, I kept urging him to go to the ER. He has a history of asthma. When my husband got sick he got so weak, was coughing a lot more than usual and asking for the rescue inhaler every couple hours. He had been using Spiriva and Advair for years for his COPD, but this sickness was worse than any breathing episode he’s had. He was so weak he flopped sideways sitting in his chair and when I told him I was taking him to the ER, he had just fallen forward off his chair onto the floor. I got him into his wheelchair and then into the car. He started vomiting at the hospital the 2nd day. But the thing is I had taken him to the primary care doctor a few days before this and the doctor had put him on an antibiotic and prednisone

      At the ER they did a CT scan and lab work – he didn’t have the flu. The hospital discharged him after a few days into hospice care and then a few days after that I got sick with some respiratory mess – I felt like I couldn’t breathe, so I went to the doctor and he put me on a z-pak, but I coughed for about three weeks and took a lot of over-the-counter cough/congestion meds to try to get over this. I also have taken vitamin D for years – after having cancer many years ago I started taking that. I also take vitamin C daily and I gave Tom vitamin D and C and the neurologist recommended some B12, so perhaps the vitamins helped some.

      We both had our flu shots last fall and the pneumonia vaccine. Btw, I already got my flu shot and our son got his. I asked the hospice nurse about a flu shot for my husband and she said their director is ordering them. I am more concerned about getting my husband a flu shot than about COVID antibody testing.

      • JK

        The antibody testing wasn’t anything I was (at the time) the least concerned/curious about.

        I just put whatever I was experiencing down to the aftermath of the housefire. What was weird at the time both to me and especially the AnP (Nurse Practitioner) was that my cough wasn’t “productive” meaning effectively that, I wasn’t coughing up (as usual) any phlegm.

        As I still smoke cigarettes the AnP found that “very unusual” so she suggested rather than a pharmaceutical I got and get myself “a bunch” of an OTC med called *Mucinex which I did. And, amazing as it might sound LB, given you’ve yourself told me “much the same thing” – she (the AnP) added, “Go out to the Amish get a gallon of unpasteurized honey, and when you leave their driveway turn left toward Missouri (where I live is a “dry county”) and get yourself a [big] bottle of apricot brandy: get yourself home and put ¼ to ¾ – thirty seconds in the microwave and then do a “linger swallow.”

        I had to ask what the lattermost bit was but I figured it out. Anyway that “dosage” worked pretty good. The Mucinex took “about” 7-10 days but finally it did “seem to work.” About halfway into that “prescribed” regimen I was also advised to “double up” (which I’d already done) whatever I was supplementing with D3.

        My main concern LB is that, our media is more concerned with narrative than it is with “our” outcome.

        Frankly I don’t think media gives a shit.

        Except as disposition disposes.

  15. JK

    I see now the timeframe – “may” be able to excerpt/extract” from an email:


  16. JK

    Careful with this one LB, might cause you to think you’ve got some dust in your eyes – well that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!


    • JK, I’ve been thinking about what I want to write about this insane culture war, but there are so many skirmishes being fought out largely with this mass media spin information to “control” public opinion, that by time I think I’ve got my thoughts together each day, several more bizarre spin war battles have erupted. Here goes a lonng ramble of things on my mind this morning

      Events that were spun up as being “the watershed event” just a day or two ago collapse into the spin black hole, supplanted by more spun up existential crises that are hysterically blared across media (especially Twitter).

      I can’t keep up with trying to dig into the details, because before I think I’ve got a good handle on the latest hyped “crisis,” several new ones buried the one I’m thinking about. Oh, and here’s where the media corruption is amazing at controlling information – Twitter outright tried to silence an American newspaper yesterday with that Hunter Biden story, BUT Google controls what news stories pop up in their search engine…

      That video of yours speaks to the coming backlash, I suspect is building against the Left’s culture war dictates, but let me run this by you.

      With the Steele dossier there are now reports (don’t have time right now to hunt down links, sorry) that Sid Blumenthal masterminded that Trump/Russian collusion narrative and Cody Shearer originally pedaled it to Winer at the State Dept. and to Steele. Steele supposedly relied on his Russian sources, which might be mainly an oligarch, whom the FBI suspected of working for the Russians So, Steele was likely being played by Russian intelligence. The Russians likely knew all about the Clinton’s dirty op effort to acquire dirt on Trump linking him to Russia. And an alternative consideration in my mind for years, has been who all around the world is Sid Blumenthal providing information to? (same pondering I’ve had about Jeffrey Epstein for a long time too).

      Then we get to this Hunter Biden story. Everything about Rudy’s wild statements and accusations, his reliance on those two guys, Parnas (Ukrainian-born) and Fruman (Russian-born) as his translators and tour guides on his Ukraine trips, reminds me of McCain’s reliance on O’Bagy and that Syrian Emergency Task Force, which provided similar services to McCain on his 2013 “surprise” fact-finding trip to Syria and then they staged photos of McCain with terrorists and those photos got splashed across international media…

      Anyway, Rudy’s trusted source appears to be another oligarch, who has close ties to the Kremlin.

      Then along comes this laptop with Hunter Biden’s emails on it. I’m still not sure who dropped this laptop off at that shop in April 2019:


      Sorry, I’m getting there, JK, anyways, I have never been impressed with Malcolm Nance “intel expert” on MSNBC, but he tweeted something, assuredly from his TDS mindset, but nevertheless worth considering:

      Malcolm Nance
      BAD SPYCRAFT ALERT: The “laptop” (briefcase, safe, harddrive, purse, wallet, jacket pocket) full of accidentally abandoned “secrets” is an OLD KGB/FSB TECHNIQUE of PLANTING data to be “suddenly discovered” just for a gullible newsmedia. 🙄
      Quote Tweet

      · 14h
      Facebook and Twitter have taken action to restrict the distribution of a New York Post article about Hunter Biden https://bit.ly/319SRn9
      9:45 PM · Oct 14, 2020·

      I suspect the only side winning in America’s scorched earth spin war are the Russians.

  17. JK

    There’s a comment [now – 8:28 CDT] saying something like:

    “It’s bad when US citizens have to watch Australia news to get US news.”

    But yeah LB, your last sentence says it all.

  18. JK


    What should be borne in mind LB, is that Mark still holds himself to be “a liberal” – (but Thank God, an old school liberal). Whether that’s enough in “our times” … in my estimation, looks increasingly, hopelessly idealistic.

    • “However repugnant you find Donald Trump, unless he prevails (and right now I think he will lose) and the GOP retains control of the Senate, there will be no institutions in our society resisting the Woke. It will be over. Time to face reality, however unpleasant, and do the right thing.”

      Well, JK, I do agree the worst outcome will be for Democrats to control the House and Senate, plus the White House, but honestly even Trump trying to hold the line or Trump and a Republican controlled Senate will still be the same endless scorched earth spin war, eroding all of our institutions. Granted, the dangerous flashpoints, as the Woke culture gets rammed down out throats, with Dems having total control in Washington, will come much faster. There are no political forces in America blowing in the other direction, trying to pull Americans away from the extremes, regardless who wins this election.

      • JK

        You know, all of my life I’ve preferred divided government – meaning no single party holds all branches – but (and it may well be just that I’m getting old, and tired) Anyway, I’m thinking now though highly improbable, it might be best for the Rs to do the impossible.

        I never have considered Trump to be a real-life honest to God Republican. Not that it seems to matter much these days. In years past I said many times and oft’, “There ain’t one slim dime’s worth of difference between a D and a R” but with all this current strife (for now mostly limited to our urban centers) I’m coming to thinking perhaps it’d be best for our future that the Rs hold Congress. For now.

        Hopefully something like that would give Ds the breathing space to work their internal problems out.

        But our prospects appear dim. “Regardless of who wins this election.”

        One thing’s almost certain, our cities are gonna ignite. Sure am glad I don’t live on either coast. Well. The Left coast for sure. And on the other, from Virginia to points north.

        Maybe God will bless us with an exceedingly harsh winter. “Harsh” in the ol’ timey sense, not the human type harsh.

      • JK, I spent years bashing Trump and assuredly much of it was deserved, but the truth is America is approaching a very dangerous inflection point, I believe. The 4 years of 24/7 Dem/mainstream media #Resistance spin to take down Trump combined with Trump’s 24/7 POTUS Reality TV show/spin effort to settle scores with former media friends, who betrayed him in 2016 (like Zucker at CNN, Scarborough, etc.) opened the door for the far-left radicals to advance their culture war in ways I didn’t seem possible.

        Trump-induced chaos has definitely been a major destabilizing factor, but he’s not solely to blame. The Dems #Resist effort has been the most corrupt effort to undermine confidence in our electoral process and to try to undo an election result that I’ve seen in my lifetime.

        Add in the COVID health crisis, which has been hijacked by Dems and their media cohorts, then add in Trump’s COVID mixed messaging to the volatile mix and we have even more disunity, than hopes of uniting Americans on anything. All of that Dem/media virtue-signaling about masks and social distancing serves to encourage liberals to openly attack and demonize Americans who don’t conform. It’s as destructive as Trump’s mixed messaging.

        Some other destabilizing influences are the politicization of the FBI, thanks to Comey & friends, the politicization of our intelligence agencies, thanks to Brennan, Clapper and their “unnamed sources” (Dem friends) within the intelligence community, and the very vocal retired Dem generals, actively strategizing with Dems to undermine and oust Trump.

        Then add in the BLM opportunism to ignite racial tensions in the midst of a pandemic and we have a very volatile situation.

        We have no national institutions left that can unite America. A Repub win in the Senate and POTUS assures more grinding #Resist corrupt political sabotage efforts and media scorched earth TDS 24/7. Plus, there’s going to be massive, violent street action by the far-left if Trump wins, I believe.

        If Dems win the WH and Repubs the Senate, it’s still going to be massive chaos, because Trump won’t fade quietly into the night and neither will his loyal followers – so I would expect violent street action of some sort. Biden and Dems trying to crush these Trump followers could lead to even more volatility. Some Dems are even suggestion hunting down Trumpers:

        ““When this nightmare is over, we need a Truth and Reconciliation Commission,” tweeted Robert Reich, the progressive former Labor Department secretary to former President Bill Clinton and adviser to President Barack Obama. “It would erase Trump’s lies, comfort those who have been harmed by his hatefulness, and name every official, politician, executive, and media mogul whose greed and cowardice enabled this catastrophe.”

        This follows another call for a Truth Commission delivered by an MSNBC host, the lefty Chris Hayes: “The most humane and reasonable way to deal with all these people, if we survive this, is some kind of truth and reconciliation commission.””


        And the scariest scenario, I think, is if Dems control the whole shebang and rapidly start ramming through their fundamental transformation of America.

        The biggest vehicle to fan chaos and instability is our mass media committed to spin war – and that goes for FOX, conservative media and the mainstream (liberal) media, but here the liberal media controls most of the media in America – Hollywood, TV networks and big tech. CNN spends more time watching FOX News and reporting on them than they do reporting on actual news and this Twitter blocking of the NY Post portends some obvious big tech efforts to silence news media they decide aren’t PC.

        The most alarming thing to me is all these “leaders’ invest all their energy in trying to “win the spin war” and not a moment trying to find ways to end this corrupt form of agitation propaganda blaring across American media every minute of every day. I don’t think the election itself will change the polarization and factionalization in America, just perhaps the op tempo of the deepening divides.

        We need dynamic and creative leadership desperately and so far I haven’t seen any of that among the spin warriors, on either side. Btw, my plan for all these years is a comprehensive plan to work to unite America, to defuse and short-circuit the spin war, but looking at the mess we’re in now, it might take a freakin’ miracle to hold our country together. I’ve tried to stock up on basic supplies and will avoid crowds and assuredly urban areas after the election. I fear it’s going to be a mess.

    • JK, that article was from 2016 and they’re still clinging to this failed strategy. The line at the end sums it up perfectly:

      “In the last 15 years of war against terrorism, it appears that the U.S. military and intelligence services have learned no lessons, repeatedly doing the same thing again and again, hoping for a different result. Likewise, the leadership of Special Forces, the CIA, and the White House appear to have little interest in making a course correction.”

      • JK

        “Calling for the removal of the military from civilian oversight by granting it alone the authority to resolve political disputes smacks of “praetorianism,” something usually associated with countries such as Turkey and Egypt. In
        these countries, the army is the real power behind the government. Nothing can be more dangerous to healthy civil-military relations than normalizing the view that the military is the protector of republican government. Indeed, in today’s political climate, such a view could contribute to, if not trigger, a constitutional crisis.”

        It would appear LB, you’ve got to the crux (as I see it) way before I … … well I suppose, knowing you know your US History and how our Founders in the very earliest days thought of “standing armies”

        No soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law.

        Might have expected you’d get ahead of me (lol … but in a sad manner).


        Yes that article is from 2016 however, (and somehow I kinda expect you’ve gotten a march on my “plan” for how I was gonna proceed – lol, but in this instance, knowing you, I was more or less figuring at some point, but later heh, you’d see I was working up to something more uhm ‘present’ I suppose)

        At any rate – I was aware there were ‘certain elements’ studying stuff related to how our prospects from then [2016] might possibly figure in our future – at the time I learned of what was going on I was figuring maybe ten, fifteen years from now rather than what I’m coming closer to concluding means now rather than some future I figured I wouldn’t be around to witness:

        Admittedly at the time of my learning there were “not senior, Pentagon/Political Flag-level officers” paying attention to this stuff and so I’m afraid I’ve allowed myself to get surprised.

        (I hope I’m not got you hopelessly confused.)

        At any rate, I’m certain you are aware of where a large number from the ‘Somali Diaspora’ have primarily clustered in and around? *Clue – someplace where the winters are harsher than where we are.

        But where LB might your intuition suggest a sizeable number of Syria “vets” and Ukrainians [remember Ukraine’s proximity to Chechnya] have immigrated since about 2016 to?

        A worrisome line of thought no?

      • I looked it up, JK, and came up with Seattle area. The Somalia location was BLM 2020 ground zero – Minneapolis.

        I’m still curious for where all you’re heading with your thoughts though. I’ve believed the corrupt spin war would escalate to this point of corrupting all of our institutions since the early 2000s. I just had no idea how quickly this would escalate in the past 5 years.

        Since around 2013 I’ve been thinking of an actual comprehensive plan to counter it and how to respond if there’s complete breakdown of our American systems, especially with a rapidly escalating spin war, where the media goes completely haywire and our mass media is so polluted by spin that it’s really a complete information void (I’ve called it that – don’t know if there’s an actual term for that situation). I strategized ways to communicate reliable information between Americans leaders trying to keep calm and law and order, I thought about the need for ways to communicate quickly and securely, relying on low-tech, assuming the high-tech information pathways failed or were blocked (like the big tech Twitter move to shutdown The New York Post over a week ago). I’ve thought about how to keep our key leaders playing on the same team.

        I never in a million years dreamed someone like Trump would drag the GOP into this Dem corrupt spin war tactics. I never envisioned the entire Democratic Party falling in line with wholesale public corruption and going along with any spin lie to advance their agenda. I never imagined the BLM movement working to ignite a race war in America (or the foreign players in that Antifa mix). And assuredly I never dreamed we’d be dealing with a health crisis like COVID-19 on top of all that. I’ve been reassessing my plans and trying to come up with new ideas to deal with some of these unforeseen problems and my goal has always been to protect The Constitution and to work to unite Americans behind working together and basic American principles – like treating each other with respect, following the law, and doing everything we can to avoid open rebellion and violence.

        I only hope some American leaders in positions of responsibility have been thinking of a comprehensive plan to hold America together as this corrupt, vile spin war reaches critical mass.

  19. Here was another tidbit I saw on Twitter today: https://twitter.com/NickKristof/status/1319986627192684549

    I think she’s part of some facebook effort to combat “disinformation” and recently she was appointed to the board of trustees of the Ford Foundation: https://www.wfmz.com/news/pr_newswire/pr_newswire_business/ford-foundation-appoints-samantha-power-to-board-of-trustees/article_3965dffe-29e9-5c0e-8bf5-3da369675e82.html

  20. JK

    “I’m still curious for where all you’re heading with your thoughts though.”

    I’m not confident yet LB, where I am eventually going to wind up so for now your “curiosity where I’m heading” is as yet, premature – I’m “still in the bullshit” if you will. I may, may not have informed you I no longer hold clearances? Pretty sure I did though because of Her.

    You still holding to this October 3, 2020 at 4:20 pm ?

    I am. In point of fact that’s where my current line of thinking out all these scenarios – and, perhaps more crucially, got me to reviewing some stuff I’d [fairly recently – but hadn’t put together] got. So many trees sprouting up “recently” I didn’t recognize that there’s a forest suddenly almost out of nowhere, seemingly, erupting out on the extreme Cascades Coast.

    And let’s remember, Mount St. Helens was and is a Cascades Range volcano.

    Far as Covid’s concerned my thoughts on that is that, that’s just one of those ‘Acts of God’ things.

    History inclines me to accept, as An Article of Faith that, were it not for the development of first, sulpha drugs and then soon after, antibiotics themselves, (post WWI notably) that given humankind’s developing of rapid transoceanic travel – which perhaps Titanic hitting that iceberg was a portent – ought to have clued us into the almost inevitability that Nature would wreak havoc upon us more likely sooner rather than later.

    Heck we’ve got, almost within “living memory” the History of the “Spanish Flu” or whatever one wants to call it as almost a promissory note on that. Our “conquering polio” (so far as that “conquest” is concerned) should still be serving as alarm bells worldwide not to mention such “minor inconveniences” as Bill and Melinda Gates’ efforts in Africa to “do to malaria” what we achieved against polio in the US.

    That a political party[s] has now weaponized not only the institutions our forbearers in their foresight gifted us and blessed us with against an “Unacceptable President” should be ringing klaxons not only in every firehouse and county courthouse across this great Republic but so too in every Congressional office and every ring of the Pentagon is not now blaring out great warnings should be giving us all pause.

    Thank God we’ve got the unelected Dr. Fauci who’s had every side of every advice to do every tv appearance whenever the ‘scientific consensus’ has switched from “Don’t do this” to “Do this even though last week we told you under no circumstances should you disagree to doing what last week we told you you shouldn’t!”

    And Trump’s to blame for his less than four year’s experience running a bureaucracy that Dr. Fauci’s been a part of for going on forty years?

    Am I disheartened and disillusioned LB?

    Well yes actually LB, I am.

    • JK, I know you don’t do Twitter and I was trying to abandon too, but jumped into tweeting some in recent days. The alarming pace the Twitter “censors” are screwing with, not only the New York Post, which must remove several tweets before they can get their account unblocked and which they have refused to do, but also adding warnings to mask tweets by GOP senators and Trump pundits that aren’t sensitive in the least, while not ever imposing these “rules” on liberal media and Dems has been rather amazing to behold. Then there was the Samantha Power push with facebook to start cracking down on right-wing conspiracy theories (as determined by liberals who want Biden to win), plus all these efforts to control what information people can post and see… it’s all quite alarming.

      I have been tempted to vote for Trump, just as a check on the Dem culture war surge forward, but haven’t gone that far yet. The mainstream media efforts to destroy Trump for 4 years have been astonishing in how insane these people have become. They are truly zealots who not only hate Trump, they hate Americans who support him and want these people to be “reeducated.” Twitter is just screwing with, not only Trump, but sitting senators and trying to silence them too. It’s breathtaking really how bold they have become and they will do anything to make sure Biden wins, but I think Trump is going to pull it out – the crowds he’s drawing are massive and Biden saying he’ll end fossil fuel was a colossal blunder. I just feel the Left’s culture war will rage across America if Biden loses. And if he wins, the Dems will move with lightening speed to crack down on anyone who disagrees with them.

      • JK

        The “culture war” is gonna rage on regardless LB.

        That, is probably where I was gonna wind up. You consider ‘Trump is gonna pull it off’ ? Okay I’ll do the voting for you – except your state would be the more effective state to vote in – mine is definitely gonna go like last time. (Of course our ‘not getting as many votes as the other candidate’ isn’t still threatening to take whatever nonsense that is to ‘the highest authority’ [presumably the Supreme Court but, and just my semi-informed opinion, whatever bad romance fiction my losing gooberanatorial maybe tried his hand at (shades of Jeffery Toobin on your losing gooberanatorial candidate) his cannot be worse than your’s best.

        (Implication being I seriously doubt either one of ’em was a serious contender for the NYT best seller’s list.)

        If I could LB, I’d cast a vote for you but I’m not planning to be dying in Bill Clinton’s hometown in the near future or even going anywhere’s near Little Rock.

        Of course there’s a chance I might have a massive fatal Jeffery Epstein hyoidalinfracture in which case I’ll be voting twice for Biden anyway – but at which point it [shouldn’t] matters to me in either instance.

        Oh dear God – Samantha Power still has a platform?

        Somebody get ‘er a date with Jeff Toobin an’ take care of both messes.

  21. JK, on Twitter this morning I saw an article by Matt Taibbi with a sensitive warning, so it was masked and you had to click to view it – just a petty Twitter effort to squelch the amplification of this article. The New York Post still has their account blocked too and the mainstream media launched in non-stop COVID fear-mongering. Then I saw this Newsweek story on CA’s Thanksgiving COVID restrictions:

    And Cuomo is still trashing Orthodox Jews in NYC and I decided to vote straight Republican ticket – top to bottom. I am now to the point where I believe Dems controlling Congress, the WH, the mainstream media and social media is more alarming than Trump. The Dem power grabs using COVID fear-mongering are alarming.

    • JK

      Well I see you did it.

      Hope you’re not about to get (on your blog) blasted outta Interspace. And that Jack Dorsey doesn’t put you onto his ‘hit list’ (got to keep you puttering around the Twittersphere if only to keep me abreast of what’s likely headed our way)!

      Be careful out there my Friend. Keep your chin up (but not necessarily out).

      • It’s a Hail Mary vote JK. I really do have a comprehensive strategy, which I developed and wrote about in my Penzu journals since, geesh, think I started jotting down ideas to defeat the Dem/media spin information war since around 2012, but it’s out of my hands as to whether it ever is implemented. I am really just a nobody homemaker. I wrote it down, gave my Penzu password to a friend and suggested a couple other people he might want to share my ideas with. I never asked if he did or who he decided on sharing my ideas with, BUT a part of my plan was (building a tightly compartmentalized team and operation) & hopefully finding people to legally conduct a RICO investigation into what happened to me in 1998. And to track the attacks on my computer and try to gather evidence. Since I believe my computer was compromised all along – I don’t want to know this information, but I do know I’m still online, which at times seemed like I would be knocked offline for good.

        At this point in time, there’s nothing to be gained by “accountability” for what happened to me – the statute of limitations is probably long past and I don’t ever want to sue anyone or make money off of it. I hate public speaking and the thought of going public scares the hell out of me, but what happened in 1998 should be exposed, as a lesson to be learned. I even hate going on Twitter and countering the crappy, lame spin attacks, but it’s all I could of think of to do on my own, to disrupt some of it.

  22. JK

    Truthfully LB, I don’t think I’d be much surprised to learn “elements” of the same cabal which conspired against yourself is the same cabal we’re all (Constitutionalists citizenry) up against today.

    Except today’s cabal is equipped with more modern technology. And more efficient organization.

    Still, if those few “voices from out of the wilderness” weren’t a real thing there’d been no necessity of creating that phrase in the first place.

    Hope does spring eternal (let’s hope)!

    • JK, These younger Dem operatives will do anything to win and I do mean anything, but the old crowd sure wasn’t shy about abusing power or using force either and many of them are still around advising the younger spin sewer rats..

    • They’re excellent at running the same spin war ops they’ve used for decades and although they come up with more sophisticated ways to try to control information and run repetitive messaging operations and smear campaigns, they aren’t creative or innovative strategists, imo. Every strategy has weaknesses and can be defeated, but these people believe their crap spin war strategy is invincible. And imo, hubris is one the biggest strategic weaknesses there is.

      • JK

        ” And imo, hubris is one the biggest strategic weaknesses there is.”

        True enough but.

        IF the DHS analysis/reporting that “some significant number – some SPECFOR (special operations forces) suggest perhaps as high as 70% – of these returned from Syria veterans are providing tactical guidance in, specifically, the demonstrations which turn violent”

        That would suggest (to me at least) that there’s plenty of ‘hubris’ to go around. For instance alot of these “wannabe” … I hesitate to include *preppers … but anyway there’s a pretty fair number of places I read where alot of the commentors are saying stuff like ‘these soy/pajama boys think they can take us on when we got all the guns’ (( some significant number of those commenting *I can “just tell” ain’t ever even went to boot camp much less earned a combat infantry badge; especially in urban combat. But I’m sure I don’t have to with you LB go on as I expect you know what I mean’ … At any rate, yep after near 20 years of continuous war there are alot of combat veterans returned but we’ll they’ll be the most likely to be slow to act, most waiting to assess how likely it is their area is to come under a ‘free-fire situation.’ Most I’d think will prefer to await guidance from their local “real” law enforcement authorities.

        Which personally, at least in my neck of the woods is the correct course of action, or preferably, inaction. That’s actually come to think of it, precisely why a great number of those returned vets live down here anyway. “To avoid being anywhere near that shit” in the first place.

        But those poor souls either “stuck in place” or “heads in the sand” types not able to, for whatever reason, “batten down the hatches & remain in place” – those are the poor souls I worry may *exacerbate the hubris of the vets nearby and allow; where there is/was an opportunity to de-escalate to instead – escalate to “outta control.”

        I sure hope the governors of the regions’ states I’ve previously alluded to recognize calling out their National Guard units isn’t always “politically incorrect.” And that “To Peacefully assemble to petition” means just that.

      • JK, this situation has been something I mentioned in my Penzu journal when there was an online generated confrontation between two American factions at a location in a TX city a few years and it was reported to be a hostile foreign information operation.

        With the BLM protests earlier in the year there were also numerous reports of local armed folks showing up to locations to confront reported BLM protesters supposedly coming to cause trouble in the burbs or their rural communities and these incidents were also fake reports generated online. Part of my planning concern was how do state and local authorities maintain law and order, if this insane spin war drives everyone to distrust every person who isn’t on their side of the partisan divide.

        We already have Dems and Republicans in Congress who won’t even speak to each other and state governors and Trump who loathe each other and distrust each other about everything. Biden does nothing to bolster the trust factor either, especially when he and Dems have zero credibility on left-wing violence earlier this year. Preventing open rebellion or armed skirmishes is the highest priority and that requires completely short-circuiting the spin war (or least that was a critical part of my planning concern).

        Deescalation of tensions was mission numero uno in my plan, using my story as a learning tool/American good cheer campaign. I used military strategy to devise a “war plan” that uses absolutely no force whatsoever. The first truly civil and polite… um,… civil war of words. And my goal has always been to expose and defeat this corrupt spin war in America. That retired general, I am sure believed he was given reliable information about me and my only “crime” was explaining their crap spin war on the Excite message boards and making fun of their lame spin.

  23. JK

    Just a friendly ‘heads up’ LB.

    I was talking with a ‘close person’ who has regular duties requiring him to be in some number of days of the week with US Marshals.

    Anyway, and this probably isn’t gonna be applicable to you (except, ‘accidents do happen’) but there’s alot of stuff from the Hunter Biden laptop circulating around the web – so, with the possible exception of some few and you are certain of it, reputable news sources NOT blogs – don’t click on any of it.

    From what is known so far is, there is [definitely?] “some possibility” Hunter “had relations” with some unknown/unverified aged persons and theoretically anything linkable directly from the source [laptop] even though ‘innocently intended’ could expose a person to some really risky business.

    Apologies to Tom Cruise.

    • JK, Thanks for the warning. I haven’t even paid attention to the Hunter Biden laptop story much really – I’ve been busy here taking care of my husband and trying to think back through years of ideas and concerns for if America ever reaches this point of political divides, plus my youngest daughter had a baby boy, last week. I couldn’t go to TX for the birth and due to COVID spreading a lot there, they don’t want visitors right now. He was 9 lbs, 11 ozs – a really big boy.

  24. JK

    Segment 8 is safe. The one immediately after the ‘sponsor spotlight.’


  25. JK

    Your mentioning the other day LB, the word ‘hubris’ I had then a single wish of how I’d rather improved on what I was trying to say to explain my thinking. Now I have to make it that I had two wishes – the first, that I coulda better explained and the second – that I’d waited for the post before I’d acted on the first:


    • JK, I wandered into Prepperville on YouTube a few months back and at first it was pantry prepper videos, but then I watched a bunch of other types. I can’t deal with the apocalyptic ones, who are heavy into building an arsenal and blabbing about their expertise on surviving a SHTF event, by attending prepper events and buying a whole lot of prepper gear, but have zero actual weapons training or understanding of what all can happen when certain SHTF events actually do happen – like civil unrest/civil war type stuff or massive political instability.

      Your friend’s advice makes a lot of sense. JK, a lot of people move out into the boonies, heads floating on dreams of living off the grid and being able to produce all their own food immediately. Many of them are on YouTube trying to “teach” other people how to do this, based on their own lame-assed efforts (excuse my language). Some blather on believing you can “forage” enough berries and edible plants to survive… Some believe they can grow enough food to live on, without any actual farming/gardening experience.

      You know what a large chunk of time, every day, was taken up doing before indoor plumbing? Carting water in your house, heating water, carting wastewater back out of your house. I read a book on the history of water usage in homes throughout history long ago and found that subject fascinating – in how much times was spent on dealing with just water in everyday life, before indoor plumbing. My grandmother carried buckets of water from a spring in the woods near her house, because the spring right by her house didn’t have safe drinking water. What a daily grind, especially in the winter time, through the snow.

  26. JK

    “this post”

    (Ah the hubris of not proofreading!)

  27. JK


    Then down in the article there’s this:

    “The items will remain available for purchase for customers in stores, as the measure only applies to sales floor displays.”

    How does that work – is there a ‘secured location’ uhm, in the back?

    2nd question – reckon they’re expecting something?

    • JK, Yes. there is a secured location and yes, I reckon they’re expecting something.

      There are very strict rules for handling guns and ammo in Walmart. Records must be carefully maintained on everything and only certain people in the store are authorized to handle guns, ammo or gun sales. At one point in my time there, I was a zone manager over the hardlines (automotive, sporting goods, hardware and lawn and garden were the departments I was responsible for overseeing). On days when we had a noticeable increase in gun and ammo sales, often those customers would express their outrage over something Obama or his administration said. Obama was a real boon for gun sales, that’s for sure.

      Heard on the news that Obama might be campaigning in PA this weekend. If there’s one thing that will drive out PA voters between Philly and Pittsburgh for Trump, it’s Obama showing up, LOL. He made a lasting impression with that ‘clinging to their guns and religion” crack.

      As to actual law enforcement or DHS advisories going out to businesses and local governments, I have no idea. You connections would likely know more about any of that than I do.

      • JK

        Yeah I’m up … and I mean really up on how strict that kinda stuff is. I mean, if any of these ‘David Hogg’ types really had any clue about how much actual law & regs there are over this stuff …

        Lemme see … Oh well I’ve got it somewhere. I find it later.

        Getting back to “the joke” I was gonna bring you, I’ve got several friends who, as FFLs (Federal Firearms Licensed – gotta have a FFL to own a gunstore) Anyway several of my acquaintances had pictures up in their stores last administration of Obama and underneath captioned:

        Salesman of the Year

        (And variations.)

      • Yep, it was unreal how he drove gun sales.

      • JK

        “As to [..] DHS advisories going out to businesses and local governments, I have no idea.”

        Probably be a waste of time. Beginning about March there were many many many gun purchases – very little stock left : well except for “strictly hunting” type stock. And as far as any of the more (especially ‘preferred’) widely used calibers of ammunition; 9mm, .45, .44. .38, NATO calibers etc, good luck finding any of that stuff. And what can be found is up I’m guessing in the neighborhood of oh, 400%.

  28. JK

    Well I just tried to link “just” what a gun seller (legal of course) has to comply with – apparently you are not an ‘authorized person’ lol.

    It was a manual the ATF makes available to FFLs.

    Now I’ll try to find wherever I put the link to federal gun laws.

    If I can find it you might want to get you a 55 gallon barrel and dump a couple of pounds of coffee in it then set it out on the BBQ grill – you’ll need it.

    • I had to attend some training the ATF had – a class Walmart arranged.

      • The lady who ran our sporting goods department had done it for years and she was a zealot about going over all of the gun sale paperwork and making sure no mistakes were made. I also remember some straw sale purchase attempts we refused – one was some young woman who was trying to make the purchase, but every question the sales clerk asked, she had to go to another aisle and ask a man, who told her what to say. We turned down that sale, because it looked like she was making the purchase for him. Lots of people who can’t legally purchase firearms try to get someone else to make the purchase. I didn’t like handling gun sales at all, but I hated dealing with angry automotive customers even worse. I loved my years working in fabrics and crafts best – merchandise I love and wonderful customers, who usually were regular customers that I got to know.

      • JK

        Guess I have it on some flashdrive somewhere.

        To the best of my memory the whole compendium of US (Federal) statutes mentioning firearms goes somewheres in the neighborhood of just over two thousand five hundred and some odd number of pages. The full ATF manual was alot more economical coming in under one thousand two hundred and sixty three.

        If you don’t mind LB, I’ll refrain from linking you to all the fifty states (and US territories) separate and individual statutory stuff?

        Of course if you do want it all, I’ll set aside some time (maybe next spring) and see if I can rustle that 500GB of information for you – Yes I know you’re probably really interested in studying all the stuff if only because it was written by about 104 years worth of lawyers.

        Good Lord how the Founders managed to get by with just a itty bitty little amendment which managed pretty good until the geniuses who fashioned the 18th Amendment – with what should’ve been, one would think, completely foreseeable consequences – made it necessary to begin in 1924 to begin creating all these new laws; continues to amaze me. The Founders managing to get by with just the twenty seven simple words amazing me is what I mean.

        But. If you want ’em bad LB just say the word and I’ll get to it around next June or so, or maybe July depending.

      • Thanks for the offer of sending that information, but I’m trying to read less government docs and do more needlework.

  29. JK

    In some things (federal law among ’em) it pays to be a zealot.

    Of course just plain ol’ common sense on who appears to be a shady character is often (by Congress-critter types most usually) under-rated.

  30. JK

    Move this up to the 20:00 minute mark and listen to wherever:


    I’m just up to the 50:00 mark and’ve stuff to do tomorrow so I doubt I can listen to the end.

    • I listened to some & will listen to more tomorrow, JK, but I think Glenn Greenwald is a bit of a loon and Edward Snowden belongs in prison. I have zero use for people who steal and leak classified information. That’s just how I am about following rules. I hope Trump doesn’t pardon Snowden. Doubt I will move from that position based on anything Glenn Greenwald says. Greenwald was doing some attention-seeking drama today, claiming his work was being censored at the Intercept, to garner some attention, since the Twitter blocking actions against The New York Post. Greenwald has made some valid criticisms in recent years about the corruption in mainstream media reporting, I’ll give him that much though.

      • JK

        Trump can’t pardon the guy, after all, though I guess some of its participants would vociferously disagree, Trump is the (nominal) head of the IC.

        But actually that’s the reason I suggested moving it up to at least the twenty minute mark and going from there – gets past “most” of the fawning over Snowden. Really the primary reason I thought to listen in on it was Krystal & Saager making alot of fuss about it on Rising.

        Well that and that Twitter actually banned (as did virtually all … well I can’t watch everything … legacy media) But anyway that media went so far as to outright ban the story that, to me, was extremely significant.

        Shouldn’t shoot the messengers is how I think. Or the message either come to think of it.

      • JK, there’s a whole lot of corruption with these big tech companies, mainstream media and Democrats working to crush Republicans, conservatives, but most of all Trump. I’m sick to death of the Dem scorched earth spin war, but Dems and their big media friends are now brazenly working to limit the reach of Republicans and Trump on social media. Twitter has put warnings on many Trump tweets to try to limit the amplification, but this NY Post blocking was a whole new level of brazen corruption and then watching the mainstream media refuse to cover the Hunter Biden story.

        I’m too tired to go write a whole lot more, but suffice it to say Reid Hoffman, who was involved in the effort to destroy Roy Moore in that race a few years ago and paint him as a pedophile was another Dem smear operation. Sure Moore’s a bigot, but that sex scandal spin effort had all the marks of Dem sex scandal smear op. Then a year or so after it the NYT wrote a piece on Dem operatives working with some Silicon Valley billionaires to field a false flag op creating fake Russian bots, that would be supporting Moore, then spin up crap in the media that Moore had the Russians helping him. Reid Hoffman was involved in that and the head of the company the Senate Intel Committee used in their Russian investigation, for crying out loud. Hoffman is a bundler for the Biden campaign. These people are total crooks.

        I wrote a blog post on this a good while ago when the NYT wrote the story on the Dem’s false flag op. And now with this Hunter Biden mess – I haven’t had time to comb through details much yet, but the Daily Mail ran a piece with more stuff from his laptop supposedly. A phone list and at the top of the list are the Clintons. Mitch McConnell is on this list too and I wonder what this list of names and phone numbers has to do with Hunter Biden’s Chinese dealings. There are a whole lot of crooks in Washington and it cuts across the aisle… yeah, yeah, I know, so say something new, LB, right? The other main takeaway is Hunter Biden was a serious national security nightmare, along with Hillary and Bill Clinton running that private server in their home. They merged her State Dept emails onto Bill’s foundation server, as I’ve said a zillion times, I know, lol.


  31. JK

    No no LB, what we’ve got now is as you’ve gone banging on and banging on about is spin. We can’t trust any of it.

    If Trump wins we’ll (eventually – certainly not as quick as “most” prefer) get to the end of it. Barr’s right for the job seeing as how long he’s been around (getting his ‘roots’ in at CIA) early on – yeah I know ‘I seem’ mad at the long-entrenched IC bureaucrats in blog comment form which, I admit, can be inadequately interpreted (or over/under interpreted) but that’s the quandary I find myself in. Better to say too little and live to comment again or, say too much and I’m gone bye-bye.

    On the other hand should Biden win I’m probably gonna go bye-bye sooner’n I’d wished. (My wish being – seeing as I’m the sole surviving child Mom had, I must survive her – even though, prior, I always expected [and in someways even now] “wish” it could be otherwise.)

    Hunter’s laptop needs a proper investigation.

    The other one … well … And forgive my lapse here but this is after all LB ‘more or less’ our own individual thread but – and I’m certain you’ll get my ‘joke’ but … *clue Huma

    On the other one the weiner went limp.

    (I’m tempted Friend to make it even more tasteless utilizing Lisa Page’s amour’s surname inconsiderately – but I won’t of course.

    I’m figuring – in all innocence of course – you know the variable punchline.

  32. JK

    It would appear there is a brightspot.

    Divided government as the Senate looks to be the one chamber that’s bucking the trend.

    Gonna be a long month. Or maybe even more than it already has been, a very long year.

    (Something unexpected LB – probably nothing to be too concerned about however, before coming to this our conversation thread, I hit your current post [checking to see whether any comments or, even a new post. But anyway, my anti-malware utility alerted [and successfully blocked] a “phishing attempt.” What those are I’m pretty sure are, some sort of ‘bug’ that’s programmed to seek out ‘private info’ on people’s computers. You might ask your son – phone text – to check it out to see whether he gets anything similar.)

    • Well JK, I don’t know who has been protecting my computer from being taken out for years now – thought I was a goner in 2016, but some pretty amazing computer angels somewhere have been keeping me alive online. I don’t want my kids involved in any of this mess.

      I haven’t had time to write a blog post – spending too much time on Twitter. Have no idea how this presidential election turns out.

    • JK, I am not even venturing a guess on the outcome of this election.

      • JK

        Well, precisely speaking, I ain’t either. At least not me personally. And nope, I’m not a ghostwriter on Powerline.

        Though I really wouldn’t be very quick to turn down a job offer if these two thrust one in my direction:

        “Saagar Enjeti, the co-host of “Rising,” housed within the popular D.C. news organization The Hill, is a perfect example of this trend. “Rising” looks like a traditional morning show, but it isn’t. Enjeti is a critic of the traditional Zombie-Reagan Republicans, his co-host Krystal Ball a critic of Clintonian corporatist Democrats, and their guests run the gamut.”

        And amazingly, this appears in … … drumroll … …


        Yup. That’s right, The Federalist!

        (But of course you’ve been seeing those two being my most frequent ‘go to’ for quite awhile so I guess you’re not that surprised at my giving both thumbs-ups to both the “conservative” and the “liberal”.)

  33. JK


    I’m figuring LB, you’re likely gonna have a new post in your near future.

    If you’ve the time, listen to the whole thing (provided the censors haven’t taken it down by te time you read this).

  34. JK

    Haven’t visited Mark’s place since the last time I linked from there to you LB however, thinking you maybe now are kicking yourself (figuratively) for your most recent post …


    Downhere where we are I’m not overly concerned that we’re anywhere near to ‘going haywire’ (at least in Arkansas we elect our ‘Chief’ [Sheriffs and then they hire the “best” available) law enforcement – I’m thinking where you are, except for the bigger urban centers, that’s what y’all do too –

    However I am greatly concerned “some nut” (of either side) will do a Fort Sumter and the reaction is gonna be far far more terrible than the action itself. & then it’ll be ‘God help us’

    Frankly LB, there’s a lot of “talk” on the internet and pols on tv worrying me quite abit. No. That’s not exactly right. I’m not much concerned for my 64 years old self as I am for those ‘just now’ having children of their own.

    I’ve got probably nearabouts a 90% chance of dying peacefully in my bed (barring a traffic accident – or the flu/pneumonia [the *normal kind] or maybe falling off my step-stool changing a light bulb etc) whereas those I’m most concerned about are sure to have “an interesting life” – in the sense of the apocryphal Chinese curse kinda way ‘interesting’ means.

    RIP US Constitution

    September 17, 1787 – November 4, 2020

    • JK, I don’t regret my decision, even though I realized Trump’s character flaws, I worried most about Republicans losing control of the WH and Senate with the Dems on this insane leftward lurch. Trump failed to have a competent legal team ready to hit the ground in a tight election, even though it seemed likely this would be a close election. Don Jr. seemed to be trying to take charge and stirring up some street protests rather than having top-notch legal teams deployed to the battleground states. It was like they had no clue that electoral challenges are fought in courts, not in ramping up some stupid crowds to hit the streets. Rudy’s first comments were wild charges and incoherent. Then Trump tweeted out more reckless charges with no proof. Pam Bondi made a lot of allegations, with no proof and worse some Trump campaign lawyer lady, Harmeet Dhillon was on FOX a few days ago, talking like the 3 Supreme Court justices should remember that Trump got them there – it was all just total chaos with the Trump campaign efforts.

      I’ve got no idea if there was widespread voter fraud and if there was, if it was enough to change anything. I’m not even sure these counts in some of these states are going to hold if there are recounts – all I know is Dems & the media decided to call this election today to short-circuit Rudy’s press conference. That’s how it looked to me.

      I was upset with the media hypocrisy and the gloating and they still are suffering from TDS – fixating on how Trump is taking losing and the same petty, childish comments.

      I expect a lot of Trumpers will get pissed off with all the arrogant liberal gloating, but once the Dems try to start ramping up their culture war wish list – it’s going to get even worse. All of Biden’s “national unity” talk sounds pitch perfect, but it’s all a total lie.

      On Twitter there were numerous Dem pundits and highly connected peeps tweeting crap about the lists they need to keep to make sure no one who worked for Trump ever gets job in DC again. Some were talking about reeducation efforts and last week Robert Reich tweeted about they need to have a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to deal with Trumpers.

      I’ve had a lot on my mind lately JK and while I didn’t follow that Hunter Biden laptop stuff closely the one Brit tabloid published photos from his laptop – did I mention on photo was a list of phone contact numbers some lady sent to him – Clintons were top on the list (made me wonder if the Big Guy the Repubs and FOX were going on about wasn’t Joe Biden, but was Bill Clinton). A couple other names that interested me were Mitch McConnell’ and his phone number were on Hunter Biden’s laptop and Eric Cantor…


      I don’t know if my uneasy feelings about our country are just me worrying too much or things really are at some critical mass situation. All these Dems and media peeps acting like the country will now instantly unite seemed surreal to me after 4 years of their scorched earth spin war to take down Trump. But it’s not just Trump they hate – they hate ordinary Americans, who aren’t liberal like them.

      • JK

        “But it’s not just Trump they hate – they hate ordinary Americans, who aren’t liberal *Americans like them.”

        ([D]id I mention on photo was a list of phone contact numbers …

        I’m supposing you don’t read Dip’s anymore? … At any rate I’ve a comment, well a few actually but there’s one in particular pointing out that the ‘Establishment Rs’ were, just as “in on the fix” as Pol Pot in the Pantsuit was from the beginning – wish’t I could claim that Pol Pot Pantsuit as original to myself but I cain’t.

        Anyway lets remember ol’ Lindsey was ‘great friends’ with McCain and McCain after having attended that Halifax Conference sent his guy Kramer over to meet with Steele to get his copy of the *dossier which he then hand-delivered to Comey.

        Think ol’ Patriot Lindsey among many many others of the Rs did not have as much reason to worry that if, a ostensibly “free and fair election” was allowed to play out he (and Cantor and McConnell &c) wouldn’t have alot of ‘splaining to do? I mean you did notice all the ‘spend more time with family’ retirements up-&-comers like Cantor of course but including Paul Ryan, Jeff Flake, and some others who don’t spring immediately to mind strike you as strange?

        No need to answer that, where you’re concerned I know you know my question to you, especially, was rhetorical.

        What’s ironic, in hindsight about the 2016 election is, it wasn’t the Russians who interfered it was instead, American voters.

        And the political class of the United States of America under the Constitution simply will no longer put up with that sort of impertinence.

        My God think what would Jack Dorsey’s and Mark Zuckerberg’s reaction be against Establishment Washington DC be if mere elected representatives violated Twitter’s and Facebook’s terms of service?

      • “What’s ironic, in hindsight about the 2016 election is, it wasn’t the Russians who interfered it was instead, American voters.”

        This is the perfect line, JK. I feel like I’m living in some alternative reality watching Dems and the puffed up media mouthpieces pontificate about how unseemly and unAmerican it is to make unsubstantiated allegations of voter fraud – after four long years of their Trump-Russian Collusion spin charade. Even more so DC swamp is so many Repubs, like Romney leaping on the “Joe Biden is a man of honor” and “return to normal” blather. These political elites have no clue how their zeal to a “return to normal in DC,” where there’s zero accountability is how Trump got elected.

        The media & powerful (including many Repubs) are instantly adopting the Biden talking points, but there are millions of angry Americans, who have been played by the scorched earth spin war blazing across American media for 4 years and most of these Americans aren’t as sophisticated and morally-bankrupt as the elites. The divides this scorched earth spin war fueled won’t just disappear, with a new “return to normal” talking point.

  35. JK


    And it’s you I got to thank for making this (finally) glaringly obvious to me.

    I admit it took me awhile to “really process” that spin on that (this) sort of scale was even possible. But then beginning about the time of Maidan (Ukraine) and beyond it finally began to sink in that, “Yes indeed, ‘they’d’ have us believe all this is solely due to Putin when Ukraine has been, historically, the supplier of Russian leaders/influencers for at least the last 300 years?” !!!

    But for whatever reason I’d forgot (or chose to “forget”) every bit of History I’d got from before ‘the educational system’ got turned on its head. God how could I been so gullible as to think for any amount of time knowing that, she being SecState surely couldn’t be maybe onto something that I’d probably ‘just missed’? (Don’t answer that – please.)

    The Russians ain’t got squat on “us” when it comes to spin.

    How I got lulled into forgetting that is something I’m going to be pondering on for, quite awhile.

    • JK, I would never have followed the Dem spin war so closely, if it weren’t for what happened to me in 1998, by hanging out and adding my two cents on the Excite message boards. Excite was where the Dem/media political types hung out back then. Nowadays it’s Twitter where the real spin war is fought out. If I hadn’t been personally impacted by their spin war, I would have tuned this garbage out long, long ago.

      The spin war works to disarm people, because the false narratives and deceptive word games confuse people and the more they flood the zone with spin garbage, the harder it is to sift through it. On top of that the continual repetitive messaging barrages across all venues of mass media, quickly result in people adopting the new spin phrases and “words” as legitimate, even if they make no logical sense. I read about this stuff happening in communist countries, but when I recognized it happening with this Dem spin information war, it alarmed me. Trump became a real threat, because he broke through the total control of the media spin war and refused to back down, but Trump relied on Rupert Murdoch and some friendly right-wing media. BUT he had the WH megaphone and that they could never allow. Dems & the mainstream media have no idea how much they destroyed any credibility they had with that Trump-Russia Collusion scorched earth effort.

      Most people aren’t on Twitter, especially top generals, top intel peeps, and many others – who trust in the legacy media, like the NYT and WaPo, so they are totally unaware of the real spin war going on on Twitter. Once Twitter started being mentioned all the time on cable news (even before Trump), I had some idea several years ago – so I followed hundreds of journalist, political pundits, pols and started watching to try to figure out what was going on and gradually I realized how their spin war effort worked on Twitter (similar to on Excite, just not as rapid back in 1998). In all these years, I’ve wondered if there was some sort of hostile foreign intel involvement with the Dems spin information war and believed that, but after watching this domestic spin war develop- at this point I think it’s probably just American Marxist-types in academia, who developed this. It’s very alarming how they latch onto all the worst stuff from communist-regimes as their dream choices for America – like during the disband the police loons in Minneapolis.

      I’m sick to death of fighting against spin war on Twitter and writing about it, but after 1998, I committed to trying to defeat spin information war in America, by exposing it – not sure if that will ever happen though.

      • JK

        “Most people aren’t on Twitter, especially top generals, top intel peeps, and many others – who trust in the legacy media, like the NYT and WaPo, so they are totally unaware of the real spin war going on on Twitter.”

        Suggested edit:

        ‘Most people aren’t on Twitter. Top generals, top intel peeps, and many others – who totally depend on the legacy media, like the NYT and WaPo [to do their dirty work] are totally aware of the real spin war going on on Twitter.’

        Cue the opening dialog on that ol’ timey TV show (not the Tom Cruise movies)

        “If you decide (and very deliberately) to accept this mission … ”

        And here we are

      • JK, So you believe they’re all in on the spin game?

        Truthfully sick of Trump’s chaos, but this Biden-Harris WH will be a total foreign policy disaster – going back to the failed Obama agenda: https://www.middleeastmonitor.com/20201103-kamala-harris-us-will-reverse-trump-era-policy-restore-relation-with-palestine/

    • Interesting new Dem spin effort launching across American media, JK. Trump must have really enraged Rupert, since FOX News is joining forces with CNN and MSNBC to shut down Trump.

      The Dem spin narratives, aside from their vicious smear campaigns, center on corrupting American foundational principles and the most alarming one is teeing up. Twitter and facebook started this effort to silence Trump and his supporters a few months ago with flagging tweets, especially Trump’s, and blocking memes and tweets ,as containing disputed information or “dangerous” election disinformation.

      Now, the cable news and other broadcast news are on an effort “to protect Americans from dangerous election lies that damage trust in our democracy.” The college campus hate speech codes behavior is now being mainstreamed across America, disguised as “protecting Americans from dangerous election disinformation.”

      Amazingly, David French jumped right on board this Dem spin effort to muzzle free speech in America, since his schtick has turned into writing NeverTrump attacks lamenting how Trump has damaged evangelical Christianity in America. Liberal media now rushing to churn out video and pieces about all the poor, white Trump supporters who believe Trump’s lies appeals to French. He leaped right on board this Dem spin effort to silence Trump and his supporters, because we must “protect” these ignorant poor white people from dangerous lies… French gets on his soapbox explaining the ignorant, Trump supporting, Evangelicals dangerous beliefs to liberals frequently on Twitter and they in turn stroke French’s ego and proclaim his efforts as brave and heroic. He’s hard to swallow with his constant belittling other Christians in his own neck of the woods, all to suck up to liberals on Twitter. He wants to be part of the elite Twitter “thought-leader” set.

      Trump is escalating his spin effort on Twitter, but if cable news muzzles him and Twitter flags most of his tweets – his power will erode there rapidly, so I won’t be surprised if he revamps his rally road show effort, providing he has friends who will fund that effort. He won’t go quietly – no matter how much Dems and the media try to silence him. It’s going to get messier, I suspect. Many of Trump’s angry pundit type supporters on Twitter are flocking to Parler, out of frustration and rage at the Twitter police flagging and blocking them harassment efforts.

      Where this off-the-rails spin war ends, I’ve got no idea, but I can say for sure the Dems and media can’t just erase the past 4 years of Trump-Russian Collusion or the Kavanaugh smear campaign with carefully crafted Biden “national unity” message. Neither side will allow that to happen. There are plenty of Dems (many high profile Obama peeps) and media punditry types who are demanding, not just Trump, but that all of his supporters be put on lists or reeducated and on the other side are, mainly poor white people, who being set up as targets of ridicule and targeting by liberal elites as people unfit for American society. Then there are the far-left paramilitary faction of the Democratic Party, who aren’t going to disappear quietly if Biden and the party try to move toward the center. Trump won’t want to sit on Parler with his supporters, because battling the mainstream media (his former friends who turned on him) drives him. He wants revenge.

      It’s going to get a lot worse, I fear.

  36. JK

    This guy is really good LB. Makes our point in a big way right at about an hour and twenty minutes in:

  37. JK

    A toast to you LB, and your husband this day

    In remembrance.

    And to those known and unknown to us

    Who came and went before

    And who will go tomorrows unknown

    In remembrance.

    • November 11th is always a sad day for me, JK – it was my mother’s birthday. She was the first thought I had this morning. She passed in 2001, but there’s barely a day goes by that I don’t feel her loss.

  38. JK, Trump began his 2015 run playing a Dem spin against the GOP with the aid of his big media friends, for sure, and I’ve suspected his golfing buddy, Bill Clinton’s blessings. Trump had FOX, CNN, and MSNBC running the “GOP Insurgency” to wreak havoc on the 2016 GOP primary. He conned mostly poor, white people that he was really for them He’s invested more time in the past four years following the media spin war and participating in that, especially whining about whether FOX was still supporting him and talking about finding some other network, who would run his spin show than actually doing the job of POTUS. In 2015, MSNBC was letting Trump just call in interviews, while other GOP candidates had to show up in person and were not offered the air time. The estimates were that Trump received billions of dollars of free media. I have pivoted back to this many, many times, as you surely are probably sick of hearing, but it’s important to never lose track of Trump was conning angry, voters who felt the system was rigged – he didn’t come to clean the swamp; he came to use his battle against the swamp to con millions of Americans, who felt disenfranchised. It was such a breathtakingly dishonest grift, that it rivaled something the Clintons would pull off.

    Bigger picture I still have no hard proof, but still wonder about Russian efforts in this American spin info war from the beginning, playing all sides against each other in America:


    The Dems and their media spin war has always been AGAINST the American people – another thing I’ve rambled on about more than I care to even think about. It’s all about controlling public opinion and polling kabuki has been part of the process all along – it’s about using the spin narratives and polling to generate information cascades, which can quickly drive public opinion toward the desired spin messaging goals – for instance – moving Americans toward accepting gay marriage. It took massive spin war efforts, to include Hollywood working to mainstream gay marriage on TV and in movies. It’s driven the left’s culture war for decades now.

    On the massive voter fraud allegation Trump is spinning up – his legal team (a total disaster and typical Trump failure to properly plan and filled with lawyers spending more time stroking Trump’s ego than building solid legal challenges) aren’t going to ever seriously produce evidence of some massive voter fraud effort that will change the outcome in three states – it’s not happening. Where Trump’s trying to con his angry supporters is he’s ramping up a class war to incite his supporters and convince them they were robbed. It’s the same game Dems played for the past 4 years and it radicalized Dems, especially women, who have been rampaging that Trump stole the election, and creating a nation of ranting Karens (especially in the media), for 4 long years.

    Trump’s supporters felt disenfranchised long before 2016 and felt the system had left them behind. Trump made them feel like they finally had someone fighting for them.

    Not sure where all this leads, but to see what trying to delegitimize an election does – just look at the past four years.

  39. JK

    Don’t know that your area LB, has been hit, yet again, with a run on TP but mine sure has. Mom and Sharon went to Walmart today and stuff was (and not just TP) was getting panic bought.

    Ain’t watched any news myself after the election so I haven’t a clue what’s driving this latest episode.

    Crazy times we find ourselves living in.

    • Our governor didn’t ever impose the stringent kind of restrictions that many other states (read that draconian and alarming infringement on personal liberty), but we still had panic buying and a lot of empty shelves in the spring. It’s starting again, but it wasn’t really bad in my little Walmart Neighborhood Market this afternoon.

      Our governor hasn’t imposed any new restrictions, so far, but I expect the shortages to be an ongoing problem for the next several months. Just a few weeks ago, I was talking to one of my sons about I wondered if I made a mistake stocking up on so much food and supplies since about May. That guilt lasted until several states started going into COVID crazy mode again, so I ordered a few things online and went to my little Walmart this afternoon with a list in hand of some things I wanted to buy more of. I’ve stayed stocked up on toilet paper – probably have a 6 month supply on hand.

      • JK

        Heh heh, what’d your son say when you asked (wondered about to) him that? Mom went to teasing me quite abit about – this was oh, maybe March, April, anyway I bought a bunch of bags of charcoal and some other “odd” sorts of things – then in the last week or so, purely serendipitous (I’m pretty sure) our electricity has gone out at about the same time she’s “just about to begin supper”

        (Our utility has, since about mid-summer, been replacing poles and there’s been alot of cable/fiber wire-stringing on the same poles – very very rocky around here so ‘burying it’ is mostly out of the question – so I cut ’em some slack … whil’st at the same time giggling [strictly to myself you understand] when Mom kinda grudgingly asks “Reckon JK, this can be cooked on the grill?”)

        Never saw the TP thing coming around again so soon though.

        Come to think of it I ain’t seen alot of leaf burning hereabouts lately either, huge piles of ’em though – sure hope the sewer and water departments has been paying closer attention to the news than I have lol.

        Reason I stopped by though was I just watched a Megyn [?] Kelly interview I thought was pretty entertaining/informative, thought you might get a kick out of it too:

      • JK, Well, I’ve spent about a decade trying to reform my grocery shopping habits, to keep less food stocked up. I never transitioned my grocery shopping from a family with 4 kids to just my husband and me. My change of attitude came about after several years of my kids nagging me about having so much food that was way past the “best used by” dates and one incident of quite a few Indian meal moths flying around my kitchen… from a bag of dried beans that had been in the back of one of my cupboards for “many” years, in the original bag. I ordered some sticky traps, that worked, but I also went through my cupboards and tossed a lot of out of date food. So, it’s not like my family’s comments come without some real history of my food stockpiling fails, lol.

        Reversing course this year and determinedly stocking up left me second-guessing myself and that’s what precipitated the conversation with my son. I’m back to being glad I stocked up and since we’ve got a couple months until Inauguration Day and then the Biden COVID Panic/Federal Government Overreach kicks in, well, who knows when “the science” will ever indicate it’s safe for us to live freely, without government nannies overseeing our daily lives. I expect Biden and his “trusted scientists” to parlay COVID restrictions onto other “existential crises” they spin up – systemic racism, climate change, well, the possibilities are endless.

        Megyn Kelly has been speaking out against the woke mob a lot and i’ll look for her podcasts and take a listen. I liked her interviews when she was on FOX News.

  40. JK

    ” I expect Biden and his “trusted scientists” to parlay COVID restrictions onto other “existential crises” they spin up – systemic racism, climate change, well, the possibilities are endless.”

    Maybe. Maybe not. (3rd paragraph.)


    And the Tenth Amendment. And, actually, I think Trump’s ‘fast tracking’ the vaccine whatever cleared for “I have a plan” President Biden whatever he imagines he’s got a plan for. (Interestingly we’ve long and forever heard such stuff as “We’ve never managed a cure for the common cold” but what we’ve not heard so much nor for so forever very recently – at least since Senator Tom Cotton told us back in January (during impeachment when that was what media was concerned about) “Covid’s coming our way!”

    Systemic racism and climate change sure but really, now the campaign’s over, can any serious minded person possibly even consider a President (any President) could have much effect where ‘natural occurrences’ are concerned?

    – Hindsight 20/20:

    But then so long as we’ve gotten rid of that dastardly Trump, now we can get back to ‘normal’ which, I suppose, means also nobody need anymore to “be in an anxious state” … yeah right.

    Oops I mean ‘yeah left’ or whatever Biden & Co are gonna right correct the language to, to mean the same thing without us being able to say ‘right’ in whatever context.

    I figure the Pledge of Allegiance (if it survives at all) is from January 20th next year gonna be from then on, by teachers nationwide instructing, “Place your [incorrect] hand over your heart and repeat in unison.”

    But what do I know? We’ll be back to normal then.

    • You’re right there, JK. It’s going to be a stuck in “forever war” mind-set and more regime change for sure. These people haven’t had a new idea in decades. The most amazing one is Jake Sullivan for NSA – he placed classified information on emails sent on Hillary’s unsecured server, but there’s never any accountability for these DC insiders. I bet Hillary still has her security clearance too, because the rules never apply to these people.

      That said, I will be glad when the Trump chaos is gone, but wish there was some leadership inside Washington that isn’t thoroughly corrupt.

      • JK

        Oh heck, Sullivan huh … and here I was thinking it couldn’t get any worse after seeing Flournoy for SecDef. Please please LB, reassure me Samantha Power ain’t gonna be getting any ‘position of influence because, if she does, I can see her dreaming up some justification for us getting in the Armenia/Azerbaijan imbroglio – Christ the news just keeps getting worse.


        On another topic, this one way less depressing.

        Sharon drove to the grocery store a couple days ago (in her car) and somebody in the parking lot say’s, “You’re driving on a flat tire!” So today I managed to get the flat aired up, aiming to get it to the tire shop and, just as I got to our town square (only about a block away) I noticed somebody exiting our county library. – For quite awhile I’ve been needing to get some (kept in my billfold) ‘health cards’ copied, nope I don’t have either a scanner or a copy machine, but I think “Great! While I’m this close and thinking about it, maybe I better do this.”

        So I saunter in and me and the librarian (she, ‘about’ ten years older than me but same school and high school – in other words, while not exactly friends there’s that commonality thing) Anyway as I’m waiting for her to run off my copy I glance around and spy ‘David McCullough’s The Pioneers which, if I’m remembering correctly we’ve talked about on this thread.

        She tells me “Alot of people started it [the book] but found it too tedious/detailed/a hard slog/boring and never finished it so I’m very glad you finally stopped in today because I know what kinda reader you are.”

        I’ll try to let you know (book report) when I finish it whether it’ll likely be something up your alley – just now I’m into two others but as one is fiction I may leave that one aside figuring it’ll take me at least a week to finish the non-fiction one (what I’m now doing is because winter is coming on fast and there’s alot of stuff that’s needing done) what reading I’m getting in is taking place when ‘I lie me down to sleep.’

        Based on what she said figure on allowing me at least two weeks. Maybe a little more because I’m only now got into ‘the meat’ of the fiction one and I don’t generally ‘like to lose my “sense” of the story.’

      • Well, JK, Twitter media rumor mill has it that Michael Morell is on the short list for CIA director…

        The surreal Biden “national unity” spin game and media pretending like none of the past 4 years of their scorched earth Resist effort to destroy Trump even happened has left me very disgusted, but not surprised.

        While it’s easy (and convenient for Dems and the liberal media hacks) to blame Trump for all of the drama of the past four years, the truth is Trump posed the first real threat to the Dems control of spin war in America and that’s why they went so crazy trying to destroy him, by any means necessary. At the moment, I have no idea who will replace Trump as their #1 target, but they will work hard to make sure no Republicans can gain media attention like Trump did. He broke through their spin wall, but he wasn’t able to defeat their control of mass media spin messaging in America.

        The Biden “national unity” spin effort is just a set-up, so when Republicans or Trump supporters bring up the Dem corruption or the ruthless Resist effort, Dems and the media will cast them as being mean and vicious losers, who choose “disunity” rather than being morally superior (like them.) It’s such a cynical virtue-signaling spin effort that it’s laughable, but the mainstream media is all on-board selling it.

        I’m going to be finding more stuff to do away from Twitter and online, because these lying frauds’ hypocrisy disgusts me. The mainstream media (writ large) are the biggest bunch of phony hacks in American public life… besides their liberal political friends.

        On the other topic – David McCulllough, I haven’t read his book, The Pioneers, but that other book of his you recommended, Brave Companions, is still leading me on some interesting reading. I read a few Conrad Richter novels (he was in Chapter 10) and still have several more of his novels that I want to read. Chapter 9 was about early aviators and I read an historical fiction novel based on Beryl Markham and also found her account, West with the Night, at Thiftbooks.com, but haven’t read it yet, plus I want to read some of Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s works too. And Brave Companions ended with a mention of Willa Cather, whose My Antonia and O’ Pioneers, I loved. Just this afternoon, I listened to a NRO The Great Books podcast: https://www.nationalreview.com/podcasts/the-great-books/episode-157-o-pioneers-by-willa-cather/

  41. JK

    I’ll read your comment after I eat my supper but, what I normas
    lly do is go to this podcast as I eat.

    First segment says very clearly why I “love” this podcast team:

    “Literally Hitler!” Yeah right.


  42. JK

    Might you LB, be able to describe for me – preferably in 50 words or less – how I go about deleting my Twitter account? (Yes I can see your surprised face from here!) Anyway, it only happened that, about a week before the election I decided I’d better have a go at reading a ‘herd of journos’ for myself and yes I admit you were 100% right “herd mentality” is a real thing.

    Never tweeted anything myself but I did ‘follow’ 3 people, Malcolm and a couple Senators ‘just for the heck of it’ is he best explanation I can provide. Malcolm warned me, “It’s a sewer, you really need to think about that JK” but woe is me I ignored his (and to a somewhat lesser degree – your own) advice thinking “What could it hurt?”

    But now I can’t seem to find the button that I’m supposedly able to click on to delete the whole stinking account.

    • JK


      I think (I hope) I figured it out. ‘Deactivate’ does mean ‘Delete’ mightn’t it?

    • At the bottom on the left is a MORE tab. Click on that . Halfway down there’s a setting and privacy tab. click on that. Click on Your Account and on the left column at the bottom is “Deactivate your account.” click there.

      • JK

        Thanks. “I think” that’s what I managed to do.

        One of the nephews over for Thanksgiving, Thursday & Today, tells me he’ll check in on ‘how well I did’ and report back to me.

        (I had no idea opening a Twitter account opened me to both Google and Facebook “accounting” – the difference being apparently, Google records and ‘makes available forevermore’ whatever one has done on Twitter. FB on the other hand – [Maybe] depending on ‘Whether One Has Agreed To Their Terms (to open a FB account – Or Maybe Depending [on whether some/anybody having the same street address has *me [anybody] in “My Accessible Photos” can tag-and-release at their whim.

        It’s all in ‘The Terms of Service’ apparently but my guess is hardly anybody is “legally trained” to the degree that’s necessary to realize that. I know I’m not so I guess I better get in touch with Senator Hawley [of Missouri]. I’m given to understand his [Hawley] questioning of the FB guy Zuckerberg “opened up” some possibilities of future legislation. (Of course that presumes a President enthusiastic about signing such legislation and/or a Congress with enough “Umphh” [pardon the legalese LB] to override a veto].

        My God how did we get here?!!!

        (Oh I know. We elected ‘in the bag’ Republicans & Democrats. Nevermind.)

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