Trumpers grasp fevered spin dreams, again

The Trump-spinners went into overdrive last night based on this news bit:

Attorney General William Barr has assembled a team to investigate how the Russia investigation and other counterintelligence probes began, a U.S. official told CBS News. Barr said in a Congressional hearing Tuesday that he is “reviewing the conduct of the investigation and trying to get my arms around all the aspects of the counterintelligence investigation that was conducted during the summer of 2016.”

The DOJ also has an ongoing investigation into 2016 happenings and there’s still the ongoing DOJ-appointed Huber investigation looking into the FBI’s conduct investigating the Trump campaign during 2016.  The Mueller report should have covered all of the Dems claims of Trump campaign corruption in 2016.

The truth is both campaigns were very corrupt and that’s the fact none of the partisans want to face.  The FBI had two criminal investigations of the Clintons in 2016.  The email scandal has always been cast as “Hillary’s homebrew server”, but the truth is Hillary never set up a homebrew server in her home.  Bill Clinton had that private server set up in their home, as his Clinton Foundation server.

The server scandal focused on Hillary failing to turn over State Department emails and keeping them on the private server in their home.  Why she decided to meld  all of her State Department emails onto their private Clinton Foundation server has never been answered.

All of her so-called private emails of yoga schedules and wedding plans glossed over the fact that there had to be Bill Clinton foundation emails on that server, because that’s why HE had that private server set up in their home.  Once Hillary was Secretary of State, she and Huma Abedin had private emails accounts on that server.  Huma Abedin was involved in orchestrating a server upgrade and Huma recommended the Clinton campaign IT guy, Pagliano, to work with Bill Clinton’s IT guy, Cooper, to  set-up an upgraded server.

All of these server details matter, because in the fall of 2016 , news came to light that several FBI field offices were investigating the Clinton Foundation for pay-to-play corruption.  Details of what they were looking at matter too, because if it was the foundation’s foreign big money donations and Hillary was ensconced running the State Department, wouldn’t it be interesting to know if there was private foundation email correspondence back and forth between Abedin and Hillary with Bill Clinton or other Clinton Foundation peeps, capitalizing on the State Department info?  Kind of a cozy relationship the Clintons’ set-up there with that personal foundation server in their home…

And the real question remains, why on earth wasn’t the FBI looking into that server in connection with the Clinton Foundation criminal investigations?  

Yoga schedules, indeed…

While it’s good that the new AG, Bill Barr, is looking into all of this, my prediction is no one in the Clinton campaign or Obama administration will ever be held accountable for 2016 corruption.  I believe the corruption went all the way to the top – to President Obama, based on a Lisa Page text with her lover, Peter Strzok, where she mentioned that the POTUS wanted to be kept updated about the Trump investigations.  The Bill Clinton-orchestrated meeting with Loretta Lynch, leads me to wonder if she had direct communications with President Obama about how to deal with the media fall-out about that meeting.  The top people in the Obama administration weren’t acting independently.

The President Obama corruption is why nothing came of the Hillary email investigation.  The released FBI notes of Huma Abedin’s FBI interview in 2016, indicate that the FBI had a classified President Obama email, which he sent using a private google email account with an alias, to Hillary at her unsecured private server email address…  Top Obama officials, including President Obama, were very careless at handling classified information, not just Hillary.  And that is why nothing was ever going to happen to Hillary.

The same is true for this investigation into the FBI handling of the 2016 investigations into the Trump campaign.   Comey and McCabe weren’t acting alone in these machinations to investigate the Trump campaign.  You can be sure Loretta Lynch and top DOJ officials were part of all of these decisions and actions and you can be sure that President Obama was being kept abreast of every move.

I always think back to this odd August 2015 photo of Bill Clinton and President Obama golfing at Martha’s Vineyard, where Bill Clinton, Obama and old Clinton-fixer, Vernon Jordan, were hitting the links.  The email scandal broke in March 2015 and by August 2015, the story was sucking oxygen out of Hillary’s presidential run.  Bill Clinton wanted that investigation buried and I am sure he dealt with that, one-on-one with President Obama.  By the summer of 2016, and that email investigation still being a weight dragging down Hillary’s campaign, Bill Clinton must have been livid.  And all throughout this media spin storm about Hillary’s emails before the Dem convention, there was Joe Biden in the background, dithering on about whether he was going to enter the race to unite the party.  At the top of the Democratic Party (Obama-level), there had to be a lot of calculations and discussions going on about these FBI criminal investigations of the Clintons and how to deal with the Clintons.

Fox News spinners may be bellowing on about FBI, Clinton and Obama corruption in 2016, but these Trump spin-fever dreams, that someone will be held accountable for the 2016 corruption, will end up being only wishful thinking, I suspect.   Hillary isn’t the only one above the law in America.  The 2016 Dem corruption reaches to two former presidents, Obama and Clinton, whom the American media complex will move heaven and earth to run 24/7 spin damage control operations.

There is no way truth stands a chance against the power of their media spin forces.





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9 responses to “Trumpers grasp fevered spin dreams, again

  1. JK

    “I always think back to this odd picture … Bill Clinton golfing.”

    You’ll then surely “enjoy reading” something else that’s odd about … golfing.

    I’m guessing the guy probably avoided the kitchen or, since we’re reading about an airplane I suppose I really ought use the word ‘galley.’

    • Very interesting read there, JK, but I’m not buying that he set out to compromise her by barging on her plane for small talk. He barged on that plane for a private, face-to-face conversation, not wanting to risk email or a recorded phone conversation.

      I believe he must have been discussing the details of the plan for Hillary’s FBI testimony and working hard to make the email scandal disappear. I still believe there were special ground rules set-up for Hillary’s interview via working through Lynch.

      I still believe Bill Clinton made sure there was someone present for Hillary’s FBI interview, to assure nothing went awry. If not Bill Clinton himself, perhaps, Eric Holder or some other trusted Clinton flunkie. Holder would have been perfect or perhaps Vernon Jordan, comes to mind as a potential, since he was a trusted Clinton fixer for decades. All I know is Bill Clinton, after his 90s scandal investigations, was never going to allow Hillary to be interviewed by the FBI without safeguards in place.

      It was done on a 4th of July weekend, without any fanfare and a carefully scripted story released to the NY Times, and a phone call to Chuck Todd to get the spin version of events out quickly.

      The thing about that email server scandal to keep in mind is that server was Bill Clinton’s foundation server and Hillary was facing a criminal investigation based off that server coming to light from the Benghazi investigation. Bill Clinton’s foundation emails (even though his spinners say he doesn’t email) had to be on that server and some of the tens of thousands of destroyed emails had to be foundation email business, because sorry, Hillary could not have that many yoga schedules and Chelsea only got married once.

      I mentioned this before (many times, lol):

      • JK

        Well. Good thing local tv news-crews loiter around ‘biggish city’ airports.

        Especially in flyover states where there is de-facto, single-party representation.

        I mean, you ever pondered on the seeming miracle there “just happened” to be a news crew on hand to film a crash landing in Sioux City?

  2. JK

    Oh. I guess I might oughta added a little sumpin’ since you didn’t allude to my inside joke. That ‘avoiding the galley’ (like the author of that article mentioning ‘playing the house .. er, fuselage’) being a wordplay relating to heat and kitchens. Or. Playing golf when its 110° in the shade.

  3. JK

    WWell, as my 3rd grade teacher once (or rather, severally) admonished me, “JK you can always be depended upon to be nebulous!”

    Uhm … now I think of it my 4th said oh heck I admit it, make that my 3rd through every doggone instructor “enjoyed my presence” … and lately, Duff, Malcolm, matter of fact probably half the population of the county I’ve been in these past many years observed of me.

    And, truth be told, though you never LB just out and out admonished me I expect you’ve probably muttered the same as you’ve typed your reply.

    • “nebulous”

      JK, I often have to go straight to google to try to decipher your information … more elusive than invisible ink;-) Sioux City crash… I was like what? Huh? When was that?

      Anywho, the Dems are launching their total war SPIN plan presently and it’s about as much of a dud as the “Trump/Russian Collusion Spin Saga”

      I heard a few minutes of Tucker Carlson last night, because my husband always has FOX News blaring… The FOX 24/7 Trumpathon spin, combined with my husband loathing Obama and the Clintons, led to him converting from a John Kasich supporter in the 2016 primary, making comments like, “he’s calm and level-headed”, to now he’s a rabid Trumper…

      Anyhow, back to Tucker, he was making fun of the Dem spin angle of attacking Barr’s “credibility” – they were all spinning “Barr lacks credibility”.

      Attacking Barr is only one front in this latest Dem SPIN tsunami. Hillary’s trying to lead this attack with more whining, sanctimonious, sore-loser interviews. The lib media spin is more Trump psychological profiles about how Trump can’t deal with Hillary trying to upstage him… while Hillary has been out there for over two years whining about “what happened”… LOL

      • JK

        What LB, you never remembered the “Crash at the Sioux City Airport”?!!

        Disagreeing the complaint back then [January ’19] being “the description of specific statements and characterization of documents and testimony are not accurate” aren’t basically the same as Nancy [P’s] echoing Nadler’s, “Sir, your statements and characterizations of much [?] of the previous documentary and testimonial evidence isn’t accurate!”?

        Not being, roughly speaking, about the same thing as:

        Now of course LB I agree not “everybody walked away” from this one (generally speaking) but I’m pretty confident everyone of ’em snorkeling in Washington DC’s water trough survived then and, looks like, will.

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