Stitching “smalls” practice

Bought a $2 unfinished craft frame at Dollar General.  Stained it with my brown scrapbook ink. Had the buttons and fabric.

I’m still trying to use up scraps of Aida cross-stitch fabric as practice learning how to finish small cross-stitch pieces into something…  The top pattern was a free pattern online.  The bottom two, well, I spaced them close together thinking I would do 4 of these small, Walmart Easter clearance kits together.  I bought these kits years ago.  While stitching the bunny, I dreaded the thought of 2 more of these tedious kits.  The lamb will be tricky finishing, since I have very little space along the bottom,

Here are the other 2 kits I was going to put with them.

Another free pattern, this one from a German website.  Still need to finish stuffing this and stitch it closed, then trim it.

Free pattern from Snowflower Diaries, a Hungarian designer’s website.  Stitched this for my oldest daughter, whose birthday is at the end of May.

I think this free pattern was from a French website and tentatively thinking about this fabric and trim, that I had.


A free pattern, not perfect stitching on the bottom and I added a button on the white ric rac trim, before giving it to a dear friend.

Stitched this from an old cross-stitch calendar, I had.  It’s just one motif in a sampler, I pulled.  It’s about 4″X4″.  When I sent a picture to my youngest daughter, she suggested I change the corner flowers to blue or put some sort of blue border around it.  I’m thinking about maybe making cording using the blue and white embroidery floss instead.

Oh, yeah and Comey testified in front of Congress…  Still following the DC soap opera too.

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