A rambling blog post

Our constant hysterical political climate disgusts me.  Trump’s constant braggadocio, petty attacks and rambling , fact-free word salads disgust me.  The Democrats and media hysterical spin about Trump disgusts me.  As far as political commentary or analysis goes, the various smart takes in 2016 remain the same in 2019, as our American political hamster wheel spins round and round.

For the most part lately, I’ve gotten off the daily habit of tracking the partisan spin throughout the day.  Perhaps if something interesting or new happens, I’ll write about it, but fair warning, the rest of this post will be another detour about my efforts to make peace between our consumerist culture and the myriad counter-cultural efforts to combat our wasteful American lifestyle.

Last night I watched a short CNN video on Twitter about a fashion designer, zero waste daniel, who started a clothing design business using only scrap fabric waste.  His approach of sewing together small scraps of fabric to create larger pieces of fabric, from which to construct his clothing designs, while being a trendy environmental-mindful concept, does highlight our society’s love affair with consumer goods, where most of us acquire way more than we consume and live totally unconcerned about our wastefulness.

There’s a common mindset among more conservative Americans and the political right to dismiss everything coming from the liberal environmentalist echo chamber, but perhaps we should all try to be a little more open to listening and considering the merits of ideas, before making snap partisan political judgments.

Many aspects of our environmentally conscious activism do stem from the political left, then take hold in American businesses, who react to the political activism.  Many businesses respond to and embrace the latest politicized framing of appropriate environmentally conscious policies.  This type of political pressure infuriates many on the right.

On the merits, though, pushing all of the politics aside, being less wasteful, using less disposable packaging and taking a more mindful approach to our consumer habits seem like very traditional, conservative American thrifty values, that would even have appealed to Benjamin Franklin and most of our American founders.  The less wasteful approaches definitely were ingrained habits to my parents and grandparents.

Moving to a crafting/needlework blog post, explains why I haven’t been blogging much lately…  I have been stitching away… using all stuff that’s been sitting here for many years.

I struggle with my consumerist mindset and am working to rethink my relationship with purchasing many items, that clutter up my home,  and often have never been used.  However, moving to a zero waste lifestyle takes way more commitment and effort than I will expend, so it’s small steps in my life.

For decades, I purchased loads of craft and needlework supplies, without much concern or thought about the possibility of having too much stuff.  Yet, the thought of parting with my craft and needlework stuff just isn’t happening yet, but I now strive not to buy more, unless it’s some basic supply that I really need.

A few years ago, I began an effort to make projects using only stuff I already have and that’s what that hummingbird cross-stitch picture above is.  I bought a bunch of small Spring-themed counted cross-stitch kits  (and some not so small ones too) on clearance at Walmart, over the many years that I worked there.  I stitched a couple of these a few years ago and posted a photo, but never fear, I have more to go:

I have a hard time seeing to stitch on 18-count, so I used 14 Aida cloth from my supplies for the  hummingbird and a bunny kit last weekend.  I bought two of the bunny kits, for no logical reason…:

I did finish that Diane Graebner Amish design (out of the hoop and needs pressing):

Learning more about finishing my needlework into some useful or decorative item leads me to read a lot of cross-stitch blogs and browse Pinterest frequently.  That habit leads me to want… more new cross stitch stuff, especially the nicer linens and evenweave fabrics and threads.  It takes a constant effort to remind myself that, while stitching on plain old Aida cloth isn’t as nice as stitching on expensive fabrics, these kits and Aida projects still look nice, I think.

Yesterday afternoon, I was torturing myself looking at the blog of a very talented cross stitch designer, Brenda Gervais.  All of her patterns scream, “I want to stitch that!”.  Gervais wrote a short background story to her 2017 series, Summer Schoolhouse ~ Lessons in Abecedarian.  She relates how she found a small children’s book while hunting for antiques, but it wasn’t just any old book.  It was a copy of the oldest children’s book in the Library of Congress and it’s considered to be the oldest children’s book in print.   This book contains the first documented use of the word, baseball.  In the process of browsing cross stitch blogs, I learned a new word: abecedarian and a bit of historical trivia too.

To fill my fix for something new, there are lots of free patterns online.  I stitched this free St.Patrick’s Day cats piece, by Lynn B., twice.  I am going to make them into little decorative pillows or perhaps frame them, but one is for a family member and then I liked these black cats so much, I stitched one for me too:

Yesterday, was another free pattern start, Russian Dolls, this one from DMC:

Plus, I have a bigger cross stitch project of a Liberty Bell, that’s in progress, but that one deserves a fancier Belfast white linen, not plain old Aida cloth.  Just started this, so it’s only the top of Independence Hall and some of the lettering:

Of course, still working on plastic canvas too:

Not sure what I’ll do with this house picture, but it’s a design that I like, so I stitched it…

It’s very hard for me to concentrate on writing lately, but I’ll try to get back to politics soon.


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154 responses to “A rambling blog post

  1. JK

    Well since people are already twittering along these lines I suppose, if you should wish to, you have my permission to tweet this:


    (Surely LB, you don’t reckon Trump spared valuable time from Fox-watching to check out PBS’ schedule do ya?)

  2. JK

    Read any Charles Dickens LB?

    I’ve actually got a sentence from Little Dorrit in mind.


    Our recent serious matters become farce.

  3. Thanks JK, I am listening to this podcast right now. I read this article by matt Taibbi, The Rise and Fall of superhero Robert Mueller, that goes into this spin nightmare. I might even write a blog post on this topic… as if I haven’t been writing about the dangers of Spin info war for years now… Taibbi encapsulates the Russiagate mess this way:

    “Russiagate isn’t just about bad reporting. It was and is a dangerous political story about rallying the public behind authoritarian maneuvers in an effort to achieve a political outcome. Republicans who battered Mueller with questions weren’t wrong. Investigators in the Russia probe made extravagant use of informants abroad (in the less-regulated counterintelligence context), lied to the FISA court, leaked classified information for political purposes, opened the cookie jar of captured electronic communications on dubious pretexts, and generally blurred the lines between counterintelligence, criminal law enforcement, and private political research in ways that should and will frighten defense lawyers everywhere.”


  4. JK

    The latter two placed provide links to Mr. Mueller’s responding the Congresspersons questions. The first by California’s Jackie Speier (D) and then (pretty sure Texas) Congressman Hurd (R) – Now LB all I’m pointing out is ‘we know better’ and maybe it’d be best you not (if you’re gonna write a post) “pile more” on the guy’s head. I guess you can get me just speaking for myself, I feel for the guy.

    Then again. Plainly DoJ did what it could as far as “coaching” was concerned it’s probably just that they [DoJ] probably didn’t see that line of questioning coming up. But then again, that probably explains why that Zebley[?] guy was sworn alongside him for the later Intel hearing – too bad for him nobody directed any questions his way.

    I’m guessing you can tell I’m conflicted my Friend?

    Maybe handle it like McCarthy did in the podcast – lay out the point that where ‘official Russia’ is concerned there is the point that, “there is no evidence that can be presented in a court of law” to support the alleging their interfering but there [maybe] is good reason to think so.

    Okay LB I looked at my second comment on your latest post and you’ll note me pointing out counterintel op? (And no I didn’t do no voodoo ESPing that McCarthy was gonna be making the same point in today’s podcast.)

    • JK

      One last thing I might mention. Really where the counter-intel is concerned we’ll never know what in the hell is the actual truth. In counter-intel really, ‘getting to the truth’ isn’t actually even the point.

      Heck for all me and you know, or are likely to ever know, maybe that Pakistani IT guy Awan who we actually know did have total access to the whole Democrat shebang gave all that stuff to WikiLeaks.

      Tell you the truth, something about the Dems not ever making those servers available for inspection and then that judge dismising that Dem case against Trump et al just a day or so ago stinks.

      • Well Jk, I do feel sorry for Mueller being pushed into this Nadler/Schiff effort to “bring the Mueller Report to life”, when he made it very clear that he did not want to testify. My anger wasn’t at Mueller, it’s at those Dem lawyers & Comey, Rosenstein.McCabe, Yates, who orchestrated this Special Counsel that was filled up with Clinton-aligned lawyers.

        At the moment, it looks to me like the Dem spin narrative is pivoting to attack Trump’s business records, as the main focal point. MSNBC has a 4 part special on Trump’s businesses and the push to hype Trump’s tax records seems to be getting more spin juice.

        They exhausted the Stormy scandal, they’ve struck out on Trump/Russian Collusion, so I guess it’s hyping Trump’s business records and insinuating nefarious doings (which may or may not exist).

        The Dem Red Scare 2.0 isn’t completely dead though since Dems have labeled McConnell, MoscowMitch, Lindsey Graham is LeningradLindsey and Tulsi Gabbard was dubbed a Russian asset too.

        It’s all a national embarrassment at this point, because Trump’s endless tweet messes are disgraceful, Dems reactions are disgraceful and overall this scorched earth spin information war makes America look like a banana republic. This domestic spin war is doing more to divide America than the Russians could ever dream of accomplishing.

        One thing that’s curious about the DNC hiring Crowdstrike to analyze their servers rather than handing them over to the FBI is the FBI did a no bids contract with Crowdstrike right after the referral for Hillary’s email server came from the IG. The FBi hasn’t said what Crowdstrike was hired to analyze. I also wonder if Crowdstrike did that quickie Weiner laptop investigation in Oct of 2016? Hopefully with Horowitz and Durham, we get a few more answers.

  5. Yesterday, JK, you asked me if I’ve read any Dickens lately and I haven’t, but the beginning of A Tale of Two Cities, often drifts through my mind watching this scorched earth spin war. Americans, even most poor ones, have TVs, cell phones, and way more conveniences than any other people in history could have dreamed of and yet, here we are, with leaders we chose, who spend their waking hours obsessing over who tweeted what and fixated on digging up decades old dirt on each other…

    “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going direct the other way. . . .”


    • JK

      Close LB but …

      “He had a certain air of being a handsome man–which he was not; and a certain air of being a well-bred man–which he was not. It was mere swagger and challenge; but in this particular, as in many others, blustering assertion goes for proof, half over the world.”

      Still Tale of Two Cities does have a certain resonance.

    • Well, JK, I wonder if (and how) Victoria Nuland and Nellie Ohr are connected – before the Steele dossier mess. Have they worked together somewhere in the past? Are they close friends? If so, how far back does that relationship go? These are the questions I am curious about to get a feel for what the heck was going on between Nuland and Fusion GPS? Also, perhaps, there’s a connection (perhaps old friends) between Nuland, Nellie Ohr and Simpson’s wife, Mary Jacoby, who was also connected to Hillary Clinton, from way back when?

      Googling a bit this morning, JK, and I found this 2008 piece, from the the Nation, on McCain: https://www.thenation.com/article/mccains-kremlin-ties/

  6. JK

    “Everybody knows everybody” LB, is the way *everybody needs to view the incestuous relationships that are rife in the topmost ranks of the social circles that infest (I use that word very deliberately) the corridor lying between Washington DC up to and including perhaps the 100 mile wide swathe of territory which ends in the various media headquarters clustered within New York City, New York.

    You yourself LB, pre-election of 2016 have documented many cases (Andrea Mitchell’s social circle being but one example) of this phenomena.

    Re McCain’s Kremlin ties – not without precedent:


    But that’s not the reason, primarily anyway, I drop by today. I’m reading review of Mr. McCarthy’s new book and in nearly every instance I’ve read so far, the reviewers and/or the opinionators make clear their take is that while the author lays out for the reader “just the facts Ma’am, just the facts” he takes care to avoid making any clear judgments regarding any of the individual actors. Which I think is admirable – in most regards.

    However – it may be useful to look back at a presentation Mr. McCarthy gave back in November 2018 – a full 15 months ago:

  7. JK

    Don’t know if you’re checking in on JB’s site:

    I’d suggest stay tuned …

    • Thanks for this JK – listening right now. I am curious about the Epstein lawyers asserting that Epstein helped Bill Clinton set-up the Clinton Global Initiative, during the time Clinton was making dozens of trips with Epstein.

      • JK

        I’ve read that too. It’s possible but I’d like to see more independently verifying sources.

        Now if those lawyers managed to have somehow got those assertions into a Courts evidence chain (which assertion I don’t recall seeing) that would be verification enough for me.

        But with the (golden) goose cooked … or *joking I could use the word “cooking” …

  8. JK

    Given what you’ve got in your latest on how the Twitterocracy operates, something about ’em “putting out BS that gets taken down, then rather than a ‘Sorry I twitted BS’ the tweet simply disappears” I find this, this morning worth a chuckle:

    “Even President Donald Trump has egged on speculation, without evidence, that Epstein …”


    (I’m up early ’cause p/t …)

  9. JK

    Recall above where I mention you documenting on incestuous relationships … Gee I wonder who tweeted this “scoop” first?


    (Yeah even I glance at Drudge, especially after only four hours sleep …

  10. JK

    Well …Maybe not the very last one It’s just that I’ve returned from my p/t and this one is too good to skip over:


    I think I see clearer now that Twitterocracy you’ve mentioned LB, so recently.

  11. JK

    Four more of ’em LB:

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