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Our constant hysterical political climate disgusts me.  Trump’s constant braggadocio, petty attacks and rambling , fact-free word salads disgust me.  The Democrats and media hysterical spin about Trump disgusts me.  As far as political commentary or analysis goes, the various smart takes in 2016 remain the same in 2019, as our American political hamster wheel spins round and round.

For the most part lately, I’ve gotten off the daily habit of tracking the partisan spin throughout the day.  Perhaps if something interesting or new happens, I’ll write about it, but fair warning, the rest of this post will be another detour about my efforts to make peace between our consumerist culture and the myriad counter-cultural efforts to combat our wasteful American lifestyle.

Last night I watched a short CNN video on Twitter about a fashion designer, zero waste daniel, who started a clothing design business using only scrap fabric waste.  His approach of sewing together small scraps of fabric to create larger pieces of fabric, from which to construct his clothing designs, while being a trendy environmental-mindful concept, does highlight our society’s love affair with consumer goods, where most of us acquire way more than we consume and live totally unconcerned about our wastefulness.

There’s a common mindset among more conservative Americans and the political right to dismiss everything coming from the liberal environmentalist echo chamber, but perhaps we should all try to be a little more open to listening and considering the merits of ideas, before making snap partisan political judgments.

Many aspects of our environmentally conscious activism do stem from the political left, then take hold in American businesses, who react to the political activism.  Many businesses respond to and embrace the latest politicized framing of appropriate environmentally conscious policies.  This type of political pressure infuriates many on the right.

On the merits, though, pushing all of the politics aside, being less wasteful, using less disposable packaging and taking a more mindful approach to our consumer habits seem like very traditional, conservative American thrifty values, that would even have appealed to Benjamin Franklin and most of our American founders.  The less wasteful approaches definitely were ingrained habits to my parents and grandparents.

Moving to a crafting/needlework blog post, explains why I haven’t been blogging much lately…  I have been stitching away… using all stuff that’s been sitting here for many years.

I struggle with my consumerist mindset and am working to rethink my relationship with purchasing many items, that clutter up my home,  and often have never been used.  However, moving to a zero waste lifestyle takes way more commitment and effort than I will expend, so it’s small steps in my life.

For decades, I purchased loads of craft and needlework supplies, without much concern or thought about the possibility of having too much stuff.  Yet, the thought of parting with my craft and needlework stuff just isn’t happening yet, but I now strive not to buy more, unless it’s some basic supply that I really need.

A few years ago, I began an effort to make projects using only stuff I already have and that’s what that hummingbird cross-stitch picture above is.  I bought a bunch of small Spring-themed counted cross-stitch kits  (and some not so small ones too) on clearance at Walmart, over the many years that I worked there.  I stitched a couple of these a few years ago and posted a photo, but never fear, I have more to go:

I have a hard time seeing to stitch on 18-count, so I used 14 Aida cloth from my supplies for the  hummingbird and a bunny kit last weekend.  I bought two of the bunny kits, for no logical reason…:

I did finish that Diane Graebner Amish design (out of the hoop and needs pressing):

Learning more about finishing my needlework into some useful or decorative item leads me to read a lot of cross-stitch blogs and browse Pinterest frequently.  That habit leads me to want… more new cross stitch stuff, especially the nicer linens and evenweave fabrics and threads.  It takes a constant effort to remind myself that, while stitching on plain old Aida cloth isn’t as nice as stitching on expensive fabrics, these kits and Aida projects still look nice, I think.

Yesterday afternoon, I was torturing myself looking at the blog of a very talented cross stitch designer, Brenda Gervais.  All of her patterns scream, “I want to stitch that!”.  Gervais wrote a short background story to her 2017 series, Summer Schoolhouse ~ Lessons in Abecedarian.  She relates how she found a small children’s book while hunting for antiques, but it wasn’t just any old book.  It was a copy of the oldest children’s book in the Library of Congress and it’s considered to be the oldest children’s book in print.   This book contains the first documented use of the word, baseball.  In the process of browsing cross stitch blogs, I learned a new word: abecedarian and a bit of historical trivia too.

To fill my fix for something new, there are lots of free patterns online.  I stitched this free St.Patrick’s Day cats piece, by Lynn B., twice.  I am going to make them into little decorative pillows or perhaps frame them, but one is for a family member and then I liked these black cats so much, I stitched one for me too:

Yesterday, was another free pattern start, Russian Dolls, this one from DMC:

Plus, I have a bigger cross stitch project of a Liberty Bell, that’s in progress, but that one deserves a fancier Belfast white linen, not plain old Aida cloth.  Just started this, so it’s only the top of Independence Hall and some of the lettering:

Of course, still working on plastic canvas too:

Not sure what I’ll do with this house picture, but it’s a design that I like, so I stitched it…

It’s very hard for me to concentrate on writing lately, but I’ll try to get back to politics soon.


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  1. JK

    Was watching something else when I saw this on the sidebar …

    • Thanks, JK.

      Here’s a short Andrew McCarthy piece on 1/6: https://www.nationalreview.com/corner/insurrectionist-terrorist-or-is-it-terrorist-insurrectionist-gets-yes-an-eight-month-sentence/

      I haven’t had the energy to delve into details closely, but seem to recall that with that IG report on the Capitol police failings, some Capitol police official testified their office had received no advance security threat warnings from the FBI. Wray has been very cagey answering questions about FBI informants and intel pertaining to Jan. 6th. While I’ve seen no evidence that the FBI undercover agents had anything to do with planning Jan. 6th, (such as that mob fiasco could be called a “plan,” what bothers me is how ill-prepared federal authorities were to defend the Capitol that day.

      The massive security overreaction after Jan. 6th, seemed to me to be more of a spin effort (especially the tens of thousands of NG) to deflect from the total failure of the FBI and Capitol police that day. Something smells very off with the post-1/6 policing theatrics, especially compared to Pelosi & Company ranting in 2020 about Trump’s efforts at trying to protect federal property. This FBI manhunt for 1/6 “insurrectionists” is quite incredible when juxtaposed to their reluctance to even designate Antifa a domestic threat in 2020 Every bit of the FBI, Dem, and liberal media effort seems geared toward advancing the Dem “Insurrection” and “white nationalists everywhere” narrative, while ignoring the far-left extremist threat.

  2. JK

    Start about about the ten minute mark and proceed to oh, maybe forty or so. But so far as I’m concerned the whole thing (or nearly so) is worthwhile:

    • Lots of strangeness with the Garland DOJ and FBI effort to cast 1/6 as worse than OKC & 9/11 combined, JK. I’m still pondering the information about the FBI’s role in the Gov. Whitmer kidnapping plot last fall

      Truthfully, when I first heard some Trump pundits saying FBI informants were with the mob attacking the Capitol, I thought it was totally nuts, but now it’s not sounding so crazy. Wray’s got some explaining to do, but so far all he ever does is dance around questions and avoid giving any details on ANYTHING.

  3. JK

    Speaking of “lots of strangeness” …


    No double standards in the Garland run DOJ nosiree!

    • JK, You asked a question on a comment that is in moderation and I haven’t clicked “Approve” yet to post it publicly. If you want it public, I’ll do so, but to answer the question, I get comment notifications on all comments, on wherever they are posted, even years old blog posts. Some comments get tagged as likely spam, some people I’ve pre-approved comments from them (like you), but occasionally a few of yours come up awaiting moderation. for me to approve. Hope that answers the question.

      • JK

        No need to approve that one LB, heck maybe it’ll be useful IF you post on the subject again. And for that matter, this one either. Just thought, it being a “normal” prepping thing …

  4. JK

    Ooooh boy! Will these government peeps ever learn not to text?

    “Last week, the lawyer for one defendant filed a motion that included texts from an FBI agent to a key informant. . .directing him to draw specific people into the conspiracy — potential evidence of entrapment that he said the government “inadvertently disclosed.”


    (This is one trial I’d like to see televised.)

  5. JK

    First time watching (well, maybe a few clips) this but from the way these two Ryan and Emily are talking about [segment 5] this Ryan Holden fellow on Twit’r “going back in time to see what they said then” he maybe somebody you might want to follow – if you’re still doing that stuff.


  6. JK

    Ain’t you something LB, two homeruns in one outing!

    (Although – and this is just a guess – you probably as the links I’ve been sending most recently would seem to indicate I lean against LE’s case, I’d simply point to that year ago post of David’s where Bob and I were back and forthing. So in point of fact I’m actually neutral on this one. In flyover country I trust the Courts to get it right.

    Now if this was to take place in either California’s Ninth Circuit or, the DC Circuit, especially the former – I’d have to admit to some serious doubt.

    • Well, JK, I was leaning the other way until Andrew McCarthy pulled me back to earth. In the article he wrote:

      “In the real world, though, it’s usually a silly question, and the more heinous the crime, the more silly the question becomes. Why? Because innately law-abiding people do not get entrapped into committing violent crimes.”

      Now, as to that argument, I must say 10 years ago, I would have agreed with McCarthy completely, but now a whole lot of formerly innately law-abiding type folks, both liberal and conservative, due to the scorched earth level 24/7 media incitement for years now and the eroding trust in most our institutions, do get more easily sucked into the crazy zone, where they buy into batshit crazy conspiracy theories and get enraged. I’ve watched these insane reactions develop in minutes on Twitter and observed the cable news peeps leap into these sorts of outrage theater convulsions too.

  7. JK

    Apropos your take on your ‘prepping’ post LB

    “He saw little glory, serving as a quartermaster, procuring mules and wagons, duties that kept him from the battlefield. Later, as a leader of thousands of men, his organizational skills would prove immensely valuable.”

    (I wish this link’s title were a little less … oh ‘helpful’ I reckon but; guess who


  8. JK

    Hope you don’t mind some itty bitty molecular study reference commenting LB.

    (At one time when I was much younger I experienced some level of … oh I suppose *encouragement* to “follow in your Father’s footsteps” as it were.

    So – and this was prior to my enlisting as I was just then turned seventeen – I undertook two semesters that included college Chemistry 101 & Biochemistry 101: I was allowed to do so because on my entrance level exams I – through no fault of my own, managed to ace whatever test it was back in the early 70s designed to test one’s proficiency in the basics [English, Math, etc] so the university experts could figure out at what level I could, reasonably, be able to function at in a higher level academic setting.)

    At any rate LB, and you’ll undoubtedly remember when I finish – atoms are the basic building blocks of molecules. Molecules form elements. Element formulation requires specific environmental conditions such that, in the absence of a continuous set of conditions whatever element we have in mind cannot, in its state of individuality be reproduced and for doggone sure, can’t do reproduction in what you and I would consider reproduction in the biological sense.

    Hence we arrive to the ‘problematic’ PCR testing regime.

    The testing as carried out by “The Experts” thus far have taken whatever samples were collected from an individual, sinus swabs, blood, urine, earwax Yes earwax! (based on the anatomical knowledge the ear canals connect to the sinuses – ever flown in an unpressurized military aircraft LB and been advised “Yawn to clear your head”?)

    Then, the medicos at whichever facility – be it in a very clean CDC/NIH lab or taken in a simple county Department of Health facility – would place that specimen in what, for simplicity’s sake, we choose to call a centrifuge and then spin the heck out of it.

    So far The Experts have been directing laboratories to, in their spinning machines, so to get whatever started out as say a booger – which as we know consists of a whole bunch of possible stuff, pollen grains, smog, the scent of that ribeye eaten the night before, air, mucus etc. – Anyway get whatever that booger was down to a single molecule!

    Hence then, single molecules being single molecules – no reproduction.

    And without the ability for multiplying whatever molecule The Experts want to say the critter is depends on … drumroll … whatever The Experts want the politicians; and thus us, to believe it is.

    Hope that helps LB.

  9. JK

    I’ve not LB, checked the link out (yet – got stuff to do) but as we’ve[sort of] been on ‘prepping’ recently:


    • JK

      Out and about today LB when I got, quite unexpectedly, reminded of some stuff I’d preferred not to’ve remembered. I had absolutely no clue my VetRep had any idea.

      (Noting you ‘reblogged’ that I just thought to give a ‘heads-up’ – Not that the reminding means anything. It was just that I’d figured “nobody around here” had a clue.


      Just: given we are aware there’s been some “knowing” about before stuff happened, and the [apparently ongoing postscripts] I figured you’d want my telling you.

      • The last paragraph, in that linked piece, JK, say it all:

        “The investigation will have to remain there, unsatisfactorily, until somebody decides to resume it. The twentieth anniversary of the Oklahoma City atrocity will soon be upon us. It would be good if a serious re-look at OKBOMB’s many unanswered questions were established for the event. With every passing year, the chances of clearing up the case grow more difficult; eventually it will be impossible. The public deserves to know the full story of this terrible crime.”

        He wrote that in 2014. No updates on new information and there likely never will be. The FBI seems very adept at making cases disappear – from a massive terrorism case to the investigations into Clinton Foundation corruption – the FBI comes up with a public narrative and locks the information down so tight that it will never see the light the day.

        Case closed…

      • JK

        And, double-plus Ironic, that was back at a time when the threat from “white supremacists” came from actual white supremacists. Not these dimestore faux supremacists the media’s constantly haranguing us about nowadays.

        Jussie Smollet call your office!

      • Your other comment went to moderation, JK, and I’ll leave it there. Thanks for the links.

        I was talking to a friend’s relative, who is in his 60s. He has a serious neurological condition and his doctor didn’t think he should get the COVID vaccine. I got the vaccine, because my medical problems are on the list comorbidities for COVID. Truly, though people have the right to make that decision for themselves. I stopped worrying about COVID once I realized this is 99.9% a political spin show more than a serious government effort to combat a public health emergency. I also realized the medical field, just like schools and higher education are filled to the brim with social justice warriors, who feed off of these media-driven, virtue-signaling, mass hysteria-inducing spin efforts.

        I’ve been sick to death of writing about the spin war on my blog and doing Twitter trolling to make my own tiny efforts, to disrupt their crap spin war attacks. I made my own assessment a long while back that the Trump sideshow spin efforts to flip the narrative were just as corrupt as the Dems spin war and his leadership style is more toxic to his own team than to Dems. My tweeting efforts likely don’t matter at all, but a few times I’ve seen my messaging borrowed by more influential peeps on the right (which is exactly what happened in 1998 too), so I continue. At some point I’ll probably just give up trying to defeat their corrupt spin information war.

        I’m concerned about the long-term mental health fall-out from all this media-driven mass hysteria constantly. There are a lot of people, especially children, who will have long-term psychological trauma from culture war insanity.

        We are truly doomed if the left’s culture war advances much further, but here’s today’s lurch forward toward the collapse of science:

  10. JK

    On another blog I comment on LB, the host has up a open thread asking for personal experiences/opinions etc on “everything Covid” and when I chanced upon somebody mentioning how the CDC was in the process of cancelling theirs with the intention that, other companies tests, would [should] be better at differentiating between Covid or flu I recalled what is in that Legal Insurrection piece about those other companies having their own EUAs and so, to add that to the other blog I visited here to retrieve the LI info and incidentally discovered your new post.

    I cannot take issue with any of your points. In no small part because, from the way I’m reading you, you’re in essence sticking to a it’s a matter of personal choice which ought be based on “the best available evidence.”

    Oh Lord but I can, and do, take issue with how “the experts” have managed that “the best available evidence”! They’ve been all over the place. Just two examples:

    Recently I’ve been trying to keep a bunch of plates spinning and in the air (remember those old Ed Sullivan skits where some poor guy … well …

    Monday I was over at the fishing dock I used to spend a heckuva lot more time at and it just so happened that my ol’ fishing pal – who also happens to be my doc – was there too and after getting the niceties outta the way we spent maybe 10-15 minutes discussing the *discrepancy between what he told me last year about my having the antigen and that meant “That’s better than any protection you’ll ever get from a vaccine JK” to this year’s “We strongly advise you to take the vaccine.”

    Short story shorter; he says “Well JK, you’ll be remembering last year me speaking to you as your doctor while this year I specifically put it “We advise”? – His point turning upon that last year, before all the experts had really gotten into the action he was speaking from the point of all his medical training but now, the administrators (administration) are now all in on the act too. (Not implying ‘act’ in a theatrical sense rather a process sense. – As in “We’re all in this together” as the pols keep insisting to all us plebes.)

    But he did, from his heart seemed to me, repeat his “feeling” that it was probably better were I, given that now I’m no longer that strapping young squirt I once was rather and officially I am now a senior citizen – that I ought to give serious thought to just knuckling under and accept that reality.

    On masks. Outside I never use ’em. If a store/business requires ’em I don’t argue. Because I know the science [as opposed to The Science ie Fauci] I keep a box in the console of my truck and if I’m gonna visit some older or immunocompromised person/persons, especially if it’s gonna be indoors, I’ll have one hanging off my ear at the ready – around these parts most people get almost outraged that I even tried to do that.

    Still I don’t want some politico-know-it-all to tell me I have to.

    So far as The Games go [owning anybody/party] I don’t play. And while I resent anybody[s] lumping me into any box I hardly ever take obvious offense at anybody trying – the rare exception being if I judge what’s being tried to be overkill – but that’s rare. In hillbilly Arkansas anyway.

    Sharon’s in the hospital – sepsis the doctor says, somehow in combination to, or as a complication from a kidney infection. She had a regularly schedule doc appointment I took her to on Tuesday and only found out what she’d been hiding when I returned to pick her up and a nurse came outside saying, “You need to come inside and talk with the doctor – we’re gonna need to do a direct admit.” I say’s “What, why!” Apparently she’d fainted in the vital signs cubbyhole and went downhill from there.

    Mom and I are doing fine. I hope you’re doing as fine as can be expected too LB. I suspect composing that post probably took a toll on you.

    • I am so sorry to hear Sharon has sepsis. That is nothing to play around with, JK.

      I’m with you on being against government forcing people with any of this Covid stuff, JK and although private businesses have the right to set their own rules, in this current PC climate, corporations seems to fall all over themselves to avoid offending the liberal political decrees and Woke demands. I try to be courteous and follow rules in public, because by nature I am a rule-follower.

      Here it’s a mixed bag, because a lot of people, mostly black people, from what I’ve observed the little I’m out and about, never stopped wearing masks and I noticed more masks in the store even before the past week when stores started putting signs back up for masks.

      About a year ago, I mentioned wanting to have actual books on-hand for things like first-aid manuals and how-to stuff, with my prepper efforts for emergencies, just thinking that would be a good thing.

      Well, JK, with all the reports of conservative books being pulled at amazon, Target, and elsewhere in recent months and all the banning going on on social media, I had decided to revert back to buying actual books, instead of e-books, because if they pull a book, I suspected that might include from their kindle listing too. Then I came across this article yesterday on the effort to control library books: https://www.thenation.com/article/culture/libraries-digital-publishing-ebooks/

      Crazy efforts going to control data and all information – in America… Hard to even imagine this, but here we are.

      • JK

        Oh dear. Now I’m better understanding what so many of my acquaintances and others have been going on about. (Yes I recall your bringing up the idea of my acquiring a Kindle or something – as David Duff likewise advised) But I never did owing whether to my obstinate nature or, more likely I think, me being so frequently in places where there’s very little access (either internet or cellphone) I haven’t settled upon.

        Most likely I think it’s my awareness that here in the Ozarks there’s many a place where, if I need to look up something I better have a physical book to hand. But I did have one little episode that gave me sort of a hint something weird was going on but surprisingly I guess, it wasn’t to do with anything “conservative” particularly rather it was – at least what I’d consider “from the liberal end” – my getting hands on that Matt Taibbi book Hate Inc (tho’ given his aim at ALL media I suppose I may should’ve expected *they’d prefer* I have my copy in electronic form)!

        I ordered my copy (and tho’ it was deducted immediately lol) but then the wait for delivery was fully six months – with my having had to, at least thrice, contacting amazon asking “What’s the hold-up?” … And, LOL above, that second linked video I placed above I’m seeing it as ‘This video is Unavailable’ (gee I wonder if the lady heading CDC now finds herself in hot water for directly contradicting Mr. The Science?!!!). Probably not though, my guess is that’s something *they’d prefer* memory-holed.


        Yeah LB, that sepsis thing I’ve only begun really understanding quite recently is serious. I mean I knew from when I was running around in the jungle that they kept telling us “Ensure you keep an eye on your buddy in case he’s [scratched] and doesn’t realize he’s bleeding” – But then we always had those little sprinkle-packs and [mostly] air-evacs.

        Now though I’m learning I need to watch for “the signs.” But now it’s not ‘the signs’ of when I want to plant, for instance, taters but rather something that’s going on internally of somebody else.

        Whooey there’s alot ya got to find out about this senior citizen stuff!

      • JK, my husband got sick in 2018 and he started running a low-grade fever, but was very weak. I took him to the ER and they did lab work and said he had sepsis. They had the neuro-surgeon come by to see him too and he was concerned there might be an infection in the shunt line, which ran internally from the VP shunt in his brain to his abdominal cavity. He was in Memorial ( a trauma center in Savannah) for two weeks, then 2 weeks in a rehab hospital to regain his strength, then back to Memorial for surgery – shunt revision (best I understand that, was he changed the valve in VP shunt). It was an ordeal.

        Since I am still following that stupid spin war on Twitter, I’ve noticed the powers that be there are into suspending and banning blue checkmark people on the right. Today Erick Erickson was suspended. Some other conservative was saying it was a gender speech violation. If you say men can’t have babies – that’s hate speech or if you say there are two sexes or genders – ditto for that. I suspect it’s mostly a social conditioning tactic – either buy into their Woke dictates or be banned. Going along with the Woke craziness is the price of admission to be allowed to speak on social media.

        Liberals on the other hand can spread as much misinformation and use as much hate speech directed at people on the right as they want to.

        This same sort of social conditioning is being rammed through with all these companies rushing to get on board with targeting “The Unvaccinated” for being banished from polite society. I believe this was all planned, actually, because the Dr. Science went out and started saying this was a preventable pandemic and it was all The Unvaccinated people’s fault. Then the media amplified that Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated and the pundits leaped in with floating the idea that the Vaccinated people should be angry and not put up with the Unvaccinated people anymore (even though the Vaccinated are at very low risk from Covid). It was an orchestrated Biden admin. narrative. And the first to move was Pelosi with that mask order in the House – to incite those Trumper Congresspersons. Those Repubs took the bait rushed to into outrage mode – which is just the media optic the Dems media wanted, I believe.

        Conspicuously absent was an emphasis on encouraging people to get vaccinated and attacking every effort on the right to encourage vaccines. Liberal media mocked Sarah Huckabee Sanders op-ed encouraging vaccines and I thought it was a good effort to reach Trump supporters.

        There’s absolutely no effort to calm people down with the Biden administration – just constant fear-mongering and fomenting mass hysteria.

  11. JK

    Spool this up to oh, the 24, 25 minute mark and give it a listen. I think you’ll find we have much in common with [classical] liberals.


    • JK, At 41:15 Brett is using the term fog of war and struggling to come up with a term for what’s going with this Covid PR – it’s an effort to create the fog of spin war, imo. I think the shifting CDC guidance and Dr. Science’s pronouncements. His “noble” lies (deliberate misinformation to try to prod people to do what he thinks they should do.) My more charitable guess at his motive is for a grander purpose to save lives, but my more cynical suspicion, watching how much he seems to love being a liberal media gadfly, is he’s become more calculating politician than humble scientist.

      • JK

        Agreed on your final assessment – he is after all 80 years old – long past the time any individual should be in “public service” (in a unelected capacity certainly).

        Just curious LB. Did you watch past that subject’s change and on into some period after? (Not speaking about the ‘polyamory crap’. I mean past that.)

      • I listened to the rest, JK.

  12. JK

    Almost put that on your current post LB, but then figured it would be counterproductive – should others land on it:


    (At the moment that’s on yootoob too but I figure it will be censored and taken down.)

    • JK, My understanding of “the science” is completely insufficient to judge the arguments for or against the vaccine, however common sense tells me that due to reported size of the virus compared to the variety of materials used in mass masking efforts, that assuming all sorts of masks I’ve seen worn and the number of masks worn below the nose or under the chin, that this is a dumb idea. Last year when I read this, I completely knew “the science” crowd had lost their minds, because despite writing this, they still were promoting masks as science-based:

      “There may be additional benefits to broad masking policies that extend beyond their technical contribution to reducing pathogen transmission. Masks are visible reminders of an otherwise invisible yet widely prevalent pathogen and may remind people of the importance of social distancing and other infection-control measures.

      It is also clear that masks serve symbolic roles. Masks are not only tools, they are also talismans that may help increase health care workers’ perceived sense of safety, well-being, and trust in their hospitals. Although such reactions may not be strictly logical, we are all subject to fear and anxiety, especially during times of crisis. One might argue that fear and anxiety are better countered with data and education than with a marginally beneficial mask, particularly in light of the worldwide mask shortage, but it is difficult to get clinicians to hear this message in the heat of the current crisis. Expanded masking protocols’ greatest contribution may be to reduce the transmission of anxiety, over and above whatever role they may play in reducing transmission of Covid-19. The potential value of universal masking in giving health care workers the confidence to absorb and implement the more foundational infection-prevention practices described above may be its greatest contribution.”


      As per the NIH & Fauci fixation on vaccines as the only thing, while it seemed to me they discouraged other treatment options or use of ivermectin, well, part of that I attributed to the partisan politics and anything Trump suggested, they were going to find a way to discredit automatically, but the larger thing was the NIH was working with Moderna on SARS vaccine technology even before COVID-19, so there was a huge monetary incentive to push for vaccine development, I think, especially with getting the US government to foot the bill for mass vaccination of every adult in America. The NIH and Moderna leaped into action on developing a vaccine for COVID-19 in mid-January 2020 (while assuring us we had nothing to worry about from COVID-19) and began trials a few months later:



    • I’ve thought a bit more about that video and it seemed to me this doctor was blaming the emergence of the delta variant and the summer wave on the vaccines. That doesn’t make any sense to me, JK. The delta variant emerged in Dec. 2020 in India, when there weren’t any vaccines in use there.

      “Since 16 January, India has administered more than 390 million doses.”


      And that delta variant traveled around the world since Dec., so it doesn’t seem strange to me that we’re having a summer wave. Perhaps I’m missing something, but that guy was well-spoken, well-prepared with his talking points, but I wasn’t persuaded by what he offered there. I didn’t see where he offered much in the way of alternative approaches, only adamantly criticizing everything the CDC has done. I’ve got a whole lot of criticisms with the CDC’s conflicting guidance, the flip-flops on masking and the hyping mask drama more than urging vaccines too, but I haven’t had any second thoughts on getting the vaccine, thus far.

      That doctor who developed the technology Moderna vaccine uses made some points about potential problems developing in the future and I didn’t discount his views, but this video of this doctor at the school board meeting sounded like typical throwing red meat to the Trump crowd to me.

  13. JK

    Yeah I got that ‘throwing red meat to the Trump crowd’ too but [and?] then thinking about where that school board meeting was taking place, Indiana! I’m thinking “hmmm, that’d be more likely in someplace like say, Arkansas or Georgia or may Florida than a state bordering Illinois I should think” (but then again since late 2019 there’s quite a bit of crazy readily available at every turn).

    Thank God we have the National Institutes of Health to turn to in times of stress:



    Sharon was discharged Sunday but now at 11:15 (CST) this date I gotta be 40 miles south for a biopsy – prostate. Not sure when next I’ll be online but shouldn’t be too long. I won’t complain should I detect a prayer winged from Georgia way.

    I gotta be getting ready. Later my Friend.

    • Good luck with the biopsy, JK.

      • JK

        It went “easier” than I was worried it might. Still … not something I’d want to have done to me on anything like a regular basis! Hopefully just the once!

        The pathology (samples) should be on their way to Atlanta – may already be there as the doc said it’s possible we could know the results by as early as Monday but not to really expect anything til midweek.

        (Truthfully though I was really worrying about how the procedure was gonna go what I really shoulda been worrying about was the driver who was to be taking control of my pickup – Sharon’s “formative driver’s training” largely took place near and around the roadways of Orlando Florida. Apparently Florida hasn’t the curves (crooked highways) Arkansas roads do. My God the doc had written me a scrip for one Valium to take a couple hours before I got to his office. He really shoulda given me two – and one for the trip back!)

      • Glad to hear it went okay, JK. My primary care has been sending me for all sorts of tests and procedures that I had put off, because of caring for my husband. He told me I have no excuse now. Finally had the dreaded colonoscopy done a couple weeks ago and honestly I find MRIs more stressful than that colonoscopy turned out to be. With the MRIs it’s all the noises that cause me anxiety more than the confined space, I think. Still need to get to the orthopedist and get my left knee checked out.

        I’m assuming you’re following the collapse of the Afghan Army and the cowardly pleading tweets the US Embassy in Kabul keeps sending out, hoping the Taliban will play nice. & Biden peeps asked the Taliban to spare the US Embassy:

        “U.S. Asks Taliban to Spare Its Embassy
        August 12, 2021 at 10:56 am EDT By Taegan Goddard 86 Comments

        “American negotiators are trying to extract assurances from the Taliban that they will not attack the U.S. Embassy in Kabul if the extremist group overruns the capital in a direct challenge to the country’s government,” the New York Times reports”


        What a national embarrassment this administration is!

        Read this piece by a retired COL who trained Iraqi and Afghan security forces before retiring and explained where he thinks things went wrong:


  14. JK

    Yeah LB I’ve been following along.

    It would appear all those glowing reports from SIGAR must’ve been written by three-year-olds or, butt covering General officers.

    I sincerely pray Biden & Company don’t get a bunch of people killed, or worse. Americans that is. I figure those Afghanis – ill-advised as they were to ever trust our pols – are toast. Or worse.

    • “Americans that is.”

      I’m concerned Biden, under pressure “to do something,” opts for some intervention that ends up getting lots of American troops killed.

      The Taliban, I suspect, was receiving aid and strategic advice/training from outside of Afghanistan. They seem to be following a plan.

      • JK

        “The Taliban, I suspect, was receiving aid and strategic advice/training from outside of Afghanistan.”

        China. No doubt.

        Afghanistan is the linchpin of the whole Belt & Roads strategy. The “projections from US experts” that Pakistan would be able to work its magic vis a vis the Taliban was always and ever, fevered pipe dreams.

  15. JK

    Perhaps not posts seeming to be “along the same lines” on the surface but, I actually view them that very way (having not bothered to read any of the comments:



    We must get beyond our current … mess.

  16. JK

    Q Mr. President, thank you very much. Your own intelligence community has assessed that the Afghan government will likely collapse.

    THE PRESIDENT: That is not true.

    Q Is it — can you please clarify what they have told you about whether that will happen or not?

    THE PRESIDENT: That is not true. They did not — they didn’t — did not reach that conclusion.


    My what a difference 38 or so days make!

    (Good thing he had the IC on the ball – as usual.)

    • I’m so disgusted by all of this, JK. I’ve thought the nation-building/democracy projects were destined to fail and the trendlines have been very poor for more than a decade. I wanted us out of the nation-building /democracy projects too, but I always thought we needed a more regional strategy based on American national interests in place before packing up and pulling out. There’s been a strategic void through 3 administrations and now this one too, on dealing with the entire region and especially this “war on terror” idea.

      The disturbing thing about Biden’s withdrawal is it’s been done more with an eye to Biden’s PR objectives than the situation on the ground. Even a few days ago this administration was trying to pretend things were going swimmingly.

      I’m concerned between Biden, this Obama crowd, and foreign policy “whiz” John Kerry whispering in Biden’s ear, a lot of US troops may end up killed in this evacuation effort. And all Biden is concerned about is shifting the blame to Trump.

      • JK

        “The disturbing thing about Biden’s withdrawal is it’s been done more with an eye to Biden’s PR objectives than the situation on the ground.”

        & per this “news” I’m not totally convinced it is the usual satire:


        I actually can imagine Don Lemon ‘making lemonade’ this way.

        Makes me ill to my stomach.

      • Lots of the people who reported on Afghanistan for years have been tweeting about what a strategic blunder it was to turn over Bagram Air Base before we left, because it would have facilitated evacuations. I am praying for our troops, because this crowd in the Biden administration are totally clueless nitwits.

      • I’m still trying to assess it all, JK. What a total fiasco, but I will say the entire Biden campaign was bizarre with him in the basement, but his going into hiding during this crisis is so peculiar that it makes me wonder what in the heck is really going on in this Biden WH and who is really running things. Then to top matters reporters were tweeting tonight that Psaki has an auto email response that she’s on vacation this week. What in the heck this all means, I don’t know, but we’re being massively lied to, that’s one thing I feel sure of at this point.

        The Dem and liberal media damage control efforts are going to be mindboggling, that’s for sure. Figure, if the evacuations are managed without massive bloodshed, people like John Kerry will be out there with a narrative shifting blame to Bush and/or blaming the military. And they’ll try to bury this fiasco with some other fake crisis as quickly as possible to divert attention to something else. I expect the liberal media to play along.

  17. JK

    “Lots of the people who reported on Afghanistan for years have been tweeting about what a strategic blunder it was to turn over Bagram Air Base before we left, because it would have facilitated evacuations.”

    Just curious LB, when, exactly did the Twitter ‘light up’ about it being such a blunder – which it was. Note this post’s final commentor, and the date.


  18. JK

    “The Dem and liberal media damage control efforts are going to be mindboggling …”

    Fer shure!


    *A word of caution LB, should you, from the comment section see anything Twittered from the airport – you probably ought not watch. Suffice to say much strongly resembles “the fallout” from the towers on 9/11 – Disturbed me even inured as I am, or was. I suppose getting old; as mainly only we “civilized nations” are allowanced, may have something to do with it.

  19. JK


    The whistleblower is actually known – but no media, at the known peril of *death dare name him – anyway his name is Eric Ciaramella, of Wikileaked Ukrainian/State Department emails fame. Many many of Victoria Nuland’s emails had Eric ‘Cc’d’ onto them. He served as the embassy’s CIA case officer (Ukraine).


    Oh yeah, good news, the doc personally called me (I know -very rare) and informed me “of the 16 specimens only one [was off] so, nothing much to worry about anytime soon – we’ll have you come back in six months and re-check your psa levels. My [the doc] only real concern to have you [me] in that quick is because I’d talked to one of your Dad’s associates who knew of his issue and so knowing your family history, I just wanted to be sure.”

    (The practice of medicine in that regard has progressed quite aways since Dad’s time – then if any “issue” showed up it was dealt with chop-chop.)


    • Glad you got good news with your tests, JK.

      Somehow I’m not surprised at all surprised with the Ciaramella connection to Victoria Nuland. And mentioning Vindman, at first I recall him being touted as such a stellar military professional, apolitical, etc. Now his wife is an “analyst” on MSNBC, who spouts hardcore left crap and Vindman comes across as a total weasel. It reminded me of how James Comey was touted as the consummate professional and likewise, he touted the professionalism of Peter Srtzok. Then it became obvious both Comey and Strzok were self-serving and extremely mendacious, which left me very disillusioned. I wanted to believe America was kept safe by all these well-educated, dedicated professionals, only to realize most of them seem to be dishonest, political hacks, who are interested mostly in self-advancement.

      • JK

        “I wanted to believe”

        For the most part you can be assured LB, where individuals are concerned the key is to figure out whether any of ’em worked longer that “a regular tour of duty” anywhere near Washington DC and/or whether that individual has made more than one, on camera appearance on C-Span (any “voluntary” appearance on any “regular/normal” media should be considered a ‘no no’ until it can be determined whether it was an “ambush interview” or not). Vindman himself was a ‘publicity hound’ that’s always a bad sign for anybody over the rank of, oh, O-4 (E-8 if enlisted. All [?] Warrants “should be” cut some slack.

        Anybody that has the word: or a wordform eg, saint, saintly, etc [Comey for instance; used by any media “personality” in that media’s introduction of that person to the public should be considered suspect unless or until it can be determined whether that individual will criticize a superior possessing the ability to fire the individual.

        Easy peasy (most of the time!)

  20. JK

    You may’ve noticed some traffic on one of your older posts LB, that fellow ‘Bob’ with whom I’ve had several tiffs tried to point out to me stuff he didn’t think I had a clue about concerning Joltin’ Jack Keane and the ISW.

    Fortunately I knew where I could grab a post and set him a’right!

    Ain’t seen hide nor hair of him since.

  21. JK

    Good post. Good points.

    • Thanks JK, I keep seeing all sorts of retired military and soldiers who served in Afghanistan urging Biden to retake Bagram and extend the area around the airport in Kabul and it’s highly unlikely Biden will ever agree to any of that – the goal is to spin this crisis away and pretend they evacuated all the Americans who wanted to leave. Appeasing the Taliban is what the Biden team cares about. I expect the Dems and Biden spin team to initiate some big domestic crisis, to divert attention away from Afghanistan – heck, wouldn’t be surprised if it’s some drummed up taking down “domestic terrorists” media diversion, but of course Covid hysteria still works for them too. They need some really big spin diversion to cover-up this disaster, that’s for sure.

      • JK

        Well. If you’re LB familiar with the terrain (a good topo map should do) around the Kabul [Karzai] airport you’d see immediately their concerns. And worse “we” left precisely the sort of weaponry (and trained for Chrissakes the guys who can do it!) that could take out that airport’s capability in oh, about four minutes tops. Most likely within less than a minute.

        Crater the runway – or heck even – just get a few martyr units (and I am abso-f’ing-lutely sure there’s guys (whose family can be “put to use” who would happily volunteer) to bracket the few rounds in which would immediately take that airport’s operations down.

        It was widely reported today the Talib’s ordered our Commander-in-Chief to not dawdle past August 31’st. A couple, maybe three days ago they [the Talib’s] re-enacted (in our uniforms the raising of *the flag on Mount Suribachi – *some *people seem to be interpreting that as them simply ‘rubbing our noses in it’ but my (admittedly rusty) military mind tells me they’re … oh what’s the word I’m looking for … oh yeah, committed. (As if anybody who remembers the History of Leyte – the first instance of The Divine Wind – and flying civilian airliners into the towers can even possibly dream up a situation otherwise.)

        So then. What does our Commander-in-Chief, aware from (at least some few – I sincerely hope) of his circle-of-advisors “know what *we don’t”? (In his imagination!)

        We don’t have to like it but, if “we” don’t do some of that, what Washington and Grant and Sherman and Custer (and heck Lee even) called Initiative! I frankly don’t see how “we” can escape a national stain that can never be bleached out.

        And, for the love of God, what happens if the French [!] the English and even maybe the Germans[!] step up to the plate not even bothering letting “us” in on what they’re doing?

        Sure Biden & Co. can say all they want “No Americans left behind!” But I can gar-un-dam-tee that from now unto the foreseeable future, on significant anniversaries especially, Terry Taliban is gonna be producing slick promotional videos of “supposedly rescueds” set alight in iron cages.

        “We” have no good options. It is either initiative or, settle down on our knees and accept what’s our due.

        I think I know what course the geniuses who decided to loft the multi-hued flag atop Embassy Kabul those few days ago are gonna opt for.

        Look! There’s a Covid denying White Supremacist squirrel over there!

        I cannot see how this stuff could have been handled worse.

      • JK, I am so disgusted by these corrupt liars in this WH, which are the same corrupt liars in the Obama WH. From Benghazi to Iran releasing humiliating propaganda photos of US sailors on their knees, while John Kerry was selling Iran releasing them as a new era in diplomacy, so I know which choice this crowd of gutless, corrupt fools will most likely make.

        All the potential scenarios you raised are similar to my own worrying thoughts. Perhaps, pressure from our NATO allies might prod Biden to extend the deadline, but I remain highly doubtful. Suspect he fears the Taliban more than our NATO allies.

        Back in the 90s, I thought the Mogadishu debacle was the the most disgusted I could be with presidential cowardice and total fecklessness , but there’s been so many more incidents since then, that I am no longer surprised by the craven cowardice and spin war diversions, while the corrupt liberal media plays along.

        Bottom line is I think this WH sold out to the Taliban the weekend Kabul fell and are only trying to get past the deadline, pull-out US troops and then create some domestic crisis and trust the liberal media will ignore any Taliban/terrorist atrocities in Afghanistan, while going all in on their fabricated domestic crisis.

        I expect if the Biden WH decides to offer up any fall-guy to fire and pin blame on it will be GEN Milley, because he’s totally expendable and they need Austin to run their woke transformation of the US military.

        We’re really likely to enter uncharted territory very quickly with their scorched earth spin info war – even crazier than the past 4+ years with Trump vs. Dems & liberal media. This situation has the potential to create serious breakdowns in our military, if service members lose faith in their chain of command.

        I just don’t expect this debacle to blow over quickly.

  22. JK

    Let us bear LB, heavy on our minds that, if “some number” of our countryman (I don’t expect women/diversity) do/attempt what they’ll, to probably 99.9% probability get courts martialed (and likely Leavenworth or even, Gitmo’d) for I expect they’ll be doing as they believe “for and on behalf of: us.”

    That’s just what honorable men do.

    Or as our History and Lore and Stories of Those Who Came Before Us tell the Tales of how we came to be in this hallowed land.

    But I expect whoever is running our *Constitutional Republic these days will ensure none of those can ever exercise the ‘right of return’ if *they should try” – Those Brave Individuals; they exist but … They’re unlikely to ever get the “Thanks from the Grateful Nation” that previous generations, some anyway got ticker-tape parades down [5th Avenue?] for.

    The hinterlands of ‘away of Kabul’ are, as you and I talk back and forth of these days are almost certainly Bataan all over again.

    SIGAR assessments were a big thing not so long ago. I’m guessing nobody who ever had a hand in producing any and all of that dreck will ever be hauled before a Courts Martial Inquiry and asked,

    “What did you do in the war General So&So?”

  23. JK

    It appears the UK, France, Germany, Italy! are in talks with Russia to “do something!”

    So it would appear, maybe, Obama Bin Biden’s choice of nicking off the Keystone in favor of the Nordstream is maybe paying dividends. I suppose we shall see.

    Oh yeah. Susan Rice is ‘nominally’ in charge – look at who her former deputies were – Blinken and the guy who’s now the DNI.

    “Biden’s” big concern is to not have a ‘Blackhawk Down’ moment anytime soon so he will take his marching orders from Terry Taliban. So the August 31 deadline is firm – the media will squawk for some respectful period then move on into that “uncharted territory” you were mentioning.

    Hold on tight. The flight is likely to be bumpy.

    (Whenever I place the quotation marks ex: “Biden” I’m meaning that as emphasizing our placeholder-in-chief is a committee rather than an individual.)

    • “Hold on tight. The flight is likely to be bumpy.”

      Absolutely JK, it’s going to get bumpy, that’s for sure.

    • I expect some of the retired generals who became media celebs attacking Trump are going to thoroughly disgrace themselves selling the Biden team damage control spin. I expect a very dramatic erosion of trust in our top military leaders, among active duty and retired military… the very generals, who were sold to the American people as the “greatest generals of their generation.”

  24. JK


    I’m looking forward (absent hope) to the comment thread that should be appearing there shortly.

    • Listened to this interview this morning, JK. Very interesting to say the least.

      • JK

        Recall Mr. Yon’s observations on the Pashtun trait of swarming?


        It may be that it goes real bad real quick.

        Initiative (though I, personally, don’t like the odds – and reckon there’s a good chance of Custer) I woefully conclude is probably the best course.

        There’s a heckuva lot of ‘left-behinds’ who will almost certainly be doing starring roles in future productions.

      • JK, this is a total nightmare unfolding and we haven’t even reached the worst parts yet, I fear. The Biden team by the way, just like all the Dems and their spin war rely on swarming the media “battlefield” with their spin attacks. Sadly, I expect some more catastrophic scenes in Afghanistan and beyond.

        The CENTCOM commander is a disgrace, casually talking about how the Taliban providing security and even after this bombing – he’s still comfortable trusting the Taliban providing security. Then I read the head on security in Kabul is a big Haqqani terrorist and I am feeling like I’m in some strange new world. It was bad enough with the Biden hacks talking about the Taliban like trusted partners, but now the CENTCOM commander.

        A few days ago while the media was splashing all these feel-good photos of Marines helping children and people handing kids to Marines and lifting these kids over the wire, I was horrified. I was thinking what in the F-word are they doing – you’re in an environment with plenty of terrorists who do not hesitate to sacrifice women and children for their cause.:

        Watching some of the videos, I know it speaks to our humanitarian spirit, but taking kids in over the wire is dangerous, especially as the days go by and the Taliban/Terrorists get more organized. We’re dealing with people who don’t hesitate to sacrifice children to their cause.
        Quote Tweet
        Marc Thiessen
        · Aug 21
        Unbelievable twitter.com/hotairblog/sta…
        2:03 PM · Aug 21, 2021·Twitter Web App

        I felt like we forgot everything we learned about Islamist terrorism in the past 40 years.

        Anyways, I’ve felt very distressed today watching the news. I expect some grand finale attack on our troops on the final pull-out, to humiliate America even more. And all the while Team Biden is more concerned with coming up with “clever words” to swarm in the media to try to manipulate public opinion.

        Talked to my sister, who served in Afghanistan tonight – she’s as appalled as I am at this disgraceful administration.

  25. JK

    Landing you first on this particular blog mainly because its the “best” distillation I’ve run across (and good comments which on the + side, very few. But still LB do read the longer piece and then …



    • JK, All along, I’ve wondered what the mission is in the “war on terror” writ large and in Afghanistan and I don’t think we ever articulated clearly how we define victory. We’ve poured trillions of dollars into a wide array of nation-building activities, established and propped up a very corrupt government with little legitimacy among the local populace. We’ve trained and armed foreign security force. We launched an expensive “war on drugs” in Afghanistan. We eventually progressed to training and arming terrorists too, claiming we were training Syrian “moderates.” Plenty of people on both sides of the aisle in Washington bought into all of this – all while our own military was being ground down over 20 years.

      All the points, except one. in that link ring true:

      “The leadership’s unshakable attachment to the viability of the Afghan government and the success of nation-building wasn’t based on evidence. It was a belief based on a political and institutional need that it be true. It was necessary to maintain the illusion that the U.S. was there to modernize and globally integrate Afghanistan at the political level. Institutionally, it was needed to justify the losses (thousands of U.S. lives) and vast expense (trillions of dollars) already consumed by the venture and protect the careers of those involved with it. As a result of these imperatives, dissenting voices were ground into dust by the national security bureaucracy and by political factions committed to the social-reform effort there.”

      Almost all of the pols, think tank bigwigs, military contractors, and especially top people at the Pentagon didn’t “believe what they were saying was true” – they all knew they were lying, but their careers and being included in the club of important DC insiders required selling the lies. Most of them made a lot of money off the “war on terror.” They banked on taxpaying rubes across America never being smart enough to figure out they were being lied to was the calculation, I believe.

      And now legacies and reputations depend on finger-pointing and propping up more lies, but rest assured none of the in-crowd in DC is going to lose any sleep, miss a single party or take a second away from fundraising, just because America’s reputation and standing in the world took a body blow or 13 young Americans died in a terror attack, where their outer perimeter security was entrusted to the Taliban and it failed miserably, as a suicide bomber got through. No serious investigations will ensue, because too many corrupt important Dems, Republicans and Pentagon top brass would be exposed.

      It will be just more “time to move on.”

  26. JK

    “It will be just more “time to move on.”

    Fortunately Powerline’s got some poor guy saving all Powerline’s staff – and by extension, you ‘n me from having to do what none of us want to do:


    (I do have to wonder if they’re paying the poor reader guy – I know I’d demand the big bucks!)

  27. JK

    I don’t know why I failed to check whether LB you’d had a recent post up following the Kabul Skedaddle but I’ve only just finished reading it.

    I suppose my own Media Skedaddle (with heapin’ helpin’s of where I live) has, after a fashion, placed me in a quite sheltered place. – Well those two things especially but I’m coming to a keener appreciation of how my total abstaining from the Tweater Phenomena has somehow combined keeping me in a calmer situation than yourself.

    Yes I’m aware of all the BLM/Antifa/Wokesterism but seeing as how now rather than my getting my *information from big media now rather, it’s mainly coming from sources such as, for example, Bret and Heather. So unlike what I know I’d be getting from the usual suspects on *their side (CNN, MSNBC etc) meaning – they don’t even bother doing the theater “mostly peaceful protests etc” but rather they acknowledge the stuff is real, that it really is and does happen however what they do not do is sensationalize to worst aspects as I know those other on *the other side (FOX, OANN) are surely doing.

    (Might want to place your chin into the palm of at least one of your hands now LB – I don’t want to be getting no medical bills for your jaw hitting the floor) Yes Biden botched big-time the pull out (but I seem to recall mentioning in the not so far past – likely on this very thread … lemme see …

    Okay I see. The Abbey Gate bombing was on the 27th while I mentioned on the 23rd ‘martyr units’ which I reckon is horseshoes and hand grenades close enough.)

    Dunkirks are always messy – and no not especially a good parallel but – in the long sweep of History the “how” the surrender was handled will not (at least until after this next election) be remembered so much as the “why” it had to happen. From the moment GW morphed the *GWOT into a TV Age [dare I say Reality Show?) Democracy Project it was inevitable the institutions of our Republic were destined to come under the knife of the world’s collective cosmetic surgeons. (And given what no less a personage such as Robert Gates so relatively long ago had to say on the abilities of Biden …) This particular Bighorn – [yes I entered Custer’s name into the mix on purpose due to a *feeling] was almost certainly gonna end peculiarly badly.

    Switching gears.

    With some very minor exceptions – and this individual I have in mind is definitely social media connected – remarkably few of my either declared D or R friendships [bear in mind always my being Independent in all things] have been noticeably adversely affected. (Of course being as much of southern Missouri and northern Arkansas [Ozarks!] is both and at the same time, pro-life ‘n pro-guns much of what the Media-Land Poobahs put out as holy scripture goes in one of our collective ears and straight out the other.

    My point being I’m not noticing much of any distinctive grouping being much bent out of shape to the degree there’s much worrying going on about Civil War II suddenly erupting into open hostilities.

    Maybe I need to get out more?

    Nah, I think if I can’t get what I need within five hours travel in any direction I’ll just do without. Sorry Miss Reid. Apologies Tucker.

    • I hear ya, JK. The Twitter bubble does get way overheated, that’s for sure, but the “loudly taking to the streets,” type of political action did move from being a left-wing thing to being a Trumpian thing, as did the “take no prisoners” brand of spin war. And extreme politics definitely got a huge boost from more and more Americans getting their news online and being on social media, with all of the popular platforms thriving by encouraging people to “react” more than have any sort of meaningful dialogue.

      Regards Afghanistan, long ago I posted a video of General Odom speaking in 2007 about Iraq. Getting out of Iraq or Afghanistan was always going to be painful, but I think the Biden execution was way worse than it had to be due to a total lack of planning and preparation.

      And the Biden foreign policy team demonstrated such incompetence at even the most basic diplomatic tasks, that I’m highly skeptical they’re going to craft some new foreign policy strategy, but will instead mostly keep reacting as events outpace their ability to adapt.

      Interesting bit of news on daytime talk – Condoleeza Rice is reported to be replacing Meghan McCain on The View and all I could think is she wants to defend the Bush foreign policy legacy.

      One last bit about the generals who became household names during the War on Terror – in my blog post I mentioned people getting rich off of this, including generals. Here’s a tweet thread from this morning: https://twitter.com/isaacstanbecker/status/1434140352227729420

      • JK

        It’s been said ‘Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely’ My corollary “Yes but Washington DC & Beltway power is absoluteliest corruptier.”

        Oh I can’t wait for Condi and Whoopi to start mud rasslin’ – on second thought, yes I can wait.

  28. JK

    Above I rhetorically ask, ‘Dare I say a Reality Show War’?

    Yes. I dare – and I’m not the only one apparently:


    (I’ll return soon as I refresh on Odom and familiarize on the thread.)

    • JK

      Oh dear Lord it was worse than I thought – naively I thought that $700B figure in the Spectator article had to be waaay overblown. So, me being me, I went into search mode – though my opinion as to whether I’ve found any gold … Oh heck, only brass. Here’s a podcast for you LB:

      And here’s where the Speccie author got his figures:

      Click to access SIGAR-21-18-LL.pdf

  29. JK

    Rather surprising this LB.

    If wholly true reminds me of somebody I see every day (in the mirror).

  30. Array

    Long time no see (type) LB.
    Lots has been going on. A month or so ago my youngest sister’s eldest (living out in Arizona with her then – boyfriend) gets pregnant and then it’s “Oh dear Lord we [she and he – Not Sharon and I. Nosiree Bob. No more marrying in my cards!] Anyway my niece she’s in her very immediate near future – marriage!
    One problem. “Our side” stretches from my side of the Mississippi to Australia. “Their side” from your edge of the Mississippi to Philadelphia – Yes indeedy do – Pennsylvania and onto points south.
    And there’s Covid considerations. So “Where is the logical place [all] we can get together to do this shindig?”
    My niece – Mom’s youngest daughter’s eldest daughter *just happens* to call Mom and a snowball starts rolling. Unstoppably rolling. (And; surprise surprise – I get caught up in it because … “connections”) And it just so happens: Arkansas being a ‘Red State’ with extremely few government imposed restrictions Voila’ … “The perfect place to hold a wedding!”
    (Not to think I’m suggesting LB, that you doubt for a microsecond Mom wasn’t fullout all in on participating in such a production – and neveryoumind believing for the other microsecond that Sharon [whatever her reasons] was unenthusiastic about helping “organize the fleet” to pull off such an operation either – a sneak attack if you will.)
    But *we pulled it off so there is that. Groom’s Dad and Dad’s brother as well as … “Uncle” are all either active or retired PA cops – Dad a retired state cop presently teaching ‘middle school’ (as I understood – someplace near your kin’s origins/proximity but as my computer was on the fritz I couldn’t get on this thread to see precisely – “I think” I said something close to ‘Mauch Bend’ .. ‘Mauch Creek’ anyway – somesuch. The Dad saying ‘Western PA you say, hillbilly country? Yeah I think I have a pretty good idea where your friend is from.’ The “actual Uncle” a Philly detective and the other *uncle a PA parole officer.
    They (the cops) were utmostly *impressed* when they all initially first got here LOL! as their “concierge” [me] had head hair and face hair [beard – oh yeah I should probably add LB, a “very unruly” beard] hanging to just about a 12 ounce beer can’s half-full level above his [my] belt-loops [although at the time I was actually wearing suspenders] and he [I] was quite obviously armed – and in the city limits]!
    (They had much to learn LB but I’ll give Pennsylvanians this much – they’re [and I shoulda known it from knowing you] quick learners. *Dad is thinking, ‘if he can pull it off somehow’ [he’s got one retirement but must scheme] While the *Uncles are actively thinking they know where they’re gonna retire to – *admitting to “some uneasiness” being in surroundings where even the more delicate and well-spoken females are, verymost likely, armed.
    Still, and just speaking for myself, I think (and this is no denigration onto LB, the other sex) the males can easily adjust but the wives may have a harder time.
    Then again – After ‘the wives’ seeing (and getting amazingly relaxed – moreso than even some of the [my] locals) what I’ve got *laying around* maybe they’ll be quicker studies too rather than I imagine they might be.
    I think I’m soon to find out. Hope so. I sorta like these Pennsylvanians.
    Maybe I’ve grown overly judgemental in my now joining the senior citizens cadre forgetting that “Now just because they live near cities now doesn’t mean they always did.” … I wish no I’d had more time to converse “Pennsylvania” … or perhaps I’d just forgot LB you’ve mentioned your upbringings ‘somewhat like’ Appalachia.
    We’ll discuss this further I imagine.
    Onwards. Don’t know “upwards.”
    This was in my email today – I found it oh, “intriguing” I suppose. At any rate it redoubles my always and deeply held belief that “Trump is not the ‘friend of the common man’ he would have us believe.”
    I know LB, if anyone is good at timelines – that would be yourself. I incidentally checked the Federal Register already; the date given at the end of the EO is accurate. And, if that “someone guessed” video clip underlined ’19 September 2019′ can be proved out I’d be tempted to conclude ‘that’s near biblically prophetic.’
    I hope you’re well LB. Sorry for not checking in with you as I reckon Friends might. We’re fine here – but I am glad the tempest has subsided.

    • JK

      “I wish no I’d had more time to converse “Pennsylvania”

      Should read – ‘I wish NOW I’d had more time to converse PA”

      Sorry ’bout that – I had alot to convey.

  31. JK, Glad all is well in your neck of the woods. Not sure what happened with your first comment. It showed up being from JK, then it went to the spam folder and was from Array. I rescued it from the spam folder. I get email notifications of comments to my blog and the email had both comments from JK, so it will remain a mystery to me.

    I did read the piece you linked, but my understanding of economics, beyond the most rudimentary, is sadly lacking. I did click on the link and watched that video too – have no idea who that lady is in the video, but her predictions in 2019 were quite interesting, to say the least. The alarming Covid-related power grabs and abuse of power here and in the supposed free world still make me uneasy (especially the craziness in Australia), but the strange CDC fixation on a vaccine-only approach, while actively discouraging drug treatments/waging media campaigns against drug therapies and efforts to silence/discredit any doctors or experts who dare question the federal health dictates has been surreal.

    Our information overseers among the liberal elites in government, media and big tech now have corporate America on board with enforcing the left’s culture war offensives, JK, and the attacks on personal liberty are multiplying rapidly. The spin information war being waged against the American people by the liberal elites is countered only by a noxious, populist-driven, Trumpian counter spin info war, that’s as corrupt, dishonest and willing to trample the US Constitution, as needed as the left’s spin war efforts. The folks clinging to the Trump crowd to save America seem willing to short-circuit the rules, as they deem fit, just like the liberal elites. I’m disgusted by all of them. Trump had a rally in GA yesterday – still stuck on his stolen election blather and he’s determined to create endless turmoil in the GA GOP to exact personal revenge against them – even saying Stacey Abrams would be a better governor than Trump at that rally. All this binary lesser of two evils stuff, when comparing Trump and Hillary or Trump and Biden is getting old – evil is evil and America’s got to have better choices than these geriatric goons, trying to talk tough.

    • JK

      Far as the comment going ‘poof’ I was just figuring (as sometimes when I’ve included either persons stuff or possibly personally indentifiable stuff) you’d took if off – which, don’t get me wrong, I actually appreciate when I’ve done somesuch. No worries though, you got it back up.

      “I’m disgusted by all of them.”

      Ya know LB, I’ve always – perhaps wrongfully in the far past media-world – had that same sentiment. But lately I’m coming around to actually *appreciating the honesty (genuiness?) of the man Tucker seems like – I suppose it having to do with his finally getting out of DC and removing himself to deep woods Maine (I can definitely understand how a bunch of “mostly peaceful protestors” showing up at your house while you’re a work and terrorizing your wife and children could be a pretty good motivation to get outta Dodge!).

      Oh hold on, one other now that I think about it – Paul Harvey. And, for the most part Matt Taibbi (though he seems more inclined to the liberal side [Note I do not use “Lefty” Brett & Heather – not actual journos admittedly – have re-opened my mind to the notion *we need [real] liberals to keep us conservatives honest] Anyway I *like Matt Tiabbi too.

      Latest Tucker example for me I think ‘stitched the deal’ for me:

      Have a good week LB, I’ve got alot of stuff I’ve been putting off that needs doing – winter will be here before we know it!

  32. JK

    Oh. One other thing. Now at the start you might get the wrong impression about why I put this here – begin reading below this bit:

    “But I didn’t mean to talk about that Grouchy. I’m the one who is grouchy.”


  33. JK

    Jesus Chris! *Somethings going on LB. THIS was up on the DoJ site and I bookmarked at the time but it’s no longer there. Some weird stuff going on:


    I trust very very few.

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