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Our constant hysterical political climate disgusts me.  Trump’s constant braggadocio, petty attacks and rambling , fact-free word salads disgust me.  The Democrats and media hysterical spin about Trump disgusts me.  As far as political commentary or analysis goes, the various smart takes in 2016 remain the same in 2019, as our American political hamster wheel spins round and round.

For the most part lately, I’ve gotten off the daily habit of tracking the partisan spin throughout the day.  Perhaps if something interesting or new happens, I’ll write about it, but fair warning, the rest of this post will be another detour about my efforts to make peace between our consumerist culture and the myriad counter-cultural efforts to combat our wasteful American lifestyle.

Last night I watched a short CNN video on Twitter about a fashion designer, zero waste daniel, who started a clothing design business using only scrap fabric waste.  His approach of sewing together small scraps of fabric to create larger pieces of fabric, from which to construct his clothing designs, while being a trendy environmental-mindful concept, does highlight our society’s love affair with consumer goods, where most of us acquire way more than we consume and live totally unconcerned about our wastefulness.

There’s a common mindset among more conservative Americans and the political right to dismiss everything coming from the liberal environmentalist echo chamber, but perhaps we should all try to be a little more open to listening and considering the merits of ideas, before making snap partisan political judgments.

Many aspects of our environmentally conscious activism do stem from the political left, then take hold in American businesses, who react to the political activism.  Many businesses respond to and embrace the latest politicized framing of appropriate environmentally conscious policies.  This type of political pressure infuriates many on the right.

On the merits, though, pushing all of the politics aside, being less wasteful, using less disposable packaging and taking a more mindful approach to our consumer habits seem like very traditional, conservative American thrifty values, that would even have appealed to Benjamin Franklin and most of our American founders.  The less wasteful approaches definitely were ingrained habits to my parents and grandparents.

Moving to a crafting/needlework blog post, explains why I haven’t been blogging much lately…  I have been stitching away… using all stuff that’s been sitting here for many years.

I struggle with my consumerist mindset and am working to rethink my relationship with purchasing many items, that clutter up my home,  and often have never been used.  However, moving to a zero waste lifestyle takes way more commitment and effort than I will expend, so it’s small steps in my life.

For decades, I purchased loads of craft and needlework supplies, without much concern or thought about the possibility of having too much stuff.  Yet, the thought of parting with my craft and needlework stuff just isn’t happening yet, but I now strive not to buy more, unless it’s some basic supply that I really need.

A few years ago, I began an effort to make projects using only stuff I already have and that’s what that hummingbird cross-stitch picture above is.  I bought a bunch of small Spring-themed counted cross-stitch kits  (and some not so small ones too) on clearance at Walmart, over the many years that I worked there.  I stitched a couple of these a few years ago and posted a photo, but never fear, I have more to go:

I have a hard time seeing to stitch on 18-count, so I used 14 Aida cloth from my supplies for the  hummingbird and a bunny kit last weekend.  I bought two of the bunny kits, for no logical reason…:

I did finish that Diane Graebner Amish design (out of the hoop and needs pressing):

Learning more about finishing my needlework into some useful or decorative item leads me to read a lot of cross-stitch blogs and browse Pinterest frequently.  That habit leads me to want… more new cross stitch stuff, especially the nicer linens and evenweave fabrics and threads.  It takes a constant effort to remind myself that, while stitching on plain old Aida cloth isn’t as nice as stitching on expensive fabrics, these kits and Aida projects still look nice, I think.

Yesterday afternoon, I was torturing myself looking at the blog of a very talented cross stitch designer, Brenda Gervais.  All of her patterns scream, “I want to stitch that!”.  Gervais wrote a short background story to her 2017 series, Summer Schoolhouse ~ Lessons in Abecedarian.  She relates how she found a small children’s book while hunting for antiques, but it wasn’t just any old book.  It was a copy of the oldest children’s book in the Library of Congress and it’s considered to be the oldest children’s book in print.   This book contains the first documented use of the word, baseball.  In the process of browsing cross stitch blogs, I learned a new word: abecedarian and a bit of historical trivia too.

To fill my fix for something new, there are lots of free patterns online.  I stitched this free St.Patrick’s Day cats piece, by Lynn B., twice.  I am going to make them into little decorative pillows or perhaps frame them, but one is for a family member and then I liked these black cats so much, I stitched one for me too:

Yesterday, was another free pattern start, Russian Dolls, this one from DMC:

Plus, I have a bigger cross stitch project of a Liberty Bell, that’s in progress, but that one deserves a fancier Belfast white linen, not plain old Aida cloth.  Just started this, so it’s only the top of Independence Hall and some of the lettering:

Of course, still working on plastic canvas too:

Not sure what I’ll do with this house picture, but it’s a design that I like, so I stitched it…

It’s very hard for me to concentrate on writing lately, but I’ll try to get back to politics soon.


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  1. JK

    You have a recall LB, of “the basics” of what I’d included in my letter to, primarily, Senator Cotton as he sits on the Senate’s Intel Committee? (Although I did actually, cc on the other two who actually represent the district I reside in – Senator Cotton serving the areas west of me.)

    This morning I see David French of NRO yesterday posted along the same lines of my concerns – fleshing those concerns more thoroughly. Its been my experience my communications via any means other than conversation are best brief. However I thought you maybe were curious about the ‘whys’ of how what happened later in the day mattered:


    Fine for this to remain.

  2. Thanks, JK. I just read the French piece. Don’t know if you ever watched Monty Python back in the day, but our American spin war replays like the famous witch scene and the moronic partisans, without a moment’s thought, begin ranting, “she’s a witch” or “he’s a witch”, while Hillary and Trump shriek, “This is just another witch hunt!” That “village idiot” mob mentality feeds Hillary and Trump and it fuels their spin war.

    Too many people, who should know better have allowed themselves to get sucked up into the mob spin attacks, especially many in the media – both mainstream and FOX.

    This Don Jr. meeting with the Russian lawyer begs for more information about how this meeting all came about and answers to whether it was a Dem set-up.

    Catherine Herridge at FOX is a serious reporter and I take what she reports seriously. This report still bothers me: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/fusion-gps-official-met-with-russian-operative-before-and-after-trump-jr-sit-down

    Here’s another one about the Lynch DOJ protecting the Clinton Foundation emails from FBI scrutiny: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/doj-reached-agreement-with-clinton-lawyers-to-block-fbi-access-to-clinton-foundation-emails-strzok-says

    So, Lynch blocked the FBI from access to the Clinton Foundation emails on Bill Clinton’s private foundation email server, even though in October of 2016, it was reported that the FBI investigation of the Clinton Foundation had been going on for over a year and the real intent of Hillary running the State Dept through the private Clinton Foundation server in their home was obvious.

    I mentioned Andrew McCarthy is always light years ahead of me in connecting the dots. He wrote about this back in 2016:

    “The Wall Street Journal’s report that, for over a year, the FBI has been investigating the Clinton Foundation for potential financial crimes and influence peddling is, as Rich Lowry said Monday, a blockbuster. As I argued over the weekend, the manner in which the State Department was put in the service of the Foundation during Hillary Clinton’s tenure as secretary is shocking. It is suggestive of a pattern of pay-to-play bribery, the monetizing of political influence, fraud, and obstruction of justice that the Justice Department should be investigating as a possible RICO conspiracy under the federal anti-racketeering laws.”


    The really shocking part is how the Clinton combo of influence-peddling, strong-arm political pressure, rampant corruption and their relentless SPIN war blows past and buries their scandals. The mainstream media dropped the Clinton Foundation stories in 2016 and instantly jumped on the Clinton scorched earth spin effort – Trump-Russia collusion and loyally ran that for 2 and half years now.

    Strzok told Congress about the DOJ blocking them from access to Clinton Foundation emails on that server:


    I’ve believed the Clintons are above the law since 1998. They’ve got their own network of political/intel operatives around the world, they’ve got Dems in DC who owe them, they’ve got retired generals who will do their bidding.

    With these current investigations, I suspect some top FBI peeps might be indicted and take the fall for the Obama DOJ corruption running Clinton cover-up operations in 2016, but I suspect Lynch and the Obama inner-circle will walk away unscathed.

  3. Rambled too much in that comment, sorry.

    • JK

      “Too much”?

      I’d rather hoped you might – think LB, I didn’t consider the specific post on which to open another sort of discussion? If either of us owes the other any bit of a ‘sorry’ it’d be me. Unnecessary though I think.

      Probably right about if there are any judicially conferred penalties the peeps being the more likely. Though since they’re all essentially ‘gone’ by this point any ‘sentence’ will be largely cosmetics. “Reverse lipstick on the pig” if you will. Now as to the latter group there is the, probably minuscule, chance of a disbarment or two but since the main character’s somehow managed to get her license back, that likelihood is, I’d agree, past the minuscule and closer to the nil.

  4. JK


    That word again. Sorry

  5. Well, JK, Steele is an integral part of the Clinton campaign’s “Bury Trump” scorched earth smear effort. I always refer back to this Howard Blum piece on Vanity Fair, “How Ex-syp Christopher Steele Compiled His Explosive Trump-Russia Dossier,” in April 2017, because this Blum article was intended to set out the Dem’s Trump-Russia spin narrative. Blum’s main source for this story, appears to be David Corn, who is a long-time Clinton hack, but whom Blum describes:

    “In early October, on a trip to New York, Steele sat down with David Corn, the 58-year-old Washington-bureau chief of Mother Jones. It was a prudent choice. Corn, who had measured out a career breaking big stories and who had won a George Polk Award in the process, could be imperious, a ruthless man in a ruthless profession, but he was also a man of his word.”

    No mention that Corn is also a long-time Clinton ally and Dem spinmeister.

    Blum goes through several paragraphs describing the “Russian sources” of the Steele dossier:

    “How good were these sources? Consider what Steele would write in the memos he filed with Simpson: Source A—to use the careful nomenclature of his dossier—was “a senior Russian Foreign Ministry figure.” Source B was “a former top level intelligence officer still active in the Kremlin.” And both of these insiders, after “speaking to a trusted compatriot,” would claim that the Kremlin had spent years getting its hooks into Donald Trump.

    Source E was “an ethnic Russian” and “close associate of Republican US presidential candidate Donald Trump.”

    This individual proved to be a treasure trove of information. “Speaking in confidence to a compatriot,” the talkative Source E “admitted there was a well-developed conspiracy of cooperation between them [the Trump campaign] and the Russian leadership.” Then this: “The Russian regime had been behind the recent leak of embarrassing e-mail messages, emanating from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to the WikiLeaks platform.” And finally: “In return the Trump team had agreed to sideline Russian intervention in Ukraine as a campaign issue and to raise US/NATO defense commitments in the Baltic and Eastern Europe to deflect attention away from Ukraine.”

    Then there was Source D, “a close associate of Trump who had organized and managed his recent trips to Moscow,” and Source F, “a female staffer” at the Moscow Ritz-Carlton hotel, who was co-opted into the network by an Orbis “ethnic Russian operative” working hand in hand with the loquacious Trump insider, Source E.

    These two sources told quite a lurid story, the now infamous “golden showers” allegation, which, according to the dossier, was corroborated by others in his alphabet list of assets. It was an evening’s entertainment, Steele, the old Russian hand, must have suspected, that had to have been produced by the ever helpful F.S.B. And since it was typical of Moscow Center’s handwriting to have the suite wired up for sound and video (the hotel’s Web site, with unintentional irony, boasts of its “cutting edge technological amenities”), Steele apparently began to suspect that locked in a Kremlin safe was a hell of a video, as well as photographs.”


    This Vanity Fair story fed by David Corn to Howard Blum is a roadmap to the Clinton/Dem scorched earth Trump-Russian smear campaign. This Blum article has a photo of Oleg Erovinkin, former FSB general and floats him as a possible Steele source. This entire Blum piece smells like a Blumenthal spin effort to me, in fact, the entire Steele dossier smells like a Blumenthal spin effort.

    Glenn Simpson’s wife is a Clinton ally and I wonder if Simpson had contact or guidance with Blumenthal throughout this entire Steele dossier saga. Simpson was working with Perkins Coie, who seems to have stage-managed a lot of the Trump-Russia operation and the efforts to bury the two FBI investigations of the Clintons in 2016. I also wonder if (and how much) coordination there was between Kendall’s efforts and Perkins Coie/Blumenthal efforts. Also, the contacts between Kendall’s team and top Obama officials to bury those investigations.

    It’s all one large circle of organized criminal activity, operating by corrupting top levels of the US government, imo.

    I learned about the Clinton level public corruption and any-means-necessary melding of using government assets as their own personal tool to raking in money, silencing opponents and most of all seizing power in ’98. False information was fed to a retired general.

    Nothing has changed.

    C’mon, the Clintons merged the US State Dept. business onto their private Clinton Foundation server and even now the mainstream media continues to spin it as a mean Republican witch hunt against “poor Hillary”. They moved up from renting out the Lincoln bedroom in the WH to merging the US State Dept with their Clinton Foundation business in their home in Chappaqua… Amazing!

    To bolster the Steele dossier, when Nunes, Jim Jordan and other Republicans began asking a lot of questions, the Dem (with their media friends) waged a smear campaign against them – especially Nunes and Jordan, who refused to buy into the Dem spin about the Steele dossier. The Clinton spin effort even included running a second dossier, the Shearer dossier, into the Obama State Dept. via Jonathan Winer. Supposedly Winer passed the Shearer dossier on to Steele, even though I suspect that Shearer dossier was specifically written to echo the Steele dossier and to be fed into the Obama administration as intel “bolstering the Steele dossier”. The media was running wild with Clinton scorched earth spin stories about Trump-Russia and top intel and FBI peeps were following the Trump-Russia news closely.


    Trying to get down a timeline for when Steele was hired by Fusion GPS is confusing. Wikipedia lists a lot of news reports with contradictory information:

    “”Orbis was hired between June and November 2016, and Steele produced 16 memos during that time, with a 17th memo added in December.[36] The memos were like “prepublication notes” based on reports from Steele’s sources, and were not released as a fully vetted and “finished news article”.[37″


    “Steele delivered his reports individually to Fusion GPS as one- to three-page memos.[2] The first memo, dated June 20, 2016, was sent to Washington by courier and hand-delivered to Fusion GPS. The names of the sources were redacted, “providing instead descriptions of them that enabled Fusion to assess their basic credibility.”[10]”


    Kind of hard to imagine Steele could put together such a comprehensive operation, with high-level Russian sources, if at the earliest he was hired in June 2016 and produced his first dossier report in late June… This whole Trump-Russia effort, in my opinion, begins with top Clinton smear operatives, who molded Steele’s wild tales (likely Russian disinformation being fed to fuel what Putin calls America’s “political schizophrenia”, into this massive scorched earth spin war effort combined with corrupting top levels of US intel & the FBI.

    The Dem operatives were intent on selling top Obama intel and FBI on the Trump-Russia story first. : https://thehill.com/hilltv/rising/396307-Did-FBI-get-bamboozled-by-multiple-versions-of-Trump-dossier%3F

    Not sure where this all ends, but at the beginning, Trump-Russia has always smelled like another Blumenthal scorched earth spin effort.

    Whenever information comes out that debunks the Clinton/Dem massive Trump-Russia scorched earth spin effort, you can count on a massive Dem counter-spin attack in the mainstream media to discredit it and cry “wild Republican conspiracy theories” and attack Fox News, coupled with more hysterical opining about “Trump the Authoritarian”… The mainstream media jumps into action running their spin, without fail.

    With Mueller’s investigation, the Clinton machine had complete faith in it to be the vehicle to takedown Trump. They had so much confidence in that, because the Clinton machine melded the power of US government resources with an investigation deeply seeded with Clinton-allied lawyers… The Clinton machine will work tirelessly to discredit Barr and these other investigations, heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if those Clinton-allied lawyers on the Mueller team turn on Mueller and start trashing him.

    I expect the Clintons will always remain above the law.

  6. JK

    Hmmm. Glad I came back and landed on this one. I failed to notice your’s above LB.


    (Of course we can all agree both of the two who sought the office were terrible but what’s happened within and since has been terrible-er.)

    • Listening now JK. Trump is the Clintons-Lite, a guy who would abuse power on the drop of a dime… if he could get other people surrounding him to go along with it. So far, thankfully he hasn’t.

      The Clinton machine and Dems writ large have spent decades abusing power and consolidating the levers of government power to promote, not only their political power, but also their personal power.

      The Clintons peddle influence, hire their own pseudo intel peeps. and mix that up with official intel whenever they can. Anyways, what happened to me, was using military assets for personal political aims. I have watched the Clinton corruption develop and swell to include the entire Dem Party.

      I disagree with her assessment. I think what happened is Clinton lawyers working through Loretta’s Lynch’s DOJ orchestrated and DICTATED the terms of the email investigation to the FBI and Comey went along with that.

      When Clinton operatives got the Steele dossier – they fed it into the Lynch DOJ, to funnel it to the FBI. They worked to corrupt and squelch the two FBI Clinton criminal investigations and then the Clinton lawyers worked to fan the flames of the Steele dossier into both a massive spin smear campaign and ignite a FBI counter-intel investigation.

      This most definitely wasn’t a few rogue top FBI officials – this was the Clinton machine working with top Obama officials, especially the Lynch DOJ. The Clintons were driving this train, from start to finish.

      The Clinton sleaze lawyers, along with the Lynch DOJ (probably Obama) were involved every step of the way too) and they corrupted the FBI and used the FBI & US intel assets against Trump and his campaign.

      This was not just a few corrupt FBI peeps – this was the top levels of the Obama administration, who manipulated and fed false information to the FBI. They corrupted the FBI.

      Comey is easy to hate, plenty of Dems and Repubs hate him already, so he will be the fall-guy.

      • Btw, JK, even the trails in Europe and the Australian diplomat lead back to the Clintons. All trails go, not to Comey and the top FBI peeps, they go to the Clintons and their “friends” around the world.

    • JK, I left a long comment at that site under “mhere”. If everyone settles for letting Comey & top FBI peeps take the fall, while the other top Obama peeps and the Clintons walks away unscathed, their vast public corruption will continue, imo.

      Since ’99, I’ve been pondering that it would take a massive RICO type investigation to even make a dent in the Clinton machine and so far, they remain above the law. I expect the same this time.

      • JK

        Okay LB, now I figured out what you meant by ‘that site’ – usually I don’t return to any of Peter’s posts after I’ve read ’em. Haven’t commented there by the way. At least officially. The blog’s author (Peter) and I share a mutual e-friend and when I’ve found something either interesting or useful I wanted further on I’ll just shoot an email to the friend. Maybe slower that way but as I’m aging I’m not particularly keen on expanding my contact list.

        Look’s like your comment was ‘well-received’ by the way.

      • Hey JK, I missed this letter in 2017. That twitter person, brennan’sorangejumpsuit tweeted it today: https://twitter.com/15poundstogo/status/1131610966960037889

      • JK

        Now’s the time LB this May is becoming kinda complicated. Really just this afternoon matter of fact. I’ll check in here but I won’t be able to keep up.

        Family I must.

      • Family always comes first, JK. Take care.

  7. JK

    Hate do do this LB (well, maybe maybe not) because I’m aware you’re just getting into audio books but, a book recommendation:

    And the book specifically:

    • JK, I bought the book, *sigh.

      • JK

        In “audio”? … Teasing. Oh and it isn’t as if it was me twisting LB, your arm outta socket to make you spend the moolah to buy Mr. Bukovsky’s book.

        I’ve just this morning studied what I noted yesterday I missed by not seeing your above comment[s]. Yeah I’ve always kept in mind the basics of what you note above in your’s of 5/18 – 9:27.

        You may remember me very recently (or maybe not given my habit of skipping around your threads to keep whatever we’re ‘backgrounding’ off your current leading post) Anyway me mentioning ‘the Halifax conference’ but more specifically the McCain/Steele connection by way of that guy (Kramer?) getting roped into having to travel to England to get the copy McCain then gave to Cardinal Comey in the Puzzle Palace office?

        Haven’t refreshed myself lately with the specifics of either the Vanity or the Mother J’s articles but if memory serves both related stuff spinning out of the goings-on arising outta that conference – At any rate that’s the placeholder I keep in my brain because, the way I figure it, the “prep time” for what was gonna be the opening shenanigans at Halifax most likely were laid down over in England and if that is the case that’s the foundational prepwork pointing to Brennan’s having had to been aware he was about to make Cardinal Comey’s life more complicated than the Cardinal could have ever contemplated in even, his wildest dreams.


        This stuff – I’m meaning “all this stuff” – illustrates the differences in our respective getting-at-the-gold-methodologies LB. You’re far better keeping specifics (specific dates, specific articles, specific authors, specific web sources) in mind than I am. Me? I’m more just the basics Joe Friday “Just the facts Ma’am” type of guy trying in my plodding way to arrange it all in such a way that nothing’s outta order when I lay down at night trying to get to sleep by telling myself the story about how the a,b,c’s have finally gotten to the x,y, zzzzz’s.

      • Well, JK, the truth remains, I’m not trained in intel ops or even investigative techniques, so I just wing it and filling in timelines helps me try to make sense of the spin theatrics and the organized public corruption that undergirds these scorched earth spin operations that the Dems operate.

        Your approach to finding those golden nuggets methodology assuredly has to be more organized and directed, due to years of professional experience, whereas, truly, I am just a total amateur.

        Trump’s is amateur-hour too, compared to these Clinton/Dem spin/smear campaigns. Sure, all the Mueller report Volume II smells so much like the Clintons sleaze, except way less sophisticated than Clinton’s having Betty Currie sign a letter with false statements, but it’s the same corruption.

        I’m also not a lawyer, so I can’t say what meets the legal threshold of “obstruction of justice”, but Trump’s telling people to lie to investigators (even if there’s no underlying crime) is still very corrupt, imo.

        So, anyways. Trump’s actions lack the sophistication of Clinton sleaze, with the difference being Trump’s sleazes, except for Michael Cohen, don’t seem willing to put their necks on the line for Trump, like the Clinton crowd does. In essence though, I view Trump’s actions as obstruction and corrupt, just like the Clintons’ efforts to thwart investigations.

        Whether Trump should be impeached, well, I don’t have an opinion, because big picture, in my mind, is impeachment would further divide America and undermine our political institutions even more. Although, with or without impeachment the Clinton/Dem corruption and the Trump corruption assure that 2020 will be just another crapfest, like 2016… and very damaging to our political institutions too.

        We are screwed either way.

        And being that Trump’s actions are so poorly thought out and impulsive, I think Mueller got all that’s there on the “Russian collusion” and obstructive behavior.

        On the other hand, unraveling and proving the Clinton and Dem maze of corruption would takes way more than my simplistic timelines – it would take a massive RICO investigation, which ain’t likely to happen.

  8. JK

    Whether “trained” or not LB matters not a whit. That actually is a dictionary word by the way. And really ‘investigatory training’ is well beyond over-rated. Sure there’s “coursework” but like the famous guy said, paraphrasing: “something about plans not surviving” and another “something about first contact” (I could look it up but why bother; I’m figuring you’ve got it filed away somewhere and can retrieve it faster than I can anyway).

    Besides, this is not any sort of situation where either of us is well-situated to be doing like the ‘in the glow of youth’ folks do – ie, infiltrate and ferret then, if so tasked, lay charges and run like hell. Rather instead we’re handicapped and its not like being handicapped in the sense we’ll enjoy having a parking spot reserved that we either of us can just scoot into confident that when we’ve emerged from whatever we were shopping for our .. in your case a car I suspect, in mine a pickup .. anyway neither of us can be assured our ‘investigative vehicle’ hasn’t been towed and impounded.

    By that I mean we’re dependent on the very sort of folks we’ve learned from hard experience we can’t, by and large, allow ourselves to trust much further than we could physically pick ’em up and toss ’em. In your case I wouldn’t care to guess but in mine I’d be hard pressed to pick any of ’em up in the first place.

    And “being selective” in who we decide “we can trust” really comes down to more or less the same sort of crap shoot. Because here again we find ourselves having to depend on however another famous guy put it (which in this case I think I remember exactly though not, exactly, who the famous guy was) “Garbage in garbage out.”

    And then we’ve got this “politics” situation we’re immersed in. Where who ‘the good guys’ nevermind who ‘the bad guys’ are depend alot on whatever frame of reference we “MAY INFER” either of the mouthpieces for either set either have “at their core” or, conversely, who’s signing their paychecks.

    (I say we’ve got a “sort of advantage” in that I believe in our cores we stand with the Constitution and that’s about it. Whether that core will prove out at the end of our Republic’s ‘investigation’ remains to be seen. I am not particularly hopeful.)

    But in spite of the direction this my comment’s taken – I remain an optimist.

    I pray my Grandchildren don’t curse me though.

  9. JK

    While sitting for my morning’s coffee LB (yeah it’s late for a morning but I had a late night) Anyway I took a look at David Duff’s because there was some sorta ‘Brexit-related electioneering’ going on yesterday. So today apparently Teresa say’s “I’m outta here!”


    Yeah LB this comment seems to be taking a circuitous turn so I guess I best get to it – Lately it seems “others may have meddled in our affairs” and I’ve sought for an understanding of just how/why all this might of started.


    • Honestly JK, I don’t claim to have any deep understanding of the British political or intelligence workings or the who’s who in the larger sphere of private intelligence organizations there.

      There does seem to have been more than just a random effort by lone wolf, has-been spy, Steele, to takedown Trump too in GB. The roping McCain into the effort at that Halifax Security Conference in late 2016 speaks to that.

      I have no background on this person’s blog, but here’s a fascinating timeline : https://themarketswork.com/2018/05/27/christopher-steele-timeline/

  10. JK

    Heck LB, it’s got to the point I don’t know who in the hell is who in our intel organizations.

    Thanks for the link though.

    Later – may be awhile.

  11. JK

    This Epstein fellow is a guy (I think) I rather like. Too he seems to be saying about Mueller’s testifying pretty close to what I think I said. Just looking at all the stuff available now there may be some others you might wish to click and listen to:

    (Had an “enjoyable day” with my Mom. ‘Enjoyable’ in the sense that it is Memorial Day weekend … but still enjoy really.)

    • Glad you had a nice visit with your Mom, JK.

      We’re in for another repeat of fallout with Trump again – like his Putin meeting in Helsinki and his Erdogan phone calls, tweeting the Syria withdrawal without even talking to our military leaders or allies. He tweeted some crazy crap kissing up to Chairman Kim and attacking Biden:

      Donald J. Trump

      Verified account

      Following Following @realDonaldTrump
      North Korea fired off some small weapons, which disturbed some of my people, and others, but not me. I have confidence that Chairman Kim will keep his promise to me, & also smiled when he called Swampman Joe Biden a low IQ individual, & worse. Perhaps that’s sending me a signal?

      9:32 PM – 25 May 2019

      Partisan politics aside, he’s a complete fool and falls for hostile psych ops directed at him every time. What a moron! It is disgraceful to be attacking Biden and praising Kim in the same tweet. But the ol’ you-know-what is going to hit the fan again.

      • JK

        Well with this latest installment of ‘the Trump Tantrum’ I’m frankly of the opinion we ought probably ‘offer up thanks to Nancy too’ [Pelosi for the ill-advised “cover-up” whatever remark she reportedly (uttered/tweeted?) used].

        Jeebers when – if ever – will these people learn that all it takes for us “normals” to have to endure yet another of these things is to incite the fellow?!!! … I’m reminded of something I heard in seventh grade (history/science/geography?) the old saw -probably apocryphal – “if a tree falls in the forest and nobody’s around to hear it does it make a sound?” Yet another version from my 60s era growing up, “What if they gave a war and nobody came?”

        I’d be tempted to lay good money down on the proposition that, if the media simply ignored for a whole mere week the guy’s tweets we could all get back to enjoying a little peace and quiet now and then. Then again, to my eternal sorrow I’ve become accustomed and resigned to a takeoff of the other old media saw “If it bleeds it leads” which, these days goes something like this, “Outrage is the coin of the punditry realm.”


        Okay now – this my morning’s three cups of coffee just before the final forty laps of today’s Indianapolis 500’s having got through my system I’ll climb down off my soapbox. (Picture me breathing into a paper bag.)


        Okay. Now where was I?

        Oh yeah.

        I have to cut this short my Girlfriend just let the dog in.

        With your, as I’ve acknowledged, superiority with the ‘detail stuff’ over mine might you take a look at this and maybe offer your critique?


        ‘Others’ of my e-pal Mark’s entries here:


        Its the first link I’m primarily concerned with LB, anything you’da added changed had you made such a list?

        I’ll get back here asap right now I gotta mess with my dog.

  12. Let me try responding again JK,. Very strange, I had typed up a reply and my computer went into a massive freeze – not sure what the heck that was all about but here goes in regards to that first link

    I am thinking and looking at old blog posts and news links.,

    In regards to your “Brit Connection” ponderings here are two old news links:



    In that first link you posted here a fascinating entry:

    May 16
    Rosenstein brings Robert Mueller to the White House to meet with Trump as potential FBI Director. However, by statute the FBI Director is eligible to serve only one term, for a maximum of ten years. At the end of Mueller’s earlier ten-year tenure as FBI Director it was extended for two years by a special Congressional Act and new legislation would be required if he was to be reappointed. Trump, Rosenstein, and Mueller converse in the Oval Office. It is not known whether the legal impediment to Mueller’s appointment is raised. McCabe has recently published a book in which he writes that Robert Mueller temporarily left his cell phone behind after meeting with President Trump in the Oval Office and that the phone “later had to be retrieved.””

    I am not accusing here JK, just asking? What if Mueller was talked in to meeting Trump by Comey, who is Mueller’s golden boy? What if that left cell phone was for “surveillance” , since the FBI does not “spy”…

    At the same time there were reports of discussions about Rosenstein wearing a wire:


    The very next day after Mueller met with Trump, Rosenstein appointed Mueller to be the special counsel.

    It’s easy to see that constant media spin hysteria, all the former Obama officials deliberate scorched earth spin and efforts to seed “Trump/Russia” into top official channels in the Obama administration created an atmosphere that we had a Russian agent in the Oval Office. Heck, I’ve believed a lot of stuff that isn’t true – even a tweet today that played off of Trump’s awful tweet yesterday. It was “fake news” and I fell for it.

    There was a lot of odd crap with FBI and devices, like conveniently Strozk’s phone had problems too: https://www.foxnews.com/politics/justice-department-ig-blames-fbi-wide-software-failure-for-missing-strzok-page-messages-says-phones-were-wiped

    Rosenstein later played off that wire comment as a joke.

    Mueller allowed his Special Counsel to be filled up with Dem lawyers, even that one, who represented the Clinton Foundation, due to the belief that Trump really was a Russian agent.

    In retrospect, these deliberate Dem scorched earth spin attacks are easy to spot and the mainstream media has burned their credibility to the ground running them, but in 2017 – many serious people still had a great deal of trust in the big media reporting. There was also a massive “Trump the authoritarian” spin tsunami.

    There was this media firestorm about this news too, that is in that May 10th entry in that link you provided:

    May 10
    Trump meets with Russian Ambassador and Foreign Minister:
    I just fired the head of the FBI. He was crazy, a real nut job. I faced great pressure because of Russia. That’s taken off . . . I’m not under investigation”. The President never denied making those statements, and the White House did not dispute the account, instead issuing a statement that said: “By grandstanding and politicizing the investigation into Russia’s actions, James Comey created unnecessary pressure on our ability to engage and negotiate with Russia. The investigation would have always continued, and obviously, the termination of Comey would not have ended it.”

    Here’s an interesting link from March 4, 2017: https://lawandcrime.com/high-profile/yes-obama-could-be-prosecuted-if-involved-with-illegal-surveillance/

    Don’t expect any answers – the transcript of Comey’s last appearance in front of Congress was amazing in that Comey, had even worse memory problems than my husband, with his normal pressure hydrocephalus. Comey couldn’t remember anything, while under oath, but on his media tours, he has an amazing memory…

    I’ll keep thinking about this. While usually it’s follow the money, in this whole FBI mess with the email investigation and the Trump/Russia investigation, perhaps following the electronic devices would help us better connect the dots. Oh, and anything dealing with technology is way beyond my comprehension. Kids got me a Silhouette Cameo die-cutting machine for Mother’s Day and my son did the wireless connection to my computer and made sure it works, but I am scared to use it. My daughter in TX sent me a message telling me to check out “Silhouette School” on facebook. There’s also a Silhouette School blog and lots of videos, that I need to find time to watch… and instead, I’m reading stupid government reports…

  13. Jk, When Rosenstein resigned recently there was another back and forth between Comey and Rosenstein, where Comey accused Rosenstein of selling out his integrity to keep his job and Rosenstein attacked Comey about selling books. It was a strange back and forth.

    Here are a couple news links about Mueller’s meeting with Trump: https://www.npr.org/2017/06/09/532286723/special-counsel-robert-mueller-had-been-on-white-house-short-list-to-run-fbi


    Comey is also furious at Mueller for not making a determination on the obstruction matter

    What if Mueller was fed all this spin hysteria info and the Steele dossier crap as legit, recruited to head this special counsel and after two years of investigating, watching the media spin crap show and watching other information pour out, like that Horowitz IG report in 2018, he realized he had been roped into a whole nightmare that could severely damage the reputation of the FBI:


  14. Rosenstein never wore a wire, but Rosenstein escorted Mueller to the WH for his “job interview” and Mueller left his cell phone there??? And the very next day Rosenstein appointed Mueller Special Counsel… Very odd.

    • JK

      I must think on of this. Thanks.

      Hope I didn’t ruin your ‘rest of this’ Memorial Day. Making amends:


      • Just woke up to let the dog out, so here’s one more thing to think about – that tidbit about Mueller leaving his phone in the WH that day. In the second link of your friend’s ( https://havechanged.blogspot.com/2019/05/questions-about-russian-collusion-story.html), he mentioned

        “The day before Rosenstein announced he was appointing Special Counsel and that it would be Mueller, he brought Mueller to the White House to meet with Trump. Is it true that the President was told Mueller was a potential candidate as FBI Director? If so, was the President told that Congress would have to pass special legislation to allow the appointment? Was there any discussion of Russia or the Comey firing at the meeting? When did Rosenstein decide to appoint Special Counsel and decide it would be Mueller? Did Rosenstein and Mueller have any discussions, directly or indirectly, regarding that decision prior to the meeting with the President? Is it true that, as described in McCabe’s recent book, Mueller left his cell phone in the President’s office and had to return later to retrieve it? If so, did the device record anything while it was left in the office?”

        So this information about Mueller’s phone comes from McCabe’s book (which I haven’t read). In the Horowitz IG report, , McCabe is the one who took the hit for all the leaking to counter the leaks coming out of the NY field office about the Clinton Foundation investigation & Weiner laptop stuff, IG report, while the IG believed Comey.

        McCabe has been the one in the most legal jeopardy. McCabe said Comey was informed and approved of the leaking to counter the field office leaks. I think that I mentioned before that I believe McCabe on this matter over Comey . Comey sure had no problems staging leaks to the media, as we know from his memos he leaked through his friend, whom he later claimed was his attorney ( a true cheap lawyerly CYA move there) …

        That’s it for tonight… I promise, lol. Goodnight JK.

      • Hey JK, I forgot this detail about Strozk’s cell phone – the actual information missing from his phone was the time he was on Mueller’s team… Isn’t that interesting…

        “Investigators weren’t able to find any text messages between fired agent Peter Strzok and former bureau lawyer Lisa Page from their time on special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe because by the time their phones were recovered, they’d been reset for others’ use, an inspector general said Thursday.”


      • McCabe also is the one who said Rosenstein had the idea of wearing a wire”

        “At a May 2017 meeting between Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and then-acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe, a week after President Trump had fired James Comey as director, Rosenstein suggested that McCabe or others wear a wire when speaking with the president, according to memos McCabe made of the conversation, sources familiar with them told ABC News.”


        I’m leaning towards believing McCabe was telling the truth. I suspect that they all were hoping that Mueller’s report would lead to Trump’s impeachment.

      • Here’s a Feb. 25, 2019 Breitbart report on McCabe stating Mueller left his phone in the Oval Office: https://www.breitbart.com/politics/2019/02/25/book-robert-mueller-left-phone-inside-after-trump-oval-office-meeting/

        This article quotes McCabe’s book:

        “In this same meeting Rod talked about interviews with candidates for director. Then he flipped back to talking about possible candidates for the special counsel job. It was hard to track whether he was talking about candidates for one job or for the other. One minute, he said Mueller had been asked to interview for the position of FBI director; Mueller had gone in for an interview with Trump, and left his phone there, and then the phone had to be retrieved.”

        The wording is rather odd – McCabe said “left his phone there”, not Mueller forgot his phone and had to retrieve it… Wonder how long his phone was “left” in the Oval Office… That’s a question Mueller should be asked, for sure.

        I don’t read Breitbart, so I had never seen this report before now.

  15. JK

    “The wording is rather odd …”

    Yup. JD obtained Washington U. St Louie, class of ’93.


    Point might be kept in mind where Mark’s analysis of the Part II stuff is concerned, though I may well misquote his precise wording, ‘I’m presenting the Prosecution’s best case.’

    Thanks by the way LB, for reading Breitbart so I don’t have to.

    • JK

      Oh. One more thing. You can stop “reading government reports” on my behalf now.

      I suggest instead you enroll in Silhouette School.

      • So, I’m leaning that Horowitz got it wrong and Comey was lying, Rosenstein lied about his “wearing a wire” comment and that McCabe took the fall and is the one who told the truth about the effort to leak to counter the leaks coming out the field office and he told the truth about Rosenstein too.

        I think Rosenstein and Mueller should be asked some questions about this bizarre trip to the Oval Office, under the pretext of Mueller being considered for the FBI position, even though he wasn’t eligible for the position. And also the “left behind” cell phone… Mueller being fed a shit ton of false information, presented as reliable intel might account for a lot of his hiring decisions with his special counsel investigation – filled to the gills with Clinton-team lawyers…

        When you’ve got Clapper and Brennan and some of our allied intel peeps spreading the same information coming from Steele and his “sources close to the Kremlin”, coupled with Trump’s bizarre admiration for “strong men”, then add in all this breathless Clinton-fed scorched earth smear effort propelled by the mainstream media, it’s no wonder Mueller bought into it. I’ve been very concerned about Trump’s crap with sucking up to the thugs of the world too and his incessant lying leaves me distrustful of anything he says.

        Comey and McCabe and Rosenstein working in the Lynch DOJ had to be aware of the burying the Clinton email and Clinton Foundation efforts Lynch was pushing, if not, being a party to that effort. Strzok too was involved in that part too.

    • You’re welcome JK, sometimes we have to dig all the way under the pile searching for those golden nuggets… and I didn’t even have my hip waders handy, lol.

  16. JK

    Well here’s to AG Barr getting to wherever he’s undoubtedly gonna wind up.

    (Its a good thing that it’s this particular fellow in this particular position at this particular time in our history LB – his background, contrary to how both sides spin it ought tell the tale – he’s assuring to me at least.)

    Now undoubtedly you’ll be coming across this:


    However I think it’s most likely peripheral to what the Mueller line of inquiry was about – my thinking is it had more to do with her history in the Balkans. Speaking of “just her conduct” very specifically although it does shine more light on the “abuses of intel” generally. Nothing whatsoever to do with Trump. In my humble opinion. But its sure to make ‘the media world’ more, oh what was the Chinese curse, something along the lines of “interesting”?

    Yup that’s what, I’m afraid, is gonna happen in media world – they’re about to get side-tracked simply because there’s a “new” shiny object (even though ‘unmasking’ has actually been with this sorry mess all along). I sure hope some really really potent “influencer” speaks up and points out the way to get at the root of this mess is not get distracted by Samantha Power’s unmaskings its to stay focused on Susan Rice’s unmaskings.

    All unmaskings are awful but some are awfuller than others.

    But we could do with fewer circus freak sideshows. For awhile anyways.

    • I don’t know much of anything about Rice’s or Power’s unmaskings. Power claims she didn’t know anything about the unmaskings done under her name, I think. Not sure what that meant really, because the large number of them coupled with the “I have no idea” how that happened struck me like the Abedin, tens of thousands of State Dept emails found on the Weiner laptop and she claimed to know nothing about it. She managed the SCIF in the Clintons’ home according to Cooper, Bill Clinton’s IT guy and she also handled the server upgrade in their home, coordinating it between Cooper and the campaign IT guy, Pagliano… but she knew nothing.

      I know Rice wrote a CYA memo about following the book right before Obama left office – I recall hearing that mentioned several times.

      Truthfully JK, I used to like hunting down information and following politics, but I am so sick to death of this scorched earth nightmare spin war, that many days now, I just skim the headlines, avoid most punditry, except Andrew McCarthy and a few others, because the spin bs is just too deep.

      The Trump haters in the media will run with any negative Trump story and the Trump followers, especially on FOX, will go along with anything Trump throws out there. It’s very bizarre.

      Duncan Hunter, wins the award today – willing to disgrace the Marine Corps on Memorial Day by talking about how he took photos of himself with dead enemy combatants, to downplay the alleged war crimes of that one guy facing charges, whose case FOX News has been spinning for all its worth. What a disgusting lowlife Hunter is, to undercut the honor of the US military by trivializing indefensible battlefield conduct, that any officer worthy of leading in our military, should unequivocally condemn.

      There’s something very odd about how FOX peeps hyped this war criminal case and then sold Trump on it. I wonder who came up with the idea and convinced Trump that pardoning war criminals on Memorial Day would be a “great” idea, but somewhere in that FOX crowd are some heavy hostile foreign influence operators, I have believed for a long time. And idiots like Hegseth, should have recognized that if Trump had pardoned a bunch of war criminals on Memorial Day it would not only incite the Left, but bigger picture, it would make the entire US military look like we condone war crimes. Just a disgusting shitshow on FOX all the time – manipulating Trump constantly.

      At the rate we’re going, I expect this scorched earth spin might rocket us into another galaxy soon.

  17. JK

    Thankfully I discover “my take on Barr’s background” agrees in large part to how Mr. McCarthy sees it.


    • My take agrees with your take & McCarthy’s. Read this earlier.

    • JK, Saw a report that Steele won’t cooperate with the investigation into the origins of Trump-Russian Collusion…

      Here are two John Batchelor episodes:

      The respective partisan spin choruses jump into action and relegate everyone to one camp or the other, but I lean towards believing that while there was definitely anti-Trump bias among most of the key players in the Trump-Russia mess, there was also these massive Dem/mainstream media spin attacks launched to try to propel specific political or government actions, at key points in this mess.
      I believe these Dem-orchestrated spin attacks impaired judgment and decision-making at the highest levels of the FBI and our intel agencies. I don’t think there was some massive conspiracy within the FBI – I think they were deliberately being fed false information by Dem operative lawyers and taking the mainstream media news seriously.

      In war, they always talk about the “fog of war”, well, I believe that this hysteria created by the this scorched earth SPIN info war played a significant role in clouding judgment – I’ll call it the fog of SPIN war factor, for lack of a better way to say this. I suspect a good deal of what happened wasn’t malevolent actions in the FBI, but a combination of factors, where the media hysteria, the bogus Steele dossier being sold as reliable intel (by some foreign intel peeps too) added to Trump’s often bizarre statements fawning over strong men thugs in the world, led to real concerns that Trump was conspiring with Russia. Add in that Trump really was trying to make a deal for a Trump-Moscow project, the concerns were justifiable.

      Where things broke down was in acting before calmly, and carefully vetting intel, but here again, this relentless Dem SPIN effort in the media, the Clinton lawyer operatives seeding false information, presented as real intel into the State Dept., the FBI and intel agencies. I believe the real “crimes” weren’t Comey and the FBI – BUT with the Clinton operatives who deliberately and maliciously fed this false information into official government channels – to deceive them. That Shearer dossier needs to be investigated and these Dem lawyers who were feeding this garbage into official channels.

      What happened to me was deliberately false information was fed to a retired general, who hates my guts – but I have no way to ever prove it happened. I was writing about their malicious, orchestrated SPIN on those Excite message boards in ’98 too.

      Anyway, I honestly think Rosenstein was manipulated by Clinton-aligned lawyers too to appoint a special counsel- being bombarded with this false information and pressured to act. They deliberately created this crisis spin environment using the media.

      McCabe was an expert on working Russia mafia cases and terrorism. I went back a reread the Horowitz summary and McCabe’s wife receiving a lot of campaign money was investigated. McCabe had actually gone through proper FBI channels reporting that to the ethics people. Horowitz’ team recommended policy changes, but McCabe followed the rules. I still think Comey knew about the media leaks to try to stem the flow of unauthorized leaks coming out of the New York field office. Comey told Horowitz he didn’t know anything about that. Anyway, I want to read some of McCabe’s book, especially the part where that quote was pulled about Mueller’s “left behind” cell phone. I like to know what other information came before and after that cherry-picked quote. We all “cherry-pick” quotes, and sometimes those cherries are ripe with important facts, but too often they’re sour, taken out of context or misleading pieces of information.

      • JK

        I hesitate somewhat to characterize it “Dem-orchestrated” in the larger part. Maybe even in the smaller parts.

        What I’m trying to convey is that I’m a little reluctant to “broad brush stroke” the Dems writ large. Remember ‘the clique’ screwed Bernie too and here, speaking of ‘the clique’ coming from me I’m thinking LB, you know in your bones the ‘general of what’ I’m referring to.

        My personal problem labeling as such is that I, personally, count among some of my tightest circle people who in anywise ‘normal circumstance’ other than what we got going on in this particular piece of our nation’s experience would feel at all comfortable with me even intimating “y’all ain’t really Dems.” No LB I think were I to even hint in the very slightest way possible to say that sort of thing I’d get immediately thrown out (and maybe even physically) from the fish fry – or pool tournament if it was just us guys. Actually come to think of it were I to “hint any such thing” at one of our pool tournaments my fellow R-leaning Independents such as I count myself would, very likely, join with the Dems in kicking my ass.

        This is actually one of the main problems of our nowadays cable tv rather than local papers media telling us “what we think” in my humble opinion.

        I think LB better to stick to what I’m (and my Dem Friends even) always tend to describe as what has [and is] happened and that is that, it’s a Clinton Machine kinda sorta thing.


        Thunder (and serious thunder) is starting to become very close and so my Friend LB I think it’d probably be a good idea for me to get away from both, further explanation generally and electrical stuff specifically.

        Wish me LB, and my Dem Friends, “Good Luck.”

      • “, it’s a Clinton Machine kinda sorta thing.”

        Stay safe JK, my daughter in TX sent me a weather map with a dot where she was sheltering at work this afternoon and the rotation area off to the west of her location. She’s safe.

        Your point is well taken, JK. I’ll work harder to do less broad stroke “Dem” painting, same as with Trump supporters, ’cause I know some, who are in my own family, and I know they are good people.

  18. JK

    Okay LB, got up early and listened to the Johns & Steves you have above (it was pretty wild up until about 0250 CST .. no damage here tho thank God) Anyway I had time and calm to listen to both parts.

    I think I was being abit too “nitpicky” when/what I was saying about ‘being careful not to broad stroke’ as regards this mess we find ourselves in. What I’m trying to say is it’d be kinda clunky to write out [type out] ‘C Machine’ operatives, lawyers, partisans etc etc everytime some characterization needs pointed to. I guess what I’m trying to say is that, if, some one of my local Dem pals happened upon our discussing this shit that Dem pal would know me and you when we shorthand ‘Dem’ don’t mean regular people who just happen to also be Dems – what we mean is “Swamp Dems.” (But not meaning to be implying dems who maybe live in actual swamps like are in southern Arkansas and generally anywhere in Louisiana type Dems either.)

    ‘Dems’ is really too handy a shorthand to just out-of-hand throw out with the bathwater.

    I guess maybe I let myself get carried away by all the booms and gales I was inundated amidst yesterday evening. Jeebers and to think forty years ago I used to take in stride being on navy ships during typhoons. I guess I really am getting elderly.

    • JK, I am a real swamp-dweller too. Hard to believe a PA mountain girl ended up living in the swamps of coastal GA, but here I be…

      Jeepers, I went to bed with Twitter ablaze with the USS McCain spin attack – media leaking some email from a WH staffer to the Navy and I wake up to Trump just charging headlong into the media spin barrage, shooting wildly… What a total jackass he is at strategy… It’s almost breathtaking how little he thinks before attacking. His only hope is that the liberal media scorched earth spin attacks usually go so far into the realm of implausibility, that Trump-friendly media begin a counter-attack against the liberal media pointing out their crappy reporting.

      Gonna be another day to spend some time working on my cross-stitch and keep the TV off, for sure, lol

      • JK

        Actually what with all the rain the middle of the country’s been getting recently it isn’t beyond reason to say that from about San Antonio to probably the Poconos down the Appalachians to (I guess) Georgia is all swamp. I know two bridges across the Arkansas River between Oklahoma and Arkansas were closed yesterday with the third one at risk of being closed depending on how much was got last night.

      • JK, I haven’t seen much national news coverage of this, although they did take a break from Trump with the Dayton tornado disaster.

      • JK

        ” … haven’t seen much national news coverage of this …”

        your’s of May 30, 2019 at 11:13 am

        Peter’s of this date (and of course the comments):


        Of course there’s a perfectly understandable reason we’re not seeing much coverage. Why it hasn’t occurred to either of us before I simply cannot fathom (fathom – a “joke” LB, get it?).

        I mean if the media starts to hafta cover mere thunderstorms there won’t be a minute left to take the deep dive into the latest tweetstorm.

  19. JK

    I [heard] some little something about some tweet but wasn’t really paying attention. There is a ‘real world’ issue/problem where carriers in the Persian Gulf are concerned however – so the specific content of whatever the tweets concern MAY be something to pay attention to.

    If the carrier is IN the Gulf – us launching any attack against (guess who) is unlikely. ANY place in the Gulf is in range of retaliation. (Think anti-ship missile.) Now should a carrier in the Gulf be ordered to exit the Gulf …

    • Nope, JK, this is Twitter flurry is about Trump’s trip to Japan and the USS McCain – another leaked email, between some WH staffer and the Pentagon pre-trip stuff this time. Just more Dem/Media SPIN fodder.

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    • JK, Thanks. this Larry Johnson guy gets ripped to shreds in mainstream media as a conspiracy theorist, but then again anyone who challenges the Clinton/Dem spin is “peddling in conspiracies”. This question about how the FBI knew the DNC computers had been hacked is interesting.

      That Crowdstrike role raises a lot of questions too, because I wonder if Crowdstrike was allowed to do all of the computer forensics in the Hillary email investigation too – also on the Weiner laptop when Comey reopened the investigation?

      It’s one thing to allow the victim of a crime leeway in how they handle their own computer problem, but it’s another to allow that same type of leeway to targets in a criminal investigation.
      Lynch treated the email investigation like it was a partisan spin effort – do only enough to shut-up Republicans and right-wing media from asking questions.

      Comey acts the same way. His July 2016 statement he not only warbled on about “intent” and “extremely careless”, he made up justification that Hillary’s celebrity status warranted extra care that she be treated fairly. The truth was she wasn’t a celebrity – her conduct as a public official was under investigation and public officials, entrusted with our nation’s most sensitive information, should not be cosseted or afforded special rules or consideration. In that July 2016 statement Comey perpetuated the Hillary: always the victim of a right-wing witch hunt spin.

  22. JK

    I may have it bookmarked somewhere LB but, back on the day of 9/11 it was Larry all the media had in their ‘little black books’ as their “go to guy from State” for finding out who could possibly have done such a thing.

    And as I recall it was Larry first announced on at least NBC there was this fellow went by the name of Osama bin Laden. Ran an outfit based out of Afghanistan called al-Qaeda. Larry also made sure the NBC folks came away from that conversation that the USS Cole thing and the East Africa embassy bombings were all of the same cloth (apparently being something of an eye-opener to that earlier era’s news-readers).

    Larry, kinda sorta like Mike Flynn, was held in high regard until questions over the ongoing Iran talks, whether “the accepted wisdom” should simply be accepted as Holy Writ got aired in the media. Like, I expect LB, you may have some reservations where “the accepted wisdom” of Mike Flynn is concerned, my guess being your’s currently have more to do with his associating with a guy you never “liked” even thinking about where the nation’s highest elected office was concerned. Me too but still at least to my way of thinking, preferable to the alternative.

    Lemme see …

    (I think about four, four and half or so hours in you’ll hear the NBC folks treating Larry more respectfully than what you will today.)

    • “but still at least to my way of thinking, preferable to the alternative.”

      Thanks for this primer on “intel experts”, who earn the media seal of approval, JK.

      With Flynn it wasn’t just his associating with that guy I never liked considering for the highest office, even though I decided in 2015, I would never vote for that guy. The alternative being that Queen/Co-President, whom I knew I would never vote for back in the 90s and whose 2016 run left me sitting here many days, humming a tune from the Leftie songbook, “I’m leaving America, if that sociopath is elected” …

      No, JK, what appalled about Flynn was his being a retired general and acting like General Allen and other retired generals becoming openly partisan hacks.

      We can agree, I am sure, that Flynn and Larry assuredly seem more circumspect and professional than say, that Mudd guy, who goes into pure hysterical rants or that even more rabid partisan, Brennan…

      Anywho, at some point, I expect Trump to turn on the GOP and unite with the Clintons to try to stop the investigations, if both of their deepest layers of corruption become at risk of being laid bare. Call me a lunatic, if you will, but at some point, I expect Team Clinton and Trump (no team there, only the one-man show) to unite under some phony spin effort to “unite America and stop all these investigations”…

      Trump spent his life buying political influence and the Clintons were the other side of that public corruption coin, selling political influence to the highest bidder.

      I may be the idealist, but there is no “preferable” between them – they are both mendacious in the extreme and thoroughly corrupt.

  23. JK

    Had to remember who the Friend was pointed to me that Mr. Johnson was “finally re-emerging from his hidey-hole.” Then had to touch base with that Friend asking if he remembered what he’d emailed me about Mr.Johnson. Then waited some more while the Friend tried to remember where he’d first got the news. Finally he’s emailed me a link.

    Haven’t read it myself yet but I figured LB you would be as interested in “Why the bashing” as much as me:


    That’s actually not where my Friend initially saw the news – apparently some interview I’m given to understand but he can’t recall exactly. Say’s “This if not exactly what Mr. Johnson said (remember JK, I told you there was a guy asking him questions but I do remember JK, Mr. Johnson stated he’d do a followup on some blog – but not his former noquarters blog. That one is, apparently, kaput).

    • JK, This link, well all I can say is too many red flags for me with Johnson’s explanations here, especially his close friendship with and running with anything coming from smear merchant extraordinaire, Sid Blumenthal. Knowing this, I will always tread very cautiously about anything coming from Johnson, that’s just me. I admit he might be 100% accurate with what happened regards Trump, it’s just my natural wariness with anyone closely connected to the Clintons or Blumenthal.

      • JK

        Well he didn’t have to come right out and … reads to me like, [almost] full disclosure. Didn’t either, seem to be the “makes excuses” type.

        And as my Grandma was wont to say, “Lay with dogs and you’ll end up” etc etc – Pennsylvania’s probably got its unique take on an ol’ Arkansas saying. As he said, “I was an ardent supporter” I took note of that being, pretty definitively, past-tense. But can he expect “full exoneration” by the likes of ourselves, probably not at least for now.

        One thing included however jumped out at me – referencing [the/a] ‘crown prince’ UAE – I don’t at the moment remember where I saw it open-sourced but I do recall some sort of reference to the dossier being referred to as “Crown Material.”

        Ordinarily I’m reasonably sure, people ‘of a certain background’ would have likely read that and jumped to the conclusion that meant definitely, ‘UK sourced’ … I know I did but now I’m not so sure. Make it ‘moderate confidence, higher scaled’ but still there is room for genuine doubt. So to speak, not in the ‘high confidence’ range – put it 60/40 for.

        Reason I count it likelier than not lays in my wondering why an Arab government [representative?] would be in the least, motivated to feel an interest – I mean it’s virtually impossible for me to think there were ever any doubts whether we’d [US] remain in the ME for the foreseeable future.

        But still …

        But. Does the timeline (as we understand it) match up? Looks like it pretty much does. Would all we know suggest Sid Blumenthal would be the type of guy to purposefully drive a bus over a pedestrian?

        I’ll not be supplying a response on that last point LB.

      • “I’ll not be supplying a response on that last point LB.”

        I suspect Trump’s GOP Insurgency likely came about with Trump colluding with Bill Clinton, so any connections to the Clintons and their spin machine is a red flag to me.

        I wondered back during 2015, if Trump and Bill Clinton were “colluding” on this media “GOP Insurgency” effort. Trump basked in the billions of dollars of free media and Trump’s “GOP Insurgency” worked to advance Bill Clinton’s triangulation strategy. Bill Clinton wanted to promote the most extreme GOP candidates, (Bernie the extreme kook on the Left, Trump the extreme kook on the Right). Trump was still focused on his business deals and reality TV career, even still trying to get a Trump-Moscow deal.

        Everything about Trump’s “spin effort” was borrowed from the Clinton model.

        Trump wasn’t expecting the mainstream media adoration to suddenly shift around late 2015-2016, as the Clinton’s Dump On Trump general election strategy rolled out. He acts like someone who feels betrayed by that.

        When Trump won the election, he did not look happy in those first photos. But the Dump On Trump effort intensified and it looks to me like Trump is determined to get revenge on the mainstream media and Dems for the 24/7 effort to trash him.

        Of course, there may never have been any deal between Bill Clinton and Trump to launch the “GOP Insurgency”, BUT there were phone calls between them:

        “Wrong, says The Washington Post, which revealed the supposed truth on Wednesday: it was former president and candidate spouse Bill Clinton all along.

        According to several Trump sources (and one Clinton source) who spoke to the Post, the two men spoke over the phone in late May, shortly before Trump announced his run in June. During the call, the Trump sources said, Clinton “encouraged Trump’s efforts to play a larger role in the Republican Party” and “analyzed Trump’s prospects and his desire to rouse the G.O.P. base.””

        I can believe golfing buddies, Trump and Bill Clinton colluding on a “GOP Insurgency”, more than I can the Russians colluding with mercurial, mendacious Trump, when the Russians do extensive psychological profiling, which would indicate Trump can’t be trusted to stick to any plan for more than 5 minutes and can be talked into some other plan even quicker. And the Russians value plausible deniability. They assuredly realize Trump has this worship of “strong men” and longs to be seen as one of them – so the Russians and Chairman Kim have found ways to maximize American embarrassment by fawning over Trump and playing to his ego.

        Anyway, I would believe Bill Clinton and Trump colluding in 2015 on a “GOP Insurgency. Trump has ZERO respect for the blue collar people who rushed to support him. That killing someone on 5th Avenue and they would still remain loyal comment was Trump mocking dupes who follow him, while he is the Master Conman…

        Time will tell…

      • The other alternative theory was Bill Clinton urged Trump to jump into the GOP race and gave him advice, but Trump had no idea Bill Clinton was behind the mainstream media corruption colluding with his media friends and urging them to promote Trump 24/7 in the GOP primary. I have a problem with that theory, because Trump was new to spouting political spin messaging and in the beginning he seemed surprised that it was working and he was “winning in all the polls”

        Recently, Howard Stern did an interview and he said he’s known Trump for decades and interviewed him many times. Stern believes Trump entered the race as a publicity stunt to bolster his Reality TV show profile. From Cohen’s arrest, we learned that Trump was still working on a Trump-Moscow deal even while campaigning for president. That would seem to indicate he was not expecting to win. I’ve always thought, in the first videos of after Trump won the election, Trump did not look happy that he won. His campaign was singularly unprepared for that. This Stern interview got me thinking back to the timeline of events at the beginning of the 2016 election in late-spring/early summer of 2015.

        The one thing that is certain is the Clinton spin machine colluded with mainstream media friends to run the media’s 24/7 GOP Insurgent, Trump Show (coordinated Clinton spin machine messaging). It was a totally corrupt (not criminal) dirty trick and stacked the deck against other GOP candidates.

        Where we’re at now, is Trump seems to bask in having the largest Reality TV show in the world…. Trump: The President, while the mainstream media continues to run the 2016 Dump on Trump spin effort.

  24. JK

    I’m gonna go out on a limb here and predict CNN will soon be ruing the day in 2017 when they filed the FOIA without bearing in mind the old saying, Be careful of what you wish for!

    • Probably so, JK. I saw the FBI’s latest release of Hillary Clinton information, but just glanced at it. Kind of getting to document overload lately with Dems and Repubs doing tit-for-tat releases and various media and “watchdog” type groups creating public document dumps so deep, I’ll probably never find time to read through most of them.

      Anyways, I signed out 2 Mary Balogh historical romance novels (she’s one of my favorite romance writers, lol) and a Conrad Richter novel at the library. Those are way higher on my reading list at the moment than government reports and documents.

      Saw some Twitter person’s thread this morning explaining how to decipher the FBI numbering system for filing cases this morning and asked myself, “Do I even really give a crap about learning this?” And the answer was NO, although I remember reading somewhere long ago that J. Edgar Hoover had worked at the Library of Congress when he was young and that training stayed with him at the FBI.

  25. JK

    Afternoon LB. I was just catching up with the various pod-clips John Batchelor features and heard him inquire of Mr. McCarthy’s appearing before House Intel. Mind, I just now looked for this and haven’t had the time to watch:


    • Thanks, JK, I am going to listen to this right now. There’s really a deluge of documents and government reports being dumped in public as part of both, Dem and Repub, spin efforts, that I can’t really keep up with it.

      Andrew McCarthy always does an excellent job of sorting through the piles and the spin noise, to get to the facts and legal aspects of all of it.

    • Listening to this hearing is like listening to our American news, JK.

  26. JK

    Whew LB! I’m, as soon as I post this comment, gonna be preparing an email to my Congressman (Crawford – handed off his time to Congressman Ratcliffe at 1:29:20) thanking him for doing so. Rick – my Rep isn’t a lawyer [or even particularly of a ‘lawyerly disposition’ … ‘ordnance disposal USAF guys’ really aren’t suited for law school) … (as we might understand).

    Anyway I’m about to type an email thanking him for handing off his question time to Congressman Ratcliff. Rick – I think you’ll appreciate, isn’t “publicity mad” as are so many congress-critters that I’ve come to “dislike as a characteristic” very much since about the end of January 1998. Illustrative of my disinclination I refer you to just one excerpt of an email I sent my state’s delegation very recently:

    “A thorough and unforgiving audit must be performed. Obviously the Bureau can’t investigate itself. Likewise the Agency. AG Barr of course can investigate but I expect he is going to come under extreme interference. And not merely from publicity mad Congresspeople.”

    One, very preliminary, observation I might proffer – you LB realizing I’ve as yet NOT done as is my preferred; reading the transcript – I’m not sure Congressman Schiff did himself and “his team’s” many favors by calling on, besides Mr. McCarthy, Miss Douglas or for that matter, Mr. Anderson.

    The latter two – it seemed to me – probably “did not perform” up to what I expect Mr. Schiff’s expectations probably were. “Too fair” is the way I’d describe what they had to offer.

    One last observation – mind, this is ‘pre-reading transcript’ – I really liked Miss Stefanic (2:10:00) being “corrected” by Mr. Schiff’s words to the effect, “Comey didn’t say that, you’re wrong Miss Stefanic” (referencing Comey’s testimony as Miss Stefanic portrayed it being 20 March 2017) followed by, twelve minutes later (2:22:00) in Schiff’s and McCarthy’s exchange that indeed it was March 20th 2017 to the House Intel Committee Comey said, exactly, what Schiff accused Miss Stefanic of “being wrong” about Mr. Schiff then used in his inquisition of Mr. McCarthy.

    Saved me, I figure, at least a couple hours of having to refresh myself of what all was said 2017’s March 20th C-Span coverage.

    First time I’ve found myself enjoying anything Adam Schiff ever said.

    • Schiff looked desperate in the closing minutes to score some sort of sideshow spin optic with that interrogation of Mr. McCarthy, who wasn’t in the least intimidated or obliging Schiff in that effort. All in all, pretty much a bust for Schiff… again.

      Trump, on the other hand, more than delivered:

      • JK

        Oh I dunno about being too ‘concerned’ at that, afterall that’s exactly how Team-Hillary viewed “Its’ Duty” – Actually as it happens, in none other than the venue presented by C-Span just what, twelve, fifteen hours ago?

        Depends on however one takes depends some might have it. The (Any) sitting President would, as a matter of course, already and expectedly have the FBI performing what @GStephanoplis (for whatever reason I can’t imagine other than Never-A-Trumpster could possibly want to even air – the FBI is afterall, an Executive directed power which “should be expected” to serve its’ Boss’ cause) @GStephanoplis can’t have it both [all] ways – either the FBI is uniquely statutorily authorized to “do national security” [as defined by ‘Guess Which Branch?’] or it isn’t.

        Of course there is the very recent example of a sitting President doing precisely what @GStephanplis finds, apparently, so objectionable that now Trump’s the President it’s “Tweetworthy.”

        For the same reasons (or nearly the same) LB, I dislike media-creatures as much as I do congress-critters being “publicity mad.”

        We’re not living in our Grandparents’ times LB.

        To my – modern conveniences aside; toilet paper, flush toilets – regret.

  27. JK

    Eh. Don’t bother asking LB, why I’m still not in bed. Where I ought be.


  28. JK

    LB, there’s a segment here (titled: ‘Panel: George Conway calls for …’) and anyway the first few minutes deal with the stuff George Stephanoplis and Trump talked about above. To my mind, the guy “defending Steele” speaks out of both sides of his mouth:


    And that, admitting I haven’t listened to the subject interview, is the problem as I’ve seen the Left’s portrayal of what was said as being problematic.

  29. JK

    As a way of more fully explaining my feelings (and that ‘feelings’ since, apparently, it isn’t exactly “unlawful” [yet) I agree with Senator Graham:


    • I agree with Graham’s view on this, but what I don’t get is why Trump seems so singularly inept at avoiding walking into these media traps.

      The Dems and media save Trump every time, because of their overwrought hysterical spin reactions. Trump cluelessly trods over carefully laid Dem spin landmines, but the media and Dems overreaction ends up giving Trump enough wiggle room to lie about what he said and to cast himself as the victim of a media witch hunt. Just an endless vicious spin cycle.

  30. JK

    “What I don’t get is why Trump seems so singularly inept at avoiding walking into these media traps.”

    You’re not the only one LB:


    • Thanks JK, I’m listening to this now. The thing I don’t get is Hannity & Ingraham, plus that “Hail Trump” Congressman Gaetz, who cheers Trump on, no matter what Trump spews, were trying to spin Trump’s answer to Stephanopoulos about political dirt from a foreign country, as Trump was playing multidimensional chess again… When it’s obvious the truth is Trump walked into a liberal media trap.

      The liberal media hysterics gave Trump an opportunity to walk that initial statement back a good deal, but one has to wonder why Trump was even roaming around the WH doing this lengthy interview with Stephanopoulos.

      Even though Trump usually rebounds from these media firestorms in a day or two, the constant media drama is exhausting the American people and at some point Trump’s ratings for his reality TV presidency will start dwindling (think that’s starting to happen). There’s nothing new with Trump’s gimmicks – same old boring schtick every time.

      I think it would be nice to have a POTUS who just did the job without constant media drama every day. However, that said I won’t ever vote for Trump, but then again I won’t ever vote for one of these umpteen Democrats running either.

      • JK

        Thanks LB, I’ll get to that next. Meanwhile, as our conversations have wandered into the general area of Crowdstrike and ‘what do they know and when did they learn it, more importantly what did they inform the FBI of’ I’d ask you take a look at this and see if you maybe think as I do.

        Looks to me like it was Crowdstrike rather than the Government did the redacting rather than what is [was] normal procedure ie, the other way around Government compels evidence and then Government redacts.

        And “draft reports”? !!!

  31. ” rather than what is [was] normal procedure”

    JK, With everything connected to the 2016 FBi investigations – from the DNC hack, the Hillary email investigation, the Weiner laptop with State Dept./Hillary emails stored on it, it looks like the Obama DOJ worked with Dem lawyers to circumvent “normal procedure”.

    Stone is a reprehensible, corrupt, vile political operative, just like Manafort is a crooked lobbyist for foreign entities, BUT when you juxtapose the pre-dawn raids, the strong-arm government tactics to take them down, compared to all the special rules, even allowing Cheryl Mills to be present for Hillary’s FBI interview, it’s surreal the level of two separate set of rules for anyone connected to Trump compared to anyone connected to the Clintons.

    I wonder if the Obama DOJ and Mueller’s team of Dem lawyers allowed Crowdstrike to handle all of the computer forensics for the Mueller team? Same question for whether Crowdstrike handled the computer forensics for Hillary’s email investigation and the Weiner laptop? Comey and Mueller probably don’t want to be asked that question, is my guess.

    I am sure, if they relied on Crowdstrike and the FBI never did their own investigation of any the computer components in the DNC hack, the Hillary email investigation or the Weiner laptop, Comey would find some new explanation, despite his “extremely careless” being probably the most fitting, for relying on an outside, Dem-connected private contractor…

    BUT the real question is how reliable is the FBI’s evidence, if the FBI never even analyzed the computer components in question?

    • JK

      Thanks for the Andy link LB, the Girlfriend was pushed to ask, “JK, What is it with you, what are you laughing about in there?” (My desk is usually shielded from British dramatic TV shows’ music-tracks irksome practice of getting loud whenever there’s no dialog by a closed door).

      Now then to your question of ‘how reliable the FBI evidence’?

      I guess that depends on whether one accepts that ‘evidence’ may be defined as ‘whatever an entity may wish the FBI to accept.’

      Now whether a real Judge might allow such ‘evidence’ to be admitted during the course of a real Court’s procedure?

      I rather doubt a real Municipal or heck, even a real Circuit Judge would deem such so. But then we also ought ask if a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court is a real Court? If the latter about all I could conclude is, apparently so.

  32. JK

    Just caught my eye LB:

    “”Given the volume of emails provided to the Department from former Secretary Clinton’s private email server, the Department’s process has been necessarily more complicated and complex requiring a significant dedication of time and resources,” Taylor wrote.”


    You ever come across this kinda stuff?

  33. JK

    Yes LB I see the link goes to The Atlantic and I know I know …
    But note the date – 1960.


    Don’t LB, hurriedly offer a “thanks for the link” until after you’ve read it. To the end. And maybe, not even then.

  34. JK

    A fellow I recently talked with at the VFW was a photographers mate on Juno that early morning. Another “younger” pal of his, Korea era, sent me the link.

  35. JK

    Hooboy LB. Been a long couple days going through some very old (relatively speaking of course but what with all these twists and turns …) Anyway I’ve been going over some not so well arranged notes I’ve been keeping.

    Some bit of background before the main event – you’ll recall State’s Victoria Nuland and Ambassador Pyatt’s phonecall being leaked?


    Then another little bit on the same bit of “business” but from sort of a different observer’s account with your reading beginning down some ways but necessarily so before the bolded, ‘Adept Manipulators’

    “At this point, the film addresses the direct involvement of U.S. politicians and diplomats. Throughout the crisis, American politicians visited Maidan, as both Republicans and Democrats, such as Senators John McCain, R-Arizona, and Chris Murphy, D-Connecticut. stirred up the crowds. Yanukovych also said he was in phone contact with Vice President Joe Biden, who he claims was misleading him about how to handle the crisis.

    The film points out that the real center of American influence in the Kiev demonstrations was with Ambassador Pyatt and Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs Victoria Nuland. As Parry points out, although Nuland was serving under President Obama, her allegiances were really with the neoconservative movement, most associated with the Republican Party.

    Her husband is Robert Kagan, who worked as a State Department propagandist on the Central American wars in the 1980s and was the co-founder of the Project for the New American Century in the 1990s, the group that organized political and media pressure for the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003. Kagan also was McCain’s foreign policy adviser in the 2008 presidential election (although he threw his support behind Hillary Clinton in the 2016 race).”


    Okay. That should do it for the refreshing the memory bit of backgrounding of “the whys” I’ve been into my notes. You may recall Manafort and Tony Podesta being involved, in some fashion, with the former Ukrainian leader Yanukovich who finds himself these days sunning himself on the sandy Black Sea beaches of Sochi?

    The reason Yanukovich finds himself so situated being because another Ukrainian goes by the name of Poroshenko having replaced him?

    Well now LB, here we are (yeah LB I’m pretty sure I heard all the way from Georgia an exhausted Thank God!) but hold on a sec ’cause there’s something in my notes that’s a mere fragment I apparently didn’t pay much attention to when I scratched it down, I guess I was just trying to make connections or something but anyway my scratch indicates, “Lashenko visited by S. Blumenthal – now why would that be – this needs looking into” [the only punctuation at the end of that LB is a five-pointed star which I don’t know how to type].

    I would have simply LB, just the two days ago I listened to Andy and Rich simply placed the link to that had I not recalled I’d written the name Lashenko down some time ago and wondered why – which led to a scavenger hunt in my notes.

    Begin to pay close attention LB at about the 14 minute mark:


    Curiouser and curiouser I am.

  36. JK

    What was the nature of the posted photo LB? Or would you prefer not?

    Was it even pertinent to the subjects you cover?

    • Well, JK, I have some old family photos saved in my WordPress media library and it was a personal family photo that was posted.

      I’ll just chalk it up to another one of those strange things that have happened to me online. Although it’s not as disconcerting as that comment on National Review’s old comment section, in March 2016, when NR still used Disqus – some person LincolnAppleyard addressed a comment to me, after I had posted comments to someone else against extremism and factions and this person posted a comment to me: “SURRENDER NOW Sue! It’s the only possible outcome…” I took that as rather bizarre, considering I was on my soapbox about “following the law” and eschewing violence. The capital letters particularly disturbed me. I posted a response hours later to that comment asking who I was supposed to “surrender” to and then that comment was deleted… Anyway, I never “surrendered” and am still here, LOL.

      • JK

        That is damned strange. Damned strange indeed.

        I was kind of, of the opinion since our conversations have ranged so far afield lately that I could, maybe, opine on motive.

        But something ‘family related’? That’s way beyond too weird for me to even guess at. Way beyond.

  37. JK

    Just thought you’d maybe LB, find this interesting:

    (And, since I’m probably gonna be a little “under the weather” tomorrow, an early Happy Independence Day!) (My personal ‘fireworks show’ is this evening – way out in the boonies – that’s how I know my “weather forecasting” is almost guaranteed.)

  38. JK

    Clicked to off the Powerline list-header and I think I well may make this my next book purchase. – Rather than what had been my intended – Hate Inc. authored by Matt Taibbi. (Lately I’ve taken up donating my more recently authored books [no, nothing Kindle yet] to my local county library. Last donated Such Men as These: Sears [my Dad was recalled for the Korean War and served aboard two of the carriers mentioned in Mr. Sears book – and as there’s a great many Korea era vets around here dwindling from this world I had the librarian paste a “Dedicated to the Sailors and Airmen of the Korean War of ______ county” on the first kerning [blank] page.)


    • JK, This “Land of Hope” book is $23.32 at amazon – https://www.amazon.com/Land-Hope-Invitation-Great-American/dp/1594039372/ref=sr_1_1?crid=3RYU2BRWS7FU6&keywords=wilfred+mcclay+land+of+hope&qid=1562380160&s=books&sprefix=wilfred%2Cstripbooks%2C177&sr=1-1 and it’s listed for $34.99 on that link you posted. I also see it on Hoopla (that e-book/audiobook service through public libraries) in the e-book version – so I can read it for free. I’m adding it to my list.

      That’s nice of you to be donating books to your local library.

      • JK

        Thanks to you LB, I already knew to check a-mazon pricing. Only reason I posted the pricier link was because of the review – I’ve found a-mazon reviewers ‘product’ to be somewhat less … oh how do I put this … “helpful” mebbe?

        And, sorta kinda “nice” since it’s you LB mentioning me “donating books to the library.” (Chuckling) I reckon you know well how much space books can take up in an avid reader’s domicile? Now I reckon there is some element of ‘nice’ I will admit to and thank you for saying so but, there’s a couple more motivating factors aside from the space bit – sadly my county’s library’s History collection consists of mostly tomes older than me – and my state’s “main *contribution*” to our common heritage being as you can probably guess ‘a couple’ who me and you probably don’t count among our understanding of being “a good influence” on today’s youth I’ve taken up a mission of bringing a-more-rounded view of what’s what to my local library.

      • “sadly my county’s library’s History collection consists of mostly tomes older than me”

        Well, JK, my local library here in Hinesville is part of the Live Oaks Public Libraries – 19 branches in 3 counties. There’s a very nice, large (new) library here, but not an impressive nonfiction section. I don’t think history is a hot topic for much of America.

        Our library takes donations, but they don’t want any books older than 3 years, even though there’s tons of great history works more than 3 years old.

        I recently read this 2011 piece from The New Yorker, https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2011/11/07/shelf-life.

        I think I saw the link on Twitter or in another article, but anyway, here’s what this guy wrote about dealing with his father-in-law’s library (most of it books on history):

        “But it soon became apparent that no one really wants hundreds or thousands of old books. E-mails sent to the local university were unanswered. Someone told us about a public library in a town in Alberta that had burned to the ground. They were going to rebuild, and needed donations. I was ready to ship hundreds. But the Web site requested only books published in the last two years, which excluded almost everything in my father-in-law’s library. Kingston, the nearest big town, had a thriving secondhand book business, so I called one of those shops. Would the owner like to come out to a rural house, about forty minutes from the city, and look over a good library of several thousand volumes? The answer was sympathetic and dismaying. There used to be twelve secondhand bookshops in Kingston, the bookseller told me, and now there are four: “We have the storage space but no money. The shop around the corner has the money to buy books but no space. This summer, at least three big private collections have come onto the market. So I’m afraid it’s just not worth it for me to come out to a house and look at four thousand books.” It wasn’t clear who was supposed to feel sorrier for whom.”

        Fort Stewart has a library, which I used to use a good bit. It has a much larger history selection and I noticed that trend among Army post libraries. Interestingly enough, I have found plenty of books on historical topics at my local Goodwill too (figured that’s due to the large military/retiree population), often in pristine condition.

        Perhaps, you might want to send Trump some books on the Revolutionary War and components on the Continental Army (sans
        seizing the airports)… LOL. And, NO, I didn’t watch his speech, because I can’t stand listening to him read a teleprompter… or do his conman rally speeches either, for that matter.

  39. JK

    Appears ‘our’ libraries share some commonalities, at least mine did back before the ’16 election. (Actually I “tried” donating a history related book I’m pretty sure, was at least a couple years before that but the then-librarian told me much the same as yours about books necessarily having to be no more’n the three years old.)

    But then an interesting confluence occurred – on a bingo night at my local VFW (that’s when we get our biggest crowds .. don’t know LB whether you know what a ‘dry county’ is but that’s what my county is and has been even before the the 18th Amendment – as well my state’s 1873 Constitution bans “gambling” which certain denominations south of the state y’all were once stationed at which borders mine still maintains ‘an outsize say’ where certain “devil’s work” matters. Bingo is to them, pretty much, the equivalent of what goes on in America’s Sin City LOL).

    Anyway I mentioned to one of my pals the librarian (at that time) informed me, “We will have nothing to do with stuff that old” [published 1980] and my pal says to me the same effect, “What the heck, I tried donating some history books too and got the same” – and then it turned out some five or six other guys remarking “Our library’s History section seems to prefer our military section end at the signing aboard the USS Missouri.” (All those instances in spite of all of us vets maintaining our books in excellent condition.)

    Probably the one good thing about the aftermath of the ’16 election was, among other ‘appointed officials’ “serving our county” was that they all up and quit within the four or five days after. Then, despite all but one of our newly elected county officials still being of the Democrat party a new crop of ‘appointed officials’ got appointed – the new librarian being the Aunt of the newly elected Sheriff [from the Democrat party by the way] instituted a new policy, “As long as the books are in excellent condition, sure we’ll be more than happy to bring up to date our library’s resources.”

    You may LB recall my mentioning I was, at some point reacquainting myself with the book, Miracle at Philadelphia? (the story of the Constitutional Convention of 1787?). … While it wasn’t the book I’d tried to donate that first occasion it was my first accomplished. Which the library happily added – even got a mention in the local paper : admittedly our local paper being in such thirst for news, sometimes the obituaries page is page two with the legals and classifieds making up the remainder. (The VFW’s donations that week scrunching in to the classifieds page lol.)

    (I maybe – in full disclosure mode – ought add the most recently elected Sheriff, though not registered as the Independent as I am, attended from 1st to our Senior graduation, the same school. And the librarian Aunt, though older than both of us, was and remains, a thoroughly neutral – politicswise – thinker.)

    • “don’t know LB whether you know what a ‘dry county’ is but that’s what my county is”

      ROFL, I’ve lived in GA for 25 years… It’s only been a few years since they allow beer to be sold on Sundays in my county.

  40. JK

    May’ve LB, already seen this [pdf] which “appears to be” [guessing] the first mentionings of the purported ‘black ledger’ attributed to be Manafort’s.


  41. JK

    Maybe somebody to follow LB. Everything fine at the VA – Except for the rain all the way down and all the way back.

  42. JK

    I had not. Well I did read of a passport “from another country” and listing a Saudi address which is intriguing. That its dating is in the 80s I find very curious. Epstein would have been in his 20s then and the Saudis after the takeover at Mecca (1979) being in tumult strikes me as a very odd time for a ‘not oil industries related’ young Westerner to be housekeeping anywhere near the place. Even a purported Austrian.

  43. JK

    And I just encountered this. Soon as I landed on it I thought to drop it here:

    My immediate thought (bearing in mind I’m only now about to click ‘play’) ‘interesting cast of characters.’

  44. JK

    Hope the kids visiting was wonderful LB. I know my getting my third and last pt of the week behind me was. (mutter mutter there’ll be another three visits beginning Monday)

    I’m listening to a conversation (begins after the short advert around the 28 minute mark) I’m thinking LB, you “might” be able to pull a post from. Regardless I’d enjoy conversing with you about who’s viewpoint you more closely align with and why. Both Mr. French and Mr. Cooke present arguments I can’t easily dismiss (or agree) more readily with either:


    • It was wonderful to see the grandkids, JK. I’ve read some of this at NR and on Twitter, but thanks for this podcast, because it’s really more interesting to listen to them discuss this issue.

      I’ve started a blog post on the tribalism and this extreme factionalization in America, but still thinking and reading more before it turns into a blog post.

      I’ve got to tell you that I believe Trump’s tweets ignited this entire “if you don’t like it here, leave” firestorm. Sure, the Dems/mainstream media flew into full-blown Trump Outrage spin, rerunning “Trump the fascist” hysteria and trying to paint all Trump supporters as fever swamp, white nationalists. BUT Trump interjected himself into the Pelosi/AOC & Squad internal Dem food fight.

      I am not going to say Trump is a racist, but I absolutely do consider his comments racist. As the POTUS, he has a duty to try to unite all Americans and set a higher moral tone than his constant gutter-fight antics. Nothing good will come from any of this constant Trump Outrage Theater, in which Trump is addicted to being the center of attention and the Dems/medi are addicted to going batshit crazy with the Trump Outrage histrionics.. I believe he tweeted that, not because he had some master-strategy, but because he couldn’t stand the media focus being on the Pelosi/AOC squabble. He tried to interject earlier by defending Pelosi against AOC whining about Pelosi singling out brown and black Congresswomen, but that didn’t turn the entire media spotlight on him.

      Trump stopped WH press briefings and he does these frequent impromptu media appearances, so he can run all of his own PR & be the center of attention 24/7.

      Sorry for going off on that tangent, but as far as the Omar, I find her anti-Semitic comments appalling and her anti-American jabs very distasteful. Have negative opinions about AOC’s social media stardom (she’s Trump Jr. in the making). I haven’t followed Pressley’s comments closely and Tlaib sounds like she is a CAIR spokesperson.

      As to the Cooke/French debate on gratitude, I agreed some with each of them on different points, but the paramount thing is gratitude can’t be demanded, it must come from the heart. Rabid partisans, on either side, aren’t going to do anything but fuel more divisiveness. They’re sure not working to create a better country, for which we can all feel grateful and proud to be citizens.

      Frankly, I find this constant Trump/Dems/media reality TV sideshow embarrassing for all of America. We look like a freak show in front of the entire world

      • JK

        Without doubt he injected himself into what might’ve been at most a 24 hour … oh I’ve forgotten what those midafternoon shows’re called .. now I remember! Soap Operas! Anyway that’s what its turned into, a freakin’ soap opera – except with this one nobody it seems is offering another channel I tune into.

        This may well be one Sunday that I’ll not be doing my ‘accustomed to doing’ which is watching the Sunday shows. But I expect I probably will anyway, we’ve got a heat wave going on lasting into Monday looks like so my alternatives are bleak. Fortunately for me, and maybe yourself, there is this one guy who, whenever these circus freak shows gets foisted on us, seems to be able to step back and explain – or at least attempt to explain – what’s actually going on and seems to help at least me. I hope you too LB:


        Of course that don’t mean I may wind up abandoning my Sunday Shows ship anyway. One guy I’m pretty sure I can manage to avoid is Brian Stelter.

      • I already read that McCarthy piece, JK, and yes, he does get down to nuts and bolts here. The thing about the Dems/Media spin games is no matter if Trump had apologized, they would have instantly moved the goalposts, because that is how they play these spin games. They hunted down Congressional GOP, like they always do, and demanded they respond. The media & Dems went into full spin mode hyping, “why aren’t Republican leaders responding?” As soon as some responded, the goalposts shifted, as the media dissected their condemnations of Trump’s comments and NONE of their responses are ever adequate, unless they become full-throated Jeff Flakes & join the Dem #Resist effort. It’s all a cynical political game to play Congressional Repubs against Trump. No matter what Trump’s response, the Dems and media rush to carpet bomb every liberal media venue with recycled scorched earth Trump attacks. Their spin really is a form of information warfare and the Dems/mainstream media follow the same strategies, over and over.

        Until Trump, Republicans had no clue how to counter the Dem/media spin attacks. They buckled under the barrage and apologized or surrendered without a fight. That said, Trump is a one-man show and it’s amazing he is still standing, but he has sacrificed every shred of moral authority of the office of the President, while still holding the title. He can never recover enough respect to actually win this spin war, even if he retains the office in 2020. All you have in leadership is your reputation and he sacrificed his to win the daily spin battles.

        This is like a static trench war now – neither side can gain enough momentum to defeat the other side, so they both keep lobbing wild attacks, with America caught in the middle of this nightmare.

  45. JK

    That’s it really LB (and forgive if you may) a really ‘trenchant’ epiphany. But that’s what it’s come to, trench warfare.

    Stalemate if you will.

    For now at any rate. My ‘feelings’ (and I really dislike having to put it this way but) Anyway my feeling is we, collectively voting America, only have ourselves to blame. We’ve got to a point where JFK’s admirable admonition has been stood on its head so nowadays it’s “what can the country do for us” and its turned out ‘plenty.’ For just one example study The Farm Bill.

    And recall the message from that Roziak fellow that, boiled down to its essence says pretty much “No politician, no political party as currently fashioned gives a fig, all everybody wants is to keep what they’ve got and no faction remembers (if they ever realized it) what we’re enjoying now our forebearers in concert; sacrificed to bestow upon us.”

    But this phase will pass. May take another twenty or so years but it will pass.

    It won’t be pretty but I don’t see our tail-end of the baby boomers and whatever today’s generation is called, “Gen Z” I guess, having the intestinal fortitude, in spite of the many calls for it, conducting another Civil War.

    I figure Reconstruction II to begin around 2024.

    Come hell. Come high water.

    This war will end.

    • Jk, Not sure if you saw the reports about Epstein’s off-shore accounts and money-laundering suspicions.

      I’ve been wondering, since Epstein’s lawyers said Epstein helped the Clintons set-up the Clinton Global Initiative and those 26 flights Clinton took on Epstein’s plane had more to do with setting up off-shore accounts to funnel Clinton Global Initiative cash through? Perhaps, the bigger lure of elites to Epstein was his money-laundering expertise more than the sex stuff???


  46. JK

    My view is LB, very likely, that was the bigger part of it.

    Happen to see this?


    • I hadn’t seen this JK, thanks. I’m just getting caught back up on news online. We had a power outage (thunderstorm) Tues. night for about 4 hours, then when the power came back on, our landline and internet were out, so I was relying on my cell phone, which I hate using… as a phone or for the internet, lol. The Xfinity site showed a service outage in my area until early Thurs. morning, but my Xfinity modem was fried – no power light. Had to take it to the local office this morning and get a new one. I even managed to connect it myself (thought to snap a photo with my cell phone of the back of the fried modem, so I would know where to hook up the various cords). Then I had to call Xfinity and go through this whole remote activation, where they run all their diagnostics and stuff.

      I am rather proud that I managed to handle this without calling either of my sons for assistance.

      I agree with a lot of that Krystal Ball analysis. I did watch the Mueller hearing and quickly became upset that Mueller was subjected to this Schiff/Nadler orchestrated public sideshow, when today many politicos were saying that Mueller’s condition was an open secret in Washington.

      It looked like elderly abuse and his memory problems were very apparent. Some zealot Trumpers were insisting today that perhaps Mueller was “acting” like that to run out the clock, but he did the same thing to Dems and worked to completely destroy their spin staging. Assuredly, Schiff and Nadler or their staffs were in cahoots with those Dem lawyers on the Special Counsel to strategize for this hearing and they knew the Dem spin strategy.

      Mueller’s memory problems reminded me of how my husband was several years ago (things are much worse now, let me just put it that way). I watched how so many Dems tried to give Mueller multi-pronged questions and use the Mueller Report, but he couldn’t even find the pages and he certainly couldn’t focus on multiple questions at a time.

      For many years now, my husband can’t follow conversations if there are several people talking back and forth. Heck he struggles if only one person is talking to him – he forgets from minute to minute. He gets up and leaves the room when more than one person is talking, because it overwhelms him. He began to get lost watching movies and TV shows and commercial breaks threw him off. He loved to read, but gradually he’s lost the ability to read much of anything and keep track of it. He still keeps a book by him though, which he picks up occasionally and tries to concentrate on reading.

      Anyway, watching Mueller placed in this position for a partisan sideshow infuriated me. It was a national disgrace and the people who used him like this are truly despicable human beings.

      Then the larger political questions swirled too – like who really ran this investigation. All the other crap, like the bizarre sideshow pre-dawn FBI raids of Manafort’s and Stone’s homes began to make more sense – Mueller wasn’t running this – #Resist Dem lawyers were.

      Trump truly is very corrupt, but then you have this totally corrupt Dem effort to take him down, so our system is under threat from the public corruption on both sides.

      All this Russian hysteria makes me thoroughly bewildered, because the Russians couldn’t even dream of inflicting this level of disinformation, as our own domestic scorched earth spin war – run by the American news media. Then there are the Dems hysterically ranting about Russia sowing division in America, ROFL. These rabid partisans on both sides spend every waking moment (and probably fevered dreams in their sleep too) fixated on their stupid spin war…

      Hannity and Tucker Carlson are as wackado as Maddow and Hayes. And CNN has a bunch of spin nitwits too.

      • JK

        (Good idea ‘prevention-thinking’ I sure wish I’d thought to do that when my nephew ‘gifted me’ his [old, so-very-well-used Playstation – so used in fact as the labels on the back which “should have id’d” what sticks in where and goes to which were so faded not even my cop-flashlight was capable of revealing what the labels formerly identified. Unfortunately for me I didn’t know to look for that problem until after I’d unplugged all the cables which shortly before had been connecting from the wall power receptacle to the multi powerstrip which were connecting my tv satellite, my internet modem (come to think of it my tv modem too) as well as the tv itself along with the home theater speakers package that I’d had to get the fourteen year old neighbor kid from down the street to hook up for me the first (and only) time all that kit had been hooked up in the first place.

        God I had such a mess I had to pay two ‘experts’ [this time the now fifteen year old and his twelve years old younger sister] to get me out of this latest situation.)

        Now onto your “actual” content. I agree totally. Matter of fact after I got over my sadness I got plumb mad. Bad thing these days about me getting mad over something that’s happened in Washington DC is I very often start a letter I intend to send some Congressman (most usually from my state but this time my intended was Lindsey Graham).

        But by the time I reached what I thought was a complete list of those I was figuring on demanding Lindsay haul before his Committee on a charge of ‘Elder Abuse’ that when I’d try taking a break by watching a little tv news I’d have to add ten or so new names to my list which led to to finally realizing I’d gone over the three page limit Congressional Staffs demand one keeps to I lost my train of thought concerning how I’d wanted to frame my charging document.

        So much for my ‘letter to Lindsey’ I guess – what with all this pt I got going on and a weekend being so short I figured if I didn’t abandon something I’d probably starve to death if I didn’t pause at least long enough to prepare some meals. Oh well.

        Maybe though LB, you’ll get the same sort of ‘giggle’ reading this as I did:


        Glad now the eggs required four minutes boiling for the tuna salad else I’d gone back to writing my letter.

    • Thanks, JK. I saw that interview and I actually ordered Williamson’s book last week on the day it was first available on amazon. Haven’t read it yet though.

      Already have a headache following this stupid Baltimore flame war… Trump vs. Sharpton, for crying out loud – people are actually trying to claim one is a con man and the other one a great defender of American values… Then peeps on Twitter pulled up a Sharpton tweet from years ago with Sharpton posing with Trump and other Trump with Sharpton photos. Two peas in a pod is my opinion – both lying conmen, who like to incite people.

      • JK

        I’ve got it on my ‘to buy’ bookslist too on the strength of that above NR link.

        Now I hadn’t been aware (well until you just informed me – thanks) of Trump and Sharpton being into it but now that I am aware it made this observation of Mr. Williamson’s from that even more funny: “I wish I had turned to the Reverend Sharpton and asked: “Can you think of anybody who has said anything controversial but remains entirely welcome in so-called liberal media circles?” But I didn’t, which is why I am a writer rather than a television host.”

        Incidentally LB, I know you’re aware of PBS’ NewsHour but my question would be, you’re aware of that media company’s ’tilt’? How they’re covering all this new fuss? As if Baltimore’s rats are something that’s just now dawned on them?


        I suppose in fairness I should say, news being such an intensive researching effort, nobody on PBS’ news staff of ‘journalists’ probably has time to watch any of their other programs.

      • People were commenting on that PBS rats show being scheduled right after Trump tweeted – looks like it was just one of the great ironies that seem to land that bolster Trump.

        On Twitter they’ve dug up video of the most recent Baltimore mayor forced to resign under corruption allegations walking around west Baltimore, pointing out the rundown buildings and saying, “they need to tear this s*&t down” and saying she can smell the rats.

        The thing about Trump’s rage tweeting is I think he was fuming about Cummings attacks on the treatment of ilegal immigrants at the border and then Cummings targeted Trump’s family again.

        Cummings is demanding Jared and Ivanka’s private emails, alleging they used private email for official business. Trump assuredly sees that as “presidential harassment”

        Politically, Dems trying to sell private email use for official business is a total joke, in light of their covering for Hillary’s private server and Obama’s private gmail account used for official business. Even worse for them for 2020, because none of their candidates will be able to get any oxygen with mainstream media spending 24/7 going into Trump Outrage Spin. Cumming’s trying to make private emails an issue, will just give fuel to resurrecting the handling of Hillary’s email server as an issue.

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