New Year’s Challenge: How Many Hillary Policy Successes Can You Name?


1845 Print of Arab trader using cowry shells as money (from Wikipedia)

Where our Libya epitaph could certainly be, in Hillary’s words, “We came, we saw, he died.”, on more than one level,  where “leading from behind” left us stranded in our Mid-East policy  without a camel, goat, ” , nor even a cowry shell left  to trade (see above), the press now keeps reminding us that she has logged more miles traveling than any other Secretary of State in history.  As the world’s “smartest woman in the world”, Gallup Poll’s perennial “most admired woman in the world”,  how hard can it be to list some concrete foreign policy wins under her watch.  Here is the typical piece that has followed her greatness……. champion of  “smart power” (is there such a thing as “dumb power”), champion of women everywhere (except the ones she will crush if they get in her way),  this article meanders along offering bits like this, “Clinton has orchestrated some of the most tactful diplomatic successes the department has seen in a while, and she’s looking to make changes for the long-term“.  It lists two  smashing successes: her Libya triumph ( Ode to Benghazi isn’t the one) and isolating North Korea  (hey Japan,  just duck when the next long-range rocket  (here)comes your way, North Korea knows  it’s place).  In the world where a words’ meanings should depend on more than “what is, is”,  it shouldn’t be too hard to list just a few.  Alas, with her present head injury she has the perfect excuse at the ready to silence any who dare question, “I can’t remember.”  Oh, libertybelle, just hush, you “hater”, everyone knows she’s gone further than any woman before us……….. didn’t they just tell you that ……………. “more miles than any other Secretary of State in history”………

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