You can’t make up this stuff …

Hillary brought up beauty queen, Alicia Machado, at the debate last night, whom she claimed Donald Trump fat-shamed.  In case this former Miss Universe’s, Wikipedia entry is changed, I need to post this mess that’s there now.  Apparently, the Hillary and media fact-checkers didn’t bother.  Here’s the entry on her personal life:

Accusation of accessory to attempted murder[edit]

In January 1998, Machado was accused in court of aiding in an attempted murder in Venezuela, in a shooting for which her boyfriend at the time was indicted. According to the Associated Press, Machado was accused in court documents in Caracas of driving the get-away car for her boyfriend from the scene of the shooting. She was not indicted due to insufficient evidence, although her boyfriend was indicted and the judge stated that there were no alibi witnesses for Machado.[3][4] According to Reuters, the judge presiding over the case subsequently accused Alicia Machado of threatening to have him killed: “she [said] she would make sure, using her friendship with the president (Rafael Caldera), that my career as judge is ruined and then she would kill me.”[5]


In 2005, Machado was engaged to baseball star Bobby Abreu. During their engagement she was on the Spanish reality show La Granja, where she was filmed on camera during the show having sex with another member of the show, Spanish driver Fernando Acaso. She was expelled from the show and shortly after the video surfaced Abreu ended their engagement.[6][7]

On June 25, 2008, Machado gave birth to a daughter, and said that the father was her best friend Mexican businessman Rafael Hernandez Linares. Mexican news sources, quoting the Attorney General of Mexico, reported that the real father of her child was Gerardo Alvarez-Vazquez, the Mexican drug lord, of the paramilitary drug-cartel Los Negros.[8] The christening of her child was subsequently attended by the chief members of the Beltran drug cartel (the Beltrán-Leyva Cartel), including the cartel’s “boss of bossesArturo Beltrán Leyva, his brother Héctor Beltrán Leyva and the drug-lord Edgar Valdez Villarreal, “La Barbie”.[9]

Political views[edit]

On November 24, 2010, BBC Mundo confirmed that Machado had to close her Twitter account after writing a tweet that called for “peace between the Chinas”, referring to North and South Korea.[10] Her gaffe unleashed a rush of insulting posts, prompting her to go offline. “I now have a lot of psychopaths on the account and it’s best I start another one, kisses,” she signed off, according to Venezuelan media.[11]

In 2016, she has been a strong supporter of the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign.[12]

In May 2016, Machado became a U.S. citizen.[13] She has spoken out many times against Donald Trump, who, during her year as Miss Universe, she claims called her “Mrs. Piggy” because she gained weight and “Mrs. Housekeeping” because of her Hispanic background (according to the Clinton campaign).[1] Trump said: “She was impossible” and that “[s]he was the winner and you know, she gained a massive amount of weight and it was a real problem. We had a real problem. Not only that, her attitude, and we had a real problem with her.”[14]

I added the bold-type.   One can only wonder if she was properly vetted, since she just became a proud US citizen..   She might be the perfect Trump poster girl (pin-up?) for his immigration plan, LOL.

Let me post the references from her Wikipedia:


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Update: Here are a few more links, from googling:


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11 responses to “You can’t make up this stuff …

  1. Sam Topeka

    The clear winner of this years election will be America’s enemies.

    Thanks for the research.

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  3. Nice work, LB. They’re scrubbing this stuff as fast as they can.

    • Thanks Malcolm:-) Sean Davis from the Federalist posted a comment on Twitter late last night and then I started googling too. Some writer, Mickey Kaus, and another poster, Emily Bourie, added links too. This is just like the crowdsourcing on Twitter about the Queen’s 9/11 collapse, which started with one personal video of her collapse posted on Twitter.

      I strongly suspect Russian intelligence involvement, with dumping this into Wikipedia, because her Wikipedia had just been altered and it was such a perfectly orchestrated hit. Highly entertaining nevertheless.

      Anderson Cooper interviewed Ms Machado last night and asked her about her past and she didn’t deny the charges about threatening a judge. She said she’s not a “saint girl” and everyone has a past…. indeed, rofl.

  4. Robert

    Liberty, fine work with excellent research!

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