Being a Dupe

Writing about politicians being set-up led me to wonder about me, yours truly being set-up.

Back in 2013, at the height of the push by punditry, McCain and the neocon chorus for Obama to arm Syrian “moderate” rebels, Elizabeth O’Bagy became an overnight media sensation.  It struck me as odd that this young woman could come out nowhere as a foreign policy subject matter expert, being listened to at the highest levels of our government.

I wrote:

The next day, I had a comment  on my blog post:


I noted your comment over on Diplomad’s site from the other day.

Elizabeth (Bailey) O’Bagy

I’d suggest removing the apostrophe and searching for the surname, Obagy. “The Angry Arab News Service” has this to say, “On Elizabeth O’Bagy (the chief US groupie of the Fee Syrian Army) an American correspondent in the Middle East sent me this: “so what they don’t tell you is that she’s a senior member of the Syrian Emergency Task Force the pro-FSA lobbying group which took mccain to syria and is pushing for intervention, meaning she ’s paid by a pro-FSA group.”

What I posted at the Diplomad 2.0 blog was about Elizabeth O’Bagy and her Syrian Emergency Task Force side job as the political director and posted the link to my blog.   Now, I have been trying since 1999 to expose what happened to me during the height of the Clinton Impeachment scandal and in July 2013, I had mentioned the idea of writing about what happened to me, to a state judge, whom I know and whom I trust, in an email.  He is the person who suggested I start a blog, because he told me I have a lot of good ideas.  This judge suggested that using pseudonyms might be safer.  I had told him about what happened to me. So, in July 2013, I wrote Messages of mhere with snarky pseudonyms. I actually know this state judge in real life – he’s not just someone I met on the internet.
Then by September 8, 2013, I’ve got all sorts of new “friends”:
  1. Your site has been recommended to me and from a very brief glance – I am pressed for time today and tomorrow – it has been bookmarked for future reference.

    As for Clausewitz, the main problem is pinning down *exactly* what he means. Translated from the original early 19th century German and written in the sinuous and/or ponderous prose of the German philosophers of his day, it is hard going. He seems to contradict himself, or, cover all his bases along the lines of: ‘if a then b, but if b then a’! It is not surprising to me that even a brilliant general like von Schlieffen misunderstood him.

  2. Able

    He made me come too!😉

    Some of the ‘difficulties’ with Clausewitz are made clearer here:

    In particular the points ‘Clausewitz didn’t actually write On War’ and ‘On War is but the first three of ten volumes of his collected, unsorted and incomplete notes’ clarifies, in addition to the language DD pointed out, some of the lack of … Er clarity(?) in the work.

    Also, the point regarding ‘mechanical metaphors’ is pertinent too, I think.

    DDs reference to von Schlieffen is, I think, a normal assumption regarding the von Schlieffen Plan. I’d question that assumption though, along the lines voiced here:

    The Liddell Hart quote made me think of Fukuyama (a general description) here:

    Both America and Britain are/were high trust societies (depending on interpretation The US more so) but it’s interesting how much else can rely on that basic fact – national economics, military capability, etc. So Pops wasn’t just thinking of you and your interpersonal dealings, he was reiterating what made our cultures/countries great – smart man!

September 8, 2013, I wrote a blog post on an article by G. Murphy Donovan, a frequent writer on national security matters (his bylines have included his experience in national intelligence, he worked for Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper,  long ago, his experience as a Soviet analyst, his being a Tet Offensive vet, etc.). Here’s my blog post and GMD commented:

September 10, 2013 at 1:01 am Edit
I believe I may have hurt myself laughing, reading that link (Thanks and my solicitor will contact you anon).

Oh he’s clever! He reads like Terry Pratchett. Almost each and every sentence has to be re-read to see the real target of the cutting wit.

Another writer to add to my, ever growing, must read blog list.

G Murphy Donovan
September 20, 2013 at 11:26 am Edit
Thanks, Belle. You’re too kind. I’m aware of the virtues of PA dutch cooking. The nearest market here is an hour away and the BBQ brisket alone is worth the drive. if folks ate more moon pies the world would be a better place. GMD.

September 20, 2013 at 8:40 pm Edit
I’m so honored you stopped by my blog GMD! Your recent American Thinker piece “Strategic Blindness in Syria” offered a really clear explanation of how we got to this point of complete strategic incoherence and it’s excellent (as always), but I wondered if you had some big picture strategic goals that might get us on a sounder footing? You’re an intelligence guru, so I’m curious if you think compartmentalizing so much intel-gathering, amongst so many different agencies makes much sense? And one final question, in my impromptu interview here, aside from burning and salting the earth where they plod willy-nilly along in the bowels of this bloated federal bureaucracy, is there any hope, since we’re stuck with these nincompoops who are running our great country into the ground?

The great GMD analysis here:

Murphy Donovan
March 7, 2014 at 6:33 am Edit
Yeah, Holly, I’m always hopeful. But you’re right, I have had most of my experience as an analyst not a policy guru. However, I will say this. Hard to believe Roger Rabbit couldn’t do better than this bunch. I have a piece up today on American Thinker on the Ukraine mess. It will get to the blog eventually.. As for the vocabulary thing, I like to read T.. Dalrymple in the New English Review. He always sends me scrambling for a dictionary. I like, and need, the exercise. All the best.


By September 14, 2013, I’ve now got another Justin (JK) friend commenting –

Malcolm Pollack
September 14, 2013 at 11:22 pm Edit
Spot on, I think. Assad stays put, and not much else will happen. This will drag on and on until it vanishes from memory, like the Amu Darya evaporating in the sands of Kyzyl Kum.

September 15, 2013 at 8:57 am Edit
Thank you Malcolm. Spent a little time checking out your blog and plan to spend a few hours reading more of your older posts. Love it so far:-)


I have some  flirtatious comments from Justin (JK), that I pulled from my blog and  saved, from these first weeks he commented on my blog.   I pulled those comments JK posted in the early days, believing he was a real deal US intelligence person and I was concerned he was being reckless posting stuff like that.  I also thought he might become a problem in my quest to expose thatwitch2016 and what had happened to me, so I emailed JK.   I am convinced he really does have a real intelligence background, I believe the things he told  me too, like he worked for John McCreary, I believe he was sent to be a foreign policy adviser for Senator Cotton’s campaign, I believe he’s from Arkansas.  JK and I emailed back and forth a lot and he provided me a ton of links.  I thought we were friends.   Through  JK, I also was led to the XX Committee blog, Fabius Maximus, Gypsy Scholar, Anna Raccoon and many others.

By September 23,2013, a new commenter arrived,

  1. Minta Marie Morze

    I left a comment here yesterday, and now it is gone.

    What was it I said wrong?

    • Minta, I didn’t delete anything and I have it set up for email notifications on all comments and I didn’t receive any notifications. Please be assured that your comments are always welcome:-)

  2. Minta Marie Morze

    I wrote it on WORD first, to edit it, so I still have a copy.

    Here is my comment from Yesterday:

    Your posts are excellent, as are your links. They give me a great deal to think about, and that is the best kind of blog. I’m delighted to have found your site! I’m glad you commented on Diplomad’s site, with your blog address.

    I get a bit depressed when I realize that both Thomas Sowell and the Diplomad were at UCLA at the same time I was there. I wish I had met them then. (Of course, I doubt if they would have noticed me.) I think that Sowell and Dip are American Treasures, and I wish they were much honored, and seriously listened to, advisers to the government.

    I wish you had some sort of email address. I did a quick Photoshop showing you the secret of the pansy smile, and then I realized I had no way to get it to you!

    By the way, two really excellent sites are and They both have excellent-to-brilliant posts and out-of-the-ordinary commenters.

    Also, by the way, the first time I came to your site, I read back through many, many posts, because I enjoyed each so much. I read your multi-part story, and I absolutely believe you. I want you to know that you have a friend in me.

    Anyway, keep writing, my friend, and I’ll keep reading your posts.

So, along comes Minta, who befriends me and says she has a pansy with a smile in the middle that she made for me and I email her and then she emails me that pansy picture and becomes an email friend and frequent commenter on my blog. She also directed me to the neoneocon blog and

One can only wonder what the connection is between all of these “friends” and who directed them to come to my blog and befriend me.  I know there’s a big name intel person, John McCreary, a big name intel person, G. Murphy Donovan and the former State Department, Foreign Service Officer,W. Lewis Amselem, who writes the Diplomad 2.0 blog, where he tells humorous yarns about his experiences in the Foreign Service.

Now, all along I have had a private online journal where I write about whatever is on my mind and a lot about my plans to expose thatwitch2016. I gave the two state judges, helping me investigate my 1998 impeachment mess,  the password to my private journal, so they know about my plans, but since I believe my computer has been hacked by thatwitch2016 and her minions since 1999, of course, I have been comparing what I write in my blog and elsewhere online, compared to what I write in my private online journals.

I emailed JK and Minta a lot of information about what happened to me in 1998 trying to give them a heads up, because I worried about their safety for emailing me and believing my computer was monitored by that witch.  I stopped calling friends, emailing friends, keep my distance from people, all out of fear that my problem might lead to them being targeted by that witch and her sewer rats (who operate exactly, like Soviet KGB or East German Stasi operatives).

To demonstrate the craziness of living like this so long, last week a box arrived by Fed Ex.  Immediately my concerns were raised, due to my posting comments at National Review urging the GOP leaders to unite and demand a FBI investigation into the Trump campaign media operations.  My immediate thought was, “what if it’s a mail bomb?, because I wasn’t expecting any box.  I carried the box into my kitchen, but then decided to bring it into my computer room to open.  I feared that if it was a mail bomb, from the kitchen it might harm my husband, a 100% disabled vet, who was sitting in the sun room nearby.  The box was Shari’s Berries, so I went and told my husband I got this box and don’t have any idea who sent it.  He smiled and said that he sent it and he said, “Happy Mother’s Day!”

Unlike all these “friends” online, I was never part of “the intelligence” game, I was just a homemaker wanting to chat with people. All the way back in 1998, I was looking at pen pal sites thinking I wanted to find friends around the world again, but then I landed on the Excite politics message boards. I regret every day since, that when I noticed these new posters bullying other posters and trying to silence them, that I didn’t just walk away (anyone experiencing Trump hordes in Disqus comment threads, these were the same type of hordes – Like Genghis Khan and his hordes “swarming”).  Part of my persistence was I like to win political debates, but the larger part is that something in me rebels at bullies trying to impose their will on others.  The only “crime” I ever committed was posting comments on a message board and refusing to back down from epic-size bullies with immense power!

I realized a long time ago that I was played, but I still thought these people playing me were loyal Americans – now I have my doubts.  So, when I don’t respond to your comments anymore – this is why.  I hope they are paying you well….

I refuse to submit to tyranny EVER!  This is still America and I will defend  The Constitution of the United  States against  all enemies, both foreign and  domestic.



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3 responses to “Being a Dupe

  1. Minta Marie Morze


    I hope you will let this comment stay on your blog, as my response to your post.

    I’m deeply saddened and feel lost by this. I have been commenting online on blogs since 2003, and I even wrote my own blog, called “A Few Shiny Pebbles”, which I stopped writing when Obama was elected. Everything I’ve ever written has been pro-American, and to find you questioning my devotion to America and the great American heritage leaves me baffled and hurt.

    I wish you had warned me about this. Seeing my name used this way is heartbreaking. I can’t believe I have to say this, but, no one sent me to your blog, and no one pays me anything. I am a retired artist.

    I believe that you cannot exhibit a comment I’ve made on your blog that was anti-American.

    I wrote you and sent the pansy because you posted on your blog about a woman you visited in the hospital. She said she loved pansies because they smiled, and you said that you never saw the smile. I Photoshopped a pansy and showed that it was “smiling”, to thank you for visiting that woman in the hospital, which I thought was a wonderful thing to do.

    I think you have a generous heart and a really good mind, but you are totally wrong about me.

    If you don’t want my comments or letters, so be it.

    I will, however, continue to read your blog, for the same reason I wrote you in the first place—it’s excellent.

    I wish you good luck, and hope you continue writing. I will miss our correspondence.

    Live long and prosper,


  2. JK

    A clarification is in order: not for the guy more appropriately or perhaps, best put, ol’ JK was more like a guppy while John’s niche up the food chain was maybe oh, King Mackerel or so (at the time). I was gonna go with Great White but I don’t think it’d be appreciated.

    Actually it occurred to me awhile back what you were doing, in your way, was, “protecting” – you know precisely what I mean with that nugget.

    Keep your eyes to the ground LB, you never know when you might spy that one singular gleaming. And fare well, wind at your back et cetera et cetera …

    Oh one last thing, not sent either – haven’t been “active” for a considerable spell – more like, semi-mutual acquaintances “suggested a possible useful knowledge.” JK no longer takes “getting sent” particularly well.

    • If y’all aren’t aware of larger forces at play, then please be careful. Stuff is happening. Stay safe and JK – realllly, watch your back.

      Please, remember the checkers vs. chess planning paradigm, JK. That’s it on comments until I see which way the ill winds blow.

      JK, I’m convinced they’ve been tracking down my friends and my husband’s fellow soldiers from Desert Storm for several years now:-( Who better than americanrommel…

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