G. Murphy Donovan’s good hygiene primer:-)

G. Murphy Donovan writes frequently on intelligence matters and I often think of him as the George Will of the intelligence gurus – often way over my head, where I have to keep my dictionary nearby to look up some of the words, lol.  Well, who knew he could be funny as hell, but this August piece he wrote, The Legacy of Tribes in the New English Review had me laughing out loud.

You’re in store for gems like, “A serious Jew even bathes his chickens. Indeed, after a Kosher chicken gets naked, it is immersed in a salt bath; very hygienic and very tasty too. The mythic qualities of chicken soup are a function of salt, hygiene, and heat. Consider all those cultural contrasts with Arab neighbors. A real, as opposed to a ritual, bath is often the difference between winners and losers.”  Now, to set the tribal record straight, the Jews aren’t the only ones to subject their poultry to a salt bath, because PA Dutch farm women have been doing that for centuries too.  According to the female elders amongst my PA Dutch clan, it’s considered settled science that the salt draws all the impurities and blood out of the bird, resulting in better tasting poultry.  Who am I to question what obviously works based on successful PA Dutch cooking for centuries?  And now I learn this is a wise Jewish tribal practice too, who knew, it’s such a small world after all…


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5 responses to “G. Murphy Donovan’s good hygiene primer:-)

  1. Able

    I believe I may have hurt myself laughing, reading that link (Thanks and my solicitor will contact you anon).

    Oh he’s clever! He reads like Terry Pratchett. Almost each and every sentence has to be re-read to see the real target of the cutting wit.

    Another writer to add to my, ever growing, must read blog list.

  2. Thanks, Belle. You’re too kind. I’m aware of the virtues of PA dutch cooking. The nearest market here is an hour away and the BBQ brisket alone is worth the drive. if folks ate more moon pies the world would be a better place. GMD.

  3. I’m so honored you stopped by my blog GMD! Your recent American Thinker piece “Strategic Blindness in Syria” offered a really clear explanation of how we got to this point of complete strategic incoherence and it’s excellent (as always), but I wondered if you had some big picture strategic goals that might get us on a sounder footing? You’re an intelligence guru, so I’m curious if you think compartmentalizing so much intel-gathering, amongst so many different agencies makes much sense? And one final question, in my impromptu interview here, aside from burning and salting the earth where they plod willy-nilly along in the bowels of this bloated federal bureaucracy, is there any hope, since we’re stuck with these nincompoops who are running our great country into the ground?

    The great GMD analysis here: http://www.americanthinker.com/2013/09/strategic_blindness_in_syria.html

    • Yeah, Holly, I’m always hopeful. But you’re right, I have had most of my experience as an analyst not a policy guru. However, I will say this. Hard to believe Roger Rabbit couldn’t do better than this bunch. I have a piece up today on American Thinker on the Ukraine mess. It will get to the blog eventually.. As for the vocabulary thing, I like to read T.. Dalrymple in the New English Review. He always sends me scrambling for a dictionary. I like, and need, the exercise. All the best.

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