A face-saving exercise

Our President, negotiator extraordinaire, will bask in the glow of reaching a “diplomatic” solution to his Syrian debacle.  The Russians, with their seasoned, highly competent diplomat, Sergei Lavrov, laid down the terms while John Kerry pontificated on and on and on.  At the end, the Russians insist that the US seek no UN authorization to use force, if Assad does not comply and they insist the US not refer Assad to the International Criminal Court for possible war crimes prosecution. (Washington Post story here).

“Oh,  libertybelle, you mean-spirited, partisan witch, how dare you laugh and say, ‘what a bunch of crapola!’?  You just don’t understand how to play weapons inspections charades, so hush your mean-spirited mutterings, you hater!  After all, what would you know after watching this game played for over a decade with Saddam…….”.  Like lambs to the slaughter, Putin leads them and here I am talking to myself……..

No leader is going to relinquish a potent weapons arsenal in the midst of an existential struggle, unless he is being given some other potent weaponry (in large supplies, with training included too) to win the struggle he’s engaged in.  The Russians would have to assure him of victory and even then the logistics of implementing a weapons inspection plan in the midst of a bloody civil war would make me wonder which countries will want their weapons inspectors walking into that.  It’s all a big smokescreen to give Obama cover for his Syrian missteps and the Russians will continue to run this show.  We have just traded away American influence in the region in nothing more than a face-saving exercise.  Did I miss John Kerry packing Jane Fonda in his suitcase, to help him “negotiate” away American prestige?  And our lovely, objective mainstream press is lapping it up and praising this as a “breakthrough”, not a breakdown of American standing in the Mid-East and beyond.


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4 responses to “A face-saving exercise

  1. Spot on, I think. Assad stays put, and not much else will happen. This will drag on and on until it vanishes from memory, like the Amu Darya evaporating in the sands of Kyzyl Kum.

  2. Spot on, I think. Assad stays put, and nothing much else will happen. This will just drag on and on until it vanishes, like the Amu Darya evaporating in the sands of the Kyzyl Kum.

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