Time to rebuild the American Team

Our American principles are enshrined in The Declaration of Independence and The Constitution. We are only strong when we are a nation committed to these firm American principles.

In the Army, they build a strong team by fostering Core Values, and it’s these beliefs that unite us into a cohesive team dedicated to one simple mission:

“To defend The Constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic.”

The founding fathers knew that slavery would be a looming question, that would need to be addressed at some point in the future. They put it off, in order to get southern states on board with ratification. George Washington even left it in his will to free his own slaves.

America is not falling apart because of illegal immigration, which is just one symptom of a dedication to “worship of diversity” over dedication to common civic values and a society complacent with Wholesale Public Corruption, where the collapse of civil order and rule of law attack the very pillars of our Republic.

America sits a divided nation – where every public institution lumbers under the weight of highly-charged factionalized-fighting. One can only wonder what event or chain reaction will set the final collapse in motion. If our Republic is going to survive, the last thing to believe is that “diversity makes us stronger”.

What made America great was not “diversity”, it was diverse people UNITED by a belief in a set of common civic values.

Having common civic values and a common belief in The Constitution would help gird up our once great nation’s crumbling pillars.

Allowing our educational system to be hijacked by those promoting  the diversity doctrine, in my opinion, is more of a threat than even illegal immigration. Just look at the craziness going on in American colleges and these are America’s future leaders. Frankly, many of the millions of illegals, who really like living here can be taught American values, as can people anywhere and that’s been what has drawn immigrants to our shores for centuries.

The US military has taken immigrants, who aren’t American citizens, and successfully integrated them into loyal American fighting men, who embrace our values. Obama of course, has busily been destroying the military, because it’s the last bastion in America where American values still ring loud and true – because the military insists on teaching core values and dedication to our mission every day. Every soldier knows what he is fighting for and it isn’t “diversity”.

The thing that should alarm Americans even more than illegal immigration, is that Americans have stopped insisting their own children become American citizens…..

American children are citizens of leftist nostrums and ideas promoted by anarchists and intellectuals dedicated to “fundamental transformation” of America. American children are indoctrinated from K-12 in the diversity doctrine, along with a whole host of other programs geared to destroy children’s  TRUST in their parents, traditional values and The Constitution.

This is a decades long endeavor to erode American society.

So, Trump might seem like a quick fix, yet in reality he’s a mercurial huckster, without the firm principles to guide a nation torn asunder with factional divides. And at best, he would serve 8 years and judging by his “divide and conquer” mentality, he will just further fuel the partisan divides, that weaken us.  At worst, “The Trump Unpredictable Doctrine” could lead to dangerous and rash actions at home and abroad, leading America into a rapid tailspin, that we can’t recover from.  Of course, Hillary offers the same flaming crash.

We need a “revolution” dedicated to promoting Good Citizenship, where we dedicate ourselves to inspiring  every American to embrace American ideals and principles.

And we desperately need good leaders, dedicated to uniting us and to rebuilding the American team…



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  1. JK

    “It’s not like General Zobrist is in the witness protection program …”

    Nate Hale 12 May 16

    • “I have not yet begun to fight!”

      – Johnetta Paul Jones ( affectionately known to her friends as LB;-)
      13 May 16

    • Young Nate, All out of invisible ink this morning, but if you were to paint someone as a religious zealot or a white nationalist militia type, what better than to have someone with that kind of nickname show up on your blog. Check out comments “fw190 wuerger”:



      The only places I’ve posted comments are National Review and The American Thinker. Posted a comment at Huffington Post and Truth Revolt a long while ago and both comments were gone within24 hours. Posted a comment on a military site – a long while ago about our Syria policy – never checked back to see if it got pulled down.

      So much more I could tell you, but I’ve often suspected your old “team” was sending me emails using your email address – different voice and tone at times. Watch your back and I hope the FBI is the ticket to safety when shit hits the fan:-)

      Back in 2014, I told you about an old friend from Desert Storm era calling me out of the blue on Thanksgiving – hadn’t heard from them since 1991- tried to get you interested in that faked Pinterest Follower list of hers (around March 2015)- her few craft boards and she had 254 followers and most of them men. Her husband was one of my husband’s platoon sergeants – we were good friends with them. Got together on weekends often for dinner and their son was the same age as our sons. That platoon sergeant became a police chief in a small Midwestern town. Strange that she called me on Thanksgiving and also received an email from my husband’s battalion sergeant major during Desert Storm – that same day.

      My kids talk to my youngest sister rather than trust me with problems since that impeachment mess or they go to my sister who is a year older than me. One sister is a retired E-8 – Air Force – worked Public Affairs – trained generals on public speaking – think she even helped train ol’ Clapper:-( She was working for the Chief of Public Affairs for the Air Force during impeachment.

      My other sister is a retired PA state trooper – did all sorts of stuff – lots of homicide and vice investigations.

      Two weekends ago, my husband’s oldest brother stopped by to visit on his way back to Maryland from a trip to FL. He has never visited us – ever and we got married in 1980. My husband grew up in Baltimore – family all dems – younger brother a Baltimore county cop. All sorts of other things swirling about.

      Rarely receive any phone calls from my retired Air Force sister or my oldest sister. Haven’t heard from my retired state trooper sister in many years. Never hear from my two brothers. My children call me almost daily to check up on me and are always relating that they’ve just talked to one of my three sisters. A while back my Air Force sister called and she talked to me as if I was an idiot when I stated Trump was UNFIT to be President after that having US troops commit war crimes as serious policy. She kept talking down to me in manner like I was “incompetent” and she was trying to “help” me. Same script as 1998 replaying.

      Being set-up much…….. They called Cruz “Lucifer”. Been wondering if, I’m being branded a combo of Timothy McVeigh and David Koresh.

      Back in March at National Review – I made a comment about obeying the law and arguing against Trump’s war crimes ISIS plan:

      susanholly  E. Burke  20 days ago
      The author is saying Trump is not a conservative and he isn’t much more than a vacuous, venal mountebank. His behavior is vulgar and vile. Not worthy of championing and assuredly not worthy of excusing!
      Some can also see the evil that is the far-left radicals trying to shut downTrump’s rallies.
      Some are not so blinded by this partisan ideology that we see every issue through an us vs. them prism.
      Keep up the pressure -you and others, who keep ranting for NRO to stop or twisting arms to get them to support Trump, are exposing your true colors and character in the process. The relentless intimidation and strong-arm tactics are bizarre and unAmerican.
      Newt is on Hannity spinning and lying, and selling more poll voodoo – but he has no moral compass – he was having an affair during impeachment and railing about Bill Clinton, now Newt and Callista prance about as moral arbiters – PLEASE……… The hypocrisy is stunning. If these are the elders of the party omg!
      I’ve been around a long time – unexpected things happen, polls are often wrong too.
      For speaking my mind – my computer has been under relentless attack for months – I have some good guys protecting me and all I get is comments like this:
      Angry MFing Texan • 3 days ago
      They are pissed off white Americans that are tired of being called racist and being told thier privileged.
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      susanholly Angry MFing Texan • 3 days ago
      Most Texans are gentlemen who don’t cuss in mixed company. My daughter married one:-)
      You put it in your name 😦
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      Angry MFing Texan susanholly • 3 days ago
      Sorry I might change it. But I’m pissed off right now.
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      susanholly Angry MFing Texan • 3 days ago
      I understand the anger, but raging mobs never solve anything – we need to unite our country, not divide into enemy factions and burn it to the ground. Please read President George Washington’s Farewell Address. He warned about the danger to our republic from extreme factions.
      Maya Angelou, my late mother’s least-liked American poet, said it best:
      “Hate, it has caused a lot of problems in the world, but it has not solved a one.”
      See, sometimes even poets you don’t like say something worth quoting:-)
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      LincolnAppleyard susanholly • 3 days ago
      SURRENDER NOW Sue! It’s the only possible outcome…
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      susanholly LincolnAppleyard • 3 days ago
      This comment has bothered me for hours – was this a threat? Who am supposed to surrender to? I am a law-abiding, private citizen. I’ve never owned a firearm in my life and in fact, I don’t even have a speeding ticket. So, who am I supposed to SURRENDER NOW to? This is a friendly online chat, so what exactly did you mean?
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      So, while you may be just an individual – there’s an orchestrated effort to shut down those in the GOP who won’t back Trump. I am tired of being told that I am a traitor, a slut, a whore, a termagant, and the list goes on, all because I keep saying why I won’t support Trump. And if Trump Nation is the new face of the GOP, I”m taking my little Ripon, Wis schoolhouse figurine and looking for a new party! AS to “SURRENDER NOW Sue! It’s the only possible outcome…” I’ll let law enforcement deal with that! I mentioned George Washington’s Farewell Address and I got that response. I hope the FBI can track down who is attacking my computer!

      Told to SURRENDER NOW, Sue. My computer is under attack a lot

      Stay safe and if shit hits the fan, maybe the FBI is the last safe bastion. I am banking on that myself.

  2. Or Nate here are my comments from a GMD, piece he wrote at The American Thinker – ALL of my comments were removed.. guess they didn’t pass GMD’s All-in for Trump censor


    susanholly Guest 19 days ago
    I’m an American dedicated to The Constitution and our republican principles. Trump’s “nationalists” have shown their stripes quite clearly all over the internet. National Review, whom Trump hordes rail at, felt that Trump nationalism last Saturday night for hours – an orchestrated attack on Goldberg’s article comment thread – started in the evening and went on well into the night. They organized it openly on their alt-right websites, hijacked mods nicknames and when it was over the mods had deleted 9,000 posts of their vile anti-Semitic and racist “nationalist’ fervor. Can’t wait to see the Trump “nationalist” hordes, Trump’s friend, Roger Stone organizes for Cleveland – he even threatened to release delegates’ room numbers online…
    susanholly HoraceJules 19 days ago
    That likely has happened in open state primaries, but he won in these Northeast closed primaries with Republican votes.
    susanholly Tina Trent 19 days ago
    Nasty is in the eye of the beholder. I am not a Cruz supporter, but I am assuredly a Never Trump. I’m open to a third party candidate.
    susanholly Tina Trent 19 days ago
    AT ran an article from a delegate who stated he had received death threat from Trump supporters. Guess he was lying too.
    Megyn Kelly said she’s received death threats from Trump supporters too, all because she dared to ask an “unfair” question – guess she’s lying too.
    susanholly Guest 19 days ago
    The great irony is those most angry about McCain and Romney scream the loudest that conservatives should shut-up and get behind Trump, who is not only not a conservative, he’s not even a Republican.
    susanholly 19 days ago
    Ah yes, “the wisdom of crowds”… Selling that get behind a GOP candidate, who makes no pretense to being a conservative, “you sore losers”, because that’s being a good GOP team-player…. where have I heard this line before…. Trump and his hordes can have the GOP if he’s the new face of the party. I’ll burn my little wooden Ripon, Wisconsin schoolhouse figurine to the ground and call it a day.
    susanholly 19 days ago
    If the “wisdom of crowds” is Trump and Hillary America is assuredly doomed. Trump has alienated more than the folks at National Review and let’s be clear the “extreme right – those alt-right” are jazzed and feel empowered by Trump – they are strong-arm team Trump players. However NR’s stance is a thorn in the side of Trump hordes (crowds), because NR actually got the support of many voices in the mainstream conservative movement – not extremists. These “get on board you sore loser” screeds fit the Trumpian new face of the GOP.
    The Disqus comment thread at NR comes under seige from alt-right Trump hordes constantly. Here at AT, where both for and against Trump articles have appeared, the Disqus comment threads mirror those at NR, Breirbart and other “conservative” sites, so we can see the “wisdom of Trump crowds”, since last summer Trump hordes patrol Disqus comment threads, ready to dominate all Trump discussions and resort gang-up attacks – vile, name-calling is their way to make you shut up and go away or get on the Trump train. If you don’t go away their lovely attempts to “win” the argument ensue. Trump, the “great” team-builder has united the far-right – the alt-right, and nationalist hordes also roam and they’ve taken over comment threads at conservative sites like Breitbart.. Trump the populist, who wouldn’t denounce David Duke on a Sunday show, united those alt-right hordes indeed. Team sport is the Trump way, where it’s threats and name-calling, just like this sore loser screed.
    National Review remains a prime target, because they haven’t done exactly what the angry conservatives were railing about – submit to a candidate forced on them, whom wasn’t a conservative, but now conservatives are being insulted, lectured, called sore losers for not getting in line and uniting behind Trump, who is even less of a conservative than McCain or Romney??? I never warmed to Cruz or Kasich and I understand the “conservative base” anger at the GOP, actually holding to conservative principles. However, if Trump and his hordes are the new face of the GOP, let them enjoy their hostile takeover, I will never unite behind Trump, a vile mountebank.
    The real GOP “establishment” sat on their hands and couldn’t even rally a defense of the party, because they despise Cruz too, who was a Tea Party insurgent, before Trump came along. If Trump becomes the nominee, this time I am done with the GOP.
    Last Saturday night NR was under attack for hours from enthusiastic Trump crowds, organized by alt-right sites, who openly organized the attack on their websites – over 9,000 posts in a non-stop stream for hours on Jonah Goldberg’s column, where they even hijacked mod nicknames to post their filth. The anti-Semitic and racist spews were amazing. I kept checking back to observe this enthused Trump horde at work. For hours no one else could carry on any sort of discussion. Observing online political comment threads is an interest of mine since the Clinton impeachment strong-arm method started there and Trump hordes operate just like the Clinton hordes.
    Cleveland should be fun with Trump friend, Stone, organizing Trump hordes to have on hand to riot. Since conservatives, of the National Review variety, aren’t noted for their taking to the streets or strong-arm tactics, one can only wonder who is signing up to be on hand to riot, if necessary to make sure Trump’s “democracy” reins supreme in our “republic”… Yes, Trump and his “wisdom of crowds” indeed…

  3. Good Old LincolnAppleyard’s comment to “SURRENDER NOW, Sue” comment is also deleted from NR’s Disqus log.

  4. I’ve been thinking for a lonnnnng time the key to why I am being pursued has more to do with the Clinton sewer rats operate just like the old KGB and East German Stasi.

    With O’Bagy, I stumbled onto not only OBagy, but the ISW front operation.

    During impeachment I stumbled onto their mass media INFORMATION WARFARE and the level of their infiltration. Hence, the orchestrating this relentless attack to shut me up and trying to have me locked away in a state mental hospital permanently in early ’99.

    I didn’t just shut up and go away, I have persisted in trying to expose what happened to me during impeachment.

    • Back in 2005, my husband was working for a government contractor in Kuwait training troops going up into Iraq. Our oldest son was a dean’s list student at UGA, majoring in Russian and International Relations. He wanted to do a study abroad to Russia at the end of his junior year. I said it was a lot of money, but my husband said it was a once in a lifetime opportunity. So, he got to St. Petersburg and I still don’t know what all happened – he called and said he didn’t want to stay with this lady and her boyfriend, whom they had placed him with – so he went back to the hotel/dorm and waited for another “host family”. He never did say exactly what happened with this first couple – he said the guy took him out and got him drunk and tried to set him up with a hooker. Then he was placed with a retired Soviet Army officer, whom he said treated him great and he liked that man’s wife and daughter immensely.

      He came back and got heavily into drugs and never did graduate from college.

      Too many strange things. Later, I kept trying to find a way to tell my story from impeachment – tried facebook, didn’t work. And in 2010 I was writing comments on Ralph Peters articles at the New York Post – (circa surge in Afghanistan timeframe). I had finally told a lawyer about what happened, because when I showed up in his office – I saw he had been a JAG general and I was scared he might know americanrommel. He didn’t believe me, so I sent him several letters giving him more details. I told him I was writing comments at Ralph Peters columns and that I had a plan to expose what happened to me. I told him all he had to do was contact americanrommel and mention my name and he would see that man hates me. I had emailed this lawyer my hotmail password and my facebook password. I wrote comments in drafts and then deleted them every few days. After a long while I suspected he contacted americanrommel or something happened, because my hotmail and facebook were hacked at the same time. All comments on Ralph Peters columns were removed.

      Youngest daughter married a soldier from TX in 2008 – his mother came to GA and acted like we weren’t good enough. My daughter brought her future mother-in-law and father-in-law to visit me while I was working at Walmart – obviously we weren’t good enough.

      My husband was already very sick by that point – having problems even walking a few steps without falling down – typical old soldier – heavy drinker – so no one cares – just write it off. He didn’t go to TX to the wedding, so I flew out there with our two sons. The future mother-in-law had her brother marry my daughter and son – her brother is a TX state judge – and at the wedding, I said “Hello” to him and he looked at me like I was dirt and turned away.

      2010 – On facebook -son-in-law’s uncle, the TX state judge starts a blog and is dabbling in Tea Party politics –

      Libertybelle is born and I made some comments in the What’s Hot section.

      The blog doesn’t continue.

      2012- 2 FEB 2012 that TX state judge emails me out of the blue. Now I had sent him one email about a family matter during the intervening 2010-2012timespan and I had also emailed him when I saw my daughter’s mother-in-law had posted about his new blog.

      Here’s what the email said:

      Not to be a name dropper, but I served twice with Ralph in the early years and while he marches to a different drummer, he is right 99 percent of the time. He is right this time, too. Gladius Maximus (I removed his name and used his nickname)
      New York Post
      February 17, 2009
      Pg. 31

      Pakistan’s US POWs

      What’s the plan in Afghanistan?

      By Ralph Peters

      The 36,000 US troops in Afghanistan are prisoners of war. They’re still armed
      and fighting. But their fate lies in Pakistan’s hands, not ours.

      It’s time to rethink our nonstrategy in Kabul. We got our initial actions
      right in the autumn of 2001, slaughtering terrorists, toppling the Taliban
      and empowering would-be allies. But we’ve been getting it wrong every year

      We’re now on the verge of doubling our troop commitment to a mismanaged war
      that lacks sane goals and teeters toward inanity. And we’re putting our
      troops at the mercy of one of the world’s most-corrupt states – Pakistan –
      which has cut a deal with extremists to enforce Sharia law a short drive
      from the capital.

      After taking apart al Qaeda’s base network and punishing the Taliban, we
      should have left the smoking ruins. This should have been a classic punitive
      expedition: We’re not obliged to rehabilitate foreign murderers.

      As for those who exclaim that “We would have had to go back!” – well, so
      what? Had we needed to hammer Afghanistan again in 2007 or 2008, that still
      would’ve been cheaper in blood (ours and the Afghans’) and treasure than
      trying to build a “rule of law” state where no real state ever existed.

      Staying left us with criminally vulnerable logistics – ever the bane of
      campaigns in the region. The Brits and the Soviets both learned the hard way
      that superior fighting skills don’t suffice in Afghanistan: You need
      dependable, redundant supply lines.

      But we rely on a long, imperiled land route through Pakistan for up to 80
      percent of our supplies – a route that Pakistan can close at any time.

      And the Pakistanis have closed it, just to make a point.

      I’m convinced that the recent flurry of successful attacks on supply yards
      in Peshawar and along the Khyber Pass route were tacitly – if not actively –
      approved by the Pakistani intelligence service (the ISI) and the military.

      Previous attacks were rare and unsuccessful. Suddenly, in the wake of the
      Mumbai terror attacks, our trucks were burning. The Pakistanis were making
      the point that we’re at their mercy: They wanted us to rein in a (rightly)
      outraged India.

      They also want the new US administration to multiply foreign-aid bribes.
      (There isn’t enough cash left in the country for Pakistan’s elite to steal.)

      Our response? We’re paying up. Plus, dumber than dirt, we’re turning to the
      Russians for an alternate supply line – after they bullied the Kyrgyz
      government into ending our access to a vital airbase north of the Afghan

      But the central problem is the blind-alley mission. We kidded ourselves that
      we could conjure up a functioning rule-of-law state in the obstinately
      lawless territory known as Afghanistan, whose various ethnic groups hate
      each other unto death.

      Instead of setting a realistic goal – mortally punishing our enemies – we
      decided to create a model democracy in a territory that hasn’t reached the
      sophistication of medieval Europe.

      And our own politics only complicate the mess. Since Iraq was “Bush’s war,”
      the American left rejected it out of hand. For Democrats seeking to prove
      they’re tough on terror, Afghanistan became the “good war” by default.

      Yet partial success in Iraq could spark positive change across the Middle
      East. Success in Afghanistan – whatever that is – changes nothing. Iraq is
      the old, evocative heart of Arab civilization. Afghanistan is history’s
      black hole.

      But President Obama has made Afghanistan his baby to show that he’s strong
      on security.

      What’s the end-state, Mr. President? How do we get there? How do you solve
      the greater Pakistan problem?

      By sending another 30,000 US hostages in uniform? Define the mission –
      what, specifically, are they supposed to accomplish?

      God knows, every decent American should want this ragamuffin surge to
      succeed – but it’s the military equivalent of the financial bailout package: Just
      throw more resources at a problem and hope something works.

      Personally, I’m sick of seeing our troops used as a substitute for
      intelligent policies – while every wonk in Washington drones on about there
      being no military solution to war, for God’s sake.

      No military solution? Great. Bring the troops home and deploy more
      diplomats, contractors and accountants. See how long they survive.

      It’s grimly entertaining to observe how American leftists, who shrieked that
      we should “support the troops, bring them home” while Iraq was all the rage,
      won’t say “Boo!” about Obama’s war of choice. (They’re still not enlisting,

      Our botched deployment to Afghanistan as warriors who morphed into squatters
      defies military logic, history and common sense. The Brits learned – finally
      – that you deal with Afghan problems by occasionally hammering Afghans, then
      leaving them to sort out their own mess. You kill the guilty and “leave.

      Not us. We’re going to build Disneyworld on the Kabul River.

      Ralph Peters is a retired Army officer and the author of “Looking for Trouble.”

      • On 14 March 2012 After exchanging several emails with links to news and military-themed articles Gladius asks this in an email

        “Susan, why don’t you tell us how your really feel. Just kidding, because what we are facing is so serious right now that we have to laugh in order to maintain our composure. Very good comments. Can I pass them on to a bunch of right-wing radical, Bible owning, gun toting conservatives?”

        So, we exchange links and commentary – minus any personal chat like I had with JK. Often I wondered why he was even emailing me since he didn’t seem to even say much, just said he was passing my comments to some friends. I did include some personal comments, nothing like sexting – just personal perspective from my life.

        By 12 Dec 2012 – Gladius writes: “You really should run your own blog. Really good analysis and opinions.”

        He sends me information on WordPress.
        15 Dec 2012 – I wrote to Gladius:

        I’ve thought about setting up a blog, but I’m not very computer savvy. When you put up your Freedom Commentaries how much time did it take to manage it? My husband,(name removed – let’s go with hotshot82nd), is having surgery Dec. 27th to have a shunt inserted inside his skull, so maybe while I’m home taking care of him I can do a bit of research on setting up a blog. The neurosurgeon said in most cases they don’t know what causes hydrocephalus, but a shunt is the only treatment option. hotshot82nd’s unit in Desert Storm was near Khamisiyah when we destroyed a chemical weapons factory and it makes me wonder, but at this point the cause of his condition hardly matters. I stay focused only on dealing with the present situation and try to encourage him to focus on positive things. Since mid-October hotshot82nd has been in a wheelchair and can’t manage on his own for more than short periods of time, so my two sons and I have been shuffling our work schedules so that one of us is here with him. hotshot82nd can’t stand up by himself most of the time and he can’t take more than a few steps without losing his balance. I sure miss (name removed youngest daughter), because she’s very good at nursing and she also is a great help with the household chores. My sons don’t notice dirty dishes or think about dusting and vacuuming.
        I’ve noticed how the liberals have a clear-cut agenda to centralize control in Washington and they’ve turned expanding the reach of the federal government into a science through omnipotent regulatory schemes. Encouraging states’ rights, to include laying the groundwork for arguing for a repeal of the 17th Amendment somewhere down the road, would be the strategic path toward turning this mess around. Giving states the right to select senators would quickly change the dynamic in Washington back to what the founding fathers intended. It would elevate states rights and severely limit special interest power. And of course the conservative stance on cultural issues needs to be tackled too, but the conservative base always allows itself to be dragged to the far-right fringes and the left seems to zero in on some looney zealot on the right as the face of conservatism. We need sensible, decent people to provide “happy warrior” faces on our masthead. I’m weary of watching these GOP insiders negotiate away our country.

  5. So, who comes to my blog to comment, besides Gladius, but Kinnison (Gladius’ best friend – also served in the Army with Ralph Peters two times), who seems to despise me, no matter how nice I try to be. Every other comment is to tell me how brilliant his wife is, how educated she is and that he was an officer and worked with Ralph Peters (he has mentioned that several times).

    So, we go from Ralph Peters column, to my comments disappearing, my email and facebook being hacked (which required me to change my password and I was too scared to contact my lawyer – the JAG general, not knowing if I could trust him). Then along comes Gladius Maximus in 2012 to befriend me.

    ……. to be continued, with installments on GMD too 😉

    Need to go cook some breakfast for hotshot82nd 😉

  6. Nate, here’s one from my emails to jog your memory – My other son enlisted in the Air Force in 2003, served in Iraq and decided to get out after his enlistment. He enrolled in a GA state university, was eligible for the GA HOPE scholarship from his high school record and he had his GI bill. He began dating an old girlfriend from high school, but this very pretty young woman kept showing up to woo him away. This other woman had gone to middle school with my son, but went to a private Christian high school, along with her twin sister.

    Another marriage where my child’s mother-in-law despised me and my husband to the point she did not speak to us at the wedding. My son had a cook-out shortly after they were married at their apartment. I was left inside the house for about a half hour with the mother-in-law, while everyone else was outside. I tried to make small talk and that woman gave me dirty looks and played with her cellphone and laptop, but did not say one word to me. At the wedding I had stepped outside and she was walking up the sidewalk toward the chapel and I smiled and said, “Hello.” She did not say a word, just brushed past me.

    At this cook-out, the twin sister, a rising star in the county Democratic Party, made dismissive remarks about “Walmart people”. I took in my daughter-in-law’s old beagle, because she said her mother said the dog had to go. He had been outside in their backyard, but he learned quickly to love being in the house. It took a lot longer to get him to stop fear-biting whenever you put your hand near him and he became quite fond of being petted a lot. He followed me around the house all the time.( https://libertybellediaries.com/2015/12/13/blog-note-3/ )

    Out of the blue a couple years ago, my son came home and this woman told him she was divorcing him – he said he had no idea anything was wrong. My son works for a large aeronautical corporation, graduated with highest honors with a degree in physics, is a self-taught software engineer and does software engineering for this corporation. He was paying for this woman to go get her masters. I got the dog out of their divorce.

    His wife turned her nose up at us all the time. She wears designer clothes. – and after a year of marriage she never came to our home. I tried to be nice to her – but she looked at me as if I was white trash. She, her mother and twin sister would quickly change directions when they came in Walmart and spotted me – they avoided me. Her mother managed every vacation and holiday that my son and his wife took, while he was married.

    This young woman moved back in with her mother and twin sister. I’ve often wondered about them a great deal – as if they were part of a larger script.

    The mother and her daughters are petite Southern belles, with perfect clothes, perfect make-up too and loyal Democrats. This son of mine is Libertarian to the max – a single issue 2nd Amendment voter. He even likes kooky Ron Paul and there was this prissy young woman showing up at his apartment when he was at college and going to the range with him… Even though she didn’t seem to like risk damaging her perfectly done nails. She had very little interest in their apartment – he learned to cook and seemed to do most of the cleaning too. She was pretty engrossed in Sephora make-up and designer clothes. When she left, she left just about everything from their marriage – furniture, dishes, just about everything. Just packed up and moved back in with her mother and twin sister.

    Very strange.

  7. A little police info from 1999 – My sister in the Air Force flew to GA, because my family was concerned about my behavior. I had started stuttering and was so upset by the crazy crap happening that I didn’t know what to do. When I was physically assaulted – I know who attacked me. So, a sheriff’s deputy showed up (still remember his name) and he had a court order to have me involuntarily committed. My sister and husband stood there looking very upset. The Sheriff’s deputy came in and he said he had a court order to take me into custody. I demanded to see it, but he waved it above his head. Then he pushed me to the floor and handcuffed me with my hands behind my back. I was put in the back of a police car and taken to the county sheriff’s dept. That police car had backed up across my front yard almost to my front porch, rather than parking in my driveway. It was a lot of theatrics and very odd.

    There seemed to be a great deal of confusion, because I was placed in a glass enclosed area and paced back and forth a long time, before I was taken out and placed in the backseat of a police car and driven to a nearby city – to a mental health facility. My husband was in the front seat of the police car. The local police situation seemed very bizarre and confused.

    This county is completely owned by the Democratic Party.

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