Donald Trump’s response isn’t the problem

Since I haven’t weighed in on the Donald Trump flap last week over the question from the man in the audience asking Trump a question about Muslim training camps in America, which the man prefaced with the assertion that President Obama is a Muslim and not even an American, here it goes with my thoughts.

I like to break statements into parts, because that man’s question had 5 parts, so let’s look at the parts.

  1. The man states we have a problem in American and that problem is Muslims.
  2. President Obama is a Muslim.
  3. President Obama isn’t an American
  4. There are Muslim training camps in America
  5. What will Donald Trump do about the problem (which broadly the man might mean Muslims in America in general or he might have meant the Muslim training camps.  I doubt he was asking about a specific course of action on his assertions that President Obama is a Muslim and not an American).

Let me deal with parts 2 and 3 first, President Obama attended the Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago for almost 20 years, where the controversial Reverend Jeremiah Wright served as the pastor.  Wright, as we all know, became a lightning rod when his anti-American diatribes became political fodder, because President Obama made statements that Rev. Wright had been his close friend and spiritual mentor for those long years. This begs the question, what are President Obama’s views, since Wright preaches black liberation theology, antisemitism, anti-Americanism and he blamed 9/11 on America, not on the Islamic nuts who attacked us.

I will take the President’s birth certificate, that was reluctantly produced, as legit,which makes him an American, but on the larger issue of his spirit, he has acted in ways that undermine America on the international stage and has consistently used the Presidential bully pulpit to inflame racial hostility and jumped into racial issues in the news, before the facts were even known.  From the “Cambridge police acted stupidly” to his Trayvon Martin comments, on to Ferguson, NY, Baltimore, his track record on fomenting racial tensions and prematurely passing judgment speaks for itself. He does race-baiting and makes grand pronouncements on these issues, which when the dust settles are proven to be lies.  He consults with Al Sharpton, a virulent anti-Semite, a purveyor of hate, a tax cheat, and a proven liar.

In 2009, President Obama appointed Van Jones to be his Special Advisor for Green Jobs.  Jones is an avowed communist and radical, who belonged to a group called STORM, which advocated an actual armed revolution in America, not to mention Jones aligned himself with 9/11 truthers, who believe that attack was an inside job, not the work of Islamic terrorists.

So, while I can’t read another person’s heart, President Obama is an American, but I certainly question his American spirit, even though I never believed he was born outside the United States or that he’s a secretly practicing Muslim.  Religion may play a role in how he leads his daily private life, but in his public life and political decisions, his belief system appears to be far-left, college campus radicalism.  And yes, I consider that “un-American” rather than not being an American citizen and in my book being “un-American” is a greater “sin”.  As President, he has weakened America’s military, undercut America’s credibility around the globe, created and fueled racial animosity and even undercut civilian law enforcement.  He has elevated black thugs as heroes, while casting police officers as the enemy of the people.

On the broad issue of Muslims in America, yes, we have a problem.  The punditry class, both left and right, marches in PC lockstep and bends over backwards to assure us that most Muslims in America are law-abiding, loyal Americans, which is true.  This White House uses the “lone wolf’ to describe attacks inside the US perpetrated by radicalized Muslims – they are never connected to radical mosques or radical imams, nope, they just get on the internet and read up at radical Islamist websites, then attack.  It’s a lie and our media repeats the “lone wolf” explanation from this administration, brushes each case off into the old news repository, out of sight and mind, then off they go ready to nod and repeat the next shallow left-wing spin and repeat administration narratives or jump on the 24/7 cable news punditry soapbox to do an Oprahesque hand-wringing about the anger and hate in America, which always means someone from the political right is the hater, never the young black thug who robbed a convenience store or the double-whammy left-wing special interest poster boy, a black Muslim young man who drove hundreds of miles to wage jihad in America.

What both Muslims and blacks in America have is  a “lone voice” problem.  Peer pressure and group identity politics keeps the vast majority of both groups silent or nodding agreement with the rabid, dominant political leftists who castigate and stigmatize blacks and Muslims who veer away and become “lone voices” in the far, left political wilderness.  Blacks who become vocal opponents of leftist policies, get marginalized and taunted as “Uncle Toms” or “plantation Negroes”.  Muslims who stray from the radical fringe, which plays both advocators of violent Jihadists and the chorus of Muslim victimization, with the refrain of endless Islamophobia, get shunned and face death threats from fatwas.

Even in cases where the connection to a particular mosque with radical Islamist ties emerges, the press doesn’t even ask the questions, but will charge full steam ahead attacking straw men or in the case of the Garland, TX case, they attacked Pamela Geller.  Those two jihadists were connected to the Phoenix mosque.  That imam played the Islamophobia card and pretended he didn’t know anything about one of the suspects being a radical.  Here’s a quote from a CNN report:

“Members of a mosque the suspects attended, the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix, are in shock about what happened, said its president, Usama Shami.

Simpson was a regular worshiper at the mosque until around 2010 or 2011, about the time the FBI arrested him on the false statement charges.

During that time, he offered no signal that he held radical views, Shami said.

“He was a gentle person,” Shami said of Simpson. “He always had a good attitude, a good demeanor.””

Pamela Geller’s actions and motives received endless dissection and castigation by the media, but CNN didn’t dig into investigating that Phoenix mosque or the radical jihadists connections within many mosques in America.   You can google Geller yourself and find her criticized and reviled by the punditry class on both left and right.  But the imam, playing dumb about a radical jihadist within his own mosque, despite knowing full well the FBI has been investigating the radicals within his mosque, got a free pass.

With the Muslim exodus from the Mid-East and beyond into Europe, it’s not unreasonable to be concerned about “Muslim training camps in America”.  Carol Brown wrote a piece on that at the “American Thinker” just today: “Muslims of America terrorist training compounds”.  I certainly would like to know for sure, when terrorist leaders keep ranting for their followers to attack America.

On September 10, 2015, the White House announced that the US will accept at least 10,000 more Syrian refugees (catch that wording at least, which means that’s a low-ball number).  Secretary of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson insists the administration will do a thorough vetting and background checks of refugees to weed out extremists, but how they will do that remains a mystery.  Reports of the huge fake Syrian passport black market recently and since our government does not deal with President Assad’s government in Syria led me to wonder who are they going to consult to “verify” the identities and backgrounds of these refugees. And since 9/11, we, meaning ordinary Americans, have heard many times from the media and “experts” about the many aliases of Islamist terrorists, so Secretary Johnson, just how are you going to do these background checks??? It’s a huge smokescreen with plumes of hot air and lies!

That man in the Trump audience, might be an out and out racist, xenophobe, or he might be just an average American concerned about alarming trends he’s seen with this President.  Of course, the thought occurred to me, immediately that he might be a domestic political plant, a provocateur sent in to create a problem for Trump and create a media storm, in which case it worked.  Both the Democrats and the Republican establishment want Donald Trump eliminated from the race, so this idea is not totally crazy.  The man certainly seemed to recite his question carefully to hit all the “right-wing nut” themes – broad, vague Muslim charge, birther-ism, Obama’s a closet Muslim, then the training camps with echoes of UN black helicopters thrown in. Has the press bothered to check into who that man is? It wouldn’t be the first time competing politicians tried to sabotage one another.

As to how Donald Trump handled it, well, even though I can state that under no circumstances will I ever vote for Donald Trump, in this situation I believe he did the best he could and when put on the spot like that, actually his response was the TRUTH – there are a lot of problems to look at; with radical Muslims and Muslims in general, the first group speaks, “death to America” loud and clear, the later group’s silence is deafening and alarming.


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7 responses to “Donald Trump’s response isn’t the problem

  1. Minta Marie Morze

    Outstanding post!!

    I encourage everyone who reads it to send copies and links to everyone they can think of.

    The press has not, to my knowledge, identified the man or said anything about him, which leads me to believe my first impression was right: he was a plant. When the press ignores someone like this and only concentrates on the question itself, it automatically raises a red flag.

    Again, excellent post!

  2. JK

    Echoing Minta’s observation I can only add Trump’s Inquisitor – with the peculiar framing of his “question” – it seems to me LB, might very well have been “constructed” by none other than a certain Monocular Visioned fellow we are both familiar with from another site.

    That Trump failed to recognize he was being hit with “all the high points” then fail again to respond as one aware Campaign Events are not so different from making a deal (negotiation in other words) puzzles me somewhat.

    Of course a negotiator “in the moment” – and basking at the highest poll plateau – could be forgiven a little over-enthusiasm – and miss seeing the oncoming bus.

  3. Oh, yes, that did sound like that fellow, JK. Then again the partisan talking points on both sides cover the same tired-out themes.

    I wrote a comment at National Review this morning on Marco Rubio’s foreign policy piece – under my other name, susanholly…. As usual, I ran really long, but I said what I wanted to say.

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