Ben Carson thrown under the “Islam” bus

The media has tried to throw Ben Carson under the very same “Islam” bus that rolled over Donald Trump, leaving Trump (and his hair) not quite flattened, but a little unsteady on his political feet, after his strange hit and run encounter (with what sure smelled like a plant in the audience). With Carson that bus spent the weekend backing up and running over him a few more times. CAIR went on the Islamophobia warpath, demanding Carson drop out of the race, but what Carson said isn’t hate speech or religious bigotry – he’s speaking the truth.   Carson, in his quiet, thoughtful manner offers his reasoning, that tenets of Islam are not consistent with the US Constitution, which is irrefutable – Sharia law, with its totalitarian tenets is incompatible with our principles in the Declaration of Independence and with the US Constitution. Andrew McCarthy at National Review lays out the case, in his usual brilliant style:

“These assertions would not be nearly as hotly debated if the political class and the media had not sought for decades to suppress all discussion of Islam – other than mindless blather about its being a “religion of peace.” If we had been having the adult discussion we should have been having, it would be well understood by now that Islam is not merely a religion but a comprehensive societal framework with its own legal system.

Why is that important to grasp? Because in the West, we recognize a division between the spiritual realm and political life – a division reflected in our Constitution. Mainstream Islam recognizes no such separation. While Islam unquestionably has tenets that we would recognize as religious in nature (e.g., the oneness of Allah), it is also teeming with rules that control law, governance, the economy, military affairs, social life, hygiene – virtually everything we see as the realm of politics and self-determination.”

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