A GOP Post Mortem

Out of a field of 17 GOP candidates, you can track which ones the Clinton machine wanted out of the race most, by the relentless scorched earth character assassinations and as soon as any of them got even a bump in the polls, Trump moved to brand them and the mass media saturation with relentless chatter of talking heads and polls,  aided and abetted him. Drudge was an amazing agitprop agent, but FOX News too – all in for Trump, except for a short span where FOX wobbled. They are so in for Trump that they’re like Soviet apparatchiks reading prepared scripts. FOX is a foreign-owned corporation – not loyal to America or American interests – they work to fuel constant agitprop among the right.

So, there were two so-called “insurgents” left and Cruz positioned himself early on in the campaign to cater to Trump.  It took his wife being viciously attacked before he finally took a stand.  So don’t be surprised, despite the attacks on his wife, if Cruz, who had made no friends in the Senate and stands on principle, will come out and proclaim he’s all in to unite the party. Don’t be surprised if Trump makes a deal with Cruz.  Too many strange things in the Trump and Cruz campaigns.

Toss out all the psychological claptrap and look at the nuts and bolts, because it will make figuring out the cast of characters go much faster. The most tightly knit groups are first the family, then the ethnic and religious groups people are reared in. Political ideology is a potent factor too, but it’s power only exerts a great deal of influence over the most ardent believers. The first three, family, ethnic and religious ties are much tighter and harder to break.

Here’s what I see:

Obama – loves Alinsky (a far-left radical, founder of community organzing, btw) community organizer in far-left activist central, Chicago,  parents Marxists, grandparents Marxists, father also a rabid anti-colonialist, mentors , all Marxists, into black liberation theology, connected to many Marxist activists, like Van Jones and closest adviser is Valerie Jarrett, a Chicago far-left activist, whose parents were Communists.

Hillary – far-left radical Alinskyite with a Muslim Brotherhood companion, husband an epic philanderer, epic corrupt politician, but he’s likely the most brilliant political strategist in America.  She sucks at strategic-thinking and diplomacy, but she’s a world-class liar and at plotting revenge.

Trump – the biggest dupe in American history, “great” crony capitalist, got conned by Clinton operatives, the very same ones who introduced the “war room” to American politics, with such lovely strategies to take American politics into “information warfare”…. endless agitprop to divide America into hostile, frothing enemy camps – BLM and neo-nazis set to clash in Cleveland…

And then there’s

Cruz – whose father “might” have been a communist and the Clinton scorched earth team (Trump’s real political advisers, likely one step removed and being run through a surrogate – Lewandowski is my guess) dug up this Lee Harvey Oswald story (they don’t just find the skeletons in the closet, they dig up the dead and examine the bones).

I’ve always thought the Clinton sewer rats who latched onto Bill Clinton, a pretty centrist good ol’ boy, operate like the old East German Stasi or KGB in their “intelligence-gathering”. They introduced “information warfare” into American politics and their spin/talking points which is mass media saturation strategy (military swarming strategy in an information battlefield), impeachment brought out their mass media saturation coupled with ruthless character assassinations and take no prisoners assault (scorched earth – a war crime in real war).

Trump launched scorched earth against the GOP and GOP candidates. All supposedly with barely any staff or money spent – that is a YUGE lie.

Cruz’ gimmick with the Trump supporter who had all the snappy comebacks the other day – looked kind of fake to me.  It reminded me of the Trump supporter in Chicago holding a “Vets for Trump” sign, who had this whole soliloquy prepared about Reagan coming to his school as kid – seemed like he was scripted.  Just like that leftist plant at a Trump rally in the Fall with the prepared memes.  This stuff is staged agitprop and the media rolls with it – no questions asked – not even, what is your name.  That Chicago Trump supporter said he wasn’t a vet – someone just gave him a sign and that FOX reporter talked to him a long time.   The media sells this nonsense as part of the manufactured  controversies to keep America roiling in anger and  division.  During the Baltimore riot mess, the street thugs stood down and there is Geraldo on the street talking to thugs and praising them – they were anarchists, and sure sounded like they were given their talking points, when the public reaction to the rioting started turning on them.  That black grievance agitprop is orchestrated in collusion with the Obama administration…   The media just runs with stuff, no fact-checking or even getting a name, they turn this man-on-the-street staged agitprop into national conversations on TV news punditry to create a national dialogue….

I avoid the feelings and psychobabble or the endless dissection of polling data and focus groups crap and try to identify the messages being sold and how often they are repeated to create opinion cascades.  The Left is down to hashtag messaging, while the Right still tries to “win the debate” – you can’t win against a mass media saturation swarming with talking points – talking points are like  the commercial jingles that get into your head and you can’t forget them.  There’s no “debate” to be won and Trump gets this – he is a salesman and his comment about  how he could  shoot someone on 5th Avenue and his supporters would remain loyal or his comment that if his crowds started leaving his rallies,  all he had to do was start yelling “build that wall”………he’s a con man who knows his marks.  He never bothered to come prepared to “win a debate” – he was there as a hit man, prepared for  character assassination hits.  The media sold his character assassinations as winning though.  The GOP candidates played checkers and Trump was playing sophisticated information warfare.  Once Rubio and Cruz tag-teamed him and made him look stupid – he bailed on debates.

And out of all the campaign spokespeople in America, Trump who hires the “best” picked Katrina Pierson – a Tea Party volunteer for Cruz’ Senate campaign, a woman with ethnic slurs in her social media, and a woman who was alleged to have had an affair with Cruz.  How on earth did she come to Trump’s notice???    Just like I believed that Fields/Lewandowski controversy was staged.  I suspect Cruz ,the other insurgent, might be a YUGE fraud too- a candidate who moved ever further to the right of Trump and although he’s a brilliant man – positioned himself so far out of the mainstream, kept the wacky religious sideshow with Beck going, and used bizarre rhetoric that he knew was inflammatory “carpet bombing” …   In IN things got too strange – the Carly announcement, and even Heidi Cruz, knowing the sensitivity about Trump hyping the Cruz birther issue, she was saying Cruz is an immigrant???  If a Cruz/Trump pact emerges the GOP should be very worried – their party was taken over by the two “Insurgent” campaigns.

Sure the party politics in DC is a sea of corruption and needs to be cleaned up – but Trump is a crook – that is what crony capitalism is – buying politicians and he’s an extreme narcissist, who can be easily played – just tell him he’s “great” and he loves you…  Cruz – I am not sure what he is – another mystery like Obama. Cruz was down on the border handing out teddy bears to those swarms of illegals with Glenn Beck, then he’s tough as nails on illegals now – just like Trump was for and against illegals, abortion, and his enablers sell him as he doesn’t have any ideology  – he’s just all about “Make America Great Again”….

Look, this scorched earth stuff is planned by ruthless Leftist professional operatives who already had this research dug up long before the 2016 campaign even kicked off. They track every move these candidates have made from birth and they send operatives to talk to people, to pour through court records, and every government file they can get their hands on – they aren’t like Republican opposition researchers. Trump had perfectly timed character assassinations with coordinated media stories planted to fuel it, but a shell of a campaign staff  (a Potemkin Tower). Trump initially had Roger Stone, one of the dirtiest poltiical operatives in Republican politics and even he choked on Trump’s scorched earth after the “bleeding out of her wherever”, so Trump was getting advice elsewhere and on the Right, I can’t imagine him finding much deeper into the sewers than Stone.  He ran Carville/Begala scorched earth…

The bizarre antics of Cruz, the least liked candidate and most far-right, was allowed to be left standing as the other “GOP Insurgent” and now they will “unite” the party they took down.  Cruz’s campaigning with the aid of bizarre religious antics and Glenn Beck’s wacky prophecy crap, made even many on the religious right uneasy, but he was left standing in this scorched earth campaign???  It’s was all staged agitprop.  I still believe that Tea Party movement should be carefully investigated, along with all these Soros-funded agitprop on the Left.  Bad vibes from them.

Then there is Kasich, hanging around, as some last-ditch effort at trying to save the party from the hostile takeover perhaps , BUT reports say he has gotten funding from Soros.

In the larger big picture, there were two hold-outs to Obama’s “fundamental transformation”,  which is aided by hostile foreign intelligence infiltration. – the US Armed Forces and the GOP – both are being dismantled at a rapid pace – and volatile ethnic and race clashes are being deliberately fueled.

The GOP leadership should demand the FBI investigation expand the Clinton Criminal, Inc. investigation to this deliberate sabotage of the GOP primary. There is nothing to be gained by getting behind Trump, a vile corrupt crony capitalist, who either knowingly used scorched earth against his “fellow” GOP candidates or he was duped into using it, a strategy that would assure a weakened GOP in the general election.



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  1. JK

    I’d humbly suggest “a pretty good” post mortem was written in 2012.

    Too bad not enough (of the right) people studied and absorbed it:


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