The Class War in America

In numerous previous posts I’ve chronicled Donald Trump’s candidacy for President as a Republican ( here, here, here, here).  In a post He never means anything serious till he talks about justice and right”there’s an analysis of the populist appeal of Trump.  All that said, and with it being stated numerous times, that I will never support or vote for Donald Trump, let me explain that the people supporting Trump aren’t uneducated idiots, fools or white trash Walmart shoppers, as yesterday’s David Frum’s uppity commentary, “Donald Trump’s Walmart Candidacy”, at the Atlantic asserts:

“Which leaves the Republican race looking like American retailing: many specialized stores to serve the various wants and wishes of the well-heeled—and one vast Trump super-store dominating the down-market all by itself.”

Let’s talk about class in America.  In our supposedly egalitarian republic, media elites, Hollywood elites, political elites and academic elites routinely dismiss Americans in the blue collar and below income bracket as trash, ignorant, as beneath notice.  Finally, voters in the “Walmart class” as Frum labeled the less well-heeled, decided to take their business elsewhere and he can denigrate them with snide social snobbery, but frankly they’ve had enough.

The reason Donald Trump’s gained traction can be traced directly to decades of the GOP’s loyal conservative base being  promised support for conservative issues, only to be repeatedly betrayed  by the GOP political elite.  Yesterday, after weeks of the House drama in late October over the speakership, where Ryan pretended to be a fiscal conservative to gain the support of the Freedom Caucus, he supported a $1.1 trillion dollar spending bill, that funded the Obama wish list.  The GOP base betrayed again by its own party leadership and then GOP elites wonder why the GOP base is sick of the party elites and insiders???  Rush Limbaugh fumes;

“This was out-and-out, in-our-face lying, from the campaigns to individual statements made about the philosophical approach Republicans had to all this spending.  There is no Republican Party!  You know, we don’t even need a Republican Party if they’re gonna do this.  You know, just elect Democrats, disband the Republican Party, and let the Democrats run it, because that’s what’s happening anyway.  And these same Republican leaders doing this can’t, for the life of them, figure out why Donald Trump has all the support that he has?  They really can’t figure this out?

Repeated stabs in the back like this — which have been going on for years — combined with Obama’s policy destruction of this country, is what has given rise to Donald Trump.  If Donald Trump didn’t exist and if the Republican Party actually does want to win someday, they’d have to invent him.  It’s just mind-boggling when you figure out everything that has been granted Obama. All the money, the tax increases, the Cadillac plans in Obamacare. All kinds of punitive things in Obamacare, delayed yet again so that people will not be made aware of the pain and suffering Obamacare’s gonna cause.”

Here’s a clue for the elitist snobs in America, who belittle, mock, denigrate and underestimate the millions of hard-working Americans, many of whom shop at Walmart – Americans, by the millions, are fed-up with Washington!  While all of the GOP elites who chat amongst themselves at their fancy cocktail parties,  but also hobnob amongst the Democrat elites in New York, LA, DC and the Hamptons,  the base of the GOP has risen in revolt.  These elites recoil in horror at the anger and disdain directed their way and wander around dazed and confused, while the Democratic Party elite celebrates, but beware,  the Democratic Party is not immune from the same populist anger as the BLM and other economically disadvantaged in their party foretell.  America has lost faith in its leadership.  And for the media – America does not trust you to report the truth!

I got sick of the Boehners and McConnells and McCains of the party years ago, so I commend those who stuck it out longer.   And to David Frum, former GWB speechwriter, well, we, the peons, although lacking your Harvard education, your keen intellectual insights, and being mere lowly, uneducated Walmart shoppers, still know that in America, WE are THE PEOPLE and WE get the last word to say, “YOU’RE FIRED!”

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  1. Robert

    Libertybelle, well said ! I told a certain English blogger this morning that these GOPe types who have sold us out are actually the real “undocumented Democrats”. This is compromise DC style…Dems get what they want and GOPe get some good press. Time to break the whole apparatus apart. And you are right also, the Dems have a dependent collection of their own. They must be fed and cared for too. Running a plantation can become a tricky affair.

    Also in most WalMarts, don’t they sell firearms?

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