The Obama/Black Grievance Community/Arab money connection?

Another amazing connection!  I posted a comment on the The Diplomad 2.0 blog yesterday:

There’s a large organizational structure that is funding, coordinating, facilitating these racial flashpoints, which sure looks to me much like the Van Jones STORM manifesto, pages 53-54…. “Moving the Resistance to Revolution”. Of course, this will be dismissed as just a wild conspiracy theory, but there’s a strange connection between radical black nationalists like Shabazz, the Black Guerrilla Network, the Nation of Islam, where we have Islam melded with black nationalism/gangs and then the neat and clean mouthpieces like Van Jones and his friends in the White House. The thugs in the streets are the sideshow, while a new federal regulatory scheme for all law enforcement is being stealthily advanced. It’s all about seizing control of all levers of power.




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