Hillary and the American Future

Hillary Rodham Clinton must never be elected president. Indeed, she must not even be allowed to run for the office. Because her emails may be in Russian, Chinese, and other hands, she is personally compromised. The future of the country sho….

This is the first article I’ve come across (other than my own) openly stating the obvious, that Hillary’s private emails, from her now destroyed private email server, are safely stored in the hands of several countries hostile to US interests – making her (and the US) vulnerable to bribes and extortion.  Due to her own behavior and lack of concern for national security protocols – she presents a huge national security risk.  In a rational country all people employed in top levels of the executive branch would be required to undergo complete background checks and meet standards for security clearances, plus follow all these protocols in the execution of their duties.  a private server in her home, hardly meets the standard of secure.  No one has asked her what measures did she take to keep her server secure from cyber attacks, oh, and the Secret Service protection hardly answers that.  What a lame red herring that line was!  In addition, with this administration, one can only wonder how many political cronies received waivers.  Now, that would be an interesting fact to know…   Heck, in the interest of fairness, I’d like to know how many top level security background checks were waived under the last 5 or 6 presidents.


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3 responses to “Hillary and the American Future

  1. JK

    Not to put too fine a point on it but, the bribes are already paid.

    Blackmail however.

  2. JK


    Insert Trigger Alert! between the separation.

  3. Yes, JK, that definitely warranted a trigger warning, lol. Saw your comment at M.’s btw.

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