Click your heels, Dorothy

The Wizard of Oz shows us the new yellow brick road, with the roll-out of his new plan. Later today, hopefully, I’ll compile a list of thoughts and links to understand Phase II of the Obama Fundamental Transformation of America Plan, but until then, here’s an appetizer:

Interim Report of the President’s Task Force On 21st Century Policing

I haven’t had time to read it yet, so if you find the executive branch power grabs from the states, please fill us in.  The racial discord is being deliberately ginned up to set the political climate to ram these changes through with public support and little chance for opposition to organize or resist.

As I type this, an evil witch (thatwitch2016), one never to miss an opportunity to pander using a crisis,  speaks offering her own vision to unite America.

Beware, just click your heels, Dorothy, and repeat after me, “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home.”  ….


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2 responses to “Click your heels, Dorothy

  1. Minta Marie Morze

    Liberty, my friend, listening to the Left reminds me of a skit in a movie (I think by Neil Simon, and my memory of the bit is really rusty) where a wife comes in to find her husband and a prostitute in bed. As she is gasping and incoherently reacting, the prostitute and the husband get up, both get dressed, and the prostitute leaves the room. The husband makes the bed, straightens his tie, and looks at his wife. He says something like, “What’s for dinner, Dear?” as he does something like pick up a newspaper to read it.

    There is a complete silence, and then the wife the wife says something like, “Stew,” or something, and the man leaves the room. The wife stands there for a moment, and then leaves the room to fix dinner.

    It’s like that with the Left. The Left has controlled Baltimore since about 1967, and yet you’d never know it by the MSM reports. Hillary said that there needs to be big changes—although she never admits will it is her own side that controls from the very top, and the bad situations in the inner cities of America have been the results of her own side’s actions over years. Just as with Detroit. (Controlled since 1962 or so.) The Progs are like the husband in the skit, outwardly oblivious to reality, unattached to what they themselves have planned and carried out. The public is set up to play the wife. I leave the rest of the interpretation to you. :o)

    Thanks for the link above. (I love your links!)

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