Blue cheese still stinks

As a child my mother taught us to eat whatever was served when we were guests and to never utter a word of complaint.  I vividly recall eating dinner at a friend’s home, where there were 8 children in that family.   Her father dished out the food from the head of the table and they passed the plates around to each child.  Everyone got the same thing.   On this particular night, her mother had made spaghetti and there was a large bowl of tossed salad, from which her father dished out salad and poured on blue cheese salad dressing, then he dished out spaghetti  right next to the salad.  I had never eaten blue cheese salad dressing and the first bite startled me and made me want to spit it out,  but of course I couldn’t do that, so I swallowed it.  Her mother asked me if everything was okay and I said, “Yes, everything is very good.”  Then I focused my attention on eating every bite of that salad and the spaghetti, without giving any indication that all I wanted to do was barf.

That’s the kind of focus it takes to swallow the blue cheese dressing on the tossed salad of PC lies about Islamic terrorist attacks in America.   The reporting of the attack on a Philadelphia police officer by a 30 year-old black man had the mayor of Philadelphia declaring there was no Islam to see with this attack, yet the Philadelphia police commissioner stated that the shooter said he had declared allegiance to ISIS and shot the police officer to defend Islam.  Clearly the shooter expressed a religious belief in his actions.

As the afternoon wore on, some politicians and some in the PC media insisted the shooter was nuts, after all the shooter’s mother had told them that her son had been hearing voices and  had mental health issues.   The mother also reported that her son had become a very devout Muslim.

Are being mentally-ill and being a radical Islamic terrorist mutually exclusive conditions?

The shooter reportedly used a stolen gun.   From whom did he get that gun?

The shooter was reportedly a known felon who turned to Islam in prison.  Might we inquire if the shooter belonged to a black Muslim prison gang or who his spiritual advisers were in prison?  Or is that too inflammatory to ask?  Did he attend a mosque?

Late in the evening several TV news reports said the FBI is checking into whether the shooter had traveled to Saudi Arabia.  If that turns out to be true, might we inquire where he came up with the money for such a trip?

President Obama always quick to jump into racial dramas where he can cast the police as acting stupidly remained silent on the white Philadelphia police officer shot in cold blood by a young black, self-proclaimed Muslim man, who stated he had pledged allegiance to ISIS.   Did I miss the President taking to the air to condemn this terrorist attack on American soil?

Here’s a rundown on the story:

Look, here’s a clue – the black community has it’s own radical Islam problem.  Much of it percolates from within the US prison system, where foreign money and Islamic prison gangs convert many young black men to Islam.  Outside of the prisons many black gangs and groups recruit, agitate and incite crimes and promote radical Islamic ideology.  Clue, they were there in Ferguson and Baltimore, but some hide under benign names like National President of  Black Lawyers for Justice .  And some of that blue cheese comes straight from the White House.  The Islamic/black gang/ black grievance industry nexus needs to be thoroughly investigated.  I’ve written about this before: here, here, here.

Blue cheese still stinks,  but I think I could choke that down better than these pathetic politicians trying to cover-up the truth.

Added thought:  After a look into the Islamic/black gang/ black grievance industry nexus, perhaps it’s time to look into decades of Arab money directed toward American black colleges and black college students too.   Perhaps, President Obama can offer some insights into this topic…


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2 responses to “Blue cheese still stinks

  1. Robert

    I’m sure you noticed those signs in Ferguson and Baltimore condemning Israel and supporting Palestinians. Totally irrelevant to the events at hand but every bit needed agitprop for the “bigger picture”.

  2. Robert, Agree completely, the rabid hatred of Jews, inculcated starting in infancy, defines Islamic indoctrination. Funny how the American political left runs around screaming about “Islamophobia” and hate speech again, but remains completely silent on anti-Semitism.

    I posted the link at waka of Andrew McCarthy’s piece on Bosch Fawstin, the winner of the Garland, TX Mohammed cartoon-drawing contest. Fawstin, most of the leftists shills ranting about Pamela Geller, actually grew up in the Bronx, in an Albanian Muslim family, which he describes:

    “Growing up, Fawstin increasingly sensed incongruity: His family was “moderate” in their adherence to Islam, rarely going to mosque and selectively following sharia strictures; yet the Jew-hatred and misogyny that are hallmarks of Islamic supremacism ran rampant among his “moderate” relatives.”

    Read more at:

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