Military justice takes a long winter’s nap

Let me venture atop my soapbox and rail about the Obama administration once again.  Today’s topic raising my ire, assuredly one that should have been resolved months ago:  an Army  decision on Bowe Bergdahl , the US solider who deserted his Army post in Afghanistan.  This White House, staffed by far-left ideologues, partisan flunkies, Clinton administration retreads and even campaign workers with no qualifications whatsoever, relies on creating “narratives” rather than following the rule of law.   This President, our fearless leader from behind,  abdicated his oath of office years ago, yet he still gets a free pass, because the gutless Republicans in Congress fear the backlash that would ensue from impeaching the “first black President of the United States”.

Where the Obama adminstration reliance on “narratives” originated  follows a clear historical trajectory from the Clinton spin machine, where the Clinton administration weathered turbulent seas of scandals, both personal and official, by spinning (lying).  The Clinton propagandists, Carville, Begala and Stephanopoulos (now heading a major news network), proved that if you repeat a lie often enough and loud enough, it will drown out the TRUTH, where it may wash up on shore at some later date, a mere unnoticed pebble on the beach.

Moving on, to something borrowed, something blue, the Obama administration, crafted a 2.0 version of spin, their illustrious “narratives”, in lieu of crafting serious policy or relying on principles and upholding the Constitution of the United States.  Reports have been swirling for months now, alleging the Obama administration pressured the Defense Department to sit on the completed Bergdahl court martial investigation.

Last summer, I wrote extensively about the national security threat that is THE  OBAMA ADMINISTRATION.  They released high-level Taliban prisoners for Bergdahl, then tried to portray Bergdahl as an American war hero.  When that stink bomb blew up in their face, instead of admitting their mistake, they rewrote their narrative, using their official offices for massive propaganda efforts directed at the American public. Susan Rice, the President’s National Security Advisor, went on national TV and proclaimed that Bergdahl served with “honor and distinction”, knowing full well that Bergdahl’s status swirled with controversy over allegations he deserted his post.  When called on that LIE, she doubled down on the lie.

Now to the present, FOX News has a report by LTC Bill Cowan (ret.), a frequent military analyst there.  He writes:

“In White House terms, not charging Bergdahl means that he was indeed worth the trade for the Taliban Five. But charging him on any level means that releasing the five Taliban was an error of monstrous proportions, one the administration will never be able to explain away satisfactorily.

Watch for the announcement, in all likelihood on a Friday afternoon. If Bergdahl is charged, the administration will hope it’s old news by Monday. If he’s not charged, it will be big news for a long time to come.”

Expect many more rewrites to this administration’s Bergdahl melodrama.  It wasn’t enough for President Obama to fundamentally transform America.  He’s working on dismantling the US Armed Forces too.  When soldiers who served honorably end up being cast as psychopaths and liars by a spokeswoman for our State Department (Marie Harf), while a deserter like Bergdahl gets cast as a hero, can our demise be far in the distance?

Let me state in unequivocal terms, I believe this President is the greatest threat to America’s national security.  If he succeeds at destroying faith in the chain of command, good order and discipline will crumble, unit cohesion will collapse, and our noble fighting force will have been felled by a shameless pack of partisan LIARS.

Here’s a voluminous list of previous  LB Bergdahl rants:

Yeah, that last one on the list was from October 2014, when the Bergdahl investigation was completed, but due to White House politics, the investigation is undergoing a winter hibernation – a lengthy review process….


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2 responses to “Military justice takes a long winter’s nap

  1. The Article 32 investigation was completed and submitted to the Secretary of Defense in October. The DOD is “studying it”. For how long, Mr. Predisent? It is now mid-January. When do the soldiers of the U.S. Army, the members of all of the other Services, the parents of the 7 men who died in Afghanistan in the initial “all hands” effort to find Bergdahl, and the American people find out whether or not justice will ever be done? If you think your 15% favorable rating from the U.S. military is humiliating for a Commander-in -Chief, wait until you see what it drops to if Bowe Berghdal skates desertion charges… I know that you are no scholar, but let me remind you that in 1916, on the Western Front during WWI, the French Army—all of it—mutinied. Tired of dying to no purpose they agreed to hold their positions but refused to conduct any further offensive action. The ridiculous Rules of Engagement(ROE) put into place by your non-veteran White House and DOD staff lawyers in Afghanistan got hundreds of American soldiers and Marines killed and wounded unnecessarily, showing them in the most graphic way that you valued the lives of Taliban terrorists more than theirs. What happens if you decide to send yet more American fighting men and women into harm’s way somewhere and they simply refuse to go?

  2. Minta Marie Morze

    If you believe in the truth, you report and discuss facts. If you are a Progressive, the truth will destroy you, so you report lies, devise narratives that disguise the truth or completely ignore it, or remain silent. The MSM helps them, and they do it deliberately, and they do it knowingly. They don’t report or look into anything that would hurt the Progressive Cause, and they spin everything else. They KNOW that the average American disagrees with the true Progressive motives and goals, because the MSM knows what to ignore, what to rabble-rouse about, how to spin, whom to go after, and how to attack. They are becoming less and less subtle about it.

    Because they are weaving non-factual narratives, they constantly trip over their own stories, and the implications of those stories. Statistics, articles, excuses, etc., conflict with each other and so they are always fighting the effects of their own words and inferences. The US military is very much a victim of the evil of these narratives, because if there is one thing a military at war deals with at every instant, it is the Truth. Every aspect of a fighting military is impacted by Reality, and by the most basic, most fundamental, need to know—or to correctly infer from facts—at every moment, what the truth is. Militaries go to great lengths to camouflage what they have and what they do, and what they are going to have and going to do, from the enemy’s purview and analysis, and they go to great lengths to pierce the veil of camouflage the enemy has constructed in its turn. The Progressive narratives are a kaleidoscopic camouflaging of, and therefore are antithetical to, fact and truth. Thoreau said, “The frontiers are not east or west, north or south, but wherever a man fronts a fact . . .”—and dearest God, the raw essence of war is a constantly shifting frontier, the engulfing, ever-present, gut-wrenching, naked imperative of The Next Fact.

    The closer to Reality an activity is, the more it is damaged by Progressive narratives.

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