Mendacity U’s proud alumni……

The Obama administration should consider hiring Taliban spokesmen to train them in public relations and effective media coordination, rofl.  Money and  a “communications strategist” like Brandon Friedman, the Obama flunky who ran to Twitter to smear Bergdahl’s platoon members isn’t working very well :

“Here’s the thing about Bergdahl and the Jump-to-Conclusions mats: What if his platoon was long on psychopaths and short on leadership? (1/5)”)

Yawn, yawn,  Susan Rice has doubled down on her “served with honor and distinction”….  Well, this crowd are graduates of the “that depends what the definition of is, is”  Paul Begala/George Stephanopoulis/James Carville school of White House communications (  proud Mendacity U alumni).  Oh, and just in time Monica Lewinsky is set to give her first TV interview – debuts today ………. memories, mystery water-colored memories……… 😉

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