“A soldier in good standing”

For all the detailed background about Bowe Bergdahl, the June 21, 2012 issue of Rolling Stone ran a 7-page story on his childhood, his attempt to join the French Foreign Legion and his thirst for adventure:

“At 20, Bowe went even farther afield in search of the kind of boy’s adventure that had mesmerized him for years: He decided to join the French Foreign Legion, the infantry force made up of foreigners who want “to start a new life,” as the legion’s recruiting website puts it. He traveled to Paris and started to learn French, but his application was rejected. “He was absolutely devastated when the French Foreign Legion didn’t take him,” Bob says. “They just didn’t want an American home-schooled in Idaho. They just said no way.” Bowe pored over a survival and combat handbook written by a former member of the British special forces, and he gravitated toward the TV show Man vs. Wild, hosted by another legendary British soldier. “This became his role model,” his father says. “He is Bear Grylls in his own mind.””

There’s much more to ponder in this story and  here’s something I had been wondering about, like how a PFC wanders  away from (deserts?) his base in Afghanistan and he’s now a Sergeant, well this story explains that:

“Officially, Bowe remains a soldier in good standing in the United States Army. He has continued to receive promotions over the past three years, based on his time in uniform, and he now holds the rank of sergeant. Unofficially, however, his status within the military is sharply contested. According to officials familiar with the internal debate, there are those in both”

So, figure up all his back pay, hazardous duty pay, and of course, there’s certainly a book and movie deal in his future too, leaving him in a position to rake in some big money from his ordeal.  Yet,  all I (and probably many other Americans too) would like to know is was he a deserter?  Maybe, the WH will send John Kerry to prep Bergdahl on how to answer these sorts of questions.  This release with the President proudly marching out to announce the trading of Taliban terrorists for a possible deserter’s release, while AWOL on the night 4 Americans died in Benghazi and  dodging questions on their deaths, yet he has the nerve to utter the phrase, “we never leave one of our own behind” .  C’mon, enough is enough, just tell the truth – did PFC Bergdahl desert his unit???

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