Bergdahl update

The Hill reports, “Report: Bergdahl investigation completed”, but alas due to the upcoming election (my editorial opinion), guess, what:

“Army spokesman Wayne Hall said the review process likely would be lengthy, and that “the Army’s priority is ensuring that our process is thorough, factually accurate, impartial, and legally correct,” according to the report.”

The key word, in case you missed it, was lengthy….


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3 responses to “Bergdahl update

  1. Kinnison

    If he doesn’t walk or get out on a General Discharge, Obama will pardon him just before he leaves office. And then, a year or two hence, a vet who serrved in Afghanistan with Berghdal or one of the units tasked to find him when he “disappeared” and lost troops to the Taliban during the search, will look him up and do some payback…

  2. …I have a “fly on the wall” at Ft. Sam. (One of my wife’s nephews is an Army colonel stationed there with his family) When Bergdahl arrived “for duty” he was accompanied by a large entourage of both military and civilian handlers—PR people, Army psychologists, military and civilian lawyers—so many that the entire Senior Officers Transient Quarters was blocked out for their use. Berghdal himself, to keep him safe from any inadvertent “conversations” with actual real soldiers, most of whom at this point are combat vets from Afghanistan and Iraq, was assigned to “work” at a desk in the Post Protocol Office, carefully watched by his handlers. He has been in a protective “bubble” at Ft. Sam since he got there. And he still refuses any contact with his loopy family back in Sun Valley, Idaho.

    • Wow Kinnison, that’s more information than our incurious press has provided, but then again they are happy to use “pool” information rather than do some actual legwork and investigate stories.

      I suspect your predictions about the outcome will come to pass too, because senior officers who will stand on principle, speak out, or resign in protest, seem like an anachronism from our Army past – definitely not from our Army present or Army future, which promises just more leading from behind….

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