Another lie?

ABC This Week – Susan Rice, the Obama administration’s gift that keeps on giving, spoke about Bergdahl’s dire health. What dire health?:

“STEPHANOPOULOS: Also questions about whether the president violated the law, that charge has come from congress as well, that he was supposed to notify members of congress before the transfer of any GITMO detainees.

RICE: Well, George, in fact what we had to do and what did do, consistent with the president’s constitutional authority as commander in chief, is prioritize the health of Sergeant Bergdahl. We had reason to be concerned that this was an urgent and an acute situation, that his life could have been at risk. We did not have 30 days to wait. And had we waited and lost him, I don’t think anybody would have forgiven the United States government.”

The Taliban repays the President already, omg, with this Taliban video of the release of Bergdahl, showing a Bergdahl who could walk of his own volition and didn’t seem on death’s door:

One can only wonder when we will reach the lie that breaks the camel’s back…….


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3 responses to “Another lie?

  1. JK

    Echoing Gomer Pyle (since I used so many other people below)

    Well Golleee!

    Who’da thunk it.

  2. JK

    I forgot to attribute.

    “Who’da thunk it.”


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