Better to be a Crow

JK reminded me of some useful things to keep in mind about political partisans, who (in my opinion) have turned this country into pretty much divided, hostile camps, where the partisans refuse to even consider the ideas, views, and most definitely not the policy ideas of the other side.  We live in a society, where people voluntarily choose to let ideology blind them to even considering solutions from the “other side” and instead determinedly work to destroy the “other side”.  This helpful suggestion from JK brought to mind some other piece of excellent wisdom he shared over a year ago:

“There’s a somewhat useful methodology label analysts occasionally admit to using. The Crow Method. Don’t know you ever spent much time in barnyards/feedlots. … Next time you find yourself where bovines and crows are gathered, pick one crow and keep eyes on that one crow. If you’ve chosen a smart crow, the crow’ll be following a big bull and everytime the bull drops a load, the crow’ll swoop down and swirl around the bovine waste looking for the few nuggets of undigested golden corn kernels. The crow will take the corn leaving the remainder of the bullshit for the worms.”

“Better to be a Crow. Dirty work but not so dirty as being a worm. Worms’ll swallow anything.”

It’s time for a new American revolution – one where we work to find common ground with each other, rather than trying to destroy one another:

“Americans need to wake up and realize that before they side up against other Americans they had better take the time to walk up to those who hold different views and sit down and talk first. Perhaps by actually getting “to know” other people, we might be able to bridge the gaps and build a stronger nation, where all views from all people get heard at our political kitchen table.  And just maybe communities might get back to holding potluck dinners where everyone comes and shares a meal and gets to know his/her neighbors.  What an amazing concept that is – getting to know other people, up close and personal.  It just might revolutionize America;-)”


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4 responses to “Better to be a Crow

  1. Thanks JK, excellent article

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