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War reporting in the internet age

I came across Ukraine/Russia analysis on a YouTube channel by an Estonian soldier, that is highly entertaining and interesting. I’ve got no idea how accurate his information is and he is definitely cheering for the Ukrainians, but that said, I found his videos offering a lot of information that is days ahead of what the US Defense Dept. is reporting.

For instance, today a WaPo reporter tweeted out information from a Defense Dept. briefing and this was one bit of information:

This Estonian soldier reported that frostbite was likely in a March 10th video:

Here’s another video from a few days ago:

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Free speech, eh?

I intended to write about another topic today, but here’s what I’ve gleaned from some things I’ve seen circulating in the news media in the past few days.

  1. I don’t know what information to believe about what’s happening in Ukraine, what the Russians are doing or whether they intend to invade.
  2. After the Afghanistan withdrawal debacle last year, I have ZERO trust in anything the Biden White House or Austin-run Pentagon say and this lack of trust in the Pentagon leadership leaves me feeling very concerned about America’s national security.
  3. I also have ZERO confidence in President Biden or this Pentagon leadership ability to wage any military action – ANYWHERE. I do not trust them or their competency. Period.
  4. While I truly was repelled by many of Trump’s spin antics and petty smear campaigns, I know many Trump supporters. I voted for Trump last year out of total fear, after watching the woke crowd that was running the Biden campaign and how they kept Biden out of view, rolled him out with Potemkin-type staging and had him read prepared statements on mostly COVID preaching. His appearances had the aura of hostage videos – he was just a stage prop for an Obama-led spin con game, I thought.
  5. The overwhelming majority of Trump supporters are decent, hard-working, patriotic Americans, yet the liberal media and Dems have spent years stereotyping them as knuckle-dragging, racist, stupid deplorables, who should be exiled from polite society.

Ukraine and the Freedom Convoy in Canada seem like the two top tier news stories to me today. I saw news yesterday, that a truckers protest will be starting in the US, next week.

The Ukraine situation has some foreign policy implications for the US and NATO, but I don’t see any need for the WWIII kind of alarmism some in the news media drum up. Where I am more concerned, as I wrote yesterday, is with the domestic turmoil here at home and the deepening partisan divides.

That brings me to what the Canadian Justice Minister said yesterday:

I looked for a mainstream media link, but didn’t see any. Perhaps the mainstream (liberal) media didn’t cover it much, so here’s Breitbart covering it. The way liberal media and conservative media decide what news to cover is a whole other can of worms, but suffice it say, although liberal media wasn’t covering Trudeau’s “emergency powers,” I feel completely confident in saying sleazy, corrupt Democrat lawyers, the Biden White House and the Obama crowd certainly are following every single detail, taking notes, and looking for loopholes in American law to attempt something just like that here in America.

I didn’t know how to explain why what’s going on in Canada should concern Americans when I wrote my blog post, Time to expose the wholesale public corruption, yesterday. What’s happening with the Freedom Convoy and the massive effort by American leftists and the liberal news media to smear those Canadian truckers as terrorists, Nazis, white supremacists, etc. is exactly how the American left, from Democrat politicians, to the liberal media, to big tech platforms, to the Biden WH, to the Austin-run Pentagon have worked to smear Trump supporters as dangerous subversives. Heck, even the Canadian Justice Minister is labeling Trump supporters in Canada as a “threat” and looking to freeze their bank accounts.

Honestly, Trump’s ill-conceived “Stop the Steal Election” rally, which turned into a disgraceful mob attack on the Capitol handed Democrats and the liberal media ammunition with which to paint all Trump supporters and conservatives. So, there is that one event, which has provided cover for all sorts of Dem efforts to use a broad-brush approach to identifying right-wing extremists.

There are also lots of loud, flamethrowers within the Trump pundit crowd, who are constantly reacting with rage, talk of civil war and other over-the-top rhetoric. People can say what they want, I’m just stating how I see the present situation in America.

And assuredly, the Russians have plenty to gain by throwing gasoline on the American internal divides and fueling this growing domestic divisiveness. A lot of foreign countries actively engage in a variety of info war efforts in America, to fuel divides in America.

Heck, for decades, the Soviet dream was to incite a race war in America, but now we have the homegrown BLM aspiring toward that goal… And, yes, I believe the founders (self-proclaimed Marxists) are subversives and I do not support the BLM movement. I didn’t support protests that turned into rioting to the tune of billions of dollars in property damage, several deaths, burning down a police station in Minneapolis, wanton destruction of public property and tearing down statues. I didn’t consider these actions as “mostly peaceful” nor will I ever support or make excuses for violent protests. I also don’t try to make excuses for the people who damaged property and attacked the Capitol police on Jan. 6th.

All of these things taken together make me concerned with where the continuing left vs. right divides will lead our country.

The most extreme social mitigation efforts Democrat officials and federal health officials embraced came from foreign countries, who had enacted them first. Masks and lockdowns – China, releasing prisoners – Iran when they lost control of some prisons, digitally tracking individuals’ movements – South Korea and on it goes.

There is no way Democrats or the Biden White House, which has championed Trudeau’s crackdown and joined in smearing the Freedom Convoy protesters, would pass up an opportunity to crush Trump supporters. These are the same people who had no qualms with labeling Americans who chose not to get the COVID vaccine as a threat to the public and tried to use every power possible to ruin their lives.

Trudeau’s invoking their emergency act and his government’s bare-knuckle tactics to crush the Freedom Convoy, leave me wondering how quickly the Biden crowd and other Democrats will have their liberal media friends spin up overblown narratives about the American truckers protest being planned and Americans, who support them. And all it takes is one ill-conceived or violent incident by right-wing group to provide the Biden administration cover to try some draconian measure of freezing people’s bank accounts and assets, like Trudeau has done.

Lots of people think, these sorts of tyrannical government moves can’t happen here, but the power of the liberal media spin machine to create false narratives, generate massive smokescreens and tirelessly do slash and burn smear campaigns is equaled only by their willful blindness to Democrat corruption. On the right, the conservative media runs wild with a whole lot of reactionary, overwrought, Trump-centric drivel and incitement. I don’t see much in the way of even-handed news reporting these days and the little that there is is drowned out by cable news networks’ prime time pundit line-ups and the vast amount of minute-by-minute social media melodrama – especially Twitter, where the American journalists and pundits hang out.

All I know is our right to free speech sure seems like it’s going to be put to the test very soon.

Truly, I was hoping to write a more cheerful and hopeful post today, but I must say what’s happening in Canada kind of surprised me. Trudeau decided to try to crush the Freedom Convoy protesters with every bit of power he could muster – no half-measures. Americans who are aligned with the political right and/or conservative should be sitting up and taking notice.

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A Friends Across America Plan

Long ago, in 2013, on my blog I mentioned that in 7th or 8th grade I began a new hobby that helped form some important beliefs I still hold dear to this day. In our current rancorous culture, here goes with a trip back to the 1970s.

I grew up in the Pocono Mountains in northeastern PA. Most of the local people in my area were descendants of early German settlers. I can trace my direct ancestors back to the mid 1750s, when they arrived from Germany. By the 70s, the Poconos being a resort area had begun attracting year-round residents from Philadelphia, New Jersey and NYC. With the locals, by my generation, very few younger people spoke PA Dutch, an Americanized German dialect. My father and many of his relatives often spoke PA Dutch when together. My mother understood PA Dutch, but did not speak it, so we spoke English at home. My brothers and sisters and I didn’t really pay much attention to PA Dutch, because most people spoke English in public and at home. Where the PA Dutch culture lived on mainly was with cooking.

We lived out in the country in a big, old house across the road from the parsonage, where our elderly pastor and his wife lived. He was of PA German ancestry too, although from another area of PA. He spoke PA Dutch and fit in well with the locals. His wife was a lovely lady, Jewish and originally from NYC. It’s always amazing to me how in America people from completely different backgrounds so often marry and set out to bridge all those divides and build a family.

Our pastor’s wife was a teacher, educated at Columbia, and she took me under her wing and tried very hard to expand my horizons, by exposing me to books from their pretty extensive home library, by trying to teach me how to play the piano and she had albums of classical music and operas, which she played often. She would tell me about the composers and the stories that operas told. I certainly was a musical disappointment, but I did read the books and various things she guided me toward.

Our pastor was a talented woodworker and always had many projects going, they gardened and were always experimenting with new things. My parents always had many projects going too and were always experimenting with new things too, so this seemed normal to me. I was constantly acquiring new hobbies and to this day, I still am always looking for new things to try and new things to learn.

I sat and read the World Book Encyclopedia set my parents bought for us and that spurred this burning desire to want to meet people from all over the world. While it was interesting to read about all the fascinating people and customs, I longed to actually be able to meet people from these faraway places and learn about their lives.

That long ago blog post I titled, Multiculturism My Way, and it explained how I started acquiring foreign pen pals, when my German teacher at school handed us a brochure on how to write and request pen pals from various countries. I don’t even remember how many pen pals I had, but it was quite a few. I used my babysitting money to pay for international postage.

My parents always encouraged my brothers, sisters and me to pursue hobbies and in our house there were always an assortment of hobbies, pets, and projects going on.

However, the person I rushed to tell about what this pen pal effort meant to me was our pastor’s wife. I remember she was sitting at the desk by the built-in wall of bookcases in their living room and I was so excited as I told her about my very first pen pal, a girl in India. I told her about my “Friends Around the World Plan” and how I intended to get more pen pals from other countries and how I wanted to make friends all over the world. She didn’t laugh at my plan, but she smiled at me and told me she thought that was a wonderful plan.

Once you start talking to people and trying to find some common ground, the differences start fading into the background. Everyone can find some common ground with other people, because we all have family, friends, and all the emotions of the human heart that are universal.

One thing I repeatedly told my kids as they were growing up was that they needed to focus on getting to know people, rather than about people. What we know about people whom we don’t really know is almost invariably secondhand information, often gossip and even more often swept along by malignant hot air. Getting to know people takes some personal investment of time, a willingness to listen and an open heart.

It seems insane to me that so many people in America keep beating the drum about “civil war” and how there’s no hope left for America, before even putting any real effort into turning things around. Sure, the political and cultural divides have deepened, but so much of that is driven by mass media flamethrowers, who get rich and famous by lobbing non-stop agitation propaganda and by politicians, who gain power from the polarization. Each American has a choice whether to listen to and buy into all this raging culture war or we can choose to start ignoring the flamethrowers and begin charting a different course for our country. The malignant hot air blowing in America’s political and cultural spin war threatens to burn hope and goodwill to the ground, if we let it.

Watching the growing rancor in our politics and so often in our online culture, rather than a “Friends Around the World Plan,” we sure could use a “Friends Across America Plan,” where we commit to try to listen more or at the very least to stop rushing to form sweeping judgments about people we know nothing about other than they hold differing views or some single comment or video they made sparks outrage or even worse a viral pile-on attack.

I bet it wouldn’t take very long to “fundamentally transform” America if even a small fraction of the country decided to ditch the left vs. right culture war and began to embrace a “Friends Across America Plan.” For those who say it’s impossible, well, I’ll quote Napoleon Bonaparte – “Impossible is a word only to be found in the dictionary of fools.”

Have a good night!

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Thank-you for your time, if you’ve stopped by here at any time to read my blog posts.

As we begin a new year, first I’ve got to admit 2021 has been the hardest year of my life. I’ve been debating about what to write, hoping to avoid the weepy sentiments about loss, so here goes. When my husband died in March, many people told me, “He’s better off; now he’s longer suffering,” which seems a rather common thing people think and say after someone dies after a lengthy illness, but it did nothing to console me or help me face the emptiness I felt each and every day. We married in 1980 and were together over 40 years, which when you say it sounds like a long time, but once it’s over seems to have flashed by in the blink of an eye. And I longed for more time to say and do all the things, that now filled my mind. There were many days filled with, “I wish we had done this” or “Why hadn’t I told him that.”

When the hospice care began in 2020, they gave me booklets and a stack of information to read, like a booklet explaining the dying process. and information on grieving. None of that helped me feel less devastated or at peace, but gradually life moves on whether you’re at terms with it or not.

What I’ve been thinking a lot about now is finding ways to move forward, even if all I can manage some days is a few baby steps. I’ve begun revisiting old hobbies and interests that fell to the wayside as my husband needed more and more care over the last several years, but some are much older interests that got pushed to the wayside as we raised our family and were busy with everyday life.

My husband was a gruff, definitely rough around the edges, paratrooper when I met him. He was a hardcore soldier, completely dedicated to the mission and that was one of the things I admired most about him and I keep reminding myself that he would expect me to, using the military phrase he said many, many times, “You’ve got to suck it up and drive on!’ I’m working on that each day, but I’ve also realized as we’re entering another wave of Covid with another variant, that a whole lot of people in America have not developed any ability to deal with adversity or tackle obstacles life throws their way.

As we begin 2022, I am hoping a whole lot of Americans move past the “crisis” mind-set and focus more on living as normal a life as possible and try hard to block out as much of the pandemic drama on the left and the everything is falling apart drama on the right. I firmly believe the best thing each of us can do is to preserve as much of our normal everyday life as possible. Take some time each day to enjoy the small things in life – a pretty sky, sunshine, a kind word that comes your way.

That doesn’t mean pretend this Covid wave isn’t happening, nor does it mean many of the concerns among the political right aren’t happening too; it means preserving your equilibrium, calm, ability to enjoy each day without being consumed with dread and media-driven panic. Maintaining control over how you react will help you cope and adapt to adversity and the constant media fueled dramas that bombard you when you turn on the TV news or consume social media news and politics.

I hope more people feel the same way I do and work hard in this new year to be of good cheer and remain hopeful.

Here in southeast GA we started off the new year with a beautiful sunny day in the 80s. Pretty wonderful! Although it’s traditional in this part of the country to have black-eyed peas, collard greens and cornbread for New Year’s Day, I’m cooking a Korean beef dish with spinach, mushrooms and glass noodles. I couldn’t find the recipe I’ve used for decades, but I found this recipe online, which is pretty close. Yep, after my Thanksgiving turkey misgivings, I’m now making whatever I feel like for holidays. I have one son here for dinner and he loves this Korean beef dish, so he doesn’t mind a bit that I’m skipping my PA-German traditional New Year’s meal – pork roast, mashed potatoes and sauerkraut.

Wishing all the best to all y’all (now that’s a really Southern phrase).

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Turkey Ride

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November 25, 2021 · 6:38 am

A few thoughts on the Rittenhouse case

Perhaps I’ll write more later about the Kyle Rittenhouse case and verdict, but since I’ve been blogging a whole lot about our political/news media spin information war for years, long before most people even noticed it was an actual, deliberate, organized information war, run by professional Democrat and leftist political operatives and amplified and spread via corrupt corporate media, that’s the angle in this blog post. Fair warning, this is another spin war post.

Conservatives and the political right were slow to catch on and spent decades whining about liberal media “bias,” as the left’s culture war advanced and they scored big wins as their hot button political issues became mainstreamed – largely by massive media effort to package and sell the left’s messaging (successful spin info war operations). Remember the not so distant past when even President Barack Obama was still “evolving” on gay marraige:

“October 2010: Obama starts ‘evolving’ on gay marriage

At a Q&A session with progressive bloggers, Obama says that while he has been “unwilling to sign on to same-sex marriage,” times are changing and “attitudes evolve, including mine. And I think that it is an issue that I wrestle with and think about because I have a whole host of friends who are in gay partnerships. I have staff members who are in committed, monogamous relationships, who are raising children, who are wonderful parents.” –

So, here we are with a not guilty verdict on all counts in the Rittenhouse case, a verdict that reflects the facts presented under oath in a court of law. And it’s a case that I didn’t understand why Rittenhouse was ever charged in the first place. The facts weren’t a mystery, despite so many Democrats, BLM mouthpieces and liberal media folks lying and ignoring the facts.

The liberal media and Democrat political machine’s spin efforts to smear this 17 year-old in the midst of the Kenosha rioting, which was also incited by Dem/liberal media spin lies about police shooting of Jacob Blake, a black man armed with a knife, hit a new low.

The liberal media amplified the BLM messaging, which asserted Blake was unarmed and just a loving father, while omitting Blake’s criminal history, that police were called by Blake’s ex-girlfriend/mother of his kids and that Blake resisted arrest. The BLM and media reckless disregard for the truth about the Blake case ignited protests and rioting in Kenosha, WI. Here’s information from an August 28, 2020 NYPost article:

“Blake, 29, was forbidden from going to the Kenosha home of his alleged victim from the May 3 incident, and police were dispatched Sunday following a 911 call saying he was there.”

“The responding officers were aware he had an open warrant for felony sexual assault, according to dispatch records and the Kenosha Professional Police Association, which released a statement on the incident on Friday.”

The actual facts about Jacob Blake weren’t unknown, it’s just liberal media chose to run with the BLM spin narrative. Blake also had a knife in hand when the police shot him. He was not unarmed.

Immediately following the events that transpired the night Rittenhouse shot three “protesters,” who were pursuing him, prominent Democrats, including then presidential candidate, Joe Biden, and liberal media created false narratives, portraying Rittenhouse as a “white supremacist,” a “dangerous militia member,” and even in the prosecutor’s closing arguments, he was trying to cast Rittenhouse as an “active shooter” and the three men Rittenhouse shot, as good citizens trying to stop an “active shooter.” The facts in the case and what Rittenhouse testified to under oath, was he was trying to get to safety – by getting to the police line. He’s apparently the first “active shooter” seeking to run to the police for safety… It was the most absurd smear among a mountain of lies.

You won’t find liberal journalists or corporate media admitting they lied or wrongfully smeared Rittenhouse and you won’t find prominent Democrats admitting that either. Instead, they will pretend their spin lies that incited a riot in Kenosha and their spin lies that led to a 17 year-old white kid being smeared non-stop for a year and facing murder charges filed by a liberal prosecutor, who rushed those charges in a highly politicized media environment, before even completing any investigation. Of course, some of these news media organizations and prominent politicians will likely face defamation lawsuits very quickly now. I hope their reckless spin lies cost them millions of dollars.

Rittenhouse now seems likely to be used by some right-wing media and politicians as a spin tool too, so it’s not just the left’s spin war that’s corrupt. Both sides of our political and media elites remain completely committed to the spin information war, even though they lie and manipulate the American people every day and any hope of inspiring good citizenship and goodwill between Americans gets pulverized by divisive messaging, to score momentary wins in an endless and unwinnable spin information war. Neither side can “win” by engaging in corrupt spin information warfare, where both political parties spend all their energy waging vicious smear campaigns, fueling divides and inciting their side to hate the “other side.”

George Orwell’s novel 1984 had “Two Minute Hate,” which was a daily, mandatory exercise where every Party member had to express their hatred against their enemy’s armies and Emmanual Goldman, the main enemy of the state. The purpose of the Two Minute Hate was to unite the members against their common enemy.

Our corrupt spin information war, unfortunately, pits Americans against each other and for many years, I’ve believed it’s the single largest threat to America. With a corrupt domestic spin information war blazing across mass media and online, fanning the flames of division and relentlessly undermining American national unity every day, there’s little hope of uniting Americans on anything. Our foreign adversaries don’t even have to work hard to fuel dissension with their hostile information operations, when our own politicians and media elites work tirelessly every single day to turn Americans against each other.

The liberal media meltdown over the Rittenhouse verdict speaks volumes about how unconcerned so-called “journalists” are about facts and the truth, as many still were regurgitating the same lies they’ve spewed for a year. The most disturbing comments, by far, were President Biden’s statement and then revised statement:

“I stand by what the jury has concluded. The jury system works and we have to abide by it,” Biden said to press gathered on the White House lawn Friday. 

Biden followed up with a written statement saying that he and many other Americans are “angry and concerned” about the verdict, but urged unity and calm. 

“I know that we’re not going to heal our country’s wounds overnight, but I remain steadfast in my commitment to do everything in my power to ensure that every American is treated equally, with fairness and dignity, under the law,” he said. “I urge everyone to express their views peacefully, consistent with the rule of law. Violence and destruction of property have no place in our democracy.” –

Biden walked back his initial statement that the jury system works and updated it to he and many other Americans are “angry and concerned” about the verdict. This statement fits with the latest BLM/liberal media spin effort to hype that Rittenhouse “crossed state lines,” because they are going to pressure the DOJ to conjure up federal gun charges against Rittenhouse. They refuse to accept not only facts, but they’re refusing to accept a jury verdict.

Stay tuned, the spin efforts used to undermine our constitutional republic plod on.

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My contrarian view

Since my last blog post, I tweeted some (probably more than was good for me), but I didn’t settle down and write a blog post. For many years, our “war on terror” moved off the front pages of our news media, returning only for brief moments, when some domestic political event or international event forced news media to cover it. During President Trump’s four years, it’s probably a safe bet that Michael Avenatti received more airtime on cable news than foreign events and the “war on terror” combined and that speaks to where Americans interests truly lie – in tabloid/reality TV type garbage. I’ve referred to Trump running the US presidency like a reality TV show and truthfully he was running the most successful reality TV show in history.

Most Americans had lost interest and trust in the mission in the “war on terror” long before President Biden executed this chaotic debacle of a withdrawal in Afghanistan over the past few weeks and I suspect most Americans couldn’t even point out the general location of Afghanistan on a map, but most probably now can express a strong opinion, based on their partisan politics and where they consume their news.

The people in America who didn’t forget are those who have loved ones serving in Afghanistan.

The other day when our fallen servicemembers were returning at Dover AFB I was so engrossed in “fighting” against the crazy repetitive messaging that’s integral in the Dem/media spin war, that I started retweeting “dignified” transfer to point out a Dem spin effort and while I knew the return of our fallen is called a dignified transfer, it was the way the liberal media kept repeating “dignified transfer” whereas with Trump attending the return of fallen soldiers, the focus was on how Trump was unfit and finding fault with whoever else went, when Trump didn’t attend. I don’t recall all the liberal media saying “dignified transfer” over and over and over. I deleted those tweets and decided to slow down on watching the spin war on Twitter.

The more I thought about my retweets, the more disappointed in myself I became. I don’t want to become an angry political shrew. I felt this way after writing so many anti-Trump takes in 2016 and early in Trump’s presidency, before Trump Derangement Syndrome came into our lexicon, I suspect. I still cringe when Trump speaks or does one of his rally sideshows, but I realized that while Trump lacked character and treated his presidency like a reality TV show, he was also the target of an unprecedented Dem/liberal media smear campaign, with liberal media and Dem political operatives working every day to allow Trump no positive media coverage throughout his presidency. I recall a New York Times headline that appeared to give Trump credit for something and within hours, after a liberal Twitter meltdown about the headline, the NYT changed the headline. Trump was not allowed even a single headline that was positive news coverage.

The spin war, a Dem/liberal media information war effort to drive their culture war, has infected the right in America too during the Trump era. Surprisingly, President Biden got a strong dose of the same treatment Trump received with fallen heroes returning. Some of the parents of the fallen servicemembers took to social media and cable news to attack Biden, accusing him of rudeness, callous indifference, checking his watch repeatedly and of spending more time talking about his own son’s death than showing interest in their fallen loved ones.

Yes, every grieving family member has the right to feel however they do about the situation and to speak out. Although a part of me feels that with everything now being politicized, the attention right-wing media has given to these angry parents is all about politics. This is the same exact thing BLM and so many anti-police activists on the left do, with using and exploiting families of black Americans killed by police, trying to turn them into media celebs – flying them all over the country to do the news and talk show rounds. It’s political activists and media exploiting grieving families.

At this point, all the dire prognostications about the fall-out for America around the world, with leaving Afghanistan in such a chaotic and disturbing manner, will take some time to see if they come true. Same goes for the Biden team’s happy, pie-in-the-sky predictions, with grotesque lies propping them up. Where I’m most concerned the fall-out will be most severe is here at home. I’m most concerned about America being able to hold together, as our country’s divides continue to deepen more rapidly than I ever dreamed possible.

The most disturbing part of these escalating divides in America is it’s not hostile foreign information war efforts fueling the divides, it’s our own political class and news media working to turn Americans against each other… every single day.

Watching the withdrawal from Afghanistan unfold in the past two weeks and the slew of lies coming from Biden administration and out of the Pentagon both disgusted and saddened me, but I’m not going to list them or vent about them in this post. I’ve also been disgusted and saddened by a lot of the incitement on the right, churned up by a lot of pundits and some Republican politicians. The most pressing issues in America won’t be fixed by more Americans becoming raging partisans, going ballistic over every new spun up hot button political issue. A lot of people within the political punditry media industry traffic in aggressive incitement efforts and they’re very good at it. Our only hope is for more and more Americans to work to pull back from the extreme partisanship. Electing all Trumpian Republicans or all Woke Democrats will only push America closer to the breaking point.

Certainly it’s understandable that many people have strong political views. I do too. What’s happening though is way too many people seem to becoming very invested in performative political activism and condoning the use of mob tactics to force their political will on other Americans. The willingness to tolerate opposing views seems to be an old-fashioned and quaint nicety you’d read about in a good manners primer. Shutting down, by shouting down the other side, preferably with a mob of like-minded citizens, seems to be the preferred political norm these days.

Political punditry in America is filled with people who churn out piles of historical analogies to fit our current political situations. Ben Domenech, the publisher of The Federalist, a right-leaning publication, joined FOX News this year and he’s very good at public speaking and articulating Trumpian populist messaging. While I agree with many of Domenech’s critique’s of the far-left Woke politics, I don’t agree with mob mentality political action. Trump hit a nerve in the American right, latching onto a discontent and alienation many Americans feel, a belief that the elites in Washington and corporate America are corrupt and no longer represent them. Trump, a wealthy NY liberal, who hobnobbed with and was a part of the elite class, managed to con enough Americans into believing he was the champion of working class America, by articulating many of the same themes Domenech put forth.

Domenech early in August gave a five minute opening, Are You Awake?, on FOX Primetime, which articulated a call to political action on the right, to counter the Left’s Woke culture war on America. Domenech’s entire opening can be found at the link provided with the title. His message has found a receptive audience among the same political pundits and politicians who embraced Michael Anton’s “The Flight 93 Election” essay, defining the Trump doctrine. Here’s just a short clip:

The Woke vs. Awake phrasing is very slick and trying to link the present American right-wing populist movement with Abraham Lincoln is brilliant messaging, but it’s very much like the Tea Party movement, except with a call for more muscle and taking to the streets. The far-left Woke relies on taking to the streets too, as last year’s BLM protests and rioting mayhem demonstrate.

The last thing America needs is more angry mobs, civil unrest, civil disobedience or God-forbid another civil war. The American Civil War came with a death toll of 750,000.

I bring up the Domenech Awake messaging, because between the BLM mayhem last year, the Dem’s Covid “rules” effort to target and alienate Trump supporters, and Trump “stolen election”/Jan. 6th attack on the Capitol, America has been turning into a basket case. One of the major off-shoots has been a huge push on the political left to target and alienate white Trump supporters, labeling them as “white nationalists” and potential “domestic terrorists.” Nowhere has that effort been more egregious as in the US military with Sec. of Defense, Austin and the Chairman of the JCS, General Milley, being completely on board with the Dem push to hunt down “white nationalists” and rid the ranks of them. The problem with all these leftist purges, lies in how they define “white nationalist” and it seems obvious they consider anyone who supported Trump a “white nationalist.”

That brings me back to Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal debacle. I feel totally heartsick seeing Austin and Milley going along with the Biden White House spin effort to proclaim the withdrawal a stunning success. The entire world sees America’s retreat as a stunning defeat, but Austin and Milley are willing to talk about the Taliban like they’re a new trusted partner. That is a slap in the face to all those Americans who suffered, bled and died in Afghanistan. The new Taliban is exactly the same terrorist group as the old Taliban.

The shockwaves from this Afghanistan debacle and the massive Biden WH spin lies, carried by top leaders at the Pentagon, bodes very poorly for morale in the US military. Add in the millions of US veterans across America, who feel betrayed by, not only President Biden, but by top leaders in the Pentagon, and our American divides just deepened a whole lot in the past few weeks, I fear.

The last thing America needs is Awake mobs taking to the street or more Woke mobs taking to the streets. We need some calmer leaders to step to the front and guide our country back to safer ground, while standing firm against the wholesale public corruption that keeps crashing through all of our most vital institutions.

Update: Somehow I deleted a paragraph from this post and I can’t remember it verbatim. For years now I’ve called the left’s Spin Information War, our war of words, because redefining America has been an integral part of that spin war. That spin war is how the American left wages their culture war – a high-tech media operation to drive and control public opinion. The most bizarre example of their culture war redefining now is with their transgender politics and “pregnant women” have been redefined as “birthing persons.”

With redefining, the terrorist group, the Taliban, which is now being cast by the Biden WH as a potential partner in our war on terror. While everyone from Biden on down was careful to say they don’t “trust” the Taliban, they “entrusted” the outer perimeter security of the Kabul airport to the Taliban, with the result a suicide bomber got through and killed 13 American servicemembers. Top leaders at the Pentagon went out of their way to praise the Taliban cooperation though.

Words matter and how we define words matters even more. Just this morning politics Twitter is awash with liberal mouthpieces labeling Texas Republicans the “TX Taliban,” because of a new TX abortion law. Their definition of the Taliban here assuredly is the “old” Taliban definition, as a brutal terrorist group, not the Biden WH “new” Taliban definition… a potential trusted security partner in our war against terror. Democrats in the House of Representatives will be diverting attention away from Afghanistan and back to their 1/6 investigation (or as they call it “The Insurrection”). And The Pentagon, awash with liberal activists, will be defining “white nationalists” and “potential domestic terrorists,” as the Pentagon doubles down on this effort, which should cause some concern.

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Happy 4th of July!


July 4, 2021 · 10:09 am

Duck Update

The duck is still living in my flower bed, but he’s moving about more now and enjoys exploring the front yard too. He gets excited when I feed him duck pellets & dried mealworms. Guess there’s little incentive for him to leave now that I’m feeding him and giving him fresh water every day.

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A duck moved into my yard

A Muscovy duck showed up in my flower bed.

This large duck has been sitting in my flower bed since Friday and naturally, I am a total failure at getting him to leave. He gets up and walks around, but doesn’t go very far and then he goes back in my flower bed and lays down. And me, being me, by Saturday I put a large bowl of water near him and was googling what to feed him. I talked to him and told him that he’s a pretty bird, but he needs to go somewhere else. He turned his head and looked at me when I talked to him and when I told him he’s a pretty bird, he stood up and shook his tail feathers … then he plopped back down. One of my sons asked me on Saturday, what I’ve named my duck. He’s not “my” duck. I’m assuming he is injured or sick, judging by how little he’s moving.

On Saturday I called an animal rehabilitator for avians, but she had a recorded message stating she isn’t taking any birds and a phone number for some emergency animal hospital an hour away.

This morning I called my local animal control and was informed they don’t handle wildlife and she referred me to my local police department. I called my local police and the lady transferred me to the state police, who transferred me to someone else. That place referred me to some state agency with an 800 number, that has a message – all of their lines are busy, call back later – every time I’ve called it.

So, my current “plan” is to find some food for this duck, that he will eat, keep giving him fresh water and hope he gets well enough to leave under his own steam. Let’s see, he didn’t eat grapes or carrots cut in small pieces. He has been eating wild bird seed and he’s eating spring mix lettuce. Oh, and he’s very adept at catching flies. There are woods right behind my back yard, so it’s not like he has to travel far to find some natural woodland habitat. There’s a small stream in those woods too.

I guess I’m going to have to break down and buy duck food.

And yes, I know I should have just ignored him and not given him food and water, but I did. He seems stronger today and has been standing up a lot more.

At least I haven’t named him yet.


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