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A week of wild news loops

The DC news loops twirled into so many tangled knots this past week, that Tuesday’s bombshell firing of Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, by today feels like ancient news.  The era of Trump increased the speed of the 24/7 news cycle dramatically, with the news media spinning out of control, often reporting hours of poorly vetted and unvetted information via tweets and retweets on Twitter, which the cable and print media then circulate.  It leaves many Americans consuming incomplete or false information sold as “news”, but even more than that it creates such a large volume of information piled up, that it becomes a daunting task to even sift for facts.

A very disturbing effort at character assassination took place this week too.  With the announcement of Mike Pompeo as President Trump’s choice to replace Rex Tillerson, came the announcement that Gina Haspel, a Deputy Director of the CIA was nominated to become the CIA Director.  Haspel became the target of a concerted media effort to destroy her reputation and tar her as a war criminal, who oversaw torture of prisoners at a CIA black site.

Once Haspel’s good name and reputation were completely sullied, ProPublica, which ran the damning report, which sent the mainstream media into its full-throated smear effort, issued a correction.  They admitted they got the story wrong and Haspel wasn’t in charge of that CIA black site during the alleged interrogations (the ones the media dubs torture).  Then in the most amazing feat of hypocrisy and self-delusion, these very same “journalists” began tweeting praise for ProPublica’s transparency and how wonderful it was that they corrected the story.  There seemed to be no awareness that they and ProPublica deliberately spent days destroying the good name and reputation of Gina Haspel and NONE of these other journalists bothered to get off their butts and independently investigate the FACTS in ProPublica’s story.  They all ran with ProPublica’s story.

Once Tillerson was fired many big name reporters also began a high-pitched, non-stop whispering campaign, about which other cabinet officials President Trump was going to fire next, citing unnamed sources naturally.   Reporting like this, from ace Trump whisperer, NY Times journalist, Maggie Haberman highlights this type of reporting:

Your head will literally be spinning with some of her breathless innuendo, always presented as “facts” and always cited as having numerous WH sources close to the matter.  When her innuendo doesn’t pan out, she excuses it as Trump changed course, because of their reporting…  It’s really risky to report as “fact” things people have NOT done yet.  It’s also risky to report on the “thinking of one person” based on second and third hand sources, but this SPIN effort to deliberately paint the White House in chaos was a full-court mainstream media effort from Tuesday to Friday.  The mainstream media was determined to present the White House as crumbling.

Within the White House, this type of mainstream media SPIN effort fuels distrust and anxiety among the President’s staff, which is what the mainstream media SPIN effort was intended to do.  It is part of the Left’s effort to take down Trump.

President Trump plays into a lot of this chaos and he also seems to feed on the power trip of having his staff walking on eggshells, wondering if they might be next to be fired or perhaps in Trump’s reality TV presidency production, cliffhangers like this staff chaos are good for viewers.  He doesn’t seem to be able to view the presidency as a serious position of trust, which demands he behave befitting the Office of the President.  With him, the presidency plods along as a reality TV production, to the detriment of the American people, but even more to the detriment of himself, because he has done nothing to bridge any of the divides in America or win acceptance among of over half of the country.  He also has not managed to defeat the Left’s #Resist effort, so he is stuck in this endless, death-match SPIN battle.

Friday almost passed with no big bombshell Trump news, but then late last night news broke of Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, firing Andrew McCabe, the FBI’s #2 top guy.

Today has the mainstream media railing about how badly McCabe has been treated, quoting Eric Holder and John Brennan as moral guideposts and pretty much in a state of hysterics.  So much for any objectivity.  And of course, within hours, there was President Trump throwing more fuel on the fire, tweeting:

Andrew McCabe FIRED, a great day for the hard working men and women of the FBI – A great day for Democracy. Sanctimonious James Comey was his boss and made McCabe look like a choirboy. He knew all about the lies and corruption going on at the highest levels of the FBI!

The Left, which includes most of the mainstream media and Trump are still locked in this scorched earth information war and it’s still a war where neither side seems to be able to win.

The clear loser, as usual, is the American people.  We are held hostage to their SPIN and trying to sort through the mountains of distortions, disinformation, misinformation and downright fabrications spewed by both sides is an almost impossible task, unless you have plenty of spare time to devote to fact-checking and research.

No end in sight anytime soon…  The 2016 scorched earth information war flickers on and on and on…


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Trump’s OODA loop

The Clinton/Obama/Dems/mainstream media coalition vs. Trump information war drags on and Trump continues to confound his enemies, who still react in dismay that he is still in office.

Both sides remain very committed to continuing the fight.  Trump often seems to act on gut instinct, instantaneously reading his enemies’ motives way more clearly than his enemies read him.  Trump learned his enemies’ information warfare strategy, but his enemies have no real understanding of how Trump won the election or how to counter his strategy.

Yesterday, I read an editorial piece by Josh Marshall, Thoughts on the Greatness of Ulysses S. Grant, at TPM, which made me think about how Trump is still standing, despite the relentless information war being unleashed against him.  The piece is very interesting, so put aside your partisan blinders and read Marshall’s thoughtful views on Grant’s leadership and writing.  He offered some insights into Grant’s leadership, that I had never thought about before. Marshall writes about Grant’s transformational military leadership and the ways in which Grant threw the traditional military playbook out the window and experimented with maneuver warfare, but even more interesting than that insight, Marshall explains a theory of military operations, which Grant intuitively utilized to great advantage, even though the theory was not developed until a century later.  Marshall writes:

“A century later, a military intellectual and US Air Force Colonel named John Boyd developed a theory of military operations known by the shorthand “OODA loops.” OODA stands for the process of Observe – Orient – Decide – Act, a framework to think about the constant interaction between our observation of our environment and the decisions we make in how to respond to it. Boyd’s insight was that if a combatant can move through this cycle sufficiently faster than an adversary he can get inside his opponent’s ‘OODA loops’. Specifically, if you can move rapidly enough from observation to decision and action, you can change the environment your opponent has observed while they are still deciding how to react to it.That causes a cycle of missteps and confusion leading to defeat. Boyd, a fighter pilot, developed his theory around aviation dogfights. But without the acronyms, game theory and mathematics, it was a similar insight that was allowing Grant to see the impact of mobility in defeating his opponents. Speed is not simply the pace at which actions occur. Sufficient speed changes the nature of those actions or, more specifically, changes the reactions to them and in so doing changes them as well.”

Marshall devotes a good portion of his piece to explaining the importance of writing reflecting clarity of vision and thought.  He asserts Grant’s writing reflects an amazing clarity and ability to express himself concisely, which is assuredly more important than style and fancy phrasing in a military leader.

While President Trump is in no way a military genius and it’s a safe bet he has never read either Grant’s autobiography or about Boyd’s OODA loops, Trump has an intuitive genius (yes, I hesitated using that word in relation to Trump) for throwing his political enemies off-balance and for controlling the information battlefield, which the Left learned to dominate and control using the sycophantic, liberal mainstream media to disseminate and saturate the media reporting with talking points, narratives, memes, all designed to manipulate and control public opinion.

For decades the SPIN form of information warfare  has allowed the Left to easily and successfully manipulate public opinion and reinforce it, by relentless repetition of the short talking points messaging filled with buzz words, which was then used to manufacture public opinion polling.  The polling, which was really the result of what amounted to mass media brainwashing, with the repetitive spin, was sold as the definitive marker on what Americans believe and it was used to marginalize conservatives and political opinions that deviated from the Left’s spin.

Trump’s opponents keep recycling through their tired spin attacks (his taxes, his lying, Russian collusion, his mental instability, the sexual predation allegations), but they keep failing to take him down.  Although most of Trump’s attacks are petty, filled with lies, often sound unhinged,  and more often than not, are rather sloppily written tweets, what Trump has done is completely break through the Left’s lock on controlling the SPIN cycle.

Observing Trump’s use of Twitter and his public speaking, it’s easy to dismiss Trump as a loudmouth, know nothing, corrupt, lying, reprehensible excuse of a leader.  His leadership, especially his penchant for playing even his own team members against each other, is assuredly toxic leadership, but when it comes to using his vastly smaller media platforms to fight the Left’s massively larger and powerful forces, Trump has learned to use his own charismatic showmanship to demolish their carefully constructed spin attacks and completely control the 24/7 news cycle, mostly using just his personal Twitter account and a handful of tweets a day.  He doesn’t rely on drafting cumbersome, focus group-tested wording or emailing talking points, then disseminating to thousands of operatives and friendly media Leftists.

Trump does watch a lot of TV news, which the Left is using to discredit Trump, but what they don’t understand is he watches and then, without giving away his next move, he tweets or makes a few public statements, which invariably throw the Left’s carefully orchestrated spin attacks into disarray.  Trump has an innate sense for how to manipulate the media, but he has a genius for getting inside his opponents’ OODA loops, leaving them scrambling and stuck recycling through their old spin attacks, while he has completely moved ahead of them and owned their information platforms.

Winning an information war is not about having the best “spin” or vast information platforms that far outmatch your opponents, it’s about understanding people and understanding the things that they care about.  Trump understands people and he has a canny knack for manipulating people.

Trump spins faster and more effectively than his enemies and he has demolished the Left’s control of America’s media information platforms… using mostly a free, personal Twitter account.  He doesn’t rely on expensive focus groups or fancy data experts; he trusts his own instincts.

Trump has broken through the Left’s information warfare OODA loops.

He broke through and demolished their SPIN cycle.

Whether he can win the information war remains to be seen, but he has the Left off-balance and in a constant state of panic, regrouping and recycling failed talking points messaging.


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America’s War On Men Begins… really…

Just when you think the Me Too witches can’t get any lamer, they prove you wrong.  Now, they are demanding an investigation into Trump’s “groping”  and the always arrogant Kristen Gillibrand is demanding that President Trump resign.  This is a pretty lame scorched earth gambit, but it demonstrates that they overplayed the #RussianCollusion effort and that is imploding.  Gillibrand claims there are numerous credible allegations, but they spun one over the weekend that blew up in their face.  They were hysterically tweeting that in 2005-2006 Trump took former FOX News host, Juliet Huddy, to lunch and tried to kiss her in the elevator.

In 2005-2006, Trump was just a rich playboy, this did not happen in the workplace or while he was in office – it sounded like a date.

It bombed and by this morning Huddy was claiming the media exaggerated her account in an interview.  Only problem is she is into this Me Too fainting couch hysterics too and she is the one who gave the media this story.  These women are so phony.   Liberal women who promoted rampant promiscuity for decades are now acting like Puritans and it’s so laughable and ridiculous.  They are really trivializing real cases of sexual assault and harassment in the workplace.  They are hyping “groping” allegations from parties and other social events, where these liberal women have promoted indiscriminate sex for years.  They are deplorable, vile hypocrites.

The allegations against former president, George HW Bush had me fuming too.  He’s 92, in a wheelchair and has diminishing function due to Parkinson’s.  Either the witches of Me Too or the Roger Stone sewer rats tossed out this allegation to score some cheap political points.  I suspect Bush 41 has some dementia too.  To trash a man, who dedicated his life to public service and was a WWII war hero, should cause these vile people shame, but I doubt they care about anything more than their political games.

Trump will jump right into the sewer with them, so on it goes.

I have been crafting more.  I made the above junk journal from another repurposed Ann Coulter book.  I will be glad when all of those are sanitized into something pretty, lol.  This one is for my best friend from high school.  My friend used to collect Precious Moments figurines, but I didn’t have any Precious Moments pictures, so I used my old 2006 Holly Hobbie calendar and a picture from an old Mary Engelbreit calendar.  Here are some more pictures from this junk journal:

I also started working on some collage junk, that I work on while reading Twitter droppings:

I made these 3 with  just one page of one of my kids beat-up Little Golden Books and scraps of paper.

I also finished this plastic canvas tissue box cover and started another one – have 3 sides done, while reading Twitter:

I like using these same easy quilt patterns, because they are quick to stitch and I think they are pretty.

Not sure where America’s scorched earth info war ends, but the #Resist crowd is getting desperate, so I expect more poorly thought out scorched earth attacks.  They really have no idea how ridiculous they sound.  Sadly, many women, even Republican women will jump on board this lunacy, because they buy into so much of the feminist false narratives.   The other things is almost every woman has experienced some incident of sexual harassment or uncomfortable sexual advances from a man.  The very anything goes culture that these liberals created has now reached a point where so many women are angry, so many men and women have no manners, no sexual boundaries and it’s a wasteland.  They don’t like the world they created, so they will try to impose new rules.

A reality about women is that they are catty as hell, by nature, easily join cliques, and engage in a lot of petty fights.  Sure, some women don’t, but many do, especially ones with big egos.  Another fact about women, is they have loyalty issues and can switch sides in fights, often several times in one day.  I have observed this behavior, my entire life and I live  in the real world, not the feminist delusional one.  Women are also prone to petty jealousies, especially if men are involved.  So, this will certainly be quite a spectacle  I have always preferred to work with men, who are more apt to work toward a mission.  I like being committed to a mission, with none of the drama.

America is now entering The War On Men…

Lord, help us all…

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The Anatomy of Viral News

Here are two stories about the dissemination of stories on the web that are worth a read.  They cover different aspects of how information can go viral.

The first story is about the #FireMcMaster campaign, to get General McMaster fired:

#FireMcMaster, explained

The second story is by Franklin Foer, former editor of the New Republic, writing about his experiences dealing with journalism being driven by garnering clicks, rather than presenting good reporting:

When Silicon Valley Took Over Journalism

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Governing from one Tweet to the next

The President Trump Reality Show debuted a new character this week.  Anthony Scaramucci, a loud, flashy, fast-talking, vulgar financier, who seems almost a mini-me caricature of President Trump, stole the show, replacing the hapless, whiney Sean Spicer as White House communications director. Scaramucci’s expletive-filled conversation with a reporter, Ryan Lizza, at The New Yorker has a rather long title:  Anthony Scaramucci Called Me to Unload About White House Leakers, Reince Priebus, and Steve Bannon.  

Scaramucci appears to be even more of a loose cannon than President Trump, if that is possible.

I doubt Scaramucci will remain in the White House very long, not because he’s even more clueless about our constitutional system of government than his boss, but because Scaramucci’s flamboyant personality so completely dominated the White House stage this week, that he cast President Trump into the background.  Donald J. Trump will never tolerate, for very long, being upstaged by an underling.

In other news, chaos reigned supreme with President Trump announcing a major policy change in the U.S. Armed Forces, to ban transgender people to serve in the U.S. military.  President Trump announced this policy change in a tweet, without any formal policy change in writing or any consultation with the Secretary of Defense or JCS about the roll-out of this policy change.  The generals were caught off-guard.

Whether you agree or disagree with the ban on transgendered people serving in the military, the larger issue is President Trump’s use of Twitter, as his unfiltered means to talk directly to the American people, created unnecessary chaos in the U.S. military.  Trump’s tweet left the Pentagon leadership totally defenseless, not only defending this policy change, but even in explaining it to the troops.   Trump’s rash tweet, with no consultation with his staff and no policy in writing yet, assures that this, just like all his other policy initiatives, will end up mired in controversy.  No one at the Pentagon could explain the new policy, because President Trump didn’t bother to have a policy in writing before announcing it.  He governs by whims issued via his personal Twitter account.   He makes no distinction using his personal Twitter account for official government business.

“Loose cannon” doesn’t even begin to describe the gravity of having a reckless, commander-in-chief, who uses his personal Twitter to announce military policy changes, without even talking to the military leadership.

There is no staff shake-up that will establish order in this White House.

Just more lurching toward banana republic status on the world stage as Trump governs from one tweet to the next.

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Easily manipulated or 12-dimensional chess?

Beyond the reality TV aura to Trump vs. The Media and Trump’s “mean girl” tweets is the larger issue:  AMERICA.  Every intelligence agency worth its salt has analyzed Trump’s personality and knows he’s a shallow, venal, sociopath (yes, his every action screams that).  They know how he reacts and will find ways to goad or feed his ego to advance their own interests.

I’ve stated many times that I believe the Russians didn’t just all of a sudden ramp up their information war in the 2016 election, but have been escalating them for decades and never really stopped when the Soviet Union collapsed.  I suspect a large, continuous Russian disinformation effort in our media, fueling the hyper-partisan divide.  Without rehashing all that again, you can read some of my old posts,  this,  this,  this, if you’re interested.

Twitter is a how American news is generated.  It is how the spin cycles churn up controversies to dominate the 24/7 news cycle.  Since the 90s, the Left, which includes the liberal, mainstream media, controlled the 24/7 news cycle.  Trump used Twitter to promote his brand (himself) long before 2016. It apparently is a social media format he is comfortable with and one where he feels he can fight the media without any gatekeepers.   Trump learned how to break through, by not only Twitter, but also  with having Drudge, FOX News and some big agents of influence on the Right spew Trump’s talking points, even the petty personal attacks.

Again, Trump and Hillary both used scorched earth/mass media saturation form information warfare, that the Clinton’s spinmeisters introduced into American politics with their “War Room” in the 90s:

Carville/Begala scorched earth is the military strategy of scorched earth juxtaposed to a mass media battlefield.  In information warfare, scorched earth is no holds barred character assassinations and relentless generation of memes.

Mass media saturation (spin) is the military strategy of swarming juxtaposed to a mass media battlefield

Combined, they have been ruthlessly used to divide America into hostile, warring factions.

This latest Trump tweet attack started with the escalating, ongoing information war,  on Twitter, between Trump vs. the media, Comey & friends and the Clinton/Obama/Dem hacks.

I keep a personal journal and  jot down my thoughts on everything from crafting ideas to serious geopolitical strategy.  Here are my musings in my journal on Tuesday:

The Russians or Trump forces (might be some overlap there in efforts – like Drudge), have the long knives out for McCabe at the FBI – another negative Circa story about him being under investigation for campaigning with his wife.  Trump went on a major media offensive after that WaPo story last Friday.  He didn’t wait to see what the TICK TICK Wittes tweeted about was – Trump just went full speed ahead.

They have to keep trying to come up with more and more outrageous allegations, and they’re now discrediting themselves with their outrageous lies spread by their friends in the media.   Trump has learned not to blink – no matter what they throw at him.  They’re back to recycling petty dirt tonight – Farenthold is tweeting about some fake Time cover with Trump on it that Trump has hanging in some of his clubs.  They are desperate to try to discredit Trump, but in light of this major CNN fake news & retraction, plus the big WaPo story hurt Obama way more than Trump, because it’s obvious Obama didn’t act quickly when he was informed about the Russian hacking last summer.

These recycled attacks on Trump – the penny ante crap about his foundation, the personal attacks about his lying and vanity, the same old crap about his taxes – none of those smears even resonate with anyone except those who hate Trump – the rest of America has tuned that shit out.  They overplayed the Russian collusion to the point Trump made it a joke – just like he turned that “fake news” back on them.  What is starting to be exposed is the Clinton/Obama corruption to try to get Hillary elected.  I hope all of it gets exposed – Trump’s corruption, Hillary’s corruption, Obama’s corruption and the Russian operations in America.  Tall order there on my hopes.

Notice more books on Drudge from the endless book mill – Bolling and Mark Levin.  I wonder who is really behind Drudge, Breitbart, Daily Caller, Circa, Glenn Beck and several others.  This information war is escalating and it’s even more cutthroat than the 2016 election.  Comey leaking his memos to prod for a special prosecutor was Comey retaliation and an effort to cast himself in the limelight as a “patriot”.  There’s no honor in how he covered up for the Clinton corruption and went along with Lynch’s burying that criminal investigation.  The use of arms of the US government as personal tools to attack people is extremely corrupt and alarming.

The Republicans and conservatives never were able to defeat the spin cycle and Trump didn’t do this on his own.  To start, the Clinton collusion with the media to promote Trump’s “GOP Insurgency” coupled with Trump’s Reality TV stardom and celebrity status all aided his rise.  Bill Clinton’s perfect triangulation backfired, but there were so many other factors that played into Trump’s victory – Hillary being an awful candidate, her being under criminal investigation, basic last weeks campaign blunders on where to campaign, her awful Deplorable comment, her trying to hide her illness on 9/11 and along with that the massive coordinated Russian info ops to aid and abet Trump, which includes Wikileaks, but also I suspect includes front media operations like Drudge and several others.  Rupert Murdoch runs a huge propaganda front.  Sadly, the other major news organizations are really just mouthpieces for the Left.

Figuring all this out for sure is a national security imperative and then figuring out how to counter entrenched foreign information ops in America is a dilemma too.  I think that unless Americans can be inspired to put being American above rabid partisanship we are on a dangerous road.

Trump might go too far with his attacks and fuel a backlash, but I’m not sure what the tipping point is.  The Left went way too far with no evidence on the “Russian collusion” talking points attacks on Trump and everyone around him.  They didn’t offer up any facts that stuck and there were so many overhyped stories that disintegrated within 24 hours and that damaged their “Russian collusion” gambit.  Schindler looks like he’s as bad as Louise Mensch with his overblown allegations and all he backs it with is all the nameless connections he has in the IC…

Has Trump gone too far with his attack on Mika Brzezinski?


For Trump followers, no, they will still follow him.  No one will resign in protest.  Trump was right, he could probably shoot someone on 5th Avenue and his Loyalists would still follow.  They rationalize everything with, at least Trump fights back, at least he’s winning, the Left does worse.

Twitter is where the action takes place in generating the spin cycle and that is why Trump fights there.  He effortlessly disrupts and steals the show on their spin cycles.  This Mika Brzezinski attack will resonate for days and that means that all things “Russia” won’t.

The thing America’s adversaries are taking note of is that journalists retweeting that fake Time magazine cover, that WaPo’s Farenthold’s latest “Trump is a fraud” story and Mika Brzezinski mentioning that today, goaded Trump into this latest angry, personal attack.   He lashed out at Megyn Kelly in August of 2015 over her questions about how he treats women.  He and his minions in the media launched a scorched earth attack to cast her as a conniving slut.  Trump whined about her unfair question for 8 months.

The President of the United States is that easily manipulated.

And he has an issue with women who stand up to him.



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Steamrolled again

After watching Donald Trump’s political media strategy for two years, his opponents, in the GOP, in the media, the panoply of enemies arrayed on the Left, and those who consider removing Trump from office a patriotic duty or perhaps revenge( Comey & friends), you’d think they would have learned how Trump operates.  They haven’t learned anything and it’s pathetic to watch Trump outmaneuver them over and over and over.

Trump’s attacks don’t depend on facts or truth, they depend on optics.  It’s a show and he takes charge of the stage every time.  Trump’s opponents, many of them Tweet warriors, attack him relentlessly on Twitter and they recycle through all their old talking points – Trump’s taxes, his multitude of bold-faced lies, his chaotic White House, etc., etc., etc.  Some hope the constant negative drumbeat will erode Trump’s poll numbers and aid in taking Trump down.  I suspect only the political geeks follow all of this closely and most Americans just go about their daily lives, tuning it out.

Trump foes overplayed the “Russian collusion” hysteria and Trump has now seized the Russian issue and used the Friday, big Washington Post story to turn the tables on President Obama, leaving the big “Russian collusion” hysterics in a position where they were forced to admit that President Obama didn’t do enough last summer to counter the Russian cyber attacks.

Trump now controls the Russian narrative and his loyal sycophant, Sean Hannity has begun spreading the talking point that “even if Trump had colluded with the Russians, that’s not illegal”.  They are working to inoculate Trump from any damaging revelations that might come from Mueller’s investigation, by convincing Trump’s most loyal followers that this investigation is just an unfair witch hunt.

So, with all this being played out last week, you’d think the Comey group,  who are working to takedown Trump, would be wary of Trump’s ability to use the media to his advantage.  Nope, Comey’s friend, Benjamin Wittes, on Friday, after the big Washington Post story on the Russian threat, tweeted:

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A pox on both your houses

Comey has done more to unify Republicans in the past 24 hours than Trump has done since he became the Republican nominee for president.   Here are my observations from Comey’s testimony and the political fall-out.

Today the media is in full-throated defense of Comey.  Pelosi is tweeting about #ProtectOurDemocracy from Trump & the Russians, I presume, and America’s War of Words continues (here and here).

Up for redefinition, courtesy James Comey’s testimony, are a “matter”, where Comey testified yesterday that Loretta Lynch asked him to refer to the Clinton criminal investigation as a “matter”.  Comey did obey and used that Clinton spin language.  Now,  Team Lynch is rebutting that Comey was told to do that characterization and I saw one tweet explaining the goal was to use consistent language, not a spin effort to use the Clinton campaign language to downplay the criminal investigation:

18h18 hours ago

New: A denial/clarification of Comey statement about Lynch, from a source familiar with discussion, to NBC News:

Comey’s double-standard problem stems from his being a willing lackey for the Dems with burying the Clinton criminal investigation and aiding in Loretta Lynch’s Clinton clean-up effort.  Lynch was caught meeting privately with the spouse of a target of a criminal investigation.  She refused to recuse herself from the investigation, but instead, put Comey in a compromising position, by making a public statement that she would abide by the FBI’s recommendation on the Clinton investigation.  It is NOT the FBI’s job to make a recommendation on prosecution, but Comey went along with that.

Comey compromised his integrity thoroughly on July 5, 2016.  He went from mischaracterizing a criminal investigation to creating an intent provision in the law, exonerating Hillary Clinton using that made-up provision and then coining a new phrase “extremely careless” to mischaracterize and downplay her grossly negligent mishandling of highly classified information.  Lynch promptly closed the criminal investigation (in Clinton/mainstream media parlance, that criminal investigation was not only a “matter” it was a “right-wing witch hunt”).

Comey appeared before Congress to explain his decisions and he sounded more like Hillary’s defense attorney than the director of the FBI.  Loretta Lynch, likewise testified before Congress about the investigation.  Her testimony was akin to giving the Congressional Republicans questioning her the middle finger. It was a disgraceful stone-walling effort.

President Trump is an epic liar, just like the Clintons.  No need to rehash the endless, ongoing partisan War of Words, but America was the big loser yesterday.  There were no “winners”.  Comey damaged himself in some ways, helped himself a bit in others.  Trump came across as corruptly trying to influence a FBI investigation and putting political pressure on the FBI director, but he won big on some other points.

Comey admitted that he personally leaked his memos of his meetings with President Trump to the media, through a third-party, a friend.  This admission made Comey appear to be out for revenge and a partisan leaker.  That Comey’s friend, Preet Bharara, a Trump-fired DOJ official, was sitting in a reserved seat, courtesy of Chuck Schumer, added to the partisan political aura surrounding Comey.  Today, the pundits are debating if Comey’s memos were personal notes or official FBI records and if what Comey did was “leaking” vs. whistleblowing.  Anonymous Trump sources suggested that Trump’s lawyer may demand Comey’s leaking be investigated.  Comey legal eagle friends are countering that such a request would be Trump abusing power… to silence a whistleblower.

Comey is not a whistleblower.  His notes are not like his personal diary and per his own testimony, those notes were  FBI documents at the center of several high-level FBI meetings about the ongoing investigation into Mike Flynn.  If these memos were part of the official FBI decision-making process on an important investigation, that would make them official records, I believe.  Jonathan Turley, Georgetown Law Professor,  argues that Comey’s memos are FBI documents:

“The problem is that Comey’s description of his use of an FBI computer to create memoranda to file suggests that these are arguably government documents.  Comey admitted that he thought he raised the issue with his staff and recognized that they might be needed by the Department or Congress.  They read like a type of field 302 form, which are core investigatory documents.

The admission of leaking the memos is problematic given the overall controversy involving leakers undermining the Administration. Indeed, it creates a curious scene of a former director leaking material against the President after the President repeatedly asked him to crack down on leakers.”

Alas we move from Bill Clinton’s server, for his foundation emails, being cast as Hillary’s server, to the contents of that server being divided into State Department records and Hillary’s personal emails, with Bill Clinton’s foundation emails disappearing literally and from any mention by the media, to now Comey’s memos are being cast as Comey’s Dear Diary entries…  Psst, don’t forget that David Kendall’s office reported to the media that they had saved the entire content on that server on a thumb drive.  Patrick Kennedy, the State Dept Clinton email fixer, testified to Congress that he believed the FBI had that thumb drive (along with Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson’s laptops).

From Comey’s public pronouncements exonerating Hillary Clinton, going so far as to insist she had no criminal intent, it’s not surprising that Trump, being as corrupt as the Clintons, assumed Comey would play ball and be willing to play with him too.  Comey admitted to telling Trump three times that he was not under investigation and Trump became angry that Comey would not exonerate him publicly.  Comey decided not to compromise his integrity for Trump as he had for Hillary Clinton.

Paul Ryan characterized Trump as being “naive” about how things work as an excuse for Trump’s highly inappropriate pressure in those private conversations with Comey.  Trump isn’t “naive”, in fact, if there’s one thing Trump is an expert at it’s reading people and leveraging power.  Trump expected Comey to play politics with him, just as Comey had done for Lynch/Clinton.   Trump will overplay his hand, trying to fight Comey, Dems and the media and go too far attacking Comey.  He was back on Twitter this morning, rallying his base by branding Comey “a leaker”.

All of this endless redefinition and spin highlights the complete dysfunction of our political parties.

Comey played the martyr:

“Maine Sen. Angus King was pressing Comey about how he interpreted phrases President Donald Trump used in a one-on-one February dinner, in which Trump urged Comey to drop the probe into just-fired national security adviser Mike Flynn.
King, an independent, asked Comey if he interpreted language like “I hope” as directives from the President.
“Yes. It kind of rings in my ears as, ‘Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest?'” Comey said.”
I prefer to go Shakespearean:
“A plague o’ both your houses!”
Or in the modern vernacular:
A pox on both your houses!

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Intimidation tactics… whatever…

I retweeted a tweet from The Last Refuge Blog (the conservative treehouse) and commented on it.  A person with the WWII fighter plane nickname, fw190wuerger, showed up and oh so kindly commented on a post of mine…   For the record the Last Refuge blog has Breitbart imagery on its homepage, it uses the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier picture weekly, it uses Bible verses on Sunday to appeal to patriotic Americans, but it trucks in white nationalism.   A long time ago, they banned me for commenting a historical fact that Islam had a golden age, while allowing overtly racist comments.  That blog was heavily into the black issues, like Trayvon Martin and Ferguson, but as soon as Trump came along they became Trump Polling Update Central.  On twitter, they tweet a lot of mug shot type images with hate-filled reminders to #NeverTrumpers.  I believe the blog has professional propagandists churning out this stuff and since they had constant, on the trail updates of the Trump campaign, I believe they have some connections within the Trump campaign.

And yes, I wonder if there are connections between Trump, Bannon, Drudge Report, which turned into an overt Trump propaganda front, Breitbart, and the Last Refuge blog.

Really this is the kind of crap they tweet:  never forgets !  – with mug shots of #NeverTrumpers.  I’m not clicking on the video and I advise my readers to  be wary of it too.  I don’t buckle under to threats or intimidation, veiled or open, especially coming from peeps using Nazi nicknames.

While tonight was a good night for conservatives with the Supreme Court nomination, Trump and Bannon will systematically work to purge the GOP of every single Republican Congressman or Senator who did not get on the Trump Train. The Trump/Bannon GOP Insurgency isn’t finished, but neither is their intention to destroy “the establishment”, however Bannon defines it…  Trump is the vehicle Bannon has latched onto to pursue his political ambitions.

libertybelle Retweeted TheLastRefuge

Wonder if this blog is connected to Breitbart & Bannon… Was heavily into black grievance issue before Trump. Became Trump Polling Central

libertybelle added,

This comment was posted under my January 23, 2017 post: Messages from the Netherlands

Hugely funny, it’s true!! Have sent the link to many friends and family.

Did you see this other one they did, also in English?

Don’t Come to Holland:

Update:  While most people haven’t heard of The Last Refuge blog (the conservative treehouse), in March 2016, a listing of Top 300 conservative websites, based on Alexa traffic rankings, place this blog at #71.  For comparison Rush Limbaugh’s blog ranked  #52.

My blog has less than a 100 followers and very little traffic, and likewise my Twitter feed is far in the backwoods of Twitterdom, as befitting a backwoods mountain girl, with 65 followers.  The Last Refuge blog has 28.9K followers on twitter.

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