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A niggling incongruent bit of information

Tashfeen Malik, erstwhile jihadi bride of Sayed Farhood and Islamist terrorist has been reported on since the San Bernadino terrorist attack last week.  There are many things we know and many things we don’t know and then there are things the press reported that make no sense, if you are to believe the facts as presented.  The FBI affirms that both Malik and Farhood were radicalized for some time before this terrorist attack.  They’re following all sorts of leads, but one lead they should look into is how this online marriage came about.

Muslim women raised in Western countries have been surrounded by a culture where women interact with men outside their family, without supervision or social stigma.  Malik was born in Pakistan and raised in Saudi Arabia, so why would this “devout Muslim” woman, whom Farhood’s family claims that they never even saw her face, look for an American husband or for that matter chat online with a male stranger?  Somewhere in this mess are middlemen matchmakers, perhaps jihadist family members or a jihadist group,  who arranged this marriage.  It seems incomprehensible that a devout Muslim woman, with her background, would hook-up with an American, Muslim or not – it just makes no sense, unless she was sent to carry out a terrorist attack or their families arranged this marriage.   The press just blithely reported this meeting online, no questions asked, but there’s more to it – more men involved in this.


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Just, Get Real!

General Mike Flynn, former DIA director, used the phrase that it’s time to “get real” in our fight against ISIS.  It’s time to “get real” in putting the pieces together with this terrorist attack on American soil yesterday!  The Obama administration will bend over backwards to call it everything except what it is – A TERRORIST ATTACK!    The media keeps yammering on about how this shooter in San Bernadino left this workplace Christmas party angry.  The shooter happens to be a devout Muslim, who recently traveled to Saudi Arabia – okay, that could be “not definitive”, but come on he went home and returned with his wife and reports indicate a third person and all of them were heavily armed, wearing black gear.  Well, here’s a clue from a co-worker of the terrorist:

“Baccari said his co-worker, who said he was raised on a farm with goats and chickens, was reserved. Several months ago Farook grew out his beard. He appeared committed to his family, and never displayed any unusual behavior or discussed any radical political views.”

The suspect left THREE IEDS in the Inland Regional Center before fleeing the scene of their massacre.  Sure, random act by disgruntled employee is to go home and gather together, not only the wife and guns, but IEDs lying around the house.  Sure, he went home and just randomly constructed some IEDs, because he got pissed at the Christmas party.  GET REAL!

I can tell you that for sure, that while the President will fixate on the gun problem in America, he’s barking up the wrong tree, by assiduously avoiding facing the Islamic radical problem.  I know, the left will next say the work Christmas party was insensitive and “incited” this violent response…   Yes, don’t make them angry, or else.  Just wait, this line of insane reasoning is coming.

So sick of the venal politicizing Islam’s dark, radical underbelly, after more than a decade and thousands of American lives lost in a fight where our leaders refuse to identify the enemy – it’s Islamic radicals who are following an ideology that is promoted and funded by some of America’s supposed allies in the Mid-East!  That’s not “hate”, that’s called identifying those who hate America and want to annihilate us (hint: America’s enemies).


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Thinking aloud on radical Islam in America

Time often distances us from realities of our history that, if remembered,  would guide us through treacherous waters in the present.  America’s difficult past with slavery leads to a glossing over of many inconvenient facts, which seem impolitic to mention in our PC culture.  Being fully aware that some will dismiss these facts as mere “conspiracy theory mutterings” or “racist and hate”, I’ve decided to write this post anyway.  For regular readers, you’re forewarned, I’ve covered this before in various posts,, but I felt like mentioning it again.

A chronological listing often helps you see connections that you miss when studying history neatly delineated into subject matter or particular eras.  Comparing chronological listings from various regions of the world, side-by-side, gives you an added perspective on events.   Considering this timeline methodology led me to ponder why the press assiduously avoids noticing the connections between many violent black street gangs in America, Islamic supremacist movers and shakers, and their involvement under the larger umbrella of  the ongoing “civil rights movement”, largely controlled by black American groups.

Consider that college kids today have no actual remembrance of the Soviet Union or the Cold War.  From the beginning of the Bolshevik control in Russia in 1917, their goal was not just control of Russia, but a spread of  Communist ideology world-wide.  So, as the Soviet Union emerged, ideological compatriots throughout the West worked to advance their revolution.  Just a stone throw’s back on our American history timeline, during the 1930s, Communist Party (CPUSA) made it’s strongest in-roads, recruiting and agitating within the American black community.  The Soviet Union directed and funded CPUSA activities.  Due to  the Great Depression, Marxist ideology gained traction with urban poor.  Then add in the alarming fact that many of the most radical activists  from the Vietnam-era anti-war movement (many of them communist ideologues and CPUSA affiliated) settled into academia  and  project an out-sized impact  fomenting political upheaval, culture change and divisiveness, in addition to controlling education in America.  This anti-American indoctrination, which is institutionalized at the top of our educational system, serves as the springboard for America’s future leaders.

In numerous past posts I’ve chronicled tidbits of information, that while I can’t state absolute cause and effect, form more than just a conspiracy trail leading nowhere.  There is some “there” there, the issue is figuring out how much.  Let’s look at one such black leader, President Obama and consider his background, minus the conspiracy theory stuff, but sticking to things that are facts.  First, his mother and grandparents were not your ordinary American-flag waving, apple pie type folks – that is a fact.  His grandfather and likely his mother too, were Marxist ideologues.  Growing up in Hawaii, Obama’s grandfather formed a friendship with Frank Marshall Davis,  an actual card-carrying member of CPUSA, whom Obama mentions numerous times in his autobiography, “Dreams of my Father,” as his mentor.  Obama’s father, likewise, was a Marxist.  Looking at Davis, you can see by his political activism in Chicago, there was active recruitment and advancement of CPUSA goals within the black community.  Valerie Jarrett’s parents and future father-in-law were also part of this Chicago petri dish of swirling far-left activism.

The Soviet Union directed and funded CPUSA.  Here’s a link provided to me in a comment at another blog, which deserves a thorough investigation by US intelligence, because, if true, it would be another foreign attempt to subvert the US Constitution.  Back in April 2015, in a comment on another blog I mentioned the connections between violent Muslim black street gangs and these protests in Ferguson and Baltimore. A commenter provided this link to a

“Not strange at all, LB. I commend to your attention this piece concerning Vernon Jarrett, a friend and contemporary of Frank Marshal Davis, and father-in-law of Valerie Jarrett. It explains that connection.”


This article mentions a 1979 newspaper article written by Valerie Jarrett’s former father-in-law, veteran Chicago newspaperman, Vernon Jarrett, who wrote about OPEC beginning funding of black  students and black colleges.  The linked article above, by Frank Miele, mentions Jarrett as relating a conversation with Khalid al- Mansour (the former Donald Warden, who a was a founder of the black-power movement in the Bay area).   Al-Mansour was a lawyer for OPEC, along with his many other activities.  Here’s a link with some bio info on al-Mansour.

While these two articles approach the question raised whether Barack Obama’s law school fees were paid with Saudi money, the larger question is did the OPEC nations or Saudi Arabia undertake a funding project in the 80s and 90s to spread Wahabbi (radical) Islam in black colleges and black communities.  Here’s a 2013 piece from The Vancouver Sun:

“Jonathan Manthorpe: Saudi Arabia funding fuels jihadist terrorBig chunks of the country’s huge oil earnings have been spent on spreading a violent and intolerant variety of Islam

“In 2003, a United States Senate committee on terrorism heard testimony that in the previous 20 years Saudi Arabia had spent $87 billion on promoting Wahhabism worldwide.

This included financing 210 Islamic centres, 1,500 mosques, 202 colleges and 2,000 madrassas (religious schools).

Various estimates put the amount the Saudi government spends on these missionary institutions as up to $3 billion a year.”

The article continues:

“It is widely believed by western intelligence agencies that in the 1980s and 90s, the Saudi government had a deal with Wahhabist terrorist groups like al-Qaida that their fundraising would not be hindered so long as they only operated in foreign countries.”

If true that would be two foreign subversive elements tossing money into fomenting  anti-American indoctrination and radical activities in black communities.  Watching the evolving black movements in America, it was noted that ISIS signs showed up in the protests, but the mainstream press dismissed that as protests attract all sorts of kooks.  Yes, the same thing could be seen in Baltimore, but what the mainstream press completely missed in Baltimore was violent black (Muslim) street gangs were involved in fomenting the rioting, then pretended they were part of the keeping the peace actions  and in the mix descended the likes of Malik Shabazz.  From my May 10, 2015 post, “Follow the money”, here is who Shabazz is:

“In light of the racial tensions, our federal government and the media pretend all these race riots aren’t being fueled, in large part, by Marxist radicals, stalwart race hustlers like Al Sharpton, and MUSLIM black gangs and thugs – like the Nation of Islam, the New Black Panthers, Black Guerrilla nation and many more.   The media, by and large, tiptoes around acknowledging that radical black Muslim gangs serve as a home-grown terrorist training ground.

Malik Shabazz, formerly in the Nation of Islam, former  head of the New Black Panthers, a Muslim black supremacist, virulent anti-Semite and now the head of some nicer sounding National President of Black Lawyers for Justice, became a champion of the black people against the police in Baltimore and here’s the connection of the black Muslim gangs banding together for “justice”.  Really, the attempt to cover-up the Islamic connection among American academia, the Obama White House, and even the Southern Poverty Law Center is astounding.  You can check out the New Black Panthers at the SPLC website and no where in the first pargraph describing the group is the radical Islamic connection mentioned (way down the page you can find his connection to Nation of Islam):

“The New Black Panther Party is a virulently racist and anti-Semitic organization whose leaders have encouraged violence against whites, Jews and law enforcement officers. Founded in Dallas, the group today is especially active on the East Coast, from Boston to Jacksonville, Fla. The group portrays itself as a militant, modern-day expression of the black power movement (it frequently engages in armed protests of alleged police brutality and the like), but principals of the original Black Panther Party of the 1960s and 1970s— a militant, but non-racist, left-wing organization — have rejected the new Panthers as a “black racist hate group” and contested their hijacking of the Panther name and symbol.”

So, you got that, Shabazz has now morphed into the benign champion of black men.  He is the National President of Black Lawyers for Justice…  This also is an old tactic of the Communists – they co-opt western democratic language to confuse and deceive people – they’re all about democratic values and fairness and equal rights oh, and of course “workers rights”…  Sadly, young people today don’t even realize they’re being conned.  I mean, what could be wrong with a rabid Muslim racist, who advocated for the overthrow of the US (an ANARCHIST), being the leader of Black Lawyers for Justice….  The press goes along with the con.

Americans apparently decided to dismiss inquiring deeper into President Obama’s links to radicals in the black community.  Sure, no worries with launching his political career in Bill Ayers living room (a Marxist and domestic terrorist).  No worries with choosing an avowed Marxist who wrote a entire manifesto on overthrowing the US  (avowed Marxist Van Jones and his STORM).  Whenever the topic of communist infiltration in America comes up, the political Left recoils and charges McCarthyism, but the fact is the Bolsheviks initiated just such a program, that continued throughout the Soviet Union’s existence and black Americans were a key target of their efforts.  Did the Saudis initiate a similar program in the late 70s?




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Just a matter of time

Despite playing with glue and paper today, I did read some news. For once I’ll forgo links to sources to do a quick post of bullet points of concern and also referring back to “old” news.

1. The threat of more terrorist attacks has escalated. Terrorism has not waned, and while the Obama administration tried to spin Al Qaeda as decimated, the truth is an Al Qaeda affiliate, AQI, morphed into an even more dangerous terrorist group. So, while the Obama narrative writers might want to quibble that ISIL (as they prefer to call them) is not Al Qaeda, just keep in mind that these are the lunatics who refuse to see any connection between radical Islamists and Islam.

2. Besides more terrorist attacks like the ones Paris has just suffered, keep in mind that Islamist terrorists have been trying to pull off a WMD attack against the West. The Obama administration lies a lot about WMD – they try to insist their Iran plan will keep Iran from developing nuclear weapons, which is ridiculously naive, but even worse the President fudged on assigning blame and announcing his infamous red line in Syria. He assigned blame for that attack before the investigation was even completed. He had decided on regime change and revving up the propaganda against Assad fit his narrative.

Certainly, there’s horrific violence on all sides in Syria, but it looks like the Obama administration downplayed the Syrian rebels and some of them possessing WMD capability. Recent reports indicate that Syrian rebels used WMD in an August attack. So, we’ve got that capability in the hands of apocalyptic terrorists and Europe is chock full of Islamists and Islamist sympathizers.

The FBI recently cited 900 active ISIS investigation within the US. Let me repeat, these lunatics want to use WMD against the West and the Obama administration has stayed mum about ISIS possessing WMD capability. Europe has that Balkans pipeline that Islamists utilize to smuggle weapons and explosives into Europe.  We have porous borders.

We also have American black Muslim gangs with ties to Islamist radicals, in not only many American cities, but across America.  There’s a dangerous nexus between America’s illegal drug trade and Islamic terrorism.  The press seems to miss this connection repeatedly – in the Baltimore riots – there were black Muslim gangs there too.  Reporters and even one of their favorite sources on “extremism” in America, The Southern Poverty Law Center,  downplays that Islamic connection in bios of many of these black gangs.

3. There is no way to vet Syrian refugees, where there’s no Syrian database to check these passports against.  While the vast majority of refugees are likely harmless, it doesn’t take very many to carry out terrorist attacks.

4. This White House has clueless morons, like Valerie Jarrett and Ben Rhodes, with no real foreign policy expertise, making decisions, while our generals get ignored. 2016 remains a long ways away in this type of grave national security environment.

5. Just hope your state has competent leaders, because this administration falls far short on that metric.  Let’s hope the adults in Washington will do what’s necessary, if this administration once again decides to “lead from behind”.  The luxury of waiting it out and keeping our fingers crossed until 2016 seems like wishful thinking at this point.  Just a few short weeks ago Europeans were blithely wallowing in their EU open borders euphoria and today France and Belgium appear to be living under martial law, fearing an imminent terrorist attack.

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The Islamic Civilization Circle of Life

Each time an Islamic terror attack occurs, reporters  take to the airwaves and print media scribbles on to report, explain, and ostensibly to inform us about the event. Political leaders, likewise rush to make declarations, lambast those with opposing views, or opine that we must act “NOW”!   Along with this predictable reaction comes the dire predictions of larger, more violent attacks by Islamic terrorists in the offing. So, let’s explore the “Circle of Life of Islamic civilization”.

Today’s post is going to be links to other people’s writings, where you can read at your leisure. JK provides copious links to my blog and often very important ones get buried in blog post comments, never receiving the attention they deserve. Nightwatch, another source, which JK recommended to me when we met, provides another important rich resource for understanding of events around the world. Nightwatch is a subscription service, but well worth it.  G. Murphy Donovan continues to write in clear, honest, stark terms about  what to make of the Islamic war against Western civilization,  so I want to add his link too.  I leave it for you to decide on the basic question of whose understanding of  this Islamic war is correct, President Obama and his “No Islam to see here” assertion, that these are the acts on “lone terrorists” and small groups of haters or the Global Jihad as part of an organized “living system” theory, which transcends individuals and rises to the level of a civilizational conflict.

Under the Obama-type understanding, Islam plays no role in the terrorist acts perpetrated against Western targets. These are just “violent extremists” – acting out of malevolence, but no higher-purpose.  You watch people state repeatedly that they are “martyrs for Islam,”  yet the American political Left insists there is no Islam in Islamic terror.  Minta Marie Morze explains why in “A Naked Phrase Goes Clothes Shopping”:

People wonder why the President and his Administration won’t use the phrase “Jihadi violent extremism” or “Muslim violent extremism”. Even in the SOTU, he used the term “violent extremism”. He has said elsewhere that he is going to convene an international conference on “Violent Extremism”.

From the SOTU:

“. . . and assisting people everywhere who stand up to the bankrupt ideology of violent extremism.”

While there are many reasons for the Administration to insist on these terms and against the others, against any term relating to Islamists, I believe that a major reason for the omission—a very, very important reason—is simply this:

If you use the phrases “Jihadi Violent Extremism” or “Muslim Violent Extremism”, and if you call for an international conference to deal with the problem, then Islamist Violence/Terrorism will be what it is about. If you simply say “violent extremism” and “violent extremist”, you can have conferences and make laws and policies and regulations about generic “Violent Extremists”. Then, at any time, by inserting numerous qualifiers before the term, you can make the laws, regs, and policies turn, with full force of the law, against all of the people and groups on the Right, all of those “fearful and reactive” people who hurt the Progressives.

“Pro-Life Violent Extremists”
“Tea Party Violent Extremists”
“NRA Violent Extremists”
“Right-Wing Violent Extremists”

See how easy it is? Now all the laws and regs and policies made to deal with “violent extremism” apply to these factions too!

A naked phrase can be dressed in any attire you choose to clothe it in. Just select the necessary qualifier. After all, note how the Administration’s spokespeople carefully say things like, “There are many people who use violence to further their cause”, and other such phrases. (It’s called “priming the pump” or “preparing the ground” or “working the room”.)

Minta’s explanation explains why Hillary Clinton refused to utter the words “Islamic terror” and tenaciously clung to the “violent extremism” lingo in the Dem debate Saturday night and as she stated in the previous Dem debate, she considers Republicans her enemy, not Islamic terrorists.  In her comments, she often posits that within the Republicans are bastions of “violent right-wing  extremists” and President Obama brushed rural Pennsylvanians, of which I am one, in one broad stroke as  “clinging to their guns and religion”.

So, let’s move on to the big picture, where the “Circle of Life of Islamic civilization” forms the framework from which to understand what in the heck is going on.  Often, Westerners will say things like, “Why do they hate us?” or “What are we doing to make them react like that?” (note the accepting blame mentality).  The November 15th Nightwatch explains that the terrorists involved in the actual terrorist attacks form only a cell within a much larger system:

“France-Islamic terror:  Special comment: The Islamic terrorist attacks on 13 November reinforce several attributes about terrorism that should be well known.  Most important is that the attacks were a product of a living system. The news analysts talked about a network, but that word is too limited and anodyne to be a metaphor for a living system devoted to death.

Before the investigations are complete, many dozens of people will be found to have supported the attack preparations. Well-planned and executed terrorist attacks always are the products of a living system.

According to Miller, in Living Systems, every biological system performs 20 separate functions that are essential to sustain life. In every human body, different organs are specialized to perform the functions. In human groups, including a terrorist group, individuals perform one or more of the functions.

The attackers represent only one of the 20 functions. Unknown additional people, usually invisible to the police, perform the other 19 functions that the group requires. The French and Belgian police are rounding up those others now.

The French bombing of Syria betrays some understanding of the relationships in a living system. Communications between the attackers and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) in Syria is enough to justify a retaliatory attack to assuage public outrage a bit.

Nevertheless, ISIL operatives outside Syria and Iraq behave as independent actors, deriving guidance more than material support from the ISIL leadership. The more sinister parts of the living system are being found in Europe. These terrorists were locals. The specific targets were locally determined.”

Source: Nightwatch

JK mentioned a 2005 Foreign Affairs article,  “Blowback Revisited”, in a comment yesterday, which chronicles the back story on  the current crop of Islamist terrorists Europe and the United States must confront.  If you don’t subscribe to Foreign Affairs, they allow you to register and view one free article a month.  Here’s where we’re at today:

The byline starts:


Here’s the key takeaway:

“Several factors could make blowback from the Iraq war even more dangerous than the fallout from Afghanistan. Foreign fighters started to arrive in Iraq even before Saddam’s regime fell. They have conducted most of the suicide bombings — including some that have delivered strategic successes such as the withdrawal of the UN and most international aid organizations — and the Jordanian Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, another alumnus of the Afghan war, is perhaps the most effective insurgent commander in the field. Fighters in Iraq are more battle hardened than the Afghan Arabs, who fought demoralized Soviet army conscripts. They are testing themselves against arguably the best army in history, acquiring skills in their battles against coalition forces that will be far more useful for future terrorist operations than those their counterparts learned during the 1980s. Mastering how to make improvised explosive devices or how to conduct suicide operations is more relevant to urban terrorism than the conventional guerrilla tactics used against the Red Army. U.S. military commanders say that techniques perfected in Iraq have been adopted by militants in Afghanistan.”

The article closes:

“The lesson of the decade of terror that followed the Afghan war was that underestimating the importance of blowback has severe consequences. Repeating the mistake in regard to Iraq could lead to even deadlier outcomes.”

G. Murphy Donovan perfectly describes the Western response to the threat we now face in a  searing piece, “Friday the 13th in Paris” :

“No matter the body count or venue, Europe and America refuse to recognize jihad as a global Islamic assault. And as with the Charlie Hebdo atrocity, the best response that Francois Hollande and France can muster now is a karaoke Marseillaise, a knee-jerk hymn to irrelevant if not discredited notions of liberté, égalité, and fraternité.

Fey responses to terror are now routine in the West. Call it cultural appropriation. Summary executions are accepted by Islamist butcher and infidel victim alike. Atrocity has been routinized, now hallmarks of 21st Century practices in the East and tolerance in the West. Suicide bombers and their victims are joined by the same moral vacuity. The former have no moral compass and the latter are loath to exert any prudence.

Excuses are epidemic. Bernie Sanders on the looney Left actually believes that global warming and ISIS are wingmen. The Sanders pronouncement is of a piece with team  Obama’s flawed assessments where ISIS has been described as the “junior varsity.”

Exaggerating a threat might be a no lose hedge but underestimating an existential threat can be fatal. Just ask Paris.”

GMD brusquely sweeps the cobwebs out of the corners of timid reactionary thinking and lays out the reality of Islamic civilization devoid of the burka of political correctness:

“For those with the attention span to notice, global Islamic terror is the most obvious symptom that globalization is not working. Democratic civility and “one-world” comity are not ascending stars, especially in the Muslim world. Societies that venerate 7th Century absolutist monoculture or cult prophets are impervious to fact or reason – much less democracy.

With the possible exception of Kurdistan and a few of the former Soviet Muslim republics, the Ummah is morphing into universal dystopic theocracy. (my highlight)

The quest for Islamic monoculture is facilitated by three trends: a weak or indecisive West, dishonest assessments of the threat, and a generation of leaders in the West who fail to appreciate or defend the virtue, indeed, superiority of their own culture. Indeed, of the three, the most pernicious is the last, the notion that all cultures and religious beliefs are morally equivalent.”

I’ll close with a link to a video on Living Systems Theory:

And in keeping with my Disney theme,  above at minute 5:38 there’s a slide on the Circle of Life from the animated Disney movie, “The Lion King”.  Below you can watch the entire “Morning Lesson with Mufasa”:

When my children were young, my younger sister came to visit and The Lion King was a hit then.  She observed that she thought that movie was too violent for children.  One can only wonder what children in war-torn Syria or downtown Paris think about the world they live in…


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The Queen reigned supreme

When figuring out what people mean, it helps to listen to what they say. Why after decades into the global jihad, those on the Left are still struggling to fathom what motivates Jihadists, boggles my mind. They tell us in every other breath why they are waging Jihad against us. To pretend they are not acting out of religious motivations found in Islam, when they quote their religious references, down to the verse, means you’re either an idiot or you’re willing to put political correctness over national security. Taking the Islam out of global Jihad is like pretending Spam is really ham.

Last night, during the second Democratic presidential debate, none of the three Democratic presidential candidates could mention the Islamic motivation that’s central to global jihad. Queen Hillary waxed on and on, praising President Bush for not calling it a holy war. Sanders and O’Malley likewise would not mention Islam in connection to the terrorist attack in Paris. They also offered no real plan for how to defeat global jihadists.

If someone says they want to kill you because his religion compels him to , then a rational person would not argue about what that person believes, you’d take the appropriate measures to protect yourself. I take what they say, as what they mean and they keep demonstrating they will act on their beliefs. Good enough for me – you say you see it as a ‘holy war” and you want to kill me and annihilate my fellow countrymen – I believe you – done deal! If the respected legal and religious scholars in the Arab world sanction your global jihad, who am I to quibble with what is really “Islamic” and what isn’t?

The Queen reigned supreme in that debate and Sanders and O’Malley tiptoed around even disagreeing with her. O’Malley got the evil eye several times, so his name assuredly got etched onto the Clinton machine hit list. Same old, same old in the coronation process.


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The Barbarians Are Inside, And There Are No Gates

As I write, Paris is under curfew for the first time since the German occupation, and the death toll from the multiple attacks stands at 158, the vast majority of them slaughtered during a concert at the Bataclan theatre, a delightful bit of 19th century

Source: The Barbarians Are Inside, And There Are No Gates

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FBI Has Nearly 1,000 Active ISIS Probes Inside U.S.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has nearly 1,000 active probes involving the terrorist group Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) inside the United States, dozens of law enforcement officials disclose in a letter to President Obama. The officials are elected sheriffs in Colorado making a case against the administration’s plan to transfer terroristsRead the full post

Source: FBI Has Nearly 1,000 Active ISIS Probes Inside U.S.

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An ominious bellwether

The news in Paris should serve as an ominous bellwether.   Perhaps, Europeans will wake up to the threat they’ve invited into their countries.  While the usual abettors of Islamic terror will take to the airwaves to make excuses and assure us that we must not resort to “Islamophobia”, the truth is until we recognize the malignancy within Islam, that lies deep in the heart of Islam, we cannot protect America.  Jihad is not just some ISIS nutcases attacking us, jihad is sanctioned by Islamic legal scholars, as well as the foremost Islamic theologians.  It is deep within Islam, not a fringe interpretation.

I had planned to wait until I finish this important book, but in light of tonight’s attack in Paris, I’m going to freely plug  “Catastrophic Failure: Blindfolding America in the Face of Jihad” by Stephen Coughlin.  President Obama’s administration has purged experts, like Coughlin, from key positions within our national security network and replaced them with false narrative promulgators from the Muslim Brotherhood ranks and academia.  Coughlin writes:

“Consider what happens when the typical suicide operation occurs: We see the farewell video of the martyr giving his reasons for carrying out the attack. He is neither white-knuckled nor perspiring. He is calm and very collected. He is a man who has made a decision to die for what he believes in, a decision that— given his worldview— could reasonably be described as rational. Any threat doctrine capable of motivating people to undertake such actions has demonstrated a capacity to inspire intense commitment. Anyone who mocks this commitment or looks down on those able to inspire it is seriously underestimating the nature of the threat, as well as the capability and doctrine of its “soldiers.” The suicide attack occurs; we watch the carnage on the news. Later, news reports carry images of an entire town celebrating the suicide bomber’s becoming a shahid, often translated as martyr. But this is usually only half the story. What happens next is that the reporter will interview a terrorism expert in a book-lined office on a college campus or consult a senior U.S. government official in Washington and then tell viewers that what they just saw— and what Americans have seen for more than a decade— is not real, has nothing to do with Islam, and is too complicated to explain.

Again, the people killing us claim they do so to wage jihad in the cause of Allah, to impose Islamic law and reestablish the Caliphate. It is an unalterable fact that nearly all “violent extremists” with whom the United States is presently engaged in military operations make that very claim. Shahids define Islam as the basis for their motivation before carrying out their attack. This is true regardless of whether their understanding of Islam is correct and regardless of what percentage of Muslims globally agrees or disagrees with that doctrine. “Jihad in the cause of Allah” is what the enemy claims it is doing, to the exclusion of all other reasons, including “underlying causes” such as economic deprivation. The enemy doesn’t just make this claim. What the jihadis say they will do tracks exactly with what they do.”

Coughlin, Stephen (2015-05-04). Catastrophic Failure: Blindfolding America in the Face of Jihad (Kindle Locations 595-612). Center for Security Policy Press. Kindle Edition.

We should demand our government secure our borders immediately!  Let’s for once learn from an attack on western civilization.   There is no time for waiting for a 2016 presidential candidate to take the reins, no time for accepting our mealy-mouthed politicians making excuses.  Americans need to realize that President Obama’s plans to bring in hordes of “refugees” will assuredly bring in more Islamists.  The truth we must face is that Jeh Johnson, the Homeland Security director, lied to the American people when he assured us that these “refugees” will be thoroughly vetted.  The US government possesses no viable way to vet people claiming to come from Syria, when the US government has no Syrian government to vet these Syrian passport holders and so many of these “refugees” assuredly are lying about their identities.

President Obama will try to downplay the Islamic terror threat to America.  His minions will regale us with lectures about the dangers of “Islamophobia”, but they will not tell us the truth about Islamic terror.  The time to save ourselves draws nigh.

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News from amongst the Syrian rebels

This is a short post with mostly some news links, because frankly I am busy with my needlework and can’t write blog posts and sew at the same time. The Syrian rebels are making the news again. Here’s a news story I mentioned the other day and let’s hope these aren’t part of elusive “moderate Syrian rebels”:

“Hundreds of women locked in cages to act as human shields against Assad’s air-strikes: Rebels parade families loyal to president through streets as horrifying deterrent”

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Next there’s this msn report of mustard gas being used in a battle in August. Note the combatants were some Syrian rebel group and the Islamic State, not Assad’s forces. Once again, let’s hope these aren’t part of the elusive “moderate Syrian rebels”:

“EXCLUSIVE-Chemical weapons used in Syrian fighting – watchdog”

Perhaps, someday we’ll get past the delusional reasoning, the hunt to create moderates among Islamists, which Stephen Coughlin, the former Pentagon expert on Islamic law and Islamic terror, explains stems from creating this false narrative of “countering violent extremism” rather than naming the source of that violent extremism. Our government actively refuses to recognize the Islam in Jihad. Here’s an excellent interview where Coughlin explains the problem:

Stephen Coughlin on “Is Al-Qaeda Really the Moderate Alternative to ISIS?” — on The Glazov Gang

On the home front, Carol Brown at the American Thinker wrote a piece:

“Good News and Bad News as the Federal Government Faces Global Jihad”, reporting on legislation being introduced by Senator Ted Cruz in the Senate and Congressman Mario Diaz-Balart in the House that would designate the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization.

To understand the mixed nuts in the radical Islamic assortment, it’s important to understand the ideology. Coughlin, mentioned above, was one of the Pentagon’s foremost experts on Islamic law and understanding Islamic terrorism, but in the Obama era, his contract at the Pentagon was not renewed. There’s been an organized and concerted effort to pretend some Islamists are “moderates”, whom we should cultivate (arm in some cases, too it appears). Now, the Cruz/Diaz-Balart legislation will not garner White House support, which promotes the narrative of the Muslim Brotherhood as mostly a secular organization.

To understand the who’s who amongst the Sunni radicals this 2005 link covers The Salafist Movement from it’s inception to present holy terrors:

“The Salafist Movement” By Bruce Livesey

So, to fight the Islamic State, ruthless killers who number in the tens of thousands, President Obama last week ramped up his fight and actually sent his spokesman out to make the announcement that he was sending 50 Special Forces operators into Syria…. That no general stepped forward and resigned in protest to using military force, that has no strategic purpose whatsoever, for a shameless and stupendously stupid PR gambit, demonstrated clearly the sorry state of our military leadership and it also highlighted the callous disregard this President has for the US Armed Forces.  50 – yes, 50 to serve as walking targets for the Islamic State.  Some strategy….


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