A Strategy to Defeat Theo-fascism

Source: Surely, whatever passed for American foreign or military policy in the past three decades is not working. Just as clearly, in case anyone keeps score these days, the dark side of Islam is ascendant at home and abroad. What follows here is a catalogue…

G. Murphy Donovan offers the clearest strategic blueprint to win the war against Imperial Islam, a war that others prefer to euphemize rather than face.  This is a must read piece!


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4 responses to “A Strategy to Defeat Theo-fascism

  1. Robert

    This is a fabulous piece of policy thinking. I can just hear the exploding heads of all the stuck in the past alliances we had with ME Arabs. It would take a brave Sec. of State or President to announce this with all accusations intact. Crony deals for oil and weapons would fall, diplomats would have nervous break downs, or better, retire. The big enchilada of course would be the disposition of our fleet in Bahrain. Let’s hope this kind of policy think takes hold if we ever have an American president again.

    • Agree completely Robert, This “eyes wide open” geopolitical strategic thinking would assuredly cause many entrenched Cold War era thinkers, weak of heart status quo types and heads buried in the sand types to flip out. Imagine standing up to the Pentagon’s dusty Cold War era strategists, who want to resurrect the glories of that era’s excesses and fear-mongering, by stating we’re going to approach Putin as a rational leader and actually forge ahead on working together on areas of common interest, while being mature enough to speak up clearly on areas where we differ. Imagine those quisling European “allies” waking up to an America determined to call Islamic terrorism a problem within Islam and a problem, which many ME leaders aid and abet. Certainly way past time to call those leaders to account.

      And we need an American president who will stand up for American values and American interests rather than bowing to the mewling, apologist hand-wringers in Brussels and at the UN. It’s way past time to approach China as an adult on the world stage too and herein lies the beauty of GMD’s strategic points – it’s time for America to lead with integrity, face the truth, and actually live up to our principles and values, instead of just speechifying about them.

      First we need an American president who lives and breathes American values and founding principles to face down that fire-breathing dragon that is Washington’s entrenched uniparty big government. Unless we can unite our country and our governmental leaders around some core beliefs and efforts, then our foreign policy abroad will continue to flounder.

  2. JK


    I guess the four of us (I’m including GMD) can just give up on the idea of getting those cushy orthopedically-designed seats in the White House “Situation Room.” And, for that matter, any of those seats down in Tampa (CENTCOM HQ) too.

  3. Robert

    ” Imagine those quisling European “allies” waking up to an America determined to call Islamic terrorism a problem within Islam and a problem, which many ME leaders aid and abet.” I would love to see the Fascists in Brussels react! Wetting themselves uncontrollably I’ll bet. Most citizens would be grateful for such a declaration but their rotten elected elites, not to mention the collective Left, would become fearful of their own people. Something has to give before it’s too late.

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